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Finding Magic Mushrooms

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Finding Psilocybe subaeruginosa (subs) magic mushrooms in Victoria Australia.
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KaraokeClassics (3 years ago)
A couple of people have asked about the interview and music I put in this clip. Joe Rogan Experience #142 - Graham Hancock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ODaWxBJNPk and the noises are my originals https://soundcloud.com/bope-deats
Pete Rolton (1 year ago)
love to you , i was looking for what ep of jre this was . Thank you heaps! Respect for this comment.....
Joshua L (3 months ago)
All that for just one?
Rick Fisher (3 months ago)
Don't rip em up, cut and spread the spores of these important beauties Always.
mattronimus (4 months ago)
didn't know you could even find cyanescens in the woods.... I live in Seattle and they only seem to grow on manufactured wood chips.
Trollstoy (2 months ago)
They aren't P. Cyanescens, they are P. Subaeruginosa
time crystals located (4 months ago)
Clever way of expressing your opinion, is July still ok for mushies in the southern states?
KaraokeClassics (4 months ago)
Sure is
Kaiser (5 months ago)
What is the music in the background???
KaraokeClassics (4 months ago)
WHAT9000 (6 months ago)
dude, can you please msg me. ive been looking in m*****n for years on end with no luck .. I have had a few spots in melb for years now but they are starting to fade away, its a bit of a drive to the mountain so I'm reluctant to go again if its a waste of time.. could you point me in the right direction please :)
KaraokeClassics (4 months ago)
Depends what part of Melb you're from. Dandenong Hills are great
NintendoAndre (1 year ago)
If the title says hunting mushrooms then you shouldn't be rambling about legal rights
Trollstoy (3 months ago)
Sounds like something a low-IQer who hates free thought would say.
Roland (1 year ago)
Anyone know of any spots in Launceston or the NT?
aformonzo (1 year ago)
mt macedon?
Will McBeath (3 months ago)
aformonzo 110% no doubt
F H (1 year ago)
Lol deleted my comments ... ! Cool video thanks 😊🙏🏻
Kate Sassenach (1 year ago)
hahaha I go picking there too ahhaha
KaraokeClassics (1 year ago)
Look out for the german shepherd haha
Kate Sassenach (1 year ago)
KaraokeClassics HAHAHAHHA i would be saying hello to every stranger then
KaraokeClassics (1 year ago)
Say hi next time : )
tinkabell8 (1 year ago)
hey buddy, can you PM me? I have something I want to ask. cheres
daniel alford (1 year ago)
whyyyyy have jo talking over it wasted vid as we cant learn from what your saying
KaraokeClassics (1 year ago)
Luther Corr (1 year ago)
Think that's actually an Azurescens
mothball boxes (1 year ago)
driving around listening to newbie pot smokers is not Finding Mushrooms Twat.
Christ Murray (1 month ago)
mothball boxes you sound like a british rat
Ryan Escalante (1 month ago)
You are bitter sir
mothball boxes (1 year ago)
no, is this a 3 part series of boring car footage?
KaraokeClassics (1 year ago)
Did you get to the part where I find magic mushrooms? lol.
nicole moralde (2 years ago)
please direct message me ive got a few questions! thanks c:
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Just sent you a direct message on youtube
nicole moralde (2 years ago)
dm you on what? (you dont exactly have the direct message option on youtube or google+ haha)
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
nicole moralde you can send me a dm if you prefer. They pop up in winter when the conditions are right
nicole moralde (2 years ago)
you found shrooms in melbourne thats incredible.. i just wanted for some help that is if you are willing to give some to me d:
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
nicole moralde anything I can help you with on here?
Joel Fenwick (2 years ago)
hey KaraokeClassics was wondering how I could give you a direct message
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Just sent you a direct message, if you're not sure how to view or send just watch a tutorial on how to direct message on youtube
19Luke89 (2 years ago)
That audio was spot on. We've all handed our consciousness over to the state by trickery and ill intention agendas. Fucking bastards lol
Ryan Beasley (2 years ago)
holy shit I thought that dog was a wolf I was like oooohhhhh MY GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! what type of dog is that tho I wanna say its a German Sheppard
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Haha she does come out of nowhere. It's a German Shepherd. Luckily no predators to watch out for in my part of australia, just snakes lol
damo damian (2 years ago)
Hey man im from Melbourne this season i got around 5 kilos of psilocybic mushrooms and was wondering if you would like to go picking when the season begins email me thanks :) [email protected]
Franco (1 year ago)
Hey, are you able to DM me to please, would like to pick your brain. Cheers!
makaki88 (1 year ago)
Hey could you guys DM me and I have a spot but i would like a back up also i will tell you guys where my spot it thanks.
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Sounds good Damo what side of Melbourne are you from?
Tristan Burns (2 years ago)
our bodies are wired to take all of natures delights
ps2au (2 years ago)
I know where this is filmed, good environment for them! M*****n
Justin Sutcliffe (5 months ago)
brb224 (2 years ago)
how can you tell a magic mushroom from a mushroom that will kill you?
finn huckelberry (2 years ago)
+KaraokeClassics thanks for the response yeah i had a look at the website its pretty confusing to navigate
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
No there's a few different species unlike here in Melbourne which only has the one. Check out the shroomery website to chat to people who pick mushrooms in your area. Below is whats available in QLD Gymnopilus sp. Panaeolus cinctulus Panaeolus cyanescens Psilocybe cubensis Psilocybe subaeruginosa
finn huckelberry (2 years ago)
+KaraokeClassics what about south east queensland? Just blue meanys?
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Sorry man I'm in a different country, but if you google search magic mushrooms in NJ I'm sure you'll find your answer
brb224 (2 years ago)
you know anything about nj?
TheBloggme (2 years ago)
i find thousands every year....mt dandenong is pretty good
just did lemon tek... fresh gold tops....
npgSymboL (2 years ago)
Man. I just want to try them but I haven't found any in Sydney :(
Shroomsta (2 years ago)
Mt dandy???
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
Nah other side of the city
Marc D (2 years ago)
I'll be looking in the Otway ranges next week, were you far from there?
KaraokeClassics (2 years ago)
+Marc D Yeah kinda far, but i've heard the Otway's are a great spot
James Kelleher (2 years ago)
found some in canberra im cheerin
James Kelleher (1 year ago)
+Jacob Ruwoldt brindebella, botenical gardens, wet places with mulch. There is a small lack but heaps of acid and if you know where to look than gg
Charles Manson (1 year ago)
James Kelleher please tell me where I can find some in Canberra! I'm moving there from Perth in 2 weeks and I'm stressing about the lack of psychedelics there might be there
James Kelleher (2 years ago)
+tallaganda83 stromlo, botenical gardens or however you spell that, magregor any where with mulch really but not in this time of the season
tallaganda83 (2 years ago)
Been looking for them in Canberra for ages, wish i could find some here :-(
Turtle Face (2 years ago)
found these growing in western suburbs of sydney, positive I.D they are very common anywhere woodchips have been placed for atleast 10 years. In the growing season, after a few days of rain, they are fucking everywhere if you know what to look for.
DancingGophers (2 years ago)
+Brandon Townsend in Australia
CaliBass Slayer (2 years ago)
western suburbs? like out in cali??
Matthew Harvey (3 years ago)
It's joe rogan and graham Hancock
crackhead970 (3 years ago)
Looks like Mt Dandenong
Will McBeath (3 months ago)
crackhead970 its Mount Macedon
What is the audio from? I want to listen to the whole thing.
OK thanks! Will check it out.
Tor The Divine (3 years ago)
+Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag Absolutely wrong. It's from Joe Rogans podcast. I'm pretty sure David Icke and Joe Rogan have never even spoken to each other. You are listening to Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan.
Ben Watts (3 years ago)
+Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag David Icke and Joe Rogan
ddvsds (3 years ago)
+Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag I'm not siure who the interviewer is but the man being interviewed is David Icke
Rob Nash (3 years ago)
What is the audio?
Nephilim Call of gains (3 years ago)
Where about is this mate? Regards
Alex Smith (2 years ago)
Yeah the BOM shows some good rain this week. Lets hope they flair up
Alex Smith (2 years ago)
+KaraokeClassics As someone in the north west, wanna let me know where roughly haha
upyabubblegoose (3 years ago)
are these everywhere in vic? need to know cause im moving there 
KaraokeClassics (3 years ago)
+upyabubblegoose If the conditions are right and its the right time of year
mousaey (4 years ago)
Very shapely specimen.
luke bousfield (4 years ago)
HELL YEH DUDE! this years gonna be a GOOD year in vic I have a feeling nice find!

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