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Doctor Who Cartoon Fanfiction I'm Not The Doctor

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#DoctorWho #PeterCapaldi #JodieWhittaker #bilgriffin fan fiction The Adventures of two non-Gallifreyan Time Lords, one of whom is often mistaken for The Doctor. Doctor Who meets Monty Python. References to Terry Jones in the Life of Brian and The French Taunting in Monty Python and The Holy Grail in the context of The Magician's Apprentice.
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Text Comments (17)
Gianni Fogheri (17 days ago)
Troppo bello questo video .. <3
bilgriffin (17 days ago)
2009framat (3 months ago)
Two months ago I watched for the 1st time the old "Doctor Who" which was never shown in Germany. I watched the 1st 3 episodes ever from 1963. Very britisch - proably too british for the german audience in the 1960 to 1980s. Best regards Frank
bilgriffin (3 months ago)
Doctor Who is a very British TV show. I tried to sound British in this cartoon because of that. I can't seem to do Scottish accents, though. I've been told by a British friend that my impression of Peter Capaldi sounded rather Irish.
Jimmy's Tractor (4 months ago)
That looks like me
bilgriffin (4 months ago)
It's me with red hair, my brother. Some fans of Doctor Who in recent years have been calling for an actor with red hair to play the part of The Doctor. "Why not?" I thought... Thanks for the 👍
Julia Raaymakers (4 months ago)
bilgriffin (4 months ago)
Julia Raaymakers (4 months ago)
Oops! I thought I did that. Sure thing, friend. :)
bilgriffin (4 months ago)
Can you help me out with a thumbs up on this video? Thanks!
Linda Smith (4 months ago)
This is GREAT!!
bilgriffin (4 months ago)
Thank you very much!
Marcie Cox (4 months ago)
Bye felicia! Waiting for the new writer!
bilgriffin (4 months ago)
Actually, Felicia is a tribute to Terry Jones of Monty Python, the guy who played Brian's mom in Life of Brian.
Marcie Cox (4 months ago)
To clarify yes i'm looking forward to Chibnall.
Marcie Cox (4 months ago)
+Layton Mathieson it was about the felicia character that looks suspiciously like Moffat lol. Not bill's writing lol
Layton Mathieson (4 months ago)
Sorry that this seems out of the blue and random but I was wondering if you could settle something. A friend and I are trying to figure out what your comment means. We deduced that the "Bye Felicia" bit was simply admiring the use of the phrase in the cartoon. However, we can't seem to agree on the "new writer" part of your comment. I suggested that you were referring to Chibnall, since it's the new episode tomorrow but my friend is under the impression that you meant something negative by it, perhaps saying you didn't like Bill's scripting and wanted a new writer for these cartoons. You're our last hope to settle this debate!

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