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Psychic Theresa Caputo Event Gets a Visit from Investigation Network

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Members of Investigation Network handed out flyers to the attendees as they made their way into Theresa Caputo's LA show in front of the Saban Theatre. Camera by Dan Geduld and Emery Emery Video Edited by Dan Geduld
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Text Comments (534)
SOUTHPAW731 (9 days ago)
lousy fucking cunt
Liza Roldan (21 days ago)
Avid fan from philippines.
cmrjc74 (22 days ago)
If idiots want to spend their money on this buffoonery it is their right to do so.
pauline draper (1 month ago)
Well done for exposing an utter charlatan....fake fake fake and making shedloads of money off people desperate to reconnect with the loved ones they have lost.
Tim Norman (1 month ago)
keep fighting the good fight
Yiu Rock (1 month ago)
brainwashed masses, like religion
Jose Betances (2 months ago)
All for the love of 💰
R.C C (2 months ago)
Oh boy! these educated fools donating their hard earned money to a liar and scammer ..wat a world of fools we Liv in..am a 15year old who can distinguish between real and reel.. and these grownups shud be grounded😡
Mick McC (2 months ago)
Good job people keep up the amazing work.
Jessica Ritter (2 months ago)
Let people spend money on whatever they want. You want to waste your money on a fake, that is your problem..
Ronald Krikorian (2 months ago)
She is a fake. Sooo many stupid people.
South Texas Claims (2 months ago)
go find a better cause to protest... there are other things more important ..what a bunch of loonies
Purple Bobuska (3 months ago)
I think her husband left because he couldn't keep up the lies. Maybe he worries about lawsuits
Whendi S. Roberts (3 months ago)
Fight against child abuse. There's a real cause!!!!! Cuz your stupid that's why they don't want it.
Whendi S. Roberts (3 months ago)
You people are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you who are against are stupid. She goes into detail!!!!!!! YOUR MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conner Mynatt (3 months ago)
You all need to meditate for a continued period of time. That or you need a big dose of DMT
Marky Mark (3 months ago)
Stop picking on Theresa. She's legit. I met her at a flea market, she told me things , so specific down to dates , times, my late wife and my wedding song, our kids names, what we named our dogs after she died, the new car I bought, the colour, the make, the fact that I visit her grave every Friday morning. Stop giving her crap. If you don't believe it's fine. She's helped so many people. Don't try to get famous from bringing someone down.
Luis Granados (4 months ago)
Remember that at the end of the day,and "journey " maggots will have the last prediction!!
kimberly k (4 months ago)
Shes a liar and preys on hurting people
kimberly k (4 months ago)
Hmmm did you loose a loved one who passed away ? Why yes I did and they said back ,they want you to know they love you and they missed you.LOL There believe me.
kimberly k (4 months ago)
NO SHE DOESNT PEOPLE SHES A FRAUD!! Its so easy to do what shes doing.They need to stop people like her.Talk about FRAUD!!
Oscars Mama (4 months ago)
I wonder what Caputo has to say about all of this?
Durinda Graver (4 months ago)
I know this is years ago, but why do you protesters care. What did Theresa ever do to you? If people want to pay a million dollars to watch someone poop, it is not your f’ing business. The folks in the line didn’t look as if their arms were twisted, I didn’t see any guns being pointed at these folks MAKING them go to the show!!! If she is not for real, then these folks are going to see a good show, like going to the movies. Did you ever stop to think that Theresa may bring some much needed peace and comfort to those grieving? None of us KNOW for sure one way or the other. So stop hating and put all that energy and passion into working with homeless veterans, or abuse victims, something to help make this world a better place. Hope this isn’t offensive, but, God bless you.
Elsa Garzon (4 months ago)
traducir al español por favor
I went to see her in sault small town everyone know each other she's good , PEOPLE FEAR WHAT THEY DONT HUNDERSTAND CHURCH CREATE EVIL
mavtan nunyabz (4 months ago)
Yes u r stupid
Nic Mic (4 months ago)
She's the ultimate leech. But these people are the suckers. Go figure.
deni kirk (4 months ago)
Martin Peters (4 months ago)
Once she gets found out will she have to return all the cash she's taken from people? It's strange that God said here is a gift so please use it to help others and make loads of money at the same time!! I simply think that if you had a god given gift you would use it wisely and for free. That's all.
Mariah Gonzales (4 months ago)
Johnny Morgan (4 months ago)
Brian Bentley (5 months ago)
I could not find investigationnetwork.org anywhere on the internet.
Rosalyn Medina (5 months ago)
We all different no need to disrespect. If u don't like mediums leave them alone their belief system wont changed over people who dont believe on what they do.
Ann Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
VanguardOneMarketing (5 months ago)
Caputo, like all psychics, never gives any information that falsifiable that the subject getting the reading doesn't already know. It would be as simple as that if a dead person wanted to provide proof that the message was coming from him or her.
Michael Mckenna (5 months ago)
james rearden (6 months ago)
Geez, I always used to overestimate people as a kid....but now I see that most adults are retards....
Lucky Me (6 months ago)
great choice of song to ha!
M. Thangarian (6 months ago)
Everyone has their own freedom to believe in what they want. Their willing to pay money for answers is their own business, not yours. Mines your own damn business?
Raymond Stemmer (6 months ago)
Thanks for your concern
D Hoffman (6 months ago)
Great work. Even if you only reached one person and made them think. Sadly, most of the people in that line are willing and ready to be ripped off. Sad but they probably deserve it.
Summer McKenzie (6 months ago)
Sadly whatever happened to OUR LORD AND GOD JESUS CHRIST!!!! It's FREE and it's intense and REAL just ask the billions yes BILLIONS of people who believe!! God Bless You All!!
Patrick McAsey (7 months ago)
Well done to you, protesters! I thought that one of you was spot on when you said that people will pay a lot of money to a fraud, and yet wouldn't listen to you when you're telling the truth - free of charge. Of course people who have lost loved ones would like to think that their loved ones are trying to communicate with them. But it's just wishful thinking - and perfect material for frauds. Unfortunately they will just keep on coming.
Johnny Morgan (8 months ago)
I thought necromancy went out of fashion during the Dark Ages but I see it's alive and well today.
Bianca Dodea (8 months ago)
u r all sooo stupid! your life is a shit! go to hell all 3 af u!! bleaah
Shirley Jenner (8 months ago)
Bunch of sad people. How horrible not to believe
Johnny Morgan (8 months ago)
Why is it horrible to not believe in a bunch of nonsense?
Love Dove (8 months ago)
Hey dumb ass you can protest all you want but once you go on private property, you are braking the law.
Zeus Masterson (8 months ago)
Good for these people!
Louis DiCenso (8 months ago)
This is why we have Trump
philiphied (9 months ago)
These people are awesome. Those inline don't deserve the "protestors".
Mary Teryan (9 months ago)
I can’t say she’s fake or genuine but I do know that there’s more to life than this physical realm. Earth is like a school. We are here to learn and experience human emotion. Souls never die because energy doesn’t die. Case in point, my cousin and his wife have been complaining about how their apartment is haunted. But I was skeptical even though I considered myself spiritual by that time.
Joseph Preston (9 months ago)
Caputo isn't even a good "psychic". Her cold reading skills are appalling. On her tv show she relies mostly on hot readings and so her fans think that she is brilliant. I bet they get a shock when they see her live.
Joseph Preston (9 months ago)
My elderly grandmother gave away thousands in the last few years of her life to a supposed psychic who claimed to be able to contact a child she had lost in childbirth. My grandmother had gone to this person and told him that it was her dead child she wished to contact and what do u know he was able to contact this deceased child on a regular basis for money. The only information the psychic gave her was that her child loved her, -(who'd have thunk it) & that the child was looking forward to seeing her mother soon -(my grandmother was in her mid eighties at the time). -These protesters may not be able to achieve much but at least they are trying. They are good decent people trying to do the right thing.
macatac14 (9 months ago)
Caputo was offered one million dollars by Chris Angel to prove her abilities,she turned it down.
Durga Bhawanee (9 months ago)
You will not see any of these self righteous fools passing out flyers when crooks like Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar are exploiting people. They milk people for millions and millions of dollars about healing and getting rich when they give money to God (they consider themselves God because they are the ones getting stinking rich and spending more money than Bill Gates). Why is Ron Tebo and these fools so afraid of one psychic? Afraid she might take away followers from churches?
elijah correa (10 months ago)
oh my god the old lady is so sweet and adorable!! xD
Mafia (10 months ago)
It's sad that some people are so desperate that they believe in someone like this lady. It's even sadder that she would take advantage of grieving individuals in order to make money.
Nicole Thornton (10 months ago)
With all the hatred, racism and bigotry in the world why would you keep spreading it. Why don't you people to find closure and happiness. So what if you don't believe, others need it. I believe in God. Can't see him but I know he's there.
Sylvia isgod (10 months ago)
She broke up with her husband now is my chance to fuck her.
baby Jesus (11 months ago)
Good job!! Spread the word
spartiat troya (1 year ago)
This blond hore,this Sunday of a bitch,if she dies she goes straight to hell and sucks every deamons Cock,iand if been told there Cock were hughe as horse cocks,so this hore have a lot to Channel in the spirit world,oh oh oh my throat is getting dry,is there a grandfather who's died in a hospital,yeah yeah korrekt,is that korrekt,of course you damm brick,most old people who died,died in hospital,please come closer Theresa caputo,no closer,the i will fart in your caputo face,and it will smell terrible,because last evening in eaten a lot of eggs,there were send me from spirits because I'm a medium too,and they tell me fart het in het face this ugly,Cock sucking woman,shame in you,i spit in you,so many people they lost their loved ones and you hore take their money and ly this people straight in the face,how could you sleep at night,,that's why your husbands wants divorce,du hurre
Denise Barnette (1 year ago)
Some people will believe any thing..Shes made her millions and laughed all the way to the bank..
Priscilla Arvizu (1 year ago)
Keep up the great work guys, it's sad to see lost people in line mostly women.
Amber Williams (1 year ago)
This is great you guy's. Keep doing it and expose her!! God bless.
Killed by Bigfoot (1 year ago)
They are ALL there, for a spark of hope. So sad.
Lydieluck 77 (1 year ago)
The thing is people don't want the truth! They want falsehoods that make them feel better about an uncaring world! Oh well let the sheeple follow each other off a cliff at least they'll think they're going to heaven when they hit the ground.
Romina Micallef (1 year ago)
We know that dead don t talk back they send messages and signs. Who are you to judge do your life and leave others do theirs
Joan Schiller (1 year ago)
I went to see her at MGM in Washington. I listened to her spiel and I was a bit surprised. She zooms in on certain people. It there were only a few people were picked on. I believe she has no clue. She pushes too hard and a lot of people agree with here. But she just has no clue. I'm sorry Theresa I thought you were the real deal but you're not.
meemee23/fam Johnson (1 year ago)
I am so confused. I don't think it's about your right to protest. It looked to me that you were getting on people's nerves. They just paid to see this woman and you standing outside with a sign saying that she is a fake is well.....RUDE. What did you expect to accomplish by standing out there? Did you expect to see at least one person look at your sign and walk out of the line? Did you really think that was going to happen? I don't understand why you were there.
unknown unknown (1 year ago)
expose that bitch making 💰
Fortunato's (1 year ago)
good job.do more on that FAKE stuck up bitch
Am Mb (1 year ago)
so why protest someones choice and someones greif and closure? its none of your business and beliefs are a wonderful thing because all it is a thought we think to be true. and it changes everytime...just like you cockblocking someones healing, whether if you believe or not....but you believe its fake so leave it alone. no wonder our country hell our world and it is so fucked up,because we live in our own world we perceive as real and is only binary ...we pigeonhole everything, all for our own personal gratification
atrocchia (1 year ago)
The same people who believe in this hustler also voted for Idiot Trump.
Sylvia isgod (1 year ago)
Trump 2020!
p (1 year ago)
all women
wa Tu (1 year ago)
i don't think she claimed to be a "Psychic" ever. Just that she can channel (a medium)
aquafina2u (1 year ago)
What the hell?  What's it to them if people believe and want to pay to hear from their loved ones.  Whose it hurting?
vita lule (2 years ago)
She is full deceit and forbidden
Peetiebird (2 years ago)
James Randi, an Illusionist, is -- and has been for a long time now -- offering ONE MILLION dollars to ANYONE who can prove they have psychic powers or abilities. Not ONE of them would take his challenge. But the counterfeit 'psychics' are more than eager to suck the emotional lifeblood out of the vulnerable among us. They won't take Randi's challenge because they never did, and never will, have anything even resembling psychic powers -- period! If i were a bona fide psychic, I'd take the million bucks in a second, wouldn't anyone, IF they truthfully are what they say they are? There will always be P.T. Barnum "suckers" out there, and those are the people the psychics stalk and prey on. He said there's one born every minute, and I think he's right. But in this case, the end doesn't justify the means. It's not just deplorable and stunning, but also very embarrassing for advanced human-beings, who find this sort of abhorrence still thriving in the 21st century. Maybe some aren't as far up the Evolutionary Scale as the rest of the herd!
twilightsprite1 (2 years ago)
U guys r doing a great thing!!! :)
Mwa Mwa (2 years ago)
I hate people like this with their billboards walking around just being irritating......I myself don't believe in Theresa's abilities as a medium but it's these people's choice if they want to believe or not and if they want to pay her for a reading, stop making a fool of yourself and mind your own damn business. You can't force a Jew to become a Christian they make those decisions for themselves
sabres929 (2 years ago)
i feel real readers do their work privately not trying to scam people on entrertianment channels
Rashad Oneal (2 years ago)
people are sooo stupid. they don't care about the truth.
1-Shot slinger (2 years ago)
There are real psychics but they don't tell anyone who they are and they work with the police FOR FREE.
Moon Pie (1 year ago)
1-Shot slinger - Good you did the research. There are so many false beliefs about many things in the world that so many assume are true simply because they heard it somewhere.
1-Shot slinger (1 year ago)
I'm not so sure psychics help the police on further research. I could be wrong . I googled it and it does not look good.
1-Shot slinger (1 year ago)
The Munsters are a real family. The Muster Koach was a real car too.
Moon Pie (1 year ago)
SylviaisGod - The Munsters were or course fake. However the Addams Family were real... LOL
mizz2uall (1 year ago)
1-Shot slinger That was a TV show and it was for ratings. One was caught saying their son died by a tree by a lake blah blah blah turned out he was alive. Don't be so naive!
FD 4321 (2 years ago)
Good job...Here is a Caputo read:  Anyone lose an mother? A father? an uncle? Anyone lose anyone that a  had a body? Anyone breathing here? THis fiend make money of peoples misery and the sad part is she how no conscience . She will always do it for money
dakotail (2 years ago)
Theresa Caputo is a very  good looking lady,  smart as she can be ...     and IF you think she is charging a lots of money or is  a fake......  why go there than????   IF you have faith in God, you don't need Theresa Caputo right?  right!!   and only for the record ,  for God you don't have to pay hem  only  have faith and believed hem and that's all!!!
2m9s This local crew guy has absolutely important nothing to do. I would love to tell him that to his face.
Excellent job, investigators!
What worthless subhuman piece of trash yells "Go home, hippie" to someone investigating frauds? I would have shouted back "Go kill yourself, meat-eater."
Luna Rose (2 years ago)
I'd rather these people take concerns to themselves and REAL problems such as meat causing cancer, obesity, many diseases, deforestation, world hunger, global warming. Did you know if we all ate how we are supposed to eat, we could end world hunger, there would be no such thing as cholesterol, brittle bone syndrome etc. No you wouldn't like that because I would be interfering with how you want to live. These people want to see this and even though they know it may or may not be real, they want that glimmer of belief.
Lizzie Bee (2 years ago)
So really...why would you care what people spend their money on? If it makes them happy, leave them alone. Oh that's right, judgmental society and the need to stick your nose where it doesn't belong - self righteousness
Emery Emery (2 years ago)
So really...why would you care what people spend their energy protesting? If it makes them happy, leave them alone. Oh that's right, judgmental society and the need to stick your nose where it doesn't belong - self righteousness How do people leaving YouTube comments not understand they're doing the very thing they're demanding other people not do? Absolutely oblivious.
mtchemers (2 years ago)
Excellent job educating people.
C- Note (2 years ago)
funny how there are only women in the line because only women are so hopeless and dumb to believe that shit
Romina Micallef (1 year ago)
C- Note even men go for readings and they always cry like women do. Grow up ....
irehc orobray (1 year ago)
C- Note Bibles very clear how weman need to pay attention or they will be drawn away by deception. the reason weman are only mentioned is because weman were to tend to things at home for the family, if she doesn't keep her mind on doing what's best for the family .she gets bored and believes all sorts of crap and neglected her family
Gyll Devlin (1 year ago)
C- Note full of dumb blondes
knk4ever83 (2 years ago)
what is the name of the song playing?
jmaedl027 jmaedl (2 years ago)
Games People Play by Joe South
CandyFairy16 (2 years ago)
You know why these people are protesting and handing out those flyers? Because they have lost people in their lives that don't come thru to them. Or they have lost people and can't recognize the signs their loved ones send, so they don't believe. They aren't lucky enough to get or understand signs that their loved ones send to them to let them know they are still with them. That's one of the main reason as why someone is a skeptic. They've never been fortunate enough or open enough to receiving signs.
Randy Sager (2 years ago)
No Caputo is a fraud that is a fact.
The Walking Dead (2 years ago)
+Rilee Jensen why is this shit continuing old ass comment drop it bitch is a fruad
Rilee Jensen (2 years ago)
she is a fraud
Sylvia Benoit (2 years ago)
+RockFairy666  No you have you have to take responsibility for what you believe in. If you are not dumb then maybe be humble and stop playing around with the memory of dead people.
Anna Melanie (2 years ago)
Hate to say it, but I was a Caputo fan UNTIL I went to a live show. What a difference from the TV show. Half of the time was spent cute bullshitting (stalling for time, so much less time would be available for readings), and she struggled to find anyone she could read with any bit of certainty. $80 down the toilet.
SOUTHPAW731 (9 days ago)
those tv episodes are totally set up I have been there when she has done 'cold " readings all a scam
Zeus Masterson (8 months ago)
Anna Melanie That’s interesting, thank you for sharing.
Joseph Preston (9 months ago)
Moon pie - y is it funny? I don't get your point.
Brittanii Starzz (9 months ago)
Anna Melanie yah my mom got to see her but she got to go for free fortunately because Theresa came to where my mom worked but my mom said it was such a disappointment to see her because she did the same thing you just said
Sylvia isgod (2 years ago)
+Moon Pie Good thing we're not going to have a woman president.
Olivia Penny (2 years ago)
Why do you fucking care if people believe in psychics it doesn't affect your life... Sad little people, sad little video...
G. Ritchard Little (2 years ago)
well people that are dead told me that all psychic are full of sheet. LMAO
Lol 😂
G. Ritchard Little (2 years ago)
i do not believe in HOCUS POCUS of any kind and that covers most everything. having said that i don't give a sheet what you believe in.
Gypsy Rose (2 years ago)
Good for you guys 😊
saintchris514 (2 years ago)
Keep up the good work!
Richy Rich (2 years ago)
The James Randi Million Dollar Challenge is still open to existing psychics like THIS CLOWN! Here's the quote from their web page: The only exception (to the end of the challenge) is that any established psychic may contact JREF via email to be tested directly (preferably with an independent, third party TV crew.). Should be NO PROBLEM for the vampire from Jersey! Oh, wait, SHES A FAKE!! Why else wouldn't she grab that money? She ain't doing this for free!
Richy Rich (2 years ago)
People believe what they WANT to believe. THAT'S why they're "satisfied". Plus, all they show you on TV is when she guesses correctly. I could have people on the street pick a card from a deck and once every 52 guesses I'll get it right, then just show the correct answers and tape over the fails. Basically what she does. Who? Randi's million dollar challenge is still open to her. So is Criss Angel's. That's $2 Million just waiting for her. How? Easy, get a random person or group who her staff hasn't listened in on beforehand and see how many "spirits" contact her. (zero)
k0smon (2 years ago)
+Richy Rich Prove it to who how? She has a long line of satisfied clients. Psychic/mediums were proven at the U of Arizona years ago.
Richy Rich (2 years ago)
Be that as it may, if this blood sucker could REALLY do what she says she would prove it instead of screaming at 500 people "who's got a dead male family member who's name starts with a J"? haha P.T. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every minute!
k0smon (2 years ago)
+Richy Rich And it is still fake as ever. The JREF web site is like the bible, full of internal contradiction.
Richy Rich (2 years ago)
YOU think? That challenge was up for DECADES and is STILL OPEN to gypsies like this bitch. Anyone who rips off the public with nonsense like this is STILL eligible.

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