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Create a Blog or News website using the Newspaper Theme

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Learn how to create a Blog or News website with the amazing Newspaper8 Theme. In this tutorial I will show you how to import pre made demo's and adjust them to your wishes! In that way you can create a website within a few hours! Demo website: http://newspaper8.com Get webhosting: http://webhosting124.com Get the Newspaper theme: http://ferdykorpershoek.com/newspaper-theme/ In the beginning of the tutorial I will show you the website we are going to make. After that I will talk you through the costs that are involved. A domain name, webhosting and the theme. Then we will start getting a domainname and webhosting. Then we will install Wordpress, clean up our Wordpress website and get and install the Newspaper theme. We activate the theme, choose a demo we want and take a look at all the settings in the theme panel: Header, Footer, Template Settings, Categories, Post Settings, Translations, Colors, Custom Codes and more. We will take a look at Sidebar widgets, create the contact page and adjust the menu, about page and create a new blogpost. Overview of the course: 0:00:00 Overview of the website we will make 0:02:31 Overview of demo's you can use 0:03:01 Overview of the costs 0:03:38 Get a domainname and webhosting 0:07:53 Install Wordpress 0:09:23 Clean Up Your Wordpress Website 0:13:30 Get the Newspaper Theme 0:14:39 Install the Newspaper Theme 0:16:36 Install one of the 25+ demo's 0:21:58 Adjust the website to your wishes 0:22:26 Adjust the Header Settings 0:27:01 Adjust the Footer Settings 0:29:59 Adjust the Social Media Settings 0:31:55 Adjust the Template Settings 0:37:09 Adjust the Categores Settings 0:41:43 Adjust the Post Settings 0:47:00 Adjust the Background Settings 0:47:55 Adjust the Excerpts Settings 0:48:51 Adjust the Translation Settings 0:50:01 Adjust the Theme Colors Settings 0:53:12 Adjust the Theme Fonts Settings 0:56:09 Adjust the Custom Code Settings 0:57:29 Adjust the Menu 1:01:18 Adjust the Sidebar and Widgets 1:05:56 Create the Contact Page 1:07:57 Create a new Sidebar 1:09:19 Change the About Page 1:11:08 Adjust the Footer Area 1:13:38 Create a Blogpost 1:17:32 Thank you!
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Text Comments (99)
El omari yassine (29 days ago)
for those who already have the domain and Hosting Setup already and you have the theme you can start in 15:23 if you don't want to lose 15 Minute for Nothing! And This Is A Great Tutorial Thank You Fredy that Help Us A Lot
Linda Spencer (1 month ago)
Ferdy thank you!! I came to wordpress as a complete beginner and was about to give up when I found your channel. I've learnt tons by trying out the free ones but this is the one I'm going to get its perfect! Is your link still valid for newspaper? You deserve your cut after all the help I've got from your channel :-)
MALCOLM IB (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for your help ^-^
Masud Rana (1 month ago)
love from BANGLADESH Fredy
soulreed (2 months ago)
imrsteve (3 months ago)
Mega Menu question - Are the submenus on the Mega Menu created by subcategories or submenus?
Steven Cohen (3 months ago)
Great job Ferdy. I am going to buy this theme!
Fachatt Amine (3 months ago)
This Is AWESOME !!!! the best tutorial EVER!
Rahul Rai (4 months ago)
very detailed video thanks
nargesrnmsh (4 months ago)
very good learn . i have flower for you .
Ferdy Korpershoek (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Katia Affortunato (5 months ago)
Thank you very much Ferdy for this tutorial. Very clear and straight forward. I had chance also to follow your tutorial about Elementor and also it was great! Well done!Please continue with the tutorial you are a great teacher! Regards/Fabio
Francis Mata (5 months ago)
Sir how can I change that instagram to youtube videos?
dev gamer devGamer (5 months ago)
wow good, Thanks Ferdy for this helpful toturial, Say hello to Anna, good luck with here :)
ST Abhi (6 months ago)
Nice video bro
Matthias Brodthuhn (6 months ago)
how can i remove the „Travel, explore, enjoy“ pictures? Thank you
Asia by Matejko (6 months ago)
Hi Ferdy! Thank you for this tutorial, but I have one question - 1:04:03 you are telling about the other tutorial about facebook (on my page facebook shows 0 fans - http://www.jmatejko.com/ ) can you please send me the link? I can't find it! Thanks for your help :)
nowyatalkin! (6 months ago)
should one keep elementor installed with newspaper or not?
Bromoteknada (6 months ago)
To everyone asking Ferdy questions, the guy is just advertising the theme (he gets a cut for every sale by using referral link), he is not supporting it, this is why this is not a real tutorial, as he doesn't address the important drawbacks of this theme and how to overcome it. I bought this theme and it is shit. I previously used a free theme and it was much easier too understand and it didn't mess up image sizes. This one has POOR documentation and many choices that you can NOT use, due to the different image sizes. And this is just the beginning apparently (you will face it in the first hour trying to use the damn theme)
Ferdy Korpershoek (6 months ago)
Hi, Newspaper has a great support theme. And yes I get my cut. And I really like this theme. That is why I made tutorials about it. Sorry to hear that you don't like to.
Chakib Rbati (6 months ago)
Hi, How To Assign A Custom Link To Logo in newspaper theme using the code?
nowyatalkin! (6 months ago)
How do you archive each publication. Imagine you're doing a weekly magazine that obviously looks different every time, how can you easily simply save the entire published paper and upload a new one with fresh content and lot lose previous publications?
Thank you very much for this helpful tutorials, that was awesome to learn.
Kenan Togrul (7 months ago)
image sizes are the big problem in such themes. there are others with the same look like newspaper theme...they all have the same issue. when you add your own images to the columns, for example, if you change the carousell images with your own images, then the sizes are not appearing equal due to their different sizes. you have to adjust them manual. and beginners don't know how to do thast. therefore, this tutorial is not in depth...
Foday k Ceesay (8 months ago)
Thanks I create www.nursingbusinesshub.com after your training.
nowyatalkin! (6 months ago)
Hi. Interesting. Do you keep copies of previous publications and if so how do you back up each publication?
Sajib Mia (9 months ago)
Download Newspaper Wordpress Theme Free here: https://bit.ly/2Qzx8y8
Thanks Ferdy
parul rawat (9 months ago)
i want to display the same elements on both mobile and desktop for this i uninstall td-mobile plugins..but still my website looks difference in mobile not same as desktop view dailyupdates.co.in
parul rawat (9 months ago)
i just created dailyupdates.co.in ..and working on another project but i am facing problem ... i want to enable social icons in my newspaper theme i enabled the show social icon i header sector using theme panel. and also gives link to each and every social icon..but why i am able to see icons after this ?do you any idea ?
Steven Porter (11 months ago)
Thanks for all your great tips on seting up a blog with newspaper 8. Steve
Kath Walters (11 months ago)
Great video. So helpful. Thanks Ferdy
Baris Kumlu (11 months ago)
Thank you for this very useful video. Nice job.
The itguy125 (11 months ago)
why all the people try to demonstrate the theme with the fixed homepage ? is it difficult to demonstrate with latest post homepage?
Ferdy Korpershoek (11 months ago)
No, it gives you more freedom in creating the page you have in mind. It actually is a latest posts homepage.
Daniel Okeh (1 year ago)
Jorge Barrionuevo (1 year ago)
Help me. I got the theme with content with default template for example, how can i change the template to coffe blog (for example) without get break all the stuff ? thanks.
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi Jorge, the best thing you can do is contact their support: https://forum.tagdiv.com/
Daguah Real (1 year ago)
I created this amazing site watching your tutorial https://the211magazine.com/
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
It looks great!
Philip Mello (1 year ago)
Very nice your videos, thanks for sharing.
ReazUddin (1 year ago)
Hello, Ferdy Korpershoek. You are really amazing. You have done a great job. You make my job easy. Finally, I got your video after a long search on youtube. After watching your tutorial it becomes easy to customize my site http://www.wikiwebnews.com/. Thank You Very Very Very Much for your great and valuable Newspaper Theme Setting Tutorial. Please carry on. Now I am going to customize my site as your instructions. Thanks again DEAR Ferdy Korpershoek.
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi! Thank you! Your website looks great! Really professional! Goodluck with everything you do!
Renata Barbosa (1 year ago)
Hi Ferdy! Please! How do I insert a shortcode into a row?
LOL LOL (1 year ago)
hi Ferdy hope you answer my question i have a newspaper theme i want to have next/previous in post pagination instead of numbers
Hi Ferdy! Need help. How do I place an email capture box at the top of a page in the Newspaper theme?
Philip Mello (1 year ago)
Thanks for your tutorial, very good.
Roland Rick Perry (1 year ago)
Thank you once again. New theme upload, my third. You take weeks of work and make it 15 minutes.
Newsscoope (1 year ago)
Hi I can't find a payment (credit card ) help please ?
Nafez Husseini (1 year ago)
Hi Fredy, the "category template" will not update- it will save and select the saved option, but when I refresh my website using CMD-R on my mac (have tried clearing my cache) it will still not change. How can I fix this?
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi Nafez, I don't know why it you don't have the same result as the video. You can contact the makers through tagdiv.com. There is a support area.
Moba Empire (1 year ago)
how to remove this : http://prntscr.com/i4rgur fast reply please
Mo Ali (1 year ago)
Great Tutorial. Thanks.
Arman Mulyadin (1 year ago)
And i just a website www.guidesbali.com and your video very helpful. thank you
Online Tennis Lernen (1 year ago)
But the theme is slower than others
HAYATI MAG (1 year ago)
hi, i have seen that you payed just 61 US$ i get 71.39 US$
HAYATI MAG (1 year ago)
ik heb geen Btw nr ...
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
If you have a company you can fill in your VAT number. That will subtract the VAT amount.
Falase Ayodeji (1 year ago)
thanks. if i want to add a post, can i edit the demo post on the website and change it to my own?
CA (1 year ago)
I just created a website https://www.travelevil.com/ from stratch just by watching your video! Thank you Ferdy.
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Great to hear that!!
Rebyata Misha (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial, but you did not say the one big Challenge with this theme, you need to increase WP Maximum Limit, and Max Execution Time and Max input Vars before importing a demo or using this theme in general. ....and most other themes..., That is a tip i want you to know.
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Thank you. Using Hostgator or Siteground you don't need to do that.
Smsc Smsc (1 year ago)
Thanks For Nice Tutorial. My need this theme and activation theme. Please Sent Download link..........
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi, you can get your activation at themeforest.net.
Abdellatif Alboz (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this tutorial .....
Diego Ferreira Job (1 year ago)
Hello Ferdy, how do I use it demo sliders sports ? Do you have a file? Thank you!
Roland Rick Perry (1 year ago)
Thank you, very valuable and well done. Made it easier to communicate with my designer. www.marijuanastockreview.com
Gerald Kyle (1 year ago)
Thank you for the good information. I am a new user of this theme. I needed this video.
The Daily Junction (1 year ago)
Hi ferdy... One question. I changed the theme using demo.. but it's not visible until I log in to WordPress. Thedailyjunction.com
sanyog kumar maurya (1 year ago)
I just created a website chandaulitimes.com by watching your video! Thanks a lot sir. It was very helpful in creating website. I am facing one problem, My facebook social counter is not working. Please help me.
Uzair Ahmed (1 year ago)
hello sanyog..i saw your site its great..can u tell me hpw you change the language of site from english to hindi? it will really help me alot Thanx in advance
Pin 12 (1 year ago)
Worked with the theme for a couple of day. It didn't impress me. The lay out becomes very sloppy and the customisation isn't very user friendly. The theme feels a little buggy. Lots of times it was frustrating cause the lay-out of the independent blocks wasn't lining up very wel. This made me search foor blocks that showed up welll instead of blocks I wanted to use. In this way the theme works against the developer and the customer. Would not recommend this theme which does have a lot of customisation possibilities, but does not show up well.
Chow Siddhartha (1 year ago)
It was really helpful Mr. Ferdy ! I was trying to do the necessary changes for my new website, and I got the real inputs and guidance from your tutorial. Thank you !
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Great to hear that Chow!
Tony Burn (1 year ago)
Just picked this theme up. This was very helpful. Thank you.
Nicolas Fourie (1 year ago)
Great stuff Ferdy! Thank you so much for this tutorial! Greetings from South Africa!
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Thanks Nicolas! Where do you live in SA? In my opinion the most beautiful country in the world!
Anton Krall (1 year ago)
Ferdy, I have been a fan for a long time! Im about to start two new blogs, one for my company (tech company) and one personal blog. Do you think this would be the best blog theme to use or do you recommend another one?
Anton Krall (1 year ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek or just your blog? And keep any main website in enfold?
Anton Krall (1 year ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek so are you thinking about remaking you website using newspaper instead of enfold?
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi Anton, Newspaper is defently the best theme for blog websites. I use enfold for my website but I will remake it with Wordpress. There are so much options!
Schlomoh Brodowicz (1 year ago)
Ferdy, your tutorials are just smashing ! Two thumbs up !
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! 😊
PEPOU MED MOKRANE (1 year ago)
HI Ferdy i would you like to thank you for all your tutorials i very leaned many things with you .
Pete Snap (1 year ago)
Hi Ferdy, I've been searching for the tutorial of this Newspaper8 theme for 2 weeks and I found your VDO. It's amazing, thank you and I looking forward to watching your new tutorial.
Lazy Owly (1 year ago)
Great job Ferdy!!! Thank you so much for your time!! I just want to say that I would stay away from Hostgator. They have the worst customer service on the market. I moved my business to TMDhosting and they have a crazy fast customer service plus they also have a great IT dep which solve any problems you have in minutes. it's really critical to have a loyal team behind you. leaving Hostgator was the best thing I've ever done for my website I'm sorry for my comment Fredy but having an amazing site isn't enough
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi Lazy Owly, Thanks for your comment. I never had a problem with Hostgator. I had 3 chat sessions with them when I did something wrong and every time it was solved quite fast.
Mouhcine WAKACH (1 year ago)
Hello Ferdy Thank you so much for your help and thank you for sharing knowledge with us, but, can you please start showing us tutorials with free themes please not paid. Thanks
Mouhcine WAKACH (1 year ago)
Great thanks
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Hi Mouhcine, thank you! I do tutorials with free and paid themes. Search for 'Ferdy Sydney Elementor'. That is an amazing tutorial on how to create a website with free tools!
Surojit Karmakar (1 year ago)
Where is the another video, made from scratch? Thanks.
Surojit Karmakar (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info, Can you please add sign up and log in options also on that video? I am curious, how will that work?
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
That one will come later. Probably within 10 days.
Dr.weld_flow (1 year ago)
Would this be good for a affiliate product review site. ?
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
If you use the same princeples I use in the Enfold 2017 tutorial you can create a real estate website.
AGR Soft (1 year ago)
Real estate website tutorial, please ? using real homes theme
Dr.weld_flow (1 year ago)
Ferdy Korpershoek now this just got really exciting. I need to get on this asap.
Ferdy Korpershoek (1 year ago)
Yes, it defenetly would!

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