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Rooftop Escape POV

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Watch ROOF CULTURE ASIA - www.vimeo.com/ondemand/roofculture‬ Max, Benj and Drew testing out a new style of POV... No roofs were damaged in the making of this video. - http://storror.com Subscribe and support! - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=StorrorBlog Commercial, press related enquiries and to work with Storror, please contact our management - [email protected] Networks - Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/storrorblog Instagram: http://instagram.com/storror Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/storrorparkour Tumblr: http://storrorblog.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (28126)
AKSHIT MITTAL (2 hours ago)
U r insane
Swag Aladin (3 hours ago)
1:45 storror on the floor
Jenna Wolfe (6 hours ago)
*jumps over really small pole* Wow I’m the best at parkour *sees these dudes* Hello darkness my old friend
Amar Zahra (7 hours ago)
I loved jumping on rooftops in Lebanon it was soooooooooooooooooooo fun
april florio (9 hours ago)
So kick-ass video. Bravo beautiful!!! Keep filming!!
Fizzy 979 (11 hours ago)
I prefer taking the stairs down it’s easier
Gwen Ayala (12 hours ago)
Like si te gusto
Aubree Clayton (12 hours ago)
He fell again at 2:32
Ну такое я колдуну чрез 3 домов перепригнуть
ABONE KAZAN (13 hours ago)
Amcık lan ne bekliyonuz
ABONE KAZAN (13 hours ago)
Ben yapsam ölüyorum
Diogo Duarte (13 hours ago)
Carmela Grasso (14 hours ago)
Nikki Peoples (14 hours ago)
Anyone else see that they wrote Storror on the roof😂
Luis Fernando be (15 hours ago)
São louco
бомж 19 (15 hours ago)
Im Rassia
Матвей Панов (16 hours ago)
Simran Parmar (16 hours ago)
With POV..you seems like a Superhero jumping building to building🔥
Sema Ala (17 hours ago)
Diamond And shinne (17 hours ago)
Selia Crowell (18 hours ago)
ダスメリオ (18 hours ago)
Crazie Ladie (19 hours ago)
0:54 shitt
Bayu Krisna (20 hours ago)
Come to Indonesia if you brave
Roza Magomedova (20 hours ago)
Спасибо spasibo за za перевод perevod
Денис Иризан (20 hours ago)
Yyfg f gxhshdhhfhfhfhejjebdhdb dyudueueueuhdhdjhdjebejjcvhhdjejjehdhdhshhehdhhxhfhehhsdueudhdhrkcbcmfoz odpdfhsgsggdgeggdgchdhheheudijdjejhehehhdhdgdhdhhdydydhhdhehhehdhdjjfirkrkkfkckchdjjdjfkfjfjsknxotktkfjgogkgkfkfjrjfjjfjgjfjgjicigjflepfkjtbtntjfkgkkfntkululykylnfmfnncjdjrirjrjrjkfnjso1qoowieiiftjgjgjgjtkjgkfjgjfnjdydycyyeyehdhhfgeggdgxggdgxggxgdgxgg Vxvhdbrhfhhchjd Flow bbbdbbbsbbbbbdjxhchdhfhh Flow SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey Flow Flow SwiftKey SwiftKey Flow Flow SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey hhdbbdbx Flow Flow SwiftKey SwiftKey Flow Flow Flow Flow Flow SwiftKey Flow Flow Flow SwiftKey Flow Flow Flow SwiftKey SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey Flow hhehdydyhsbxffhjfnbfnfjgkghgjgjyjtjrjgjgjrkockgkkgkyojkyktkfkjdjd SwiftKey Flow hebrbjrehcdiufjdhdjcjfjkrofkgogkgokvcjvjfjfkfifokgkgjgjfjfucyfhghhgjfjf.
Małgorzata Matuszczak (20 hours ago)
Stanisław Truty (21 hours ago)
Świetni jesteście ,ja to bym się utką na pierwszej przeszkodzie 💥
G S (22 hours ago)
Anyone Tell Me Music Name
Brianna Morin (22 hours ago)
It would be cool if you guys were dressed as ninjas
Pro Gamer (22 hours ago)
Turkler burdami +1
Rim Hardi (23 hours ago)
Beuttifull and God man
ЛАНА Кет (1 day ago)
PEMBELE ROMANO (1 day ago)
Pourquoi mon courrier en O
Lunary (1 day ago)
2:16 this is when you have friends you can trust
Siriluk Suwad (1 day ago)
Фуфуфуфу фуфуфуфуфуфуф
guru prasad (1 day ago)
Hi i am from india i love parkour and your storrer team
sujil rock (1 day ago)
2:15 you changed the place
bc201199 (1 day ago)
Stephen Ohara (1 day ago)
Security: can you pls get down Me: it's called exiting with style starts running
Shrikrishna Gawali (1 day ago)
Very nice
Adam Tinsley 2nd (1 day ago)
how can you do that . that was awesome
Ariana Butler (1 day ago)
Those tricks or just to impress dress do a press
riley Bender (1 day ago)
Jumpology done. Going to like that video just because I'm Riley Bender I don't care if you can stack me just because I live in well I like Florida and Wisconsin I don't know what one just don't tell anybody but I live so what
Ariana Butler (1 day ago)
This is stupid you can actually get arrested I would even do this stupid stuff if you were to fall down you would enjoy yourself love no one was with you you’d be dead what’s wrong with you can people act like this is OK the stupid stupid shit you’re so fucking dumb bitch
Waldeilton Ferreira (1 day ago)
Eu falo
Kemp Kemp (1 day ago)
Kemp Kemp (1 day ago)
Call mom
Naz Rehman (1 day ago)
Ali Games (1 day ago)
انته عربي you Arabic
Israel Hernandez (1 day ago)
I want to some fails someone fall already
Lucas Bellamy (1 day ago)
2:36 when mom chases you with a belt and you outside
Piri Oraev# (1 day ago)
What music?
Daniela Dragomir (1 day ago)
Esta súper guapo el parkour
Daniela Dragomir (1 day ago)
ZEARO CZ (1 day ago)
Czech?? There is my birthplace man
Elias's HushedFilms (1 day ago)
Pretty chill security for people jumping off of roofs
Ashnab Shahzad (1 day ago)
Assassins Creed : Modern Evolution
Polik Martynova (1 day ago)
123DAN123 123DAN123 (1 day ago)
:O :-$ :-P :-( O:-) B-) :-D =-O =-O :-P :O :-) :-[ O:-) :-P =-O :-\ :-\ :-D
Abdulrahman Mohamad (1 day ago)
This is Assassin's Creed shit 😂😂💕
scar (1 day ago)
1:46 'STORROR'👅
Mr. hayp hayp (1 day ago)
J.K TUBE (1 day ago)
Bé Dương (1 day ago)
Rémy Noseda (1 day ago)
Ma siete pazzi!?!
Navjot Kumar (1 day ago)
Is this 4 real!?
Eyup Kaya (1 day ago)
Кто из России ставим луйк
Perlita Yee (1 day ago)
You guys have amazing gravity
Adrian Dustin (2 days ago)
Are you breaking the lawn
Matěj Luksch (2 days ago)
IDK why but my video name is : Čeština
Marek Štefl (16 hours ago)
Jn co to je dopici 😂😂
René Drabina (1 day ago)
Matěj Luksch taky, wtf
Ramlah Aira (2 days ago)
gb2007a (2 days ago)
I love how there not even being chased 😂
Jegbmf (2 days ago)
Dude...just get down...
Rayana Rios (2 days ago)
Minino diabo tu vai morrer kkkkkkk
patorex2456 (2 days ago)
I love you bro
Mohamed Bah (2 days ago)
Ana julia Mariano (2 days ago)
Alguém Que Fala Em Português ?
vcwchen (17 hours ago)
eu tambem falo
Mostafa Alknany (19 hours ago)
kauã Vasconcellos (1 day ago)
Eu falo
Allison TV BR mates (1 day ago)
Ou falo
Lucas Silveira Gaia (2 days ago)
Quem é br ae curte
Wunger Save (2 days ago)
Когда залез на крышу шкалки
Runner Tom (2 days ago)
Já žiju v České republice, I from Czech republice
Patryk Rozmarynowski (2 days ago)
Zmątowane filmy
ROBY SPORT (2 days ago)
At 01:46 riding storror
Horka (2 days ago)
Jan Křižánek (2 days ago)
Píčo čeeeeest borci vole kurva. Kdo je z Českaaa?
Прыжки от бога
اكو عرب بالتعليقات 🤣🤣
mateus Camargo (2 days ago)
Uau muito bom parabéns
Fuckk my ass is sweating
rikej mi dave (2 days ago)
Proč se to jmenuje čeština
Jan Nowak (2 days ago)
Ciekawe kiedy się pozabijają
А побіг од пломби буде
nipen kagatey (2 days ago)
I got scare when i watched first time but i really enjoyed guys love from India..
Cole Martin (2 days ago)
Not really you just told her that you where leaving lmao
Pepes Lover (2 days ago)
Al Zahir Zabaidi (2 days ago)
You guys are awesome and nuts lol
Hien Tranminh (2 days ago)
wixty (2 days ago)
Čeština? :DDDD

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