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Derren Brown Freaks Out New Yorkers with Psychic Phoning - Trick or Treat

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Derren sets upon some unsuspecting New Yorkers and manages to read predict what a stranger is thinking on the other of end of a phone call. For more amazing clips of Derren subscribe to our channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialDerren
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Kelly KitKat (3 months ago)
.. 1:40 ... you know you've learned how to ride a bicycle when you no longer have to think about it. ... let's see.. if I peddle fast, I won't fall.. how to stop? Uh-oh...
Shareef Taylor (4 months ago)
She was so cute right up until, "I think he's psychic."
Shareef Taylor (4 months ago)
"The slightly smaller American brain" Shots fired!
Yuri Pravdin (4 months ago)
"Get your cogs rolling" "imagine you are in preschool" subliminally hinting for a person to think of bicycle, I think deren has alot of these sumblims memorized in his head and picks one according to a person's personality, that's why he asked him what he studies. Respect to brown, a GENIUS!
kev hollywoodgamer (10 months ago)
flip phone hahe legandary
"Slightly smaller American brain". Derren knows just what words to use to win those Americans over and break into the big time... And then she says "there's no other explanation for it". That's how people get duped into becoming religious fundamentalists.
John Hancock (1 year ago)
Yes our slightly smaller Americans brains which bailed you English chaps out of a little bind, called WWII. O yes, lets not forget the Falklands either. All in good humor Darren!
Adam Millns (1 year ago)
Does ur phone have a speaker phone 😂😂
Immanuel Kant (1 year ago)
First interaction seemed so fake
Cj Jones (1 year ago)
i thought of fish...
Steve Cox (1 year ago)
That girl is so damned annoying, with her infantile voice.
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
Chances are, she’s a psychopath!
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
Steve Cox She’s quite creepy if you ask me! Her eyes look piercing!! Not to mention the American accent with a rather bizarre Japanese twang.
soh loh (1 year ago)
1:32 THREE things, 1:47 3 different cogs going round in your mind at the same time, ITS THAT EASY.. and people think theyre not suggestible sheep
MercyReaper (1 year ago)
I really want to go to New York it looks great. Londons so dam huge so I'm so glad New York is allot smaller in area size than London, hopefully I'll find my way around easily.
Raymond Armatino (1 year ago)
Brown would mop up the poker tables. Hes amazing at cold reading a person
thederpycreeper (1 year ago)
1:14 Twin towers?! When was this filmed?
Crowd3R (11 months ago)
Those are not the twin towers. That building behind them is the "Time Warner Center" at Columbus Circle, on the South West / West corner of Central Park.
PR NOTHALL (11 months ago)
Check out the ANCIENT phone for a clue.
Matt Vivian (1 year ago)
Those look nothing like the World Trade Centre, that's just two towers. Also, this show aired from 2007-2008.
Stephanie Anderson (1 year ago)
this is hilarious because he clearly puts the suggestion of 3 and going round and round in your mind. The American still says bicycle. hahahaha
Marty Procter (5 months ago)
he even says 'elementary school' which if you break it down into sylables it ends with "Elemen - tary school" so close to 'tricycle'
KeepItSimpleStupid (1 year ago)
So Derren tried to plant "tricycle" in the guy's mind by talking about the "three cogs" that'd be "going round" in his mind. I'm getting wise to this stuff!
MegaErnieMAN (2 years ago)
what year is this?
timwins31 (2 years ago)
Lol its a fuckin joke, calm down. Plus, lets be honest, we elected Trump president, who could blame anyone for thinking Americans are stupid.
experiment54 (2 years ago)
The true psychic thing in this video is the phone.
Dougal McGuire (2 years ago)
In the small American brain haha! why did he say that?
luuke luketer (2 years ago)
What's the girl's accent ?????
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
*Down an alleyway
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
luuke luketer Christ knows??!! It sounds American with a bizarre Japanese twang to it? She’s quite creepy if you ask me. As far as I’m concerned, if I was walking down alley way, I’d be scared!
I think it's because of how he said psychology like cycle or something
Darren Thomas (2 years ago)
What a cute girl
SgtDrPeppers (3 years ago)
What building is that in the background?
Ken (2 years ago)
That's not what the twin towers look like. It says columbus circle, new york city at the beginning of the video.
Kamy (2 years ago)
"Derren sets upon some unsuspecting New Yorkers" so i'm guessingthese are the twin towers since this video is prolly from 99-2000
The Mad Mick (3 years ago)
She is beautiful :)
President Kudsi (3 years ago)
"3 cogs round in your mind"-what dose that sound like? Derren's mistake was he said "imagine you are 6 years old" when tricycles are really for toddlers who can't balance much. Most 6 year olds would have stabilisers on their bicycle but it still be a bicycle ie 2 wheels. Bi=2 not tricycle 3 wheels tri=3!
Francis Legaspi (3 years ago)
There is something Fishy about this. Don't get me wrong I like Derren Brown, but how the hell did he knew the girl's name(Jessica) even though the girl didn't tell it. He mentioned it around 2:26 - 2:27 of the the clip. I hope I am wrong I haven't seen the Whole Video of this, well I just noticed it :)
Francis Legaspi the video is cut. He would have learned her name off camera
Dire Crux (3 years ago)
Its funny, the first time hearing the word psychological illusionist there was a massive pause just before and an emphasis of CYCLE-logical that made me think of a bike, doing 3 different things, followed by 3 cogs going round (Attempting to implant 3 wheels, guy must've missed that part/wasn't paying full attention or was only susceptible to going round), followed by pretend your 6 (child, multiple of 3), start wri-ding a word and bam.
sam svenfelt (2 years ago)
wow! u have a good mind!
Popa Daniel (3 years ago)
slightly smaller :)) ....
hassan Waleed (3 years ago)
girl looked so innocent but probably gets gangbanged in her spare time. poor girl
hassan Waleed (2 years ago)
+Kamran Younis Only as I realised acting upon lust is harmful and has no value, seeking love is a whole other thing which is beneficial and satisfying in the long run.
Kamran Younis (2 years ago)
+hassan Waleed Ok.
hassan Waleed (2 years ago)
+Kamran Younis Sad but true, Ive come across many sluts nowadays and have used them many times before, never again
Kamran Younis (2 years ago)
hassan Waleed That's a horrible thing to say.
Wile E. Coyote (3 years ago)
The slightly smaller american brain, is whats known as humour.
KMrtn • (1 year ago)
Hey don't worry, he meant it as a joke
timwins31 (1 year ago)
Yea because making insulting comments about a religion that has nothing to do with any of the conversation makes you look much more intelligent. And we wonder why the world hates us.
Adam Smith (2 years ago)
you and your big brain. I will bow down to your intelligence the same way muhammad (piss be upon him) bowed down and gave Allah his ass
Lee Hargreaves (3 years ago)
Amazing!!!! He ....err.....got it wrong.
Altaf Asad (1 year ago)
Lee Hargreaves atleast he aint fake
Glevin96 (3 years ago)
+Lee Hargreaves err a tricycle and a bicycle are two similar objects, and the point of this was to implant an object or the meaning of a word into his mind not a particular word
Paul Abbott (3 years ago)
You win Banksy!!!   Congrats  buddy I hate Americans the way I hate the Anglish!!!! You must be soooo  proud of yourself and your piece of shit ugly #@%*#   country!!! I wish I was a Rothschild profiting off the American Revolution.  That way the more of your peoples kill each other the more it would profit 4 me.  Thats what your England is best at fucking everybody else over  for their own profit.  You win Banks you must  be happy.   Its good you manipulate everybody?  Use them for your own ends. Paul Abbott
w0bbl3r (3 years ago)
I like how they always say "he's psychic, he must be". When he clearly admits it's a trick, nothing to do with any magical powers or other hocus pocus nonsense. When he did that girl from hollyoaks, Claire something her name was, and he had that stupid scouse "psychic" there, he was so spot on with everything, and the only thing the supposed psychic got right was she came in a mini cooper. But he didn't say that he had spotted her driving in, and when confronted he said he didn't see her at all, even though they had him on camera saying hello to her as she got out of the car. Then, when the "reading" was done, Derren had told her he was using cold reading, while the other guy was allegedly psychic, she just said "Derren is spooky, he is psychic he just won't admit it. No other way he could know those things, he is psychic". People are gullible, and most of all terrified of dying. So they believe this nonsense. And a good thing too, or we wouldn't have terrific shows like the one's Derren puts on. Saw his miracle show a few months ago in sheffield, and he was just incredible. Healing people like Peter Popof or whatever his name is, but admitting all the while that it was nothing more than trickery and the placebo affect.
YesWeCantaloupe (4 years ago)
Small American brain? I feel like standing up in outrage, but I'm too full of McDonald's to get out of my chair and grab my shotgun off the wall.
wobbly nostrils (3 years ago)
Clap clap clap. LOL
wobbly nostrils (3 years ago)
+Mogwai Gremlin Hehe. Good one. When they fart their arse gives them a round of applause.
Mogwai Gremlin (3 years ago)
+YesWeCantaloupe I'm amazed you're able to stand up at all. I'm even more amazed that you haven't already eaten the chair you're sat on.
Leon Reaper (4 years ago)
school > cogs > shaped like wheels > Bicycle.
ZOD4 (4 years ago)
She's adorable, can I keep her?
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
She is a psychopathic murderer probably! You know, they come in all forms.
theo tryhard (1 year ago)
EpicBunty (3 years ago)
+ZOD4 as long as you don't mind partial brain damage
V T (4 years ago)
She's super lovely.
Ada Wong (4 years ago)
"The slightly smaller American brain" eh?
Ellie Webb (4 years ago)
"three cogs going round in your mind""pretend you are 6 years old" aha! ;)
Ed (1 year ago)
"Without thinking about it" :)
Sunset AMV (4 years ago)
"I'm a 'Cycle' logical illusionist" lol
Joe V (4 years ago)
"The slightly smaller American brain" - (awh no, that's mean) "I think he's psychic, like, there's no other explanation for it?" - (then again, maybe not) ;)
Yuri Pravdin (4 months ago)
+Mark Walsh plus he said "imagine you are in preschool" mostly the time when we rode bikes
PrincessAshley121 (10 months ago)
It's not rare to see a skinny person. Less than 1/3 of Americans are considered obese and overweight.
Joe V She’s fun, I like her.
Mark Walsh (1 year ago)
Joe V He is not physchic ! It's suggestion. He says cogs. Wheels. Turn it around in your mind. He's making him think of a bike!
Andrea Passaglia (1 year ago)
like that would somehow explain how he did it
Keyshell (4 years ago)
"You're going to do this. You're going to do this. You're going to do this." "Three cogs going around in your head." "Take yourself back to elementary school." Totally psychic.
Caleb Flood (11 months ago)
"A *three* choice of word." (Not *free* choice.)
Interestingly enough, I think that psychic strenght does have an impact on the use of psychological forces like that. Since he has good charisma, assertiveness and self-confidence, he is psychicaly more efficient. That means that the psychological mecanical effects/triggers that he is going for, will have more chances of working because of the psychic aspect of it. Not even sure he's aware of that himself, or rather he would say it differently.
Keyshell I can watch for myself, but thanks for typing this out....
MultiJejje (1 year ago)
countsmuth, I think that was a very important start.
Renzen (3 years ago)
+Keyshell That's often his point, he's against psychics and calls them out as scams when they're charging money etc. What you see here is just a performance for entertainment.
Selinor578 (4 years ago)
I didn't think there were real people in America who spoke with a voice like that.
EpicBunty (3 years ago)
you are such a massive troll... paid professional ?
Selinor578 (3 years ago)
+EpicBunty somewhere else alright, can't remember where
EpicBunty (3 years ago)
wtf is the matter with you where did I see you last?
Selinor578 (3 years ago)
+EpicBunty no
EpicBunty (3 years ago)
Have I hypnotised you already
NaegaJaeilJalnaga (4 years ago)
That girl is so cute!
Joe Bloggs (1 month ago)
She is why I clicked. Dem lips tho.
I am potatoe (1 month ago)
graceygrumble (4 years ago)
So why, when I was listening and imagining, did I think of space-hopper?
Simon Huggins (3 months ago)
Dominieschool (4 years ago)
You make people think quickly..they revert to a stereotype.  Simple.  This would not work outside of cultural stereotypes.  And gender. Every bloody 6 year-old American/English boy has had a bike!
TechnoBambino (4 years ago)
"EMERGERD HE'S A PSYCHIC, DERS NO OTHER WAY!"      He just said he was a psychological illusionist...
Coastie Kelly (5 years ago)
I want to {try} something with you Joe. Are you a student, do you go to {school}. {try} {school}....... tricycle... choice of words, placement, emphasis.
Marty Procter (5 months ago)
+billy dimakali "elementary school" element-try School" "try-school" "trischool" tricycle"
billy dimakali (4 years ago)
+Fank234 not only that, he also said." i want you to do three things in a moment"," THREE diffrent kind of COGS that  going ROUND  in your mind at the same time"(reference to a tricycle) " imagine you're 6 yrs old in elementary school"(reference to childhood).
Fank234 (4 years ago)
Yes but that is still no guarantee, not in the slightest.
MrTehRave (4 years ago)
ahhh nice
Ezy duck (5 years ago)
"Three cogs going around"
Niall Walsh (5 years ago)
when he says he's a psychological illusionist he puts emphasis on psychol/cycle, 3 things going on in your head over and over, or round and round, and without really having to think about it, just like riding a bike :)
James Jovanovski (4 years ago)
He also emphasizes "free" when he talks about the guys choices. It could be associated with the tricycle because of the three wheels. 
Fank234 (4 years ago)
Again, would be no guarantee.
Craig Hawkins (5 years ago)
He also used the phrase "cogs going round and round in your mind".
ZER0 (5 years ago)
He asked the guy on the fone 3 questions, then said hed have 3 cogs going on in his mind, and imaging being 6 y.o. (i thought he would have said 3 y.o.) is when youd more likely have a tricycle.  Im probably completely wrong but it might be part of it.
ZER0 (5 years ago)
+zerr0ww Definitly and I wish I knew what it was. The guy is wizardesque.
zerr0ww (5 years ago)
ye i recon thats part of it, but there is almost certainly other stuff going on
Rob G (5 years ago)
she'd totally get it
Erb Mac G (5 years ago)
dumb bitch
THEclownxxx (5 years ago)
If you're going to insult people Derren, get it right - you forgot the word 'considerably'
peter john (5 years ago)
she is cute, but i fear for her! i cant believe that this conversation was not edited! however if it was not(even if it was) given her nature she is going to be way more prone to believe any nonsense some guy tells her. i just hope she mets the right guy!
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
peter john Very true and Derren probably walked away thinking the same thing. Considering how good he is with the mind! If you ask me, I think she’s a psychopathic killer deep down. I just sense it..
ramalama246 (6 years ago)
She is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am lucky to be sharing the same air and sitting under the same sky. She's glorious.
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
I sense that she is a psychopath!
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
Very creepy!!
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
Something dark. I may be wrong but that bizarre accent, those piercing eyes and that was about her. Creepy
XDZ 517 (7 months ago)
ramalama246 Well I’m not going to lie that was pretty creepy! I sense that she would probably kill me. I feel she’s hiding something
emilydotbug (6 years ago)
she's so cute!
emilydotbug (6 years ago)
"slightly smaller american brain"..you mean slightly smaller blonde american female brain.
Red Star (6 years ago)
the girl are so cute
Jeffrey Spinella (6 years ago)
As an American, I can say I'm not too bothered. Some more sensitive folks may be... I know the amount of scientific/technological innovation and business/academia success from the US that goes global, so all we can really do is be proud
Daníel Þórhallsson (6 years ago)
love the way he is always making comments about that. Wonder how americans look at it.
tiggsandbits (6 years ago)
British people, we naturally diss others
Yuval Wirzberger (6 years ago)
CYCLEogical illusionist.
pie1689 (6 years ago)
lol did he say in the slighty smaller american brain
Mark Simpson (6 years ago)
TRY and do the same thing....
Yan Jun (6 years ago)
the girl is cute
Marek Rajský (6 years ago)
Slightly smaller american brain??? Good :)
theory816 (6 years ago)
lol wtf is a cog
EvolutionXEngine (6 years ago)
wat the hell? the first time i saw the video i heard tricycle but then bicycle... omg
EvolutionXEngine (6 years ago)
also Derren used tricycle because he was a culinary arts student...
Lolp821 (6 years ago)
His stuff is all in the words he uses, subtle body language and predicting what someone would think. The problem with his show is he only shows the ones it worked on, you never get the illusion breaker of someone who isn't as suggestive.
SpiderFan23 (6 years ago)
It's very clever how he's able to use words in his sentences that sound innocent but are actually suggestive e.g. "I'm gonna ask you to do THREE things" "Three different COGS that are going ROUND & ROUND" "Imagine being a CHILD IN SCHOOL". He's really good!
Stator (6 years ago)
No, but you appear to be a fucking idiot :) No harm done ey?
Stator (7 years ago)
Are you a fucking idiot? Of course everyone has accents. I'm English and although I think everyone in my area talks the same, doesn't mean we don't have acnts, just because we are used to it. EVERYONE has an accent, even if you think you're accent is the right one that everyone should speak, it's not.
Michael Kriechbaum (7 years ago)
Yeah I didn't pick up on every clue. Besides that I didn't wanna write down every clue. So thanks for that.
durmiendo (7 years ago)
also he says "a word, very large..." - big word for a six year old
durmiendo (7 years ago)
Joe: I actually go to culinary school. Derren: Oh, you must be really smart!
chimpalahee (7 years ago)
wow great suggestions planted into a person with no rapport established and over the phone derren is a lej
GVZ (7 years ago)
Actually, I am not even American lmfao! You are just a huge fucking moron!
GVZ (7 years ago)
That's funny because you are calling a correct statement wrong based on your own opinion, which is not based on fact and is wrong in itself. Every person has an accent, whether you like it or not.
GVZ (7 years ago)
Well you need to open your eyes because I said IF you're American, not you ARE American.
GVZ (7 years ago)
Everyone in the world has an accent, its just a different accent. If you're American you have an American accent, if you're English you have an English accent. People saying "they don't have an accent" is absolutely wrong.
Codga2001 (7 years ago)
I don't buy it. I tried going along with the instructions and thinking of something. I didn't come up with anything close. So why would he? I'm guessing something else was going in that wasn't filmed.
ChazzaM77 (7 years ago)
*Spoiler alert* he gets it wrong.
ThatGuyWhoMakesFilms (7 years ago)
that girl is hot :)
Michael Kriechbaum (7 years ago)
Man she's so cute. But Yeah I see what he did (the second time I saw it). He said the line "theirs 3 different, cogs moving round in your head" and also "imagine your 6 years old writeing on a chalk board." Basicly he implanted in his head the idea of 3, cogs and child as in kids ride bikes. Impressive though. Makes me think I should try it.
Jaskbi (7 years ago)
Clown Face
ChrisIzFish (7 years ago)
perrin sharp (7 years ago)
1st to comment FTW

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