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Psychic Scam in NYC

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Hey y'all. Going to the psychic is fun as hell, don't be discouraged! Just don't throw money at people without thinking about it first. Thankyou so much for watching! Please note that I read 100% of comments and try to reply to every one, but sometimes a small fraction will slip through the cracks; I'm never doing it deliberately or ignoring anyone, I just never imagined I'd get more than one comment per video. Check out some of my popular uploads - Shaving My Head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gq3ACt1Zts My Stalker Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIGLpAuwnmo All About My Fake Tits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxm8a21LY6M Why I Shaved My Head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc6FLTKoDzQ Find me elsewhere - Tumblr: www.daisylola.com Instagram: daisylola Shop: www.peachpitpoetry.com
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Grant Mirajrenos (5 months ago)
I to had a NYC "Psychic" who claims i have a blockage in my love life me being young and dumb believed her because im young dumb and naive all i wanted was a 20 dollar reading but she scared me saying i was blocked because a woman who was inlove with my dad cursed my mom while she was pregnant with me (turned out 2 b untrue) she claims i was born 3weeks early (untrue i was born on time) she now wont stop calling me wanting me to give more money. Lesson learned gr8 video btw
Grant Mirajrenos (5 months ago)
+Daisy Foxglove ikr sounds jus like her i blocked every number lol
Daisy Foxglove (5 months ago)
Yo, sounds like the same woman. Block her number!
MulleDK19 (9 months ago)
Do you tip burglars too?
Anyone who says you have a curse/blockage and says they'll get rid of it for more money is horrible. Saying this as a medium and a tarot user, myself - that's not what true mediums/psychics/etc do. They/we want to HELP people. Not scam you. If there really is a "blockage" or whatever, well help ya/give you advice - not upsell
Korina Rose (10 months ago)
I was eating while watching this story, and actually started to gag! That sounds so vile, and I probably would’ve gagged in front of her! Regardless, I found this to be a really nice story. A lot of “psychics” here in the US are very staged and generic and kind of a “for fun” tourist-y thing. I’m sorry you had to be put in such an awkward sounding scenario!
Erin T (10 months ago)
I actually felt nauseated during this vid she sounded really icky
La Vonnia Me (11 months ago)
I guess psychics can’t be sued because, the readings are categorized as “entertainment”. The incest crap crossed a boundary.
Bianca Britt (1 year ago)
I got scammed by a gipsy in philadelphia ...Seems like They can almost smell the tourist on you .. I was visiting from New York. i found the pyschics yelp reviews too . They scammed people before me of 10,000$
Billy Batson (1 year ago)
You only tip for exceptional service. Their payment is enough for the service.
Cassandra Lee (1 year ago)
The GOD DAMN SNOT omfg. I could not handle that. Damn girl 😂
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
I knoooooowwww, it was so bad!
Bianca mcgill (1 year ago)
Gypsy psychic scams look it UP
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
No use of racial slurs on this channel, thx <3
Misha Nicholas (1 year ago)
Glad to see a cool Aussie on Youtube! Love your channel and would love to have your input on Sydney I am studying there for my MA! Cheers!
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, love! Unfortunately I've only been to Sydney a handful of times, so honestly I really don't know much/anything about it! I did really love it when I was there though. Which university are you at? My friend Willow lives there & may be able to give you recommendations depending!
I love it when a fake tries to tell me bullshit, and then look on their face when I tell them that I'm a licensed, registered psychic, who passed police background checks as well as FBI background checks too. They get indignant, and give me " eat shit" looks, but it's even better when my boyfriend tells them, and gives them my credentials. LOL
Joseph Kuser (1 year ago)
This is satanic. Turn your back on this and never look back. Turn to Yeshua.
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
Religion isn't my cup of tea, but thank you kindly for the advice.
sinistermonkey Gaming (1 year ago)
It's "Fortune Tellers" like this that give Tarot and palm readers a bad name 😡
ONE TWO (1 year ago)
I would of laughed except you opened by suggesting that some psychics and tarot card readers are real.
Clare (1 year ago)
You are based in Australia? Oh my gosh~ That's so exciting~ I am so happy to come across fellow Australian on youtube~
Clare (1 year ago)
I am based in Canberra. I don't have my own youtube channel but it's so exciting to come across the fellow Australian on youtube
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
I am! Whereabouts are you based?
RESIW WON (1 year ago)
i do understand how smart thinking people can fall into that trap, lesson learn do not trust anyone .!!
streeteats (1 year ago)
Why not call her and harass the shit out of her. Than publish her card in a video encouraging others to do the same.
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
Because that would be crazy?
david lillegaard (1 year ago)
Portland Oregon. I Had a "psychic" tell me I have a creative block in my crown chakra and I need to give her 3000 dollars to get her to unblock me. I told her that she's full of shit. Luckily she only got 10 dollars from me. Lesson learned.
Friedrich Kass (1 year ago)
Why on earth can fortune telling or socalled psychic can not predict the lottery numbers if they can see in the future-as they claim it?
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
Ah that's so similar to what happened here, glad you didn't fall for it either!
zero15388 (1 year ago)
How do you spot a fake psychic? They call themselves psychic.
Moses Ocean (1 year ago)
suck shit psychic bitch classic 🤣😂
Daisy Foxglove (1 year ago)
sooofunny37 (1 year ago)
I watched your vid all the way thru-the "blockage" thingy she mentioned-um...I woulda stood up and walked right out w/o paying anything calling bullshit. If she threatened to call the authorities for non-payment I would encourage her so a formal complaint could be made for scamming the public using fear tactics. It IS America-but we don't tip for bad service. There is no rule that says you HAVE to tip. TIP: to insure promptness. I've worked the service industry doing long exhausting hours and I was professional and good at my job, and people would leave me paltry tips(ENgland I am pointing at you!)Anyway, you should have not tipped her. She did not deserve it.
Santino Louies (1 year ago)
sooofunny37 get a life everyone does it for fun just to see what happens like who cares about 5 dollars a can soda in New York is 3 dollars
Stephanie (2 years ago)
OMG you lost me at the snot on her eyebrow. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOLOL
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Shayla (2 years ago)
You said it yourself, Daisy. Your friends who've given you readings are the real MVPs'. Real psychics and just clairvoyants in general normally don't charge for their services and if they choose too it's not like... THAT much! Those ladies were crooks. Sorry they scammed you out of even $20. I would totally read your tarot for free! <3
Santino Louies (1 year ago)
Shayla can't be that bad for 20 bucks loser
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Yes, totally! I've literally had a friend read my tarot in a bar for a can of Redbull (haha) and it was one of the most accurate readings I've ever had - she told me something was going to happen, and I think within a week an event occurred that set her "prediction" if you will, in motion, and it all came to pass! I don't mind so much that I got scammed, I always figure I will when I wander into a place like that, I just wish I'd been able to at least enjoy it!
Puppyparty 98 (2 years ago)
a lot of them do the curse thing and try to "lift it" and charge you like 300$ to do it
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Yeah I'm not surprised. I'm just surprised people fall for it.
Puppyparty 98 (2 years ago)
in new orleans we'd always visit the same palm reading and they went to school for it and were very legit but worked just in a square outside, and they were beautiful and quite remarkable, there daughter still does readings and try's to continue your there legacy
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Ahh I wish I'd known when I was in NOLA!
oleander light (2 years ago)
I went to a psychic in NYC and she told me the same thing about the curse😂😂😂😂
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Hahaha maybe it was the same woman! Or her mum.
Sandy May (2 years ago)
"suck shit, psychic bitch" lmfao
Cassie (2 years ago)
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That Psychic was soooooooooooo off on her readings and reading you.
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Right?! Soo funny in hindsight though.
Brandeigh Truelove (2 years ago)
I bet she preyed on Andrew thinking that you'd be a typical insecure girl. You know thinking maybe he isn't the one (if you were dating not married like you were) and the reason he was so toxic is because she wanted you to think that before you told him you needed to pay them to pray. Knowing most people including your significant other would tell you No that's crazy. I just got that vibe but her saying "you'll call me when that evil man isn't around ".
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
NOOOO THAT'S SUCH A GOOD POINT!!! I reckon you've hit the nail on the head there!!! Fucking hell what a nifty bitch haha, I can only imagine how many people that shit works on.
Brita Elina Päiviö (2 years ago)
oh my god that is hilarious! love hearing your stories, hope to hear more from your trip xx
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
<3 thanks so much Brita, I'll try to film some more soon xx
Lalena Dupree (2 years ago)
I love your videos but could you please make the sound louder, i turn the volume all the way up and i cant really hear everything. Or i just have shitty headphones xD
Lalena Dupree (2 years ago)
+Daisy Lola Foxglove Oh noo, I deff didnt want you to waste your money, I taught it maybe has to do with the settings. I still really enjoy your videos, you're fucking awesome :)!
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Hey, sorry but at this point there really isn't anything that I can do about the volume. I film using my phone & have an $8000 vet bill to pay off so there's no money to invest in making videos. I promise a microphone will be the first priority once I have some cash to throw at it. (I personally only have to have my computer's volume up about halfway to hear myself really well, but every computer is different I guess.)
Kelly (2 years ago)
Ahhh!! I've never gotten any psychic readings done before and I really want to but I'm always scared of having an experience like this! I'm glad you handled it like a champ. Also, still sending you good vibes for what happened, but I'm glad to see that your book sold out again! (ALSO, with that shirt on you look extra badass haha)
77u77u 7 (10 months ago)
Kelly -Talk to heavenly whispers she is on youtube her name is Zuni. Contact info in description.
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
If you go into it knowing it might be really fucky and just see it as part of the experience then I think it'll be okay! Thank you so much for the good vibes and kind words. I felt really weird about uploading a video at this time, even though this was filmed a month ago I still felt guilty about uploading content, but it's serving as a pretty good distraction at least. Thanks thanks and thanks again <3
Cath Henry (2 years ago)
Good lord what an experience!! Well done you for not falling for her scam! Great video as always!
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Thank you! <3
Ellen (2 years ago)
Love love love your hair
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Thank you so much <3
Ellen (2 years ago)
And the video was awesome too lol!
Rachel Louise (2 years ago)
Hi Daisy! Who reads your tarot in Melbourne? I'd love to see someone but have no idea where to go!
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Hey Rachel! I actually get mine done by a close friend of mine, I have no idea if she takes bookings (I do pay her so I assume she does?) but I'm seeing her on Saturday so I'll ask her and let you know!
Millicent Bishop (2 years ago)
Hi Daisy, I live in Melbourne too and I was wondering if you could recommend any good psychics/places to find psychics?
Millicent Bishop (2 years ago)
Daisy Lola Foxglove Thanks a lot! I love your work 💖
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Hey Millicent :) I get my tarot read down here by my friend, I haven't actually made an appointment with a psychic down here as of yet. In saying that, I hear FANTASTIC things about someone called Jenny who works in Coburg or Bruns or somewhere like that. I'll do some digging & find the correct info for you x
NormalGorl (2 years ago)
WTF!! lol I feel like that is such a disrespectful thing to tell somebody! that your mother is a product of incest?? that's a terrible thing to hear.
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Oh it was disrespectful beyond belief lmao, I literally felt like, you know when creepy frat dudes try to hit on you by insulting you in the hopes they'll bring your self esteem down a peg? I felt like that. Thing is that we know my family history really well & it's a load of shit haha.
Emily Martin (2 years ago)
I was waiting for you to say 'Nope, I was born already when my mum was 27' hahaha Psychics are fun but sometimes they're hilariously off the mark... My aunts went to see one once and she kept insisting one of them was an only child but she's really from a family of 8 kids. When told that, the psychic was like 'I meant you were adopted' but the other aunt was 10 at the time she was born and fully remembered it lol
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
HAHA oh fuck, how embarrassing that she tried to backpedal in such a silly way. That's the thing about cold reading; sometimes people are gonna give off contradictory vibes & then the psychic is left feeling very foolish.
Courtno (2 years ago)
Wow! That's messed up!
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Haha right?!
witch daphne (2 years ago)
Damn Daisy you're a fuckin incest grandchild and you're married to a man you're not in love with,,,,,, psychic lady's revealing everything isn't she lmao
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
HAHA right?! Like dang I need to re-evaluate my situation!!!
NEENEE VITOLLO (2 years ago)
she tried to Jedi mind trick you lol
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
She fully did hahaha.
Alex Amanda (2 years ago)
Maybe she was just a jealous old bitter bitch??? I'm sure she saw the ring... I'd have ripped her card and threw it in her face. I couldn't tolerate that lol
Alex Amanda (2 years ago)
What pissed me off tbh was the incest thing at the end I was like fuck that psychic bitch lol
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Maybe! The thing that got me was that she was only maybe 28 or so, and seemed to have a baby? Like yo, you have a lovely little gift of life right there, maybe chill with the scamming and kiss your baby? Crazy shit haha.
Hoosiergemstar (2 years ago)
I hope you're keeping ok after your loss I'm silversnowphie on insta my lil one is ok now after her op but we got her after losing my beloved Pomeranian two and a half years ago along with depression and anxiety anyway I just sobbed in my room for two days, he meant so much to me, when you're so down in thoughts he was one of the very few things that made me smile.The profile pic I have is a drawing of him I had tattooed on me :) take care now xox
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Oh thank you so much <3 I'm really not okay, this video was recorded the day after we got back to Australia like a month ago so that's why my regular personality is shining through haha. It's such a huge and heartbreaking and awful loss, we're still really not sure how to cope with it or what to do, but we'll get there. I'm so so sorry you lost your pom baby :( REALLY happy your bubba has pulled through and is doing okay though, it must be such a huge relief <3 xxxx
Scott Hatten (2 years ago)
hahahaha! That's so Raven moment! Classic! xx
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
I was literally amazed that people fall for it, it was THAT overacted :P xx
audge (2 years ago)
I would have gagged in her boogered face! Oh my god! 😔
Daisy Foxglove (2 years ago)
Hahaha I have a really high tolerance for gross shit, but snot is the one thing that gets me! I was so close to gagging.

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