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Rooftop Escape POV

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Watch ROOF CULTURE ASIA - www.vimeo.com/ondemand/roofculture‬ Max, Benj and Drew testing out a new style of POV... No roofs were damaged in the making of this video. - http://storror.com Subscribe and support! - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=StorrorBlog Commercial, press related enquiries and to work with Storror, please contact our management - [email protected] Networks - Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/storrorblog Instagram: http://instagram.com/storror Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/storrorparkour Tumblr: http://storrorblog.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (25188)
Drew Salavea (13 minutes ago)
LegendGaming (33 minutes ago)
WRAITH_OP_ 58 (2 hours ago)
Shandra King (3 hours ago)
How y'all not falling
Jesse Hampton (5 hours ago)
Better than all Spiderman movies.
Abby Turner (5 hours ago)
You’re not supposed to do that when there are police so uncool
prolar proyuz abi (7 hours ago)
Youtube yes
JJ_ Witherspoon (7 hours ago)
The first jump is me braking my ankles
Xanthus (7 hours ago)
Whats the tshirt of the men with the black tshirt and south korea, hong kong flags??
Khadimatou Faye (7 hours ago)
The first time i saw this i thought that was a video game
canal do lucas (7 hours ago)
Vcs e treinados
Maximus BJJ (8 hours ago)
To much energy
CLARA DI MARCO (8 hours ago)
1:45 storror
Central Dos Games (8 hours ago)
ANONYMOUS (8 hours ago)
Did anyone else had this weird feeling in their stomach when they were doing this
ÑaÑá (9 hours ago)
Коротко о том какая будет физ.цивилизация в 11 классе ._.
Konuşan Çizgiler (9 hours ago)
bu herşfleri savaşa alsan vuramazsın amk dodgelerler
BARAN Samancı (9 hours ago)
1:46 da yerde storror. Yani kanalın adı yazıyo
shaan nelson (10 hours ago)
thank u so much for inspring me to do parkour Keep up the good work :p
Intelect Mobile (10 hours ago)
Zuhey Mendoza (10 hours ago)
¿Soy el unico aqui que habla español?
1:46 надпись канала STORROR
Marleny Firpo (11 hours ago)
Puedo salir en uno de tus bideos
desenvolvimento pessoal (11 hours ago)
That is art
Cindy Davila (12 hours ago)
X D (12 hours ago)
At 1:48 it said storror and an arrow
Sharon Sheridan (12 hours ago)
Did you see my word I drew it said storror
0BSC3N3 (12 hours ago)
Staged i saw a arrow then storrow
Sniper Alvo (12 hours ago)
Isso é simplesmente viciante
FERDIAN FLOG (13 hours ago)
Surya Vikaas (13 hours ago)
Live to die another day
Lu Fu (14 hours ago)
giovanni Girardi (14 hours ago)
조진희 (14 hours ago)
Rabiul Hassan Haque (14 hours ago)
Francisco Adílio (14 hours ago)
uduruu2 uduruu2 (16 hours ago)
Oh un gilet jaune en 2016 sa devait être prévue 😂😂
builis.gb G.B. (17 hours ago)
You arr scared? Or not
Cousin War fights (18 hours ago)
Who else is watching in 2018 ??????
JUST FOR ME AND FOR YOU (18 hours ago)
I love it
JUST FOR ME AND FOR YOU (18 hours ago)
Your so professional
çağla karadeniz (19 hours ago)
Sen napıyon gardaş
Sergio Mendez (20 hours ago)
en el minuto 1:45 dise storror
vanya 228 (20 hours ago)
Лайк если белорусский
tantai Thai (21 hours ago)
Yuth Gaming KH (21 hours ago)
Go Cambodia
#LazySquad (21 hours ago)
Shanjay Vlog (22 hours ago)
Princess Tabano (23 hours ago)
thanks for your help and time to meet with me and
김태훈 (1 day ago)
Muito top
Dj Sujri Fdj (1 day ago)
What .you lol is kontol
Gameboys121 gaming (1 day ago)
1:46 you can see the word STORROR on the floor
ɰѧţċһıňɢ ţһѧţ ѧʟoňє mѧԀє mє sċѧяєԀ ʏċ......Ԁѧmň ʏѧʟʟ ɢԀ😁😂😂
muffin Tillman (1 day ago)
When you hold down R2 on top of a building in spider man ps4
Death Fire (1 day ago)
Every time I watch this my arm starts to shake
Mindaugas Mačius (1 day ago)
Eugenia Puchetta (1 day ago)
Chloë Kingdom (1 day ago)
Me when my mom gets the slipper 🤣
Muktiali Nagasaki (1 day ago)
lilly slime (1 day ago)
why do you risk your life
Dat GalaxyCat (1 day ago)
You guys are talented
Mizgin Sönmez (1 day ago)
Adam nefessiz kaldi
Daniel Rivera Frias (1 day ago)
De qué país son
gamer fox (1 day ago)
nice vid
maaz Nasir (1 day ago)
what is the meaning of POV
fudo halilovic (1 day ago)
Go to a mueseum
Liviu Liviu (1 day ago)
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeee wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe wwwwwwwweeeeeeee wwwwwwwe
Why ur friend look like logan
Vãđım BØŠŠ (1 day ago)
Yemen Yemen (1 day ago)
tatty solange (1 day ago)
As otro fideo
heba ahmed (1 day ago)
enzogame276 (1 day ago)
Top de mais
Go too canada
Mariya Sarfaraz (1 day ago)
I was surprised when it said *storror on the floor 1:45 😄😄
Isaque Cipriano (1 day ago)
Leyna Ortiz (1 day ago)
I. Am. Going to do this
pLAstAem mrAtp
marwan tito (1 day ago)
دي مش القناه الحقيقيه
小沼柚葉 (1 day ago)
憧れと、心配 がぶつかり合ってる
Someone explain what POV stands for
채널몽키 (1 day ago)
strawberry soda (1 day ago)
Japan hiring ninjas lol
古家康 (1 day ago)
Юлия Козич (1 day ago)
MASTFA kamal (1 day ago)
والله عجيب حلوو استمروو العربي لايك
عبود (1 day ago)
minal gupta (1 day ago)
Its amazing
minal gupta (1 day ago)
How can u guys do it??
Essence Style (1 day ago)
i have adrenaline rush just by watching this
Melinda Knott (1 day ago)
Can you make more vids plz
Sachin Thakur (1 day ago)
JASMINE LAU (1 day ago)
,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,
Faded_wolfYT XD (1 day ago)
1:45 I saw that name i aint blind XD

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