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THROWING OUT MY MAKEUP! - Cleaning Out My Makeup Collection Part 1 - hollyannaeree

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Just a random video I thought you may enjoy : ) Please 'LIKE' if you'd like to see the rest of my Makeup Collection process. ♡ ♡ ♡ WATCH PART 2 HERE: http://bit.ly/1lL2kq3 Check out my recent MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!! http://bit.ly/1lxSenY Thanks so much for watching ♡ I appreciate it, always. Happy Friday! ___________________________________________ How I Earn CASH BACK on 95% of my Online Shopping - http://bit.ly/16JNtnG AMAZON for EVERYTHING! ♡ http://amzn.to/16mx4Gv 20% OFF your BaubleBar Purchase with BaubleBar - http://baublebar.com/holly 50% OFF your first NatureBox purchase use http://naturebox.com/holly Get 15% OFF Michael Todd True Organics Here: http://tinyurl.com/p3cco53 10% OFF Sigma Brushes and Makeup + Free Gift if you Spend $30 or More All Month when you use http://bit.ly/cJAH85 and Promo Code: SPRING2014 My Beauty and Fashion BLOG: http://hollyannaeree.com TWEET ME: http://twitter.com/hollyannaeree Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyannaereeofficial Tumblr.: http://hollyannaeree.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/hollyannaeree For Business Inquires ONLY - Contact [email protected] ___________________________________________ What I'm Wearing O_o Nail Polish lol: OPI 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls' - http://amzn.to/1p6DvTM It's ONE of my TOP 5 Nail Polishes! Find out what the others are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDVhFe_htA Edited in iMovie Filmed with my Canon S95 (my vlogging camera) - http://amzn.to/1lQriju Newer Versions: S110 - http://amzn.to/1qxZU1t S120 - http://amzn.to/1lb7fRD Royalty Free Music used in this video provided by http://www.beatsuite.com High quality, Copyright Free Music, cleared for YouTube videos. This video is NOT sponsored. Thanks so much for watching ♡ I appreciate it, always. Have a great weekend!
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Marlene Aguirre (4 years ago)
I love that you're doing this. I see makeup collections of other gurus and always wonder how much of it is actually good. I never feel bad throwing out makeup it just takes up room : )
Megan Kulpaka (4 years ago)
I actually went out and bought the NYX lipstick in strawberry milk after watching this video. 
The Beauty Owl (4 years ago)
Omgosh so many oldies but goodies. I started cleaning out my makeup collection too. It's cray cray
Ioanna G (4 years ago)
I don't like throwing away unused make up of course but if the scent/colour/formula has changed then it HAS to go!
Joy Bernstein (4 years ago)
I always go thru all my makeup. (.actually everything.) .if it doesn't work 4 u ..then definitely disregard it!!!!! I have bought things. .mostly highend ..&ended up not using or throwing it out....its what it is..so ty 4 sharing. ..clutter isn't a good thing anyways! !!
Kaylee Warrington (4 years ago)
Great vid (:
Ana Johnson (4 years ago)
I hate that Youtubers always have to justify their purchases and reasoning for what they do. Like if you have the money and wanna spend it that's no one's business but your own. I understand why they do because I see the "You waste this and that" comment so frequently, really think it's a shame that they have to do that
Elle S (4 years ago)
Parting with makeup is so difficult. This is very inspiring!
Jay Borges (4 years ago)
Woah 5 year old makeup 🙊😷😂
Dorkychicc (4 years ago)
Lol I literally threw out six lipsticks the other day that had completely changed colour and lost their scent and they were really dry so I didn't wanna chance using them just in case but I loved the video :p
expialidocious (4 years ago)
Best of luck with 'de-hoarding' your collection, and it's brave of you to take that step and admit that there is too much waste going on. I hope you're successful in changing your shopping habits as well ^^ 
brendahu10 (4 years ago)
I think it's funny how people are trying to save old and expired makeup from being thrown into the trash!  she has had the pleasure of using it, made several looks from the products, it's now expired then it's time for it to go! It's only makeup people, it isn't  that serious! I can't understand why someone would ask for used and expired makeup on the internet and run the risk of an eye infection! You are doing the right thing Holly, great video!
Lisa Nguyen (4 years ago)
Im glad you are throwing these liquid makeup out. Powder form can last longer but these liquid makeup such as lipstick and such have so much bacteria brewing in the bottle. 5 year old bacteria, no thanks! Dont worry about people giving you a hard time. We always wash our makeup brushes but we never wash these lipgloss brush or lipstick. Instead we put them right back in the bottle after being used so that's pretty yucky right?
FS.Rain (4 years ago)
Yea we know the pain... some times I keep my old makeup... not to use them, but just can't bear to throw them out.
Anne | beautybitten (4 years ago)
Throwing out makeup is always a hard thing to do. I don't know why I get so attached to things I'm not even using LOL. But yea... it definitely needs to be done. I should do a video like this too! haha
angel swartwood (4 years ago)
I like that you always respond to your subbies.. ^_^
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
i try to : ) i cant always go through all of the older videos though >_<
Ka Waii (4 years ago)
As a person with a makeup collection consisting of an elf eyeshadow quad a baby lips and an elf baked blush I can see where you'd kina want the makeup because you literally have NONE...but really people? Lol she said the smell changed (enough for me to understand ITS TIME TO TOSS) and its expired. The makeup isn't even fit for use, and when she gives it away and you get an eye infection and your face breaks out you'll be complaing
Questionably Carlee (4 years ago)
Ilysm girly ❤️❤️❤️
megumi.days (4 years ago)
oh my.... Imma go through my collection and do the same. love this video idea. it kinda gives me an idea of what I should be throwing out and stuff
megumi.days (4 years ago)
oh my.... Imma go through my collection and do the same. love this video idea. it kinda gives me an idea of what I should be throwing out and stuff
Lexie Demko (4 years ago)
How you had the ending it was pretty funny!
ItsTheJennLife (4 years ago)
I love this type of video! I love how you said you try not to throw a ton of make up out! I think that every "beauty guru" should have that attitude toward their make up. :)
StrawberryNerdCake (4 years ago)
I want it
Sophia Vargas (4 years ago)
I really like watching these kind of videos! I'm kind of a minimalist and only buy products I love and if I don't end up loving the product I will definitely returning it...I'm sure the sales associates hate seeing  me! lol...Love your videos!
MissAstrid17 (4 years ago)
I should do this as well! Thanks for sharing this with us! xo
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
: ) yesss do it! <3 thanks for watching!
dinkypoo92mkm (4 years ago)
u have convinced me i need to do a check up on my makeup especially lippies & i also need to clean it out & declutter ,i also hate throwing out makeup especially my lip products bu 5years yup they definitely gotta go,especially when they smell bad,i have a purple one from sally hansen,its so beautiful,swatches nicely & everything but i didn't wanna throw it out,smelt it and was like 'dang u gots to go for sure!' and especially when they smell bad and change color it's trash time.Thanks for sharing this vid, xoxo Love ya,Maurissa from Trinidad.Looking forward to more vids like this:)
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
PART TWO IS NOW UP : ) CHECK IT OUT PLEASE <3 CLEANING OUT MY BRONZERS - THE BEST + WORST - Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 2 - hollyannaeree
cweesta (4 years ago)
So how old are most of these lip products you are throwing out? I don't have as much overflow, but I bought a lot of lip products a couple years ago and love them but I don't get the opportunity to wear them very often.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
probably about 3-5 years old. too old for lip glosses.
TheThghtCloud (4 years ago)
i did the same thing last week when i went home for a bit! so many things got all funky... i should've known better with the humidity and all. =.= i salvaged what i could (mostly powders) and i had to take an extra suitcase back b/c my handbags started to smell weird too >.< i thought storing everything in covered bins would be safer, but contrary to my belief the bins were trapping the humidity inside *grrrr*  i hate throwing away unfinished products too, but once everything is cleaned out it feels refreshing. at least i felt that way =^.^= 
FunkehMunkehXP (4 years ago)
I can't wait for your next video with the lip products! This was a great video! And it reminds me, I should clean out my collection. I probably have a bunch of things that are like five years old....
Katherine Knight (4 years ago)
What a great idea for a video, I was hurting for you too! Love ya--so hard to part with makeup
Love This Life (4 years ago)
Awesome!!! Love this video.
Shannon Voong (4 years ago)
ohmygosh...what were those princessy girly packaged lipsticks from?? the packaging was gorgeous!!! are they good?? i have to know!!!!
Bates (4 years ago)
Cool video
AmazinGraceXOXO1 (4 years ago)
sometimes i think " how many times i bought a very expensive meal at a restaurant and didnt finish it or bring it home. and ur gona give her crap for throwing out a couple of two dollar lipsticks? u always finish ur stuff? u always finish ur soda? or that five dollar sandwich? if we r really looking into it like that start thinking about how u guys are wasting stuff. ur gona keep that box of stale cereal in ur cabinet because it was four whole dollars? if its bad its bad.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
LOLLL i know!!!! plus this is over 5 years - i really didnt think it was that bad. most of those things were samples or only a couple of dollars. theyre going crazy over it.
AmazinGraceXOXO1 (4 years ago)
the baby blossom gloss i only kept mine because it helped lighten up the shade of certain lipsticks that i thought were too dark. i would pop that on top of whatever lipstick i would wear and it would make the perfect color
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
idk the texture for me is not good. : \ patchy application
dinh10 (4 years ago)
Love all of your vids! Each one is a mini but detailed review of the products featured, it's awesome :)
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
thank you <3
Lav_Ennder (4 years ago)
I totally agree with you on the Butter London lipgloss. I had bought one after hearing all the hype and I did not like it at all. Way too sticky for my taste and the worst part was the smell/taste. It tasted to me like when you accidentally get florally scented hairspray in your mouth. ew. lol.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
yeah they are horrible!
Silvia McNeal (4 years ago)
You should add the cost of every item to see how much make up went bad. I did this with groceries/food and was surprised to see how much it was.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
considering this is everything over the past 5 years i really dont think thats necessary - maybe if it was like over the course of one year but divided out over time its next to nothing. most of these things werent very much to begin with.
Anty Carmela (4 years ago)
But why not the recycling bin? They are all recyclable :(.....just as an aside in Canada we usually have the recycling man come after the garbage man. Maybe it's not like that there? Because it seems with a lot of beauty bloggers throwing out stuff (as with anyone) and physically seeing how much is in landfills seems a shame.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
just because ppl say they are throwing things out - doesnt necessarily mean the trash. like when ppl do empties with their shampoo and stuff we say throwing out - doesnt mean we arent recycling - its just a saying most ppl dont specify exactly where they are throwing things. these makeup items were full of liquid mostly so into the regular trash they go.
Coco Lili (4 years ago)
It's good to do a little spring cleaning in your makeup collection from time to time. Make some space for the new stuff :D
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
: )
BeautyWithinCouture (4 years ago)
- Would you ever give like products to your subscribers? The good ones anyways? Jw. Lol. :)
TheSongwritingCat (4 years ago)
I love how much you hate certain products. I don't know why but it makes me feel like I can trust your reviews more.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
lol.. well idk why but...thanks. lol. i shouldnt have to hate things for you to trust me though. anyone thats been following me for a bit knows i am brutally honest with my product reviews : ) some even complain that i'm "too picky" ; P
SuperAqueenb (4 years ago)
I'm big on finding ways to repurpose my makeup especially a setting powder I had one that was my skin tone but bad quality so I mixed it with a tinted moisturizer and some actual skin care serums and I love it as a foundation now it looks like skin!! And I was just going to throw it away initially :) if u have makeup you don't use that hasn't gone bad Google ways to repurpose it
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
well thats kind of hard to do with lipglosses and cream style products which is what this was. theres no reason to get rid of things like setting powder etc because they have a much longer shelf life and are more multipurpose.
Georgia Lee (4 years ago)
Thanks for making this video. I look forward to seeing the part 2 video. Your video inspired me to start cleaning out my makeup collection. Besides feeling bad about how much money and product im wasting I also feel bad that there seems to be no environmentally friendly way to dispose of makeup as well.
Georgia Lee (4 years ago)
Thanks for making this video. I look forward to seeing the part 2 video. Your video inspired me to start cleaning out my makeup collection. Besides feeling bad about how much money and product im wasting I also feel bad that there seems to be no environmentally friendly way to dispose of makeup as well.
KPsBeautyBuzz (4 years ago)
It's so hard for me to part with things too, I definitely know how you feel :) xo
Eline Nicastro (4 years ago)
Hey Holly i have a question . I have my naked palette for like 3 years Do you think i have to trow it away ? Just wanna know what you would do . :-)
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
no powder products are fine. ive had my naked palette for probably 4 years now and i still use it all the time : )
annissa78 (4 years ago)
I cant wait to see ur favourite lipsticks
Kissy Mariana (4 years ago)
Can you ship them for me? Please. I will separate stuffs that can't be used anymore. But most of yours are still useable. Can I have them? Email me if you dont like wasting money.. For all of you who has makeup to be throwing out please email me.. I love makeup but I can't afford a pricey ones. [email protected] THANKS ^^
prcdnvl28 (4 years ago)
i need to do the SAME thing. this has inspired me to go through my stash. :-) i KNOW i have at least a dozen purple lab products, too, and i know how old those are! i feel like my purges will mostly be cream products (like blushes and highlights) and lip products.
uncchristine99 (4 years ago)
I liked this! Very honest and forthright video! Thanks for showing us your trash too and I look forward to the overflow video. What were those really sparkly bullets?!
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
thank you : ) i think Etude House (Korean Brand)
aislingblah (4 years ago)
I need to do this !!! Great video holly xxx
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
thank you!
Jane Chang (4 years ago)
oy!!! it pains me to throw away make up to!!! i'm such a hoarder gah. haha i'm gonna go through my stuff now! liked the video :)
Watership Down (4 years ago)
Good for you for throwing out some oldies and badies :). Though I probably don't have even a 1/3 of what you have, I actually enjoy chucking stuff from time to time even though I get that heavy heart feeling at the same time. I write down the date any time I open anything so I know it has to go even when it hasn't changed in colour/texture/smell etc. It is always great to get new stuff and try stuff out and replace things that need to be. So cleaning out my make up once in a while really gives me an excuse to go haul ;P. Random but necessary!
JackyOhhh (4 years ago)
I totally agree the NYX round lipstick consistency is a little weird and I just keep buying them because they're so cheap even though I don't really like the consistency. I definitely need to do this and make one of these video! Thanks for sharing!
WowzureMakeup (4 years ago)
I don't see why ppl are acting so weird either, if they only knew how much I have to throw away as a mua they would cry. Especially how often.
WowzureMakeup (4 years ago)
I just did this same thing. Lipgloss were the main ones that I got rid . Kind of liberating though.
superha74 (4 years ago)
Luv this video!
superha74 (4 years ago)
Luv this video!
Alicia Mendsey (4 years ago)
I hear yeah! You got to do what you got to do. That is a lot of makeup. 
Procrastinating Pretty (4 years ago)
It's SO soothing to purge things (even if it doesn't feel that way at first), but I'm also so worried that it'll give me an excuse to start repurchasing like crazy.
thekatizzzle (4 years ago)
I have sooo many of those NYX round lipsticks too! Including Honey! loll I really liked it for some reason...I think that was when nude lips were really in. smh. :)
elysia (4 years ago)
really really loved this video (for some reason XD) looking forward to the rest of the series ^_^ and they still do make the nyc ultra moist lipsticks!
ana estrada (4 years ago)
Thanks to your video I decided to clean out my Makeup and WOW i need to throw a lot of thing now because they smell horrible! 
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
yay! glad it inspired you : ) good luck!
layercake17 (4 years ago)
I need to go through my makeup and do the same. Great video
Amy Tran (4 years ago)
This was great! I didn't like the glamoflauge either :/ 
Chelsea Pearl (4 years ago)
I have so many old NYX round lipsticks too. Loved this video, and nice work on the progress!
yolanda dawn (4 years ago)
New subbie! ! I'm excited to see someone on YouTube cleaning out there make up!! :)
Vanessa Ybarra (4 years ago)
Yeah I totally get what u mean by saying the lipsticks changed in scent! I have some lipsticks I had to throw out early this year.. They smelled funky. Not horrible... But something just wasn't right!!!!
grace29 (4 years ago)
Great video idea! People forget that makeup expires. You don't want to put expired stuff on your face and give yourself skin problems or eye infections. I clean out my stash twice a year. Its painful but has to be done!
grace29 (4 years ago)
Great video idea! People forget that makeup expires. You don't want to put expired stuff on your face and give yourself skin problems or eye infections. I clean out my stash twice a year. Its painful but has to be done!
Yvonne Gereis (4 years ago)
Hi holly, thanks for posting the video pls make more :)
kstarr0407 (4 years ago)
I really like this video and look forward to future ones that shows products you like and still need to use up. I think just WATCHING the video...and nyx lipsticks LOOKS new. So pple were commenting about them. But otherwise...make up breeds bacteria even if swatched or used sparingly. Its a good idea to clean out the stash. Anyways..I enjoyed this segment. I'm going to go through my make up and toss oldies too :)
LYLW za (4 years ago)
i love this video ok i love all of yours and i love to listen to your voice <3
Isabella Lucca (4 years ago)
That's not too bad for the amount of makeup you probably have! I love decluttering... I probably go through my makeup every couple of months to make sure it's all stuff I want.. Hate having stuff I know I'm never going to use hanging around👍
LS Beauty (4 years ago)
I started doing the same thing Ive been going 1 drawer at a time cause it was hard ! But most of the stuff j threw was lip products I have only 5 drawers but i need to finish the last 3 :/ Thanks for doing this I think we also need a reminder Its just makeup! use it return it or give it away (thats my motto now) I admire you for showing this on your channel! Xoxo Lety
sunnhi (4 years ago)
FYI When products start to smell like crayons. Its off. :)
ojuice83 (4 years ago)
Good video. I remember watching the Tyra Banks talks show where she discussed bacteria in old makeup. I think I need to go through my collection! I'm happy you are making more videos. You were missed :-(
harib088 (4 years ago)
I'm curious how you even can recognize a change in the scent of so many products. this would mean you have to know every different scent of your products,
Sruthi Peter (4 years ago)
Holly, the idea behind this video is really good. People will pay more attention to the fact that makeup will go bad and it can be harmful if it does. Thumbs up for the video! 
Princess Leia (4 years ago)
You've inspired me to do the same too! I've been postponing it for SO long, but when a product has gonne bad, or you haven't used it for a long time, you know you need to throw it away!! p.s. i love that you're uploading more often! :):)
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
thank you! yeah for sure! we all have to go through our collections
Phon Phon Lollipop (4 years ago)
Totally agree with you ! It's had gone bad and why are we still keeping or using it ? We need good products for our face right ??
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
KPsayswhat (4 years ago)
I'm not a big fan of Stila lip glazes! I hate throwing makeup out/wasting money either. But when it goes bad, it's necessary. Like you, I give a lot away to family/friends when it's still fresh. But when it's old/funky, into the trash it goes!!!
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
yeahh at least they werent full size - i had bought a set so...idk...trying to make myself feel better about it LOLLL
nerdishh (4 years ago)
I really like this video series! It makes me want to go through my makeup collection and throw out the really really old stuff too actually... lol
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
: ) im glad!
Debbie George (4 years ago)
Sorry for the spam, but what do you think is the estimated worth of the discarded makeup?
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
mmm not that much - also gotta figure most of this stuff spans from 3-5 years since the last time ive actually thrown ANYTHING out. so thats pretty good.
Debbie George (4 years ago)
I refrigerate backup liquid/cream makeup for longer shelf life.
Marianne M (4 years ago)
Thank you for this! Most gurus show hauls and hauls of products but never show how many are actually still good to use :) I should go clean my collection now :p
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
: )
Debbie George (4 years ago)
I haven't bought any makeup in over a year. I'm on "project pan"  lol
Debbie George (4 years ago)
Hey, you're decluttering like pinksofoxy. I decluttered a few years ago.
jen101779 (4 years ago)
I'm the same way!! I hate throwing stuff away, I have old eyeshadows that I keep saying I'm gonna use but never do!!
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
haha well luckily shadows last a bit longer
daisyxox0 (4 years ago)
I feel you, i HATE throwing away make up even if its products i disliked because like you said i hate wasting money like that. It has to be done though or else youd be a make up hoarder and no one wants that lol.
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
that and just....the fact that stuff gets too old. it does happen - as much as i like to be in denial about it loll
NajBot (4 years ago)
it's so painful having to throw away make-up :(
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
it is!
Amber Bradley (4 years ago)
OMG this was so sad, I feel your pain Holly. I just went through my collection last night and I had to throw away foundations, mascara's, eye liners, and lippies. I feel like I need to run to Target or Sephora and restock. But that's what got me into this mess. #addicted #makeuplover 
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
hahaha it feels good to only have things you like left though!
RicciMelle1 (4 years ago)
I liked this video. Sometimes people forget that makeup goes bad. I had a reminder when i put expired foundation on and a bad lipstick.....I broke out with white bumps and the lipstick stunk
Kelly Phan (4 years ago)
I bought that Hard Candy concealer for the same reason! But sadly it wasn't good and it began smelling terrible after a year or less lol
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
yeahhh : \ it was a waste.
Bec Smith (4 years ago)
Love your videos as always. When can we see your nails at their longer length like your older videos and with silver or sheer polish on? Thanks X Bec
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
idk i probably wouldnt wear a sheer or sliver polish. thats not my style. i just filed my nails down because i just painted them. i cant keep my nails super long and spend a lot of time doing online work because its hard to type fast when they are much longer than this
Mellie Closet (4 years ago)
+hollyannaeree haha, the bit at the end with the trash was cute. makes you more real! keep these up! its a good reminder to people that make up does go bad
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
haha well i am real...you guys only see such a SMALL part of me and my life : ) a lot of because of the videos that the majority of ppl want to see : \
sam (4 years ago)
i actually really enjoyed this video!
hollyannaeree (4 years ago)
thank you!
shari04 (4 years ago)
With all the subscribers she has, i think it is really nice that she actually responds to her comments!

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