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Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'The Boys' MV (KOR Ver.)

1301531 ratings | 221964793 views
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-boys-single/id473110477 Girls' Generation Official http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'The Boys' MV (KOR Ver.) ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (251134)
abdlouahab hd (1 hour ago)
Thot Ianasagna (2 hours ago)
Is it true that they disbanded?
Kiretsu :v (6 hours ago)
Orange Justice
Hanipah PB (7 hours ago)
jessica please back :(
Yatno Yatno (7 hours ago)
221.948..m 21 hours with 42k still good 👍👍
Vương Huỳnh Thế (9 hours ago)
rithysak roth (10 hours ago)
Dubillon Mickael (12 hours ago)
💕💕 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_txCqX1Uio
Dubillon Mickael (13 hours ago)
Dubillon Mickael (13 hours ago)
💕💕💕💕 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9f3iWZx8k4
SugarPop Blossom (15 hours ago)
This is my jam FOREVER!!! Forever I say!!!
Xavier W (15 hours ago)
Yes I like many new girls groups now.But deep down,still this legendary group,Girls generation.❤️
Mini Music (16 hours ago)
Will always love this
Voyager Techno (17 hours ago)
K POP musik 💩 K POP girls 😘😍
Kimmy Garcia (18 hours ago)
Aug 2019 ?
Chrissie Julien (18 hours ago)
I never heard this before today. I'm American and satellite/radio doesn't play this kind of music here. Its cute and catchy lol
alex 14teen (22 hours ago)
Girls generation will never die
GG's most liked mvs: 1. Oh!GG lil touch- 2M+ 2. Taeyeon I - 1,5M+ 3. I got a boy- 1,5M+ 4. Gee- 1,3M+ 5. The boys- 1,3M+ Soon holiday 1M+
Edishing101 (23 hours ago)
when the intro is longer than the relationships you’ve ever had...
Irene Ichijo (1 day ago)
Girl generation song always feel like riding roller coaster :) ;)
Yatno Yatno (1 day ago)
221.906..m Almost 222m. Probably tomorrow
Fafa Alifa (1 day ago)
Siapa nih yg plagiat kek gini wkw
Yatno Yatno (1 day ago)
Menurut anda???
HYOYEON'S MAID (1 day ago)
My friends asked me what i do for fun. Of course enjoying every GG music videos! Watching SNSD mv gives me another level of satisfactory! I am not lying!
Albern Sultan (1 day ago)
'The Boysyafriltrianurhidayatayadiharielira'
Marvania Amolsg (1 day ago)
Grace Dela Cruz (1 day ago)
the snow setting looks like the spaceship of EXO hahaha
sara kloub (1 day ago)
Who of Arab with this in 2019 2020 2021
super gg (1 day ago)
Hey guys I just want to tell please support hyo's new single "badster" thankyou
طالب محمد (1 day ago)
ابچي طين على الكوريين😘👍👍👍👍👏👏👏
Yasmine Arribas (1 day ago)
Que sexys y guapas las coreanas 🤩😘🤗🥰😍😁😆
고추오이 (1 day ago)
와진짜 추억이다 이거 앞장면 티비화질광고에 맨날 나왔는데
Dani Elep (1 day ago)
1,3M Y'ALL along with Gee. While I Got A Boy got 1,5M likes. Legend Indeed
佳儒 李 (1 day ago)
요정이야웅이는 (2 days ago)
태연 개이뻐
Kim Ngan Le (2 days ago)
This song is no joke. It was produced by a super-producer Teddy Riley.
Carly Jefferson (2 days ago)
Girl’s Generation still the best of the best kpop girl group in the whole world 🌍😭 BREATHE IF YOU AGREE 💯
jaky alip (2 days ago)
Keep [email protected] sone ❤️
Kpop Lyrics (2 days ago)
Cherry Dichoso (2 days ago)
겁이 나서 시작조차 안 해 봤다면 그댄 투덜대지 마라 좀 (GG) 주저하면 기회는 모두 너를 비켜 가 가슴 펴고 나와 봐라 좀 (T.R.X) Bring the boys out Yeah you know B-bring the boys out We bring the boys out We bring the boys out, yeah B-bring the boys out 순리에 맞춰 사는 것 넌 길들여져 버렸니? 괜찮니? (Get up) 암담한 세상이 그댈 주눅 들게 만드니? (That’s funny) 괜찮니? 그냥 볼 수가 없어 난 부딪히고 깨져도 몇 번이고 일어나 날카롭게 멋지게 일을 내고야 말던 니 야성을 보여 줘 My boy B-bring the boys out Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat 전 세계가 너를 주목해 B-bring the boys out 위풍도 당당하지 뼛속부터 넌 원래 멋졌어 You know the girls B-b-bring the boys out 흔들리지 말고 그댄 자릴 지켜 원래 전쟁 같은 삶을 사는 인간인걸 너는 왜? (Yeah fly high) 벌써 왜? (You fly high) 포기해 Oh, 넌 멀었잖아 너의 집념을 보여 줘 지굴 좀 흔들어 줘 모두가 널 볼 수 있게 역사는 새롭게 쓰여지게 될걸 주인공은 바로 너 바로 너 B-bring the boys out Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat 전 세계가 너를 주목해 B-bring the boys out 위풍도 당당하지 뼛속부터 넌 원래 멋졌어 You know the girls B-b-bring the boys out Girls bring the boys out I wanna dance right now 내가 이끌어 줄게 Come out 세상 남자들이여 난 No. 1 지혜를 주는 Athena, check this out 즐겨 봐라 도전의 설레임 이미 모두 가진 세상의 남자 그대로 쭉 가는 거야 Keep up Girls’ Generation, we don’t stop B-bring the boys out 막혀 버렸던 미래가 안 보였던 미래가 네 눈앞에 펼쳐져 점점 더 완벽한 니 모습에 마치 난 빨려 들 것 같아 My heart 겁이 나서 시작조차 안 해 봤다면 그댄 투덜대지 마라 좀 Just bring the boys out 주저하면 기회는 모두 너를 비켜 가 가슴 펴고 나와 봐라 좀 Bring the boys out Cause the girls bring the boys out Girls bring the boys out Girls bring the boys out Girls bring the boys out Girls’ Generation make ’em feel the heat 전 세계가 우릴 주목해 B-bring the boys out 세상을 이끌 남자 멋진 여자들 여기 모여라 You know the girls B-b-bring the boys out
Ajin nijA (2 days ago)
Toro Lee (2 days ago)
1,3M Likes <3
Dani Elep (1 day ago)
Toro Lee Yuhuu
Seulgi is just a kid (2 days ago)
I miss the Girls so much
Ca Thương Lê (2 days ago)
Who still watch MV now?
Ika Septiyani (2 days ago)
2019 😁
Rosa Mina (2 days ago)
When did they make this
Du San (2 days ago)
Lagu game ayodance
Daniel Gomez (2 days ago)
Music starts at 1:07
Robert Soliman (2 days ago)
July 21, 2019 from Philippines 🇵🇭
Dharana Makwana. (2 days ago)
Black Warrior (2 days ago)
Shit, i really miss them
Cromwell Cruz (2 days ago)
Who's still watching beyond July 2019?
indah Puspita Rahasia (3 days ago)
Bagus banget gaisss
LunarRose__ (3 days ago)
Almost 222M S♥NE let's goo🔜!! Don't forget to check out HYO's new song BADSTER and support the Queen!❤👑
aliciatoo (3 days ago)
Still so powerful
Afif Jazimin (3 days ago)
Missing them!!!!!!
Yatno Yatno (3 days ago)
221.812..m Go go go girls
Dara Uu (3 days ago)
Ajay Singh Chandel (3 days ago)
I miss them so much. They are more the best 😍
qing yang tan (3 days ago)
qing yang tan (3 days ago)
minha nit (3 days ago)
Miss you😓😓
dahwaye (3 days ago)
A class concept indeed 💖
두리 (3 days ago)
대단해 소녀시대 내가죽을때까지기억할거야 최고야 소녀시대 흣어지지말고 걸혼하고 아이낫고 변치말고영원히 소녀시대 보고있는 펜 아저씨가 ~
Tom Lui Estrella (3 days ago)
Today was between TWICE and Blackpink. Back then, it was SNSD v. 2NE1.
mitusha (3 days ago)
2019? Anyone? Like if you Do!
KAROLINA Grabowska (3 days ago)
I love this song this song is the one of my favorites songs
حسين رشيد (3 days ago)
استمراننننننننننننننن يا ورداتتتتتتتتت😍😍😍😍
Lovella Pineda (3 days ago)
2019? 😂♥️
Tanapon_ ss (3 days ago)
I want 1080p please
garryolga sokolov (4 days ago)
garryolga sokolov (4 days ago)
спонсор немецкии политик
Sifa Sifa (4 days ago)
Shubhada Kale (4 days ago)
Good 🦄🐩❤❤❤
Michelle (4 days ago)
p-p-p-please come back
Yoona beautiful.
ยุนอา สวยมาก
Darlene Le (4 days ago)
Name a more iconic high note by a female Kpop singer that's not Taeyeon . . . . . . I'll wait
Maria Fernandes (3 days ago)
Jessica Jung
Liang siang Gunawan (4 days ago)
TWFanmily JS (4 days ago)
Kpop was the shit back then
Vict ASMR (4 days ago)
2019 and no girls group mv can beat The Boys MV , thats how gorgeous our girls are , SNSD
Thot Ianasagna (2 hours ago)
Vict ASMR bitch what do you mean wan wrong grammar NEXT!
Vict ASMR (3 hours ago)
Thot Ianasagna nah u will never feel how SONE felt abt this MV , if i wan likes , i will post on my instagram and more worth it doesnt it ? lmao jokes
Thot Ianasagna (3 hours ago)
Vict ASMR sis the only reason your saying that is because you want likes
daniel270108 (4 days ago)
Their 2nd 221M and exceeds i got a boy 2nd many view in gg history ❤❤💙💙💚💚💛💛💜💜💟💟 221.745M
Mouhcine Houda (4 days ago)
was this choreographed by Ruby ?????
Mila mynnd (4 days ago)
July 2019?anyone??
Sarai Villegas (4 days ago)
El K-pop es lo mejor q me a pasado en la vida gracias dios por haber puesto el K-pop en mi camino el k -pop es mejor q el reggaeton
Sarai Villegas (4 days ago)
i am (4 days ago)
Support frm BTS army 💜
aznita zainal abidin (4 days ago)
Support 300M views pls, THANKS!!!
Thành Sơn (1 day ago)
So Nyuh Shi Dae isn’t just a girlgroup, they’re truly a NIGHTMARE. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE OF ALL GENERATIONS OF KPOP.
Stars Hollow (4 days ago)
Childhood idols ❤️
IMDAYAK (4 days ago)
Girlbands yang menurut gw paling kece dijaman ya.
Rinny Golung (5 days ago)
Why part Hyoyeon and scene little
Channel k-popers (5 days ago)
Channel k-popers (5 days ago)
Shikunie (5 days ago)
Anyone waiting for 12th Anni?
Channel k-popers (5 days ago)
Please comeback snsd😢😋💖😂
Channel k-popers (5 days ago)
yael yeri (5 days ago)
the queen of kpop is still in SNSDs hands they are legend
itisdeedee (5 days ago)
No gg this generation still have pulled this kind of concept. I missed this era😭
Yo Alana (5 days ago)
I miss second generation kpop😭

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