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RESPECT THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqUgl1G71xY sorry i look like trash in this video lollll. was not planning on filming but after that snap....girllllll....it had to be said. haha. thank you all so much for checking in with me. hope this answers your questions. we just love In N Out lol. if i could get a chick fil a shirt i'd have one of those too. TO STAY UPDATED FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree Snapchat: hollyannnaeree Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyannaeree Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyannaereeofficial Toshi IG - http://instagram.com/satoshi.inu EEVEE IG - http://instagram.com/eeveeinu And cause I know you guys are gonna ask.....this is the highlighter I'm using. It's one of my faves and YES I plan on doing an updated beauty faves video : ) http://bit.ly/2HEAIBq Also if you wanna check out Tomi's work - http://instagram.com/hairtomi For you ladies in the valley or close to the valley! If you're closer to West Hollywood try Gina : ) http://instagram.com/ginaatkinson Love both of these ladies! And I TRUST both of them with my hair! (most importantly loll)
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hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
for everyone asking - (i guess there are always more questions on questions about my life lol) - there is no specific reason i got a place in dallas too. i can live anywhere since i work from home, i like it here and wanted to stay longer than my initial stay and found a super nice place, it's still close to LA so i can easily be between both places. i missed clean air and real grass.
D Maria (4 months ago)
for me personally, i unsubscribe because it clogs up the creator list on the left dropdown. I use that function a lot and it's a long list. I unsubscribe and edit the list pretty regularly because I hate it when I can't find someone quickly. not interested in scrolling a long time to find a person because it's not alphabetical.
Drink That (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree I want to know why people HAVE to show up and say, "good luck. I'm unsubbing b/c you're not uploading." I've seen that on many, many YouTubers videos who have taken a break from all the negativity. Like wtf is the point? You're unsubbing b/c you're hurt that someone needs a vacation from their job? People are so fucking weird and stupid. Good riddance! Get your raggedy, dramatic dumbass out of here. Didn't need unsupportive losers like you anyways!
Maribel Baez (5 months ago)
How did you get your dogs registered as emotional support?
Wendy Khera (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree I
Gina Slay (1 month ago)
I thought you quit too but tonite you crossed my mind I’m like omg I use to love her bag reviews ♥️ so glad your back the power of the mind is not a joke ! (Drakes voice ) lol
commonwealpanther (3 months ago)
Way to go neutering Toshi. Some people still don't spay and neuter.
FLdancer00 (3 months ago)
This chick is so disgusting and rude in person. You've been doing this for 10 years??? And you still don't have 1 million followers, there's your answer.
ZhangTwinzTv (1 month ago)
cakevary (2 months ago)
And what do those two have to do with each other.....?
Debbie George (3 months ago)
Thanks for the update. You're an OG in the YT game.
nybsbfan18 (4 months ago)
Glad to have u back, hollyannaree.
Lyric G. (4 months ago)
WB! Btw you were the gateway to my YouTube addiction 🤗
Kneehighz X (4 months ago)
Great to hear from you. I’ve been a sub from the start on my other account , I don’t know how we somehow interacted over jewelmint (😆) but then I took a YouTube hiatus but I just resubbed yesterday to drool over your bags. I love hearing of your continued success and savings, love your content! My thoughts are all over the place since there was so much in your vlog so I’ll end this now lol 💕
tess lam (4 months ago)
Lee’s Reviews (5 months ago)
I love you Holly!!! I'm so glad you're back! We also got a second shiba inu and they are so different in personality!
kailua (5 months ago)
where do you keep Eevee and Satoshi when you travel out of the country? :-)
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
steve has always watched eevee when we go out of the country - i have never left toshi as he was still being trained - he's only 7 months old rn (not even but in a couple days) i probably won't leave him with anyone until after he is at least 1.5 years old
Wendy Schnapa (5 months ago)
So good to see you again Holly. Can't wait for your next video when you are ready. I love your dogs. They are so cute! So glad to know all is well with you too. Thanks for the update.
BBLove247 (5 months ago)
I'm glad you are back. The other day I actually went to your channel just to make sure I was still subscribed thinking I might have unsubbed unintentionally. Well cool. Welcome back
m1nt (5 months ago)
Hey! I recently got a puppy and named him Toshi too. So cute! I've heard Shiba Inus are hard to train as a first dog? For you, did you have experience with dogs in the past before getting a Shiba? Thanks!
VintagexLovex (5 months ago)
m1nt I got a shiba Inu as my first dog, she’s now 11. She was so easy to train, great natured dog. Enjoy it.
Drink That (5 months ago)
Male dogs are very needy. Female dogs more independent.
PinkGoldBeach (5 months ago)
Would LOVE to see a leggings collection video and guide to choosing good quality leggings that look good! So happy to see you make. Much love 💕
Kim and Sinbad (5 months ago)
Hello from an LA girl in Japan! Your video was in my recommended list timeline. I’m so glad I watched! Cheers and keep up the awesome work. 🙋🏻‍♀️🐶✨
KimmiiPooH (5 months ago)
You should totally do a meet up in CT! Maybe it’ll make it more fun for when you’re there lol! I live in MA but travel to CT every so often and I would totally come! 💕
Eshita Shah (5 months ago)
I couldn’t add u on snap chat. And you’re such a nice person I’ve actually been a subby for a while. Since before YouTube became a huge thing and I remember when you would do your hauls and monthly favorites where you would take the time to talk about products. I love those and miss those ❤️
MINDBODYSOUL (5 months ago)
Hi doll, happy to see a video of you. Listening to you talk about Texas....OMG, my mouth instantly watered. I love your puppies and I know how much you love them both. Missed you on YOUTUBE...✌️💕
Legal in Lipstick (5 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this isn't viewed as a disrespectful comment, as I'm truly coming at this from an educational perspective, and the only reason I'm even leaving this comment is because it was stated in the video that you got your dogs registered as ESAs to avoid having them in the cargo: people should not have their pets registered as ESAs unless they truly need that support, because there are people who are allergic to dogs, afraid of dogs/make dogs afraid of them, or who can't come into contact with dogs for religious reasons. Unlike a service dog, an ESA does not necessarily have the training to deal with being in an airport or on a plane with other people. There are also lots of illegitimate companies operating to send ESA registration letters/certificates, when in reality there should be a psychiatrist or therapist meeting the individual in person to issue a diagnosis and determine if an ESA is needed. Now obviously I'm not sure what method you used, and if you truly needed the emotional support of your animals, that's your personal business. I'm just leaving this here as a general PSA because it's not fair to abuse the system when there are people who genuinely need the service. I think the better solution would be to have specific flights catered to people who have pets, because I understand the concern with putting your pet (read: child) in cargo, but until then people need to be considerate of other human beings.
Hunny Bunny (1 month ago)
hollyannaeree what type of mental illness or anxiety is it that got your esa approved? You do realize that you need an actual physician & therapist letter of rec. you obviously got your stuff printed online & those aren’t legitimate at all. You’re the reason why a lot of place been strict on esa policy.
Dr. Kitty McFluffyballs (3 months ago)
I kind of took it like that too because she said she had them registered as ESAs and went into how that benefitted the dogs. I was like, “Oh wow! I didn’t know it was that easy to register as ESAs to keep from having to cargo my dogs. Cool life hack!” Then I read this comment and was like, “woah, not so cool life hack...” It did seem like she was saying she did it to keep them from cargo, even if that wasn’t what she intended. So yeah, this comment was necessary. Her rude reply wasn’t. It’s funny; she turned me on to Revlon’s Primrose lipstick years ago. I found a tube of that lipstick today and decided to check in on her. I unsubscribed a while ago due to the all the negativity (not just from her, but all of her community; supporters and haters alike). But her response to this comment reminded me why I left.
FLdancer00 (3 months ago)
You are a thousand percent right, it's was a selfish move on her part.
jellybean (3 months ago)
Legal in Lipstick - I thought the same thing... and her reply came off very defensive - ur comment was valid. People shouldn’t abuse it, and u weren’t even necessarily accusing her of abusing it, though she certainly got defensive imo. I’ve been watching her for years and am considering unsubscribing due to her inability sometimes to reply in a non-combative manner to her viewers asking legitimate questions (not troll, shit-stirring-type questions)... I get being annoyed by trolls out there trying to cause trouble for no reason, but ur comment was tasteful and respectful and coming from a genuine place of compassion and concern for people and animals in general - it was not attacking or accusatory in any way...
Legal in Lipstick (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree Oh I wasn't assuming, that's why I specifically said if you did need them for emotional support that's obviously your private business. I just wanted to put that out as a general PSA.
Xuan Anh (5 months ago)
So happy you're back <3 <3 <3 <3
Sara J (5 months ago)
EEVEE IS 7??? Shitttt.... i remember when you first got her. Time flies! Glad to see you're doing well Holly!
SJ Olivas (5 months ago)
Happy you’re back. Life happens. It’s nice that you treat your viewers like friends and open up about what’s new in your life. My dog is my life. He is my son more than a pet! I love that you talk about your fur babies too. Anyway, I look forward to watching your new videos!
Eden Sam (5 months ago)
I sooooo appreciate that if you ever left YT you would absolutely make the effort to let us know!! That is all I ask! I just can’t stand YT’s who just up and left with no explanation! After all the support and subbies YT’s get that is not too much to ask is it?
Drink That (5 months ago)
Eden Sam I agree. Like what's the big fucking deal to just say you're fucking done?!
Eden Sam (5 months ago)
You went to Italy 🇮🇹 last year or so and you mentioned that you may upload that vlog for anyone who is interested in going. Are you still going to do that?? I am seriously 😒 wanting to go to Italy 🇮🇹 next year and need some great 👍 tips.
gaspitsiris (5 months ago)
holly!! love you and im so glad to have you back. thank you for just being you and true!!! more vlogs! i just love hearing you talk. cant wait to meet satoshi eep
Angela (5 months ago)
i gave you a thumbs up for being honest
N T (5 months ago)
Which part of Dallas??
xchibiox (5 months ago)
Congratulations on your new place!
YanA (5 months ago)
I’m glad to see you back on youtube Holly! I also don’t mind watching you talk all the time ;) You know we love watching you vlog doing errands and just driving. 😋 Anyway, hope you have a great day ahead of you!
AnnaCupofCoffee (5 months ago)
Hi Holly! It’s always nice to see you pop up in my feed. Loved hearing the updates on the doggos, love Eeps and Toshi. So cute! I don’t think you should ever feel bad about taking breaks! They’re needed and if you’re able to do so, then you should. ☺️❤️
lucy lu (5 months ago)
whatttt!? shes 7?!?! where did the time go?!
torsadedepointe (5 months ago)
Your highlight is 👌 I’ve missed you on YT! I love watching your videos, you seem down to earth and genuinely nice :)
Rachel (5 months ago)
Welcome back Hollyannaeree! Could you do a video on finances? I started ebates back in 2013 because of you and have no regrets! Would appreciate more pointers.
Karen P (5 months ago)
You look stunning holly!!! Glad you’re doing well! Love you ❤️😘
Katie Bounkeovisane (5 months ago)
My corgi was sooo hard to house break but my pomeranian was a breeze
TheKenzang (5 months ago)
Hi Holly! Missed your beautiful face. Can’t wait to see more pics and videos of T!
astrayhope (5 months ago)
Couldn’t stop staring at that highlighter💕💕💕 welcome back holly :)!!!
Steph (5 months ago)
So happy to see a video from you! You’re glowing, I really like your hair as it is now. Cute doggies. I’m waiting for a Chanel purse video from you 😊
Christine Cho (5 months ago)
Yay! Glad to hear you are back :) I figured you were busy with life, new puppy, and family. It's great to hear you're feeling more ready to be back. I know people online can be sooo harsh smh. Hope family time was great and you got to really enjoy yourself and the new place in Dallas.
willingtootry (5 months ago)
Such sweet pups!
Gwennie D (5 months ago)
Glad you’re back. Really missed seeing your videos!! Can’t wait to see more of the pups!
Tracey Liang (5 months ago)
lol idk why you get so much hate & dislikes.. I’ve been watching you for a while now & missed eating lunch to your vlogs haha! Wb 💕
DependaSaurus Rex (5 months ago)
Hey, really random but.... I am moving back to TX after living in Japan for 6yrs. Need any part time help? LOL, totally serious.
Kyo Mebi (5 months ago)
Adopt me.
Jeanette Cam (5 months ago)
Toshi reminds me of newest dog too. 2 dogs just warms your heart. I know what you mean when you go on walks with them :) my first one is starting to warm up to the second one after a year.
dnl1612 (5 months ago)
yay love to see you back. Can you pls do more make up video?
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
dnl1612 thank you 💋 but probably not - I'm not really into that anymore. I mean you guys see me, my makeup is always the same now. One shadow on the lid, liner and lashes.
Melissa Guerra (5 months ago)
Hi holly!! So glad to see you’re back :) could you tell me which highlighter you’re wearing? The link in the description box isn’t working 😩
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
just go on sephora and search lancome cream highlighter - its the only one
Melissa Guerra (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree thanks for responding. Maybe it’s my phone cause when I click it, it takes me to Sephora and says no results match the search 🙄 anyway, looking forward to more videos from you :) glad to see you happy & well! ❤️
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
(maybe it's just your browser or it needs to refresh?)
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
its a rose gold one from lancome - i just checked the link it def. is working
Julienne l (5 months ago)
Welcome back! Don’t be sorry for taking breaks! I’ve even fell out of watching YouTube for awhile because it got boring. But I love your unconventional videos. And welcome to Texas! I live in Texas and I could never leave, I love it here 💕
Ayaka (5 months ago)
So happy you're back! And Satoshi is actually a Japanese name for Ash from Pokemon :) haha
Jenny Ho (5 months ago)
I don't think I've commented on your videos in a really long time but I just wanted to say that I've been watching you since I believe 2009? I think my first video of yours was actually a designer handbag collection, you were the reason I got a LV speedy 25 as my designer first purse! I genuinely enjoy all of your videos and I'm honestly so happy that you're still on youtube! I always felt like I've learned a lot from you through your videos over the years and now I'm learning from you through social media because you and I are obsessed with Lululemon! (sometimes you help me save money when you take photos of the aligns cause the photos on their site isn't always accurate lol) I also can't believe Eevee is 7 now because I feel like it was just yesterday that you posted her first video haha I'm glad to see you back and hopefully you'll have more time to upload more but if not, I enjoy keeping up with you and your pups on social media! Our one year old yorkie/dachshund (dorkie) is named Toshi too ❤️
Jackie M (5 months ago)
So glad to see that you’re doing well! 💚
Ness ii (5 months ago)
I never assumed that you quit Youtube. Just love watching your video and miss seeing you 💖
pheline24 (5 months ago)
So happy to see a video from you!! Missed you!! ❤️❤️
Nurin Zainina (5 months ago)
deyeaene (5 months ago)
That highlight thoooo.
Noel Jay (5 months ago)
Good to see you in my feed again :0) Are you going to do that video on the louis drama?
Emily Sears (5 months ago)
so so so happy you haven't quit youtube!! but im also happy you are doing very well!!!
Daisy Jane (5 months ago)
lmfaoo the ending! "i promise theyre obsessed"
annavupie (5 months ago)
Meili B (5 months ago)
Your highlighter looks amazing! What's the name / brand of it?
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
thank you : ) it's in the info box
dearshaina (5 months ago)
I don’t usually leave comments on videos, but couldn’t help myself with this one. First off, welcome back!! I almost feel like I was destined to come across this video because I can TOTALLY relate with the new puppy thing. I just got another schnauzer. My first one is so awesome, he’s super smart and was housebroken so quickly from the time I got him ( @ 8 weeks). With this new pup, she’s super needy and poops like CRAZY! I grew up with dogs and feel confident in my experience as a dog whisperer lol, but this new pup is really putting me to the test. I got her at 8 weeks and she’s almost 10 weeks now, and still a handful. Anyways, welcome back again! :)
Jessica U. (5 months ago)
Omg I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed them so much! 😊 can’t wait to see what videos you come out next!
GiGi W. (5 months ago)
Glad you're back, the new pup is so cute and yes girl live your life. :)
Autumn C (5 months ago)
I'm so glad you're back! You're amazing 💕
Iris Orellano (5 months ago)
Congrats on your new place. Glad u can live life to the fullest.
Crystal Kong (5 months ago)
I missed you holly and your videos ❤
Leda Botelho (5 months ago)
So glad to see you back! Love your vlogs! Oh my gosh you're from Connecticut! Me too! Small world. Missed you!
MsLaBelleMel (5 months ago)
Welcome back Holly!! Awesome you got a place in Dallas! Stephie lives there if you remember her! Met up with her last year when I was there for work. It’s def a great city plus my cousins live there too. And yes be you! It’s too exhausting to care what haters say on here. They wouldn’t say it to your face if they‘d met you in person. That’s for sure. Much love, Mel 💕💕
Literally Lynnette (5 months ago)
MsLaBelleMel fw
Mao Lor (5 months ago)
Congrats on your new dog!!! Crazy how opposite they are, but I’m glad u r happy
Sarahi Amaya (5 months ago)
Welcome back! What are you up to in Dallas? Are you moving there?
Sarahi Amaya (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree awesome! Enjoy it!
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
not really up to anything different lol - my work is the same wherever but just trying it out to see if i like it.
Kathryn Rose (5 months ago)
I missed your videos!!
Christina Chen (5 months ago)
Jeri K (5 months ago)
How I’ve missed you miss holly 💕❤️
Esther Lee (5 months ago)
Btw the In N Out story made me laugh 😂 That’s really funny!
Esther Lee (5 months ago)
Welcome back to YouTube! ☺️
iPikastars (5 months ago)
Satoshi is also Ash Ketchums name in the Japanese Pokemon anime. So you unintentionally did give him a Pokemon name lol
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
Mitzi Jane (5 months ago)
LOL cant believe they thought you worked at In N Out..jesus. Prob just taking a jab at you smh. Anyway, I'm glad you're back..feel free to take as many breaks! I feel like social media can be soul sucking and draining. I even take breaks from watching, so I don't blame you!
Remy LV (5 months ago)
Yay sooo glad you are back!
D G (5 months ago)
You are my favorite YouTuber. Glad you enjoyed your break. So nice to have you back!
LfRose3 (5 months ago)
Girl your hair is not crazy at all! Lol I have naturally curly hair so when I go to bed with wet hair I wake up looking like a lion lol
LfRose3 (5 months ago)
Yayyy! Your back. So glad you uploaded :) we missed you.
Kwmz (5 months ago)
Welcome to Dallas hello from Frisco
Luv_Travelz (5 months ago)
Welcome Back! Toshi is sooo cute and yes I see that smile! And of course Evieee is adorable!
Erin H (5 months ago)
I'm so confused. I get needing a break and that's totally normal. I don't know if this is too personal as to why the break was needed if it is then totally ok not prying. I don't follow on other social media sites so this is like a left field video in my opinion. If you're happy healthy that's really all that matters. Glad to see you back on here in some capacity. 👍🏽
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
the break wasn't "needed" it just kind of happened - i was just busy with family and i don't put my family on the internet. also was busy traveling and training my dog. (thats kind of what this entire video is about >_< I'm not really sure how to further explain it) thank you for watching!
Nikki_Nychol (5 months ago)
I’m so happy to see you!!! Thank you for sharing Holly ☺️
Youa Thao (5 months ago)
Welcome back!!!
chewresaa (5 months ago)
I got another shiba inu also! They are both boys, same color red but definitely not same dog! First shiba, Leo, was so focus when I was training him. Leo is older, he doesn't want to play with my 2nd shiba. i think my 2nd shiba, Hiro, is not shiba-like at all! He is derpy, doesn't self- clean, not focus, has short attention span. Hiro is bigger than Leo also!
Cherry Lee (5 months ago)
I remember about last year you mentioned that you will be uploading a video on your microblading experience. Is that still happening?
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
don't know tbh. i haven't edited it. i think it was worth it - I'm happy with my results.
Johnson Christiana (5 months ago)
I'm from Dallas! If I ever bump into you, I'm gonna yell HOLLY!!!! Hahaha hope you don't mind <3
Johnson Christiana (5 months ago)
Fun fun fun! Safe travels to LA. Looking forward to more videos and see an addition to your family, Toshi!
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
LOLL your odds of seeing me will be very high there
Johnson Christiana (5 months ago)
If I see you around it’ll probably be at lululemon at north park 😂😂 their renovation makes me wanna buy everything in there
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
hahaha i don't mind at all : )
mscarmen9342 (5 months ago)
You have just talked me out of getting another dog! lol I've missed your videos so much-I don't have any other social media so had no clue what was going on....just hoped you'd be back! <3
Cynthia Marie (5 months ago)
I want a 2nd dog but my dog also doesn't like other dogs either so I would feel bad if I got another one. :(
esther huh (5 months ago)
I’m so happy you’re back!! You being REAL is something I really look up to, you’re like an older sister that I never had! 😁 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!
lfb08 (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I missed you even though I follow you on IG.
MJ Saudino (5 months ago)
✨✨✨Yes girl take the break that you need everyone deserve it especially when your job is in the public eye. Happy to see that you are still on YouTube and I love your fur babies and their Instagram✨✨✨
MJ Saudino (5 months ago)
Omg and Gina Atkinson totally obsessed with her. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your hair!
christmas9lights (5 months ago)
I think it was hard for him to house break because your new house maybe has bigger space and eve live in an apartment maybe that why?? Not to sure
christmas9lights (5 months ago)
hollyannaeree oh hmm never mind sorry I thought he was in the bigger house that why but if they had the same environment I don’t know what to say 😂 I guess he a male since they learn a little bit slower than female dogs not to sure kkk
hollyannaeree (5 months ago)
i don't think so because i didn't get him while was in DAL - i had him when i was in LA at that apt.
Pegasus922 (5 months ago)
I am going to Dallas for training for a week I wish you were still there!!!
Pegasus922 (5 months ago)
Omg I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
kklucybv101 (5 months ago)

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