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Summer Trip to Europe 2012

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Places Visited: 1. Munich - Germany 2. Prague - Czech Republic 3. Vienna - Austria 4. Salzburg - Austria 5. Luxembourg - Luxembourg 6. Bruges - Belgium 7. Amsterdam - Netherlands 8. Dortmund - Germany 9. Frankfurt - Germany 10. Heidelberg - Germany Filmed and edited with iPhone 4s and iMovie for iPhone. I own all the rights. to this video including images and music.
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s t (2 years ago)
wow lovely trip good :)
Sommatore Nero (2 years ago)
Is Prague, Check Republic the same place as Prague, Czech Republic?
Sommatore Nero (2 years ago)
+elandresito North of Guatemala, surely??
elandresito (2 years ago)
+anghinetti hahah oh no, that's a totally different place south of Guatemala...
Julia Zaloga (4 years ago)
Im going to ejrooe in july!!!!! Im sooo excited.btw nice vid :)
Julia Zaloga (4 years ago)
Btw I meant to say europe lolz
World Wide Rach (4 years ago)
I recall seeing a sign just like the hollywood sign for Hotel Montana while on Lake Luzern
FordFiestaMK1 (4 years ago)
thats no food from amsterdam , thats kebab thats im ported food from egypyt moroc by moroc immmigrants. in holland we eat brussel sprouts , colliflower, crarrots with potatoes AND OFCOURSE PATAT !!FRIETJE MET  MAYONAIS THATS DUTCH?BELGIAN
Funjet Vacations (4 years ago)
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court805 (4 years ago)
Amazing video!! 
Alberto Torres (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing.... Now it's time to save money :)
suzana5514 (5 years ago)
Lol Check Rebuplic. Ah, Amerikanos... :D
JJK FAMILY (5 years ago)
CHECK REPUBLIK or Czech Republik ? :-))))
Pepakudrna (5 years ago)
Greetings from "Check" republic :D
Kristen Colin (6 years ago)
Beautiful! Love it!
roberth6231 (6 years ago)
Nice trip. Thanks for share.

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