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DRAW MY LIFE - Arielle Scarcella

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Draw My Life - ArielleIsHamming PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) http://bit.ly/SubscribeToArielle LAST VIDS :http://bit.ly/FirstLapDance // http://bit.ly/LesbianBedDeath TWITTER : ‪‪‪http://twitter.com/arielleishammin‬‬‬ FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS : ‪‪‪http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming‬‬ ‬ SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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Ashley Dailey (2 days ago)
For some reason I'm dying at the part about you getting asked out with the Pokemon card but luckily it was your favorite lol Oh growing up a 90s kid with our fancy binders full of Pokemon cards lol
Amara Mast (2 months ago)
Seeing this in 2018 😍
Barf Salamandruid (5 months ago)
"My dad used to always joke and say my brother was the mailmans kid........ My dads a mailman. XD"
Chanaya (7 months ago)
Annoying ugly dike
Gumball Watterson (8 months ago)
Gays and lesbians by nature are abusive and polygamous, thats the toll of living a degenerate lifestyle
Quxxn Alyssa (1 year ago)
Oh my god my birthday is the same day as yours... yesss
katelyn tomney (1 year ago)
I hope you make an updated one 💕😋
Starburst Ocean (1 year ago)
my Catholic school is mostly black girls.
Starburst Ocean (1 year ago)
me being one of them
S Sans (1 year ago)
Love u Arielle!!❤️💛💚💙💜
FollowMeNoWhere (1 year ago)
Sorry for your loss
Sexymaya Green (1 year ago)
you are wonderful!lots of love from israel:)xxxxoooo
Who's watching in 2017?
BahamutEx (1 year ago)
Amaretto Punsch (1 year ago)
Sorry for your loss Arielle. Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are really Brave and that is why you succes because you never hide something from your audience. Have a nice day
Luna en Djayda (1 year ago)
19 JULY?! ME TO!
WebFee GT (2 years ago)
Lol Baby Arielle the Musical.ly star😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aubrey S (2 years ago)
"My dad used to say he was the mailman's kid. My dad's a mailman." classic dad
Dafne.onder (2 years ago)
runrockwater (2 years ago)
had a feeling her draw ur life wld have a depression period
Sam Something (2 years ago)
Arielle...one of the legends. One of the fucking legends.
Amaretto Punsch (1 year ago)
Sam Something Queen of Lesbian YouTubers
Katherine B. (2 years ago)
I've been watching your videos since 2006, since before they were your videos actually. I believe (I could be wrong) I remember that ex and when you guys ended things I followed her for a brief time before realizing just how messed up she was. You're one amazing human being and you truly always have been. Your heart hasn't changed but you have grown into the person you are today and while we are always evolving, you've never lost sight of the good you brought to this world. 💗
krishna L (2 years ago)
I love u so much arielle n.n
Jammie Degristina (2 years ago)
I'm sorry about you're dad
FrozenFruitAddict (2 years ago)
I just realised that I had night-terrors as a kid as well oO I used to see red eyes float above my bed, I just never knew it had a name. Wow!
Paige Peekeekoot (2 years ago)
no, thank you Arielle!
carrie armstrong (2 years ago)
😊 all of us will always support you
Kim Watson (2 years ago)
I'm a real boy but your first bf was in 7th grade! my first gf was in 1st grade!
Oli The Nimph (2 years ago)
Omg this came out on my birthday
vanderson8457 (2 years ago)
you rock !!!!!!!!!
Hilde Robert (2 years ago)
nice! I'm a fan!
Shams Apurbo (2 years ago)
arielle scarcella r u really gay. or straight
Seulgi’s ear (2 years ago)
+Shams Apurbo Her whole channel has lesbian written all over it lol. and she said it in this video herself
Shams Apurbo (2 years ago)
what bro
Seulgi’s ear (2 years ago)
Bro .-.
Arielle and I have the same birthday!!!!! XD
Keirsten Andress (2 years ago)
why didn't I know this video existed
lucy hellier (2 years ago)
I'm in love with Arielle's accent
YourFriendMia !! (2 years ago)
You are so cool. You have taught me that it is ok to like girls and that inspired me to come out to my mom and I am only 11. You are so funny and you make me happy. If you read this I hope you know that I think you are awesome and I love that you don't care what other people think. Love you
Taii potatoie (2 years ago)
wow that part when her dad passed away seemed so scary to me :'( Arielle is a really strong girl
ArrowsGames (2 years ago)
Who is watching this in 2016?😂
Shemiah Lama (2 years ago)
Ivana Vasileva (2 years ago)
+ArrowsGames Me. And I'm wondering: Was Stevie her first girlfriend?!
Davianca Smith (2 years ago)
Me n now I feel like crying! 😭😭 So much stuff shocked me in this video 😱😱. Like one bad thing would happen then a good thing would happen n I went from 😁 to 😭 n at the end I wuz 😭😭😭😭 I had no idea she went through so much!
Yessie medina (2 years ago)
Ekaterina Valienrose (2 years ago)
Madeleine (2 years ago)
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Samantha Edwards (2 years ago)
my dad said my brother was the mail mans kid too and he is not a mail man lol
Sim Sala Bim (2 years ago)
your grandmas sound sweet :)
Erica Anderson (2 years ago)
omg i love all of your videos so much! it helps me cope with problems and makes me laugh. you are one of my fave. youtubers! Thanks for being amazin!!!!!!!!
Phedra Nelson (2 years ago)
You drew yourself with a mullet the entire video....(No offense and sorry for your loss)
belfasterd (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this. It's beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss. You are right when you said that the things you have to say help people. :)
Chris Loving (2 years ago)
Ha gay
S S (2 years ago)
Is this a joke
ArrowsGames (2 years ago)
Homophobic Bitch ... The Fuuck are you to judge?
Chris Loving (2 years ago)
+Han Lohan Ok thx you Doctor Gay. I'm done talking to you. Happy new year Lesbo. #StraightForever
Han Lohan (2 years ago)
+Chris Loving No, you've made that pretty clear, but you'll be going because you're hating on someone for no other reason than you're own opinion. "A man should not lay with another man in the way he does with a woman" or whatever the fuck it is: He obviously can't because males don't have a vagina. Enjoy what you think is supremacy, while you watch homosexuals getting married in the media as they don't give a shit about what you think.
Chris Loving (2 years ago)
+Hannah Lohan I'm not a gay mofo. #StraightForever
kibakarina13 (2 years ago)
I know I'm shooting a horse here, but was that the exgirlfriend that gave you the herpes? if not, someone please correct me,
kibakarina13 (2 years ago)
+Princess Bubblegum ohhh, I guess its not strange to how I handle my anxiety by peeling my skin on my nails. 
Princess Bubblegum (2 years ago)
She doesn't have herpes. She has an anxiety disorder, and bites her lips in order to relieve stress.
twisted kitty (2 years ago)
thank you :)
Zippy Wangui (2 years ago)
wow your story is amaizing ... you inspire alot of people keep doing what you do ... I love you
Lune Vermeil (2 years ago)
Wait, have I really been watching since 2010-11!? Oh shit, it feels like just yesterday! I was watching your videos before I even came out to my bestie. In 2010 I nearly died, I think that, being bed bound and 6 surgeries really got me thinking "I can't live the lie anymore." Your videos, and the rest of rainbow youtube helped me on so many nights when I was so lonely, so scared, so hopeless. Thanks for all the videos you've made, and all the videos to come.
Rhiannon Keating (3 years ago)
Sorry about your dad, I lost my mother when I was 9.
Austin Frank (3 years ago)
I'm do sorry about your dad
jasmine gay (3 years ago)
A: why were u sick
Skylar Rose (3 years ago)
i just REALLY wanna hug you tho.. I love that I got to know you better after this video even tho I just saw it only by now.. i love you arielle cutie <3
Kaleigh brown (3 years ago)
Alexa Tishma (3 years ago)
Nice sandlot reference:)
kinfeofspaghetti (3 years ago)
>Confessional Did you know that the Old Testament doesn't have any prohibitions regarding lesbianism? And that the New Testament doesn't say anything explicit about it, either, proscribing only generalized "unnatural relationships"?  THE MORE YOU KNOW
kinfeofspaghetti (2 years ago)
Apparently you haven't read "rules for radicals" and the part about using their own rules against them.
Nancy Ramirez (2 years ago)
Did you know that both the old testament and new testament is full of shit so it doesn't matter anyway? The more you know 🌠
Dark ShadowO1 (2 years ago)
Did you know thay both the bibles don't even have half of the sacred texts and scrolls that had the rules for Christianity, and the way they made the bible was so it would be to the priests(at that time) benefit, nothing was wrong with same sex having relationships, the actual verse was not to sleep with someone unless you both loved eachother.
Rainbow Girl (3 years ago)
Marine Fourty (3 years ago)
Thank you a lot 😳😊
sharronzm (3 years ago)
i dont know why but you remind me of Drew Monson
Abiola The Creator (3 years ago)
Your life was better than mine and I'm only 14
Music Is My Drug (3 years ago)
+Nina Lynn Hudson preach it, I was thinking the same thing, just didn't know how to say it right
Nina Lynn Hudson (3 years ago)
It is not a competition. People still suffer in silence. Appreciate her story because we only got a small portion of it. That is all
Music Is My Drug (3 years ago)
Yeah true, not everyone gets that
Abiola The Creator (3 years ago)
+Music Is My Drug well true its just cool that she had both sets of grandmas and a supporting family
Music Is My Drug (3 years ago)
Theres probably a lot of other stuff that happened y'know
Kiya Richert (3 years ago)
You are my hero
phoebs69 (3 years ago)
Hi Arielle, I just saw this draw mylife. I lost my brother too because of cancer. My brother had brain cancer. I know you're doing allright now and I hope for you that you find your perfect partner ;)
SimonB198207 (3 years ago)
Wow Arielle, you are such an incredible person! You should be very proud of yourself for being so inspirational , you clearly have such a positive influence on those who look to your vids for comfort and support - you are awesome! It is really fulfilling to be able to share personal experiences with others to let them know you CAN conquer whatever stands in your way (with me, I was able to put out my experiences with brain tumours onto the Facebook page for brain tumour support - I linked my playlist of autobiographical vids off youtube..) Anyhoo, I love your drawings, have a good rest-of-your-day :)
Maddy Walker (3 years ago)
I love your videos you are amazing
Maddy Walker (3 years ago)
Hi Arielle I love you
Angie Angie (3 years ago)
Youre amazing thank you
Megan (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us. xx
Megan (3 years ago)
Sorry about you dad, love. xx
Megan (3 years ago)
I LOVE Rat Pack
Megan (3 years ago)
Hhahaaha Catholic and Italian and a New Yorker.....Nods head, yeah. Can't say I'm from the city though but my favourite uncle (he died of ALS) was from the BX. My dad is Italian. My family is Catholic.
Megan (3 years ago)
wow you were a smart baby! and now a smart lady :)
Megan (3 years ago)
I love this! So clever! I will make a similar video, except how do you make such nice,  videos? :)
jessica power (3 years ago)
U are the best don't give up u inspire me
Heather Bonin (3 years ago)
My bio dad died when I was 3, and my adoptive step dad when I was 12. My condolences on the loss of yours. :( Even at 37, the hole in my life where they should be still never be filled.
The cringe Channel (3 years ago)
that was beautiful 
Evelyn Mason (3 years ago)
*hugs* I am for you lost. I know how it feels to lose your Dad. I lost mine almost 8 years ago. His birthday is actually in 12 minutes
abbeymakesthings (3 years ago)
I love you Arielle!
Niccki Burgwin (3 years ago)
This amazing channel has given me the confidence to come out to my sister, i'm not prepared to come out to my whole family about being bi, but this is a baby step and i wouldnt of been able to do it without you arielle, thank you so much x
Max The Psychic (3 years ago)
Myllie Tunes (3 years ago)
Love ya gal! thanks for sharing! 
Tamarah Morgan (3 years ago)
I was born two days before my aunts birthday. Apparently my aunt asked if my mom could wait two more days. Lol.
TouchTheChildren7 (3 years ago)
how can you guess a color if you see it on the fucking car
mengxi he (3 years ago)
i dont know if you will notice this comment, but thank you!
mengxi he (3 years ago)
HI, i go to pratt too!! I got so excited when i heard PRATT!! Im in architecture! thanks for being the inspiration!!! you are great, and i want to help people in the future too!!
Aiden C (3 years ago)
I know them feels .......my dad commited suicide back in march. ... Its hard and still hurts but will get better. ...... Cancer is a bitch as well my hamster died last month with 3 tumors on her belly and my nan had breast cancer but thhat cleared with chemo and tablets :D. stay strong and awesome Ari.
Kringles (3 years ago)
My dad is a mailman :o
Caitlin Bell (3 years ago)
Awh, i wanna go to a pride parade XD
dboyfff (3 years ago)
Is this like militarism...the more military the media hires and the pentagon thinks it needs the more men look like lesbians on welfare. That's where chicago was about 40 years ago...haha Can you talk now in full sentences...that we don't do but for grade school...after that it's WTF...btch, ashul, we don't even spellrats. Honey, at that time everyone had a GV suite...with pants...why were you catholic in a skirt...even the nuns had a pair underneath. Were you an aspiring Pop Cereal eater, Patatas eater, Potater Chips Eater...or aspiring Pope. Is you skin breaking out..that's why...we dont' all have the same immunesystem and everyone sheds their cells...so we don't raise zebreas....we raise sick children with lots of moles and blemishes and lots of bleaching products....they came out of the closet before you....seeding is not the best thing to do...so your black families should've been watching their diet so they don't shed...what people can shed too....if they stay like you for a long time...with the black kids in their classroom or end up looking as jaundice and tolerant as you with circles all over your eyes....and that's what happens cancer. Other know when to leave....because they get psoriasis besides turnining yellow and jaundice and like a vegan that's about to croak. Hence why even counting the mileage in your car is very important and why most only do the 20 to 30% social contact versus oversocializing....what does that mean....you only go to work and home...school if you really need to...and church 1 day a week for half hour....that's about it....then you have time to be more responsible to yourself and your immediate others....versus thinking we're the queen or the princess that needs to feed the masses through charity and not work....granted everything has it's place....but not oversocializing....we're about time management.....
feminazi killer knight (3 years ago)
Ur father seemed to be a good man may his soul rest in peace i feel bad for him though to have a disgusting kid like u srsly now u think ur helping thousands of people or ur helping thousands of disgusting creatures like u, u gays should bot exist in this world ur not accepted wish u all just fucking die
lili (3 years ago)
+arabian knight you're a disgusting human being
piercethepenguins (3 years ago)
They already are accepted. Just not by you. 
feminazi killer knight (3 years ago)
Gays lesbians all these shits will never be accepted deal with it
Aiden C (3 years ago)
I wish you would die you homophobic waste of oxygen and space +Arielle Scarcella and every lgbt person out there should ignore these homophobes with nothing better to do than slag people off behind a goddamn screen grrrr. You caught me right at a bad time and people like you give the lgbt community reasons to be insucure and not want to be themselves seriously tho. Rant over i hate people like this who are nothing but keyboard warriors who will never say a bad word to anyone cos the will just be beat up. Also im soo sorry for your loss ari my dad died too its bad xx. Stay awesome
Rainbow Sugar Tits (3 years ago)
What's your favorite pokemon?
kennidee whitaker (3 years ago)
My mother  has cancer skin cancer she's in the hospital now she has lymphedema a rare cancer 
aceconfetti (3 years ago)
I'm sorry for your loss :( I lost my dad, too, to cancer. 
CepFins (1 year ago)
I'm Sorry.
Ashley Wright (4 years ago)
Yeah, im in love.
Alex (4 years ago)
Bern Richmond (4 years ago)
That happens to me
doomsday2004 (4 years ago)
Very nice!
IsThatAShortJoke (4 years ago)
Night terrors are where you violently move around and scream when you dream and you don't remember what it was about when you wake up. If you woke up and couldn't move and were still seeing things, that's sleep paralysis.
Aiden C (3 years ago)
I get something similar every night I will have a Wiered dream wake up and see it still happening and leave my room. I almost left the house once thinking it wasn't my house its so annoying lol. its not usually. Scary either
Emma Miele (4 years ago)
Is it hard or get into Pratt? I know about it because it's near me and my dad went there and so did you.
Crystal Chanel (4 years ago)
Aww God bless. I know what it's like to mourn a parent
Destany (4 years ago)
Ugh. Lesbians are sooo disgusting. But ig people love who they want to love . I don't have nothing to do with that .
Megan Maxwell (4 years ago)
I am sorry about ur dad. The same thing happened to me my Uncle has cancer. Xx
Astrid Warner (4 years ago)
I cried for weeks when I knew I was gay. I still cry sometimes because I'm still very confused. but before I accepted myself, I was raised in a home that was not accepting of the LGBT community, living in a town that really has never even heard of such a thing, so I thought there was something very wrong with me. Now I know that the only thing wrong was my fear.
Cloutgadama (3 years ago)
I know I'm gay but I can't tell my parents cause they always say bad thinks about gay people and they say if I had a gay kid I'd be so embarrassed so I just stay shut
Samantha Fok (3 years ago)
There is nothing wrong in being gay, i mean like just accept yourself because everyone is different in a good way. I have Alopecia which caused all of my hair to fall, i've been bullied A LOT because I was different! so that's how I became stronger. ONLY immature people won't understand being different from others <3 Hope you will be strong and overcome this fear. 
Astrid Warner (3 years ago)
yeah it is ^w^
Aiden C (3 years ago)
+Astrid Warner its soo fun and addictive isnt it :D
Astrid Warner (3 years ago)
awww thanks  :) I play skyrim as well, i love it

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