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Girls Taking Selfies at Diamondbacks Game

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Sorority girls taking selfies at baseball game A group of girls at the Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Colorado Rockies are more interested in their cell phones and taking selfies with churros and hot dogs than actually watching the game. Announcers make fun of a group of girls taking selfies with their cell phones instead of watching the baseball game.
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Text Comments (33)
A D (7 days ago)
So So annoying
j6282 (1 year ago)
Basic bitches
vanessa nelson (1 year ago)
Let's Take selfies instead of Watching the actual game🤷‍♂️
Alex Chaudhari (2 years ago)
Well blondes are brainless as the rumors have proven. FYI, I don't hate women at all but this is pathetic.
Oh Hai Mark (2 years ago)
okay this is not helping the stereotype that all sorority girls are brainless blondes
77boondocksaint (3 years ago)
I blame the parents for buying them I phone 7 8 or 9 whatever the fuck their on now id like to cut those duck lips right off their face
Jhordan Peralta (3 years ago)
ajajajja todas rubias? porque sera?
kukuruzgtx pravi (3 years ago)
...duck face,funny face,duck face,shit face....RETARDET!!!!
Milan Krstin (3 years ago)
selfie generation!
Kristian Dolo (3 years ago)
i dont want to live on this planet anymore.
Slidividi Cepickit (3 years ago)
Sadly, this is becoming reality in every Country.
Željko Kovačević (3 years ago)
Stupid cows.
Luke Samurai Rockhold (3 years ago)
brainless zombies
klenezinjo (3 years ago)
only girl with dark hair is cute
Batuhan Balaban (3 years ago)
ABD ve herkez iphone 6 bizim adama bak bu senin memleketinden kullan bunu desen onu çöpe atar gider japon malı olanı alır.
Talha Ünal (3 years ago)
I am come from webtekno
Mr. Feeler feelium (3 years ago)
+Talha Ünal hahaha
Talha Ünal (3 years ago)
Ne diyon lan göt hoşafı
Mr. Feeler feelium (3 years ago)
+Talha Ünal tamam şimdi siktir git
Erin H (3 years ago)
These girls got all dressed up, hauled themselves to the game, bought food, found their seats and sat down so they could take pictures of themselves at a baseball game. That is the only reason they went there. Tomorrow they are going "golfing."
Chris (3 years ago)
Plot twist: Apparently there was a selfie contest to win prizes announced in the stadium.
Slamvorpio (3 years ago)
So funny. My prediction is that in a few years this excessive social media and selfie nonsense is going to become as tacky as the neon color's of the 80's. Our kids will laugh at us for this.
Matt - (3 years ago)
+Slamvorpio They won't be laughing at me, I don't do this idiotic stuff..
crystal miller (3 years ago)
Millions of years of evolution and look what we have become.
CG FALCON (3 years ago)
+crystal miller big like
skove (3 years ago)
+crystal miller Brainless dolls...
Наташа (3 years ago)
Couldt agree more
Vide (3 years ago)
T2266 (3 years ago)
why bother go to the game when you're not gonna watch it?
hopacupaGUY (3 years ago)
+T2266 to occupy the place, so others who would actually watch can't attend
Jonathan Vaughan (3 years ago)
our generation is poopoo
Andrew Lloyd (3 years ago)
Now this is funny.
hopacupaGUY (3 years ago)
+Andrew Lloyd it's sad, to me :(

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