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Jon Renau Hairspray and Gel Tips for Styling Wigs

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In this video, I show you tips on how I use Jon Renau's Hairspray and Hair Gel to style my wigs. Windy weather can be a challenge when you wear a wig, especially when you can't (or shouldn't) use the traditional styling products you use with bio hair. There IS a learning curve, but you CAN get very close to the same hold. I purchased my Jon Renau Ignite in Strawberry Syrup (FS27) at cysterwigs.com. They are WONDERFUL! If you don’t have a coupon code, try INHOUSE and see if it works! (Non-affiliate links:) Jon Renau Ignite https://cysterwigs.com/products/ignite-heat-defiant-by-jon-renau Jon Renau Wig Styling Spray https://cysterwigs.com/collections/jon-renau/products/jon-renau-wig-styling-spray Jon Renau Wig Spray Gel https://cysterwigs.com/collections/jon-renau/products/jon-renau-synthetic-flexible-spray-gel Simply Stylin Silk (Wig-specific silicone smoothing product) https://cysterwigs.com/products/simply-stylin-pure-silicone-serum Giovanni Frizz Be Gone https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001ET78CY
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