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Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles)

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Australian comedy group 'Axis Of Awesome' perform a sketch from the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Footage courtesy of Network Ten Australia. See http://www.axisofawesome.net/ for more details of the comedy trio including Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, & Benny Davis. Journey - Don't Stop Believing James Blunt - You're Beautiful Alphaville - Forever Young Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Mika - Happy Ending Alex Lloyd - Amazing The Calling - Wherever You WIll Go Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You U2 - With Or Without You Crowded House - Fall At Your Feet Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough The Beatles - Let it Be Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy Men At Work - Land Down Under Banjo Patterson's Waltzing Matilda A Ha - Take On Me Green Day - When I Come Around Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight Toto - Africa Beyonce - If I Were A Boy The Offspring - Self Esteem The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid Pink - You and Your Hand Lady Gaga - Poker Face Aqua - Barbie Girl The Fray - You Found Me 30h!3 - Don't Trust Me MGMT - Kids Tim Minchin - Canvas Bags Natalie Imbruglia - Torn Five For Fighting - Superman Axis Of Awesome - Birdplane Missy Higgins - Scar
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Text Comments (24914)
Sinjull (2 hours ago)
9 years later, here Youtube think you will like this and well. Youtube you know me very well
Aaron (16 hours ago)
Now whenever I hear Poker Face I always put in a "Come on Barbie, let's go party."
Andrew Flores (1 day ago)
If you want to play all those songs the same way but on guitar, the 4 chords are C, G, Am, F. But that's only when playing with that specific tune and tempo, not all these songs were written with these 4 chords
Tenacious D 2
Victor Eduardo (1 day ago)
The funniest mashup ever!
ForcePlays (2 days ago)
Alright, Jack Black on discount is now a girl. Times surely have changed.
Ted Spacey (3 days ago)
Jordan Quiles (4 days ago)
Anyone complaining about how modern music sucks would do well to note the number of classic hits mentioned here.
dragoncatoverload (4 days ago)
They’ve been around for 40 years?
Adrian Ceroni (4 days ago)
"(with song titles)" ....in the description???
Satan (3 days ago)
V Vazquez (4 days ago)
Bunch of copyright but awesome!!!! 👏👏👏👏
Saul Sandoval (4 days ago)
Wheres Michael jackson
Ervin Fidelis (4 days ago)
He played the same 4 chords but most of the song didnt go well. He is playing the same 4 chords but he is singing the songs melody thats why it sounds as if the 4 chords can play any song. Their point is invalid.
Uncle Bob (5 days ago)
I’m back for my yearly pilgrimage
Draugr from Sweden (5 days ago)
WOW! 😳
Happablapp (5 days ago)
back before the world died
brandon s (5 days ago)
Scuffed Jack Black
JaredLil2000 (7 days ago)
From left to right; Travis, Justin, Griffin. Like if you get it. #mcelroy
Tookieslam (7 days ago)
Wait...doesnt that dude in the middle, identify as a chick now or what ever
flerpaderp (6 days ago)
Yes, she is a woman
MosesMarlboro (7 days ago)
Their versions are so much better than most of the originals haha
EllieTheHorse (7 days ago)
Look at the likes/dislikes - 444k, 6.6k
Vega La Cerda (7 days ago)
Rob Paravonian!
Willass Maximus (7 days ago)
This song, somewhere, somehow, destroyed someone's life.
QBA (8 days ago)
That's Shrek!
Carrie Taylor (8 days ago)
These guys just showed the world how shitty commercial pop music really is.
Julie Norbury (8 days ago)
Just started randomly humming Dancing in the Storm, came to the line "I will not give in..." and it turned into The Heart is a Muscle..... when I tried to go back, I finished up with Live It Up, which was when I thought of this song, and guess what? They all fit :D
Crystal N (9 days ago)
omg they can actually sing! This is awesome performance
Ue Mackay (22 hours ago)
What? This is comedy they can't sing one bit. Clean your ears out
Cody Bord (9 days ago)
This was the day comedy was invented.
최종인 (9 days ago)
waitin4winter (9 days ago)
This gag has already been done. Check out “pachelbel rant”
MD. ZACarakis (10 days ago)
Anyone notice they ended it with the words “doesn’t that sound familiar” and “that’s all it takes to be a star”
dbspaceoditty (10 days ago)
they need to remake jay and silent bob strikes back but have it be jack black going after a guy who made a movie about tenatious D.
Lucas Mouraux (10 days ago)
They make this look so easy since it’s “only 4 chords” but I think we should really appreciate what they’ve done and realize how hard this still is ! Great job axis!
FinalFirebrand (11 days ago)
horowizard (12 days ago)
I didn't know Jack Black was part of a comedy troupe.
Gavin Hawk (7 days ago)
He literally is, tenacious D
Fat Woolly Canuck (12 days ago)
5 minutes of chinese splits
David VanBogelen (12 days ago)
2019, still listening, still signing along, still laughing.
Michael Olin (12 days ago)
Meatloaf's son?
Scrypt OG (13 days ago)
Glycerine, Glycerine...
Mark Norville (13 days ago)
All shit songs, they should have just played the neighbours theme tune, and instant classic
Sbepic 123 (13 days ago)
History, when you did not get copyright striked and the quality was 240p
jb111082 (13 days ago)
The amount of talent on that stage is incredible.
Stefan B. (13 days ago)
Basically a rip off of the classic "Pachelbel Rant" by Rob Paravenian. It was uploaded on youtube in 2006 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM
vevven ennevvev (13 days ago)
Jesus christ I hate these unfunny, uncreative dickheads so much.
xbr123 (14 days ago)
So humanity was locked in 4 chords for decades it seems.
Devan Harripersad (14 days ago)
Dave Cradle (14 days ago)
The intervals are correct (I V vi VI) but many of the keys are off. Still an excellent sketch though.
Dave Cradle (14 days ago)
I V iv VI ;-)
See Cha (14 days ago)
55 mil views. I would argue this is officially a hit.
Paul Hercules (15 days ago)
I now see
Paul Hercules (15 days ago)
So this is the Devils tune
Maheyhey (15 days ago)
who else is here bc of spill?
Andrew Cheevers (15 days ago)
you guys really screwed up when you messed with Crowded House.
Maximilianmus Takeover (15 days ago)
Dave Thomas (16 days ago)
Fuck off the 6.9k people that disliked this video
Creep187SAas (16 days ago)
and every song performed better than the original :-)
cally Emby (16 days ago)
Just goes to show pop music is all about money and records sold rather than a love for the music.
Chetan Naik (14 days ago)
Or it shows how people are influenced and inspired by their peers and idols.
anonymous x (16 days ago)
Where are they from?
howdyhowdyhow (16 days ago)
Lol @chicken little, says Jack Black with Down’s syndrome lol
Sam Aimson (16 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Chode Master (17 days ago)
The fat guy in the middle is a "woman" now.
chun char (17 days ago)
Give a like down below if you agree that they should post more videos!
Aiden Banks (18 days ago)
Guys I found Edward Snowden... He plays piano
FLAT EARTH NOMAD (4 days ago)
I think you mean Chelsea Manning.........
Lochlan Dickie (14 days ago)
In 2009...
Suleiman Ali (18 days ago)
biggest fuk u to modern pop i have heard ever
PjR (18 days ago)
total kunt forget you have no beach boys
Anna Banana (18 days ago)
Dax Sportiello (19 days ago)
Didn’t know that Deryck Whibley was in this band too
Jake Harlow (19 days ago)
20 pop stars and Disney have claimed copyrights to this video
Eìon O'hInneirghe (19 days ago)
There is no song titles you retard
A Spiceronni (19 days ago)
Love this. Poking fun at talentless losers putting out garbage and hitting it big. Fun stuff. Thanks.
onda Tasboy (19 days ago)
Back when they were better
MrFirehouse22 (19 days ago)
Why do I get the feeling that pop music died the day this hit the internet?
BURRNTU (20 days ago)
The guy in the middle is a tranny now
Ross Shepherd (20 days ago)
That Tim Minchin bit though :)
mr leprechaun (20 days ago)
Did anyone notice they are set up tallest to smallest
Kid Boo Yah (20 days ago)
Where is Kyle Gass?
CloudSteele (20 days ago)
I love Benny Davis.
White Smith (20 days ago)
Jack Black + extra chromosome = This fella. Good singer though.
james inge (21 days ago)
Whats ben from @sortedfood doing on the keyboard?
I.M. 138 (21 days ago)
Tenacious D with a keyboardist
Fritz Frutz (21 days ago)
Thats just bullshit
Kristján Eðvald (22 days ago)
2019 any?
The Engine (22 days ago)
Why youtube doesn't let add multiple likes for already liked video ????
Tim G (22 days ago)
What are the chords?
patrick mathiasen (22 days ago)
Im happy to see cartman Kenny and stan still are friends.
Kent Fortich (23 days ago)
Matt Grillz (24 days ago)
Odd but awesome, says alot about the current music...trend or whatever it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mv80WjMaA0
Winston Ralphs (24 days ago)
Someone hates on a trendy song that I like, just show them this song, bet their favorite artist of all time made this list 😂😂😂
Ray Prince (24 days ago)
I wonder if any songs from Michael Jackson or Prince falls in this? They said once that today's pop songs really suck. Not like in the 70s and 80s.
Jason Abbott (24 days ago)
It's called music theory. There's only so many notes in western music.
COSMOS (25 days ago)
rip annotations
der371er (25 days ago)
love the shirt of the keyboard player. i have the same one.... seems like he´s a writer :D
MobilePlayz H. (25 days ago)
Thought it was one song, than another, then again.......
cms1138 (25 days ago)
Youtube coming at this video with 50 copyright strikes...
Richard Smith (1 day ago)
+Aaron Williams I wish that was true, but it isn't. Unless you are very influential youtuber, your channel will just be deleted when it happens 3 times, whether you did anything wrong or not. It's fucked right now man.
Aaron Williams (1 day ago)
+Richard Smith ok, while you are right, its not youtube itself, its the companies making the claims, my initial statement still stands. the copyright can only stick when more than 12 seconds of the song has been played. otherwise the copyright strike is dead in the water and gets dropped. and considering how old the video is, they probably already did try to copy right strike it, and when it failed, the company lost the right to attempt to strike it again.
Richard Smith (1 day ago)
+Aaron Williams Youtube doesn't do shit. The companies with the copyright makes the claim, and youtube just takes their word for it.
Aaron Williams (1 day ago)
youtube could only copyright strike if they played more that 12 seconds of any song, thats why they change so often
bman342a (2 days ago)
+Richard Smith you might be right, we don't know if the poster received strikes until he informs us (though given that the video has been up for years, a safe bet is that he did not). Companies certainly have the right to maintain their own content standards. But under legal standards of fair-use this is would qualify.
kevin flower (25 days ago)
54 million views fair play lads
Tobias Zauzig (26 days ago)
It's a fucking shame that some random dude stole the video and got more views on it than the original
Cassius (26 days ago)
i just count 30 songs :D
Jarrod Keller (26 days ago)
Double bill these guys with Tenacious D! You couldn't book enough shows.
Jeremy Ryan (26 days ago)
Walt Sing Matilda was a surprise.
Jennifer Jones (26 days ago)
not something to be watching while eating... Choking on food is a bad thing....even if you are laughing as you do it.
NEXUS2040 (26 days ago)
They got the Offspring in there twice.

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