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GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #53 (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)

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GTA 5 Funny Moments & Fails Gameplay! Grand Theft Auto V Best Wins & Stunts Compilation 👑 Subscribe before 3M! Turn on all notifications!: https://goo.gl/TKSwvT ◀ ► Submit a clip! https://www.prestigeclips.com/ ► Store: (Gamer Hoodies, Tees, Hats) https://www.prestigeclips.com/collections/all ► Social: • Facebook: http://tiny.cc/21604x • Twitter: http://tiny.cc/wz604x ▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!: (In order of appearance) McSane: https://goo.gl/969Skp SKYMAN9001: https://goo.gl/0Cgi8I jezofk22: https://goo.gl/CFlnEN Tomakze AndrewOnline_: https://goo.gl/meDWXV newspaperman1 Psychko Bob King Herobrine0 MLGcanadian7: https://goo.gl/CCLh61 jack1880303: https://goo.gl/L79Tsi fab. ICEMAN: https://goo.gl/p1igTk MatthewWinters: https://goo.gl/PQvFyL TrikTriky AllStar405: https://goo.gl/Tvo6nu bjorkkvist Wodnas WheresNaldoo AllUpNSmoke: https://goo.gl/9MRmfZ Snake_Eyes_Hack: https://goo.gl/RNol6F Mauricio9712 assassin34756 MADMAN888959 xRoundishtripod Pathetic666 goldskelett: https://goo.gl/R9vQ0H LicanDeaf Barberic : https://goo.gl/08qAK5 vanTheSpaceBiker: https://goo.gl/OdOWQA luca1818 FatelFireElite: https://goo.gl/YMi7b0 majors37 CatFromSpace21 Majin_Romulus: https://goo.gl/s4cLWO toptob: https://goo.gl/LJpWil The Terror1ser: https://goo.gl/qaufUD BoraGER: https://goo.gl/PjHXsS Kool_gamer_79 ItzMeJJ yung_nos Di5coPanda: https://goo.gl/roLu80 Kelivia xTechNinZ Saxoxsara: https://goo.gl/1O8iEv TooAngryForYou YTReqwix: https://goo.gl/ZyT3mq StrohhutRuffy19: https://goo.gl/RzHtGj TurtleMarston7 ThorOfDestiny mk2RAPTOR noopyluvr: https://goo.gl/5qHzCB xxwpa: https://goo.gl/YsCBxb xOhYeezus: https://goo.gl/wXHh7K NexuzNine Diar443: https://goo.gl/bfmsdw xTracieVanity11x 9point8: https://goo.gl/bmiVOy Dodge XD CraftZ Gr3yKn1ght42 CoobReks Arkanoid727: https://goo.gl/50TPqG AetherAngel Ruetti80: https://goo.gl/uLrsEf XxClub5TEPxX: https://goo.gl/IrhJly VehiIRetroEnerqy: https://goo.gl/pk4Inh ► Tracks: Muzzy - Spectrum Snails & Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix) Listen on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/6NAyUaPVVFMwqNNTgY5HUX Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xa8uVY91rw ★ Please note: Prestige Clips has permission to feature the clips you see. Extra edits by Prestige Clips. If you steal any clips there will be consequences from the original owners or myself. Thanks to everyone who submits their clips to make these videos possible! :) Thanks for watching! -Marcus, Prestige Clips
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Text Comments (4646)
Prestige Clips (1 year ago)
OMG Prestige Clips finally uploaded...
lucas coonradt (15 days ago)
Gamer Kvs (3 months ago)
OMG who cares
Omar Ortiz (3 months ago)
Prestige Clip
Caleb Jenkins (4 months ago)
Prestige Clips IIG
2:52 sanji perna de fogo
Kaua Martins (1 day ago)
NICE 5:00
TerraLord 56 (1 day ago)
Whats the song at 5:13
x_lalol _x (1 day ago)
Pozdro Polska
/jergaN /CS (1 day ago)
5:07 song?
Ton Vivo (2 days ago)
İmPuDencE (2 days ago)
4:20 As bayrakları as as as :D
Like x the end
Javier Zúñiga (2 days ago)
Jajajaja y wow XD
Karla Morgado (2 days ago)
8:00 wooooahh
Beast Croke (3 days ago)
How do you do dances
DeAndre Ingram (3 days ago)
Your video s are off the hook!😉😉😉😁😁😁
Batuhan Ozler (4 days ago)
4:19 🇹🇷🇹🇷
ANTI 廾ybrid (5 days ago)
CarterKingDerp (6 days ago)
R4y (8 days ago)
Subscribe to pewdiepie so he could beat t series
Russian Cheese (8 days ago)
Magma GAMER (9 days ago)
Gas stations in gta: even the slightest touch will explode no matter what
Reyyan Sattar (11 days ago)
You make perfect fails and wins dude plz keep it up
Mercy Shipanga (11 days ago)
This is just like final destination
Montajcı Çocuk (11 days ago)
4:19 turkey :D
Shithan S (11 days ago)
2:56 take my karate for no reason
NoobDoesTheInternet (12 days ago)
the last part WHAT WAT WHAT JUST HAPPEN me: rewind it and u can see wat happen
Young Przemek (12 days ago)
2:39 how get this smock
Yung Scarlxrd (13 days ago)
0:29 that laugh is when you finna have a concussion
Rixtor 98 (13 days ago)
lucas coonradt (15 days ago)
Were's the potato squad at?
HeroMan022 (16 days ago)
2:47 😂
WWE or gta 5 2:56
Boxxer Gameplay (19 hours ago)
Its karate kid XD
Dr. Doge (19 days ago)
0:42 did he have a seizure or heart attack
omeirat_king (19 days ago)
0:44 to be continued
Dennis Sangil (20 days ago)
1:02 omg I love this one
Nate Irick (20 days ago)
Big PS3 gamer Z (21 days ago)
1:05 auto kidnapping 😂😂😂
dana desha (24 days ago)
Very Funny !
xxxtentacion fun (24 days ago)
Did that girl did a flip 8:00
Daresdj Gaming (27 days ago)
1:44 this is why i hate bus driver 😂
Sr Alex Gamer Mcpe (1 month ago)
9:00 yesssssss
Luxd Full. (1 month ago)
7:12 MINE 7:07 lucky boi
Gaj Someone (1 month ago)
2:54 *becareful I know kunfu*
TheChosenBirdie Bird (1 month ago)
I’m dyin at 2:54
MrScooped PL (1 month ago)
0:43 Witchar
Protsku_Patuukka TM (1 month ago)
paul kesternich (1 month ago)
lol die feils sind mitzick und dumm ??? :() :) SER LOSTICK
Le Petit Fortnite (1 month ago)
Why did u put some French guys ?? ):(
Le Petit Fortnite (1 month ago)
2:47 song?
Furiousgaming (1 month ago)
You need to do an episode on tiktok
eak amvs (1 month ago)
What song is this?
MrCamexx (1 month ago)
1:11 I fucking died
eduardo bernardo (1 month ago)
the the (1 month ago)
3:30 My Life in a nutshell
KOCURIXON (1 month ago)
6:47 polska-poland
Sonic Guyver (1 month ago)
9:32 Now that is how you send a love note to Prestige Clips.
Buddy Fart (1 month ago)
Martin Rom Zinck (1 month ago)
Me when i fail a game 0:29
Thepuglord4 (1 month ago)
4:39 Dab
Thepuglord4 (1 month ago)
0:30 Is he choking on dildo?
Fox or Gaming (1 month ago)
If you haven’t figure this out then the person that gets the win the other person would get a fail
ElectroGamerk (1 month ago)
Fuck you Germany we fucked you up in WW2
Voluted Ballon (1 month ago)
Hey prestige i watch you videos all the time and i spanish
Raditya Sabil Djatmika (1 month ago)
2:23 supply
your comrade (1 month ago)
monicão (1 month ago)
4:26 song ?
monicão (1 month ago)
please Song 2:47 ??!!!
ItzNoobCraft TheNoob (1 month ago)
mrvfkojad (1 month ago)
Leonel Salamanca 3:98
Stijn van Arkel (1 month ago)
5:52 new jamesbond car🤔
Spikeatron654 (1 month ago)
Everybody was Kung-fu fighting! 2:54
James Harvey (2 months ago)
5:00 how it feels to chew five gum
James Harvey (2 months ago)
Hi prestige I’m really annoyed I didn’t get the clip but I was following a police van when they got out to kill someone’s bus hit me on my bike and I hit the cop and got 3 stars
SARAH HUNTER (2 months ago)
Guess what's mundo dook
Moon Mapper (2 months ago)
4:49 my country people
Morozkova Nats (2 months ago)
Шо за будто
Killschot 117 (2 months ago)
Andrew Malone (2 months ago)
who is watching in 2018?
ferdynand rheinhard (2 months ago)
What's the song title at the end of this video??
Zeth Schwalbert (2 months ago)
0:41 lol
narrador dos games (2 months ago)
Krl sou br
Dexter the Squid (2 months ago)
Devin47 (2 months ago)
love your gta vid so great i wish i could do all them wins
Adri_Zero (2 months ago)
2:52 xd 5:20 wow
proudfoot543 (2 months ago)
Game mode at 4:36 ??
Mati Gaming ツ (2 months ago)
6:47 cebulaki
soulessmustard (2 months ago)
1:17. that's the same plane from GTA clips 50# great continuity man
zombie 1 (2 months ago)
Gavin Bourelle (2 months ago)
*That was so Prestige Clips*
Killerzthebeast (2 months ago)
so funny!
Kedre_ (2 months ago)
9:50 it was like the crew... lol
FNAF NEONGAMING (2 months ago)
Weeeeeeeee Oh Yeah, Oh yea oh no a gas station -KABLOOEY
Yatziry Ramos (2 months ago)
O mi shet
defuncion loquendo (2 months ago)
puttycrab0000 (2 months ago)
cool! (nope)
Eduardo Barrer Alarcon (2 months ago)
Do a flop
VikkyTheGamer YT (2 months ago)
I think 2:04 to 2:09 is kwebbelkop
SST_GetDeleted YT (2 months ago)
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Squidyward Boi (2 months ago)
I love how everyone playing this game is 8.

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