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The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape | 2018

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The best glasses for your face shape. Follow my guide to find the best glasses for your face shape. I'm covering the best glasses for square, rectangle, diamond, round, oval and heart shaped faces. In this video, I outline how to know what face shape you have; and how to choose the best glasses frames for your face shape. This video has been sponsored by David Clulow Opticians [http://robin.yt/2bEjMMI]. I only ever work with brands I like and whose products or services I believe in. Read my guide to glasses and your face shape here: https://manforhimself.com/best-glasses-for-your-face-shape/ #RobinJames #ManForHimself #MensGlasses #Glasses #DavidClulow _______________________ Product available in store at David Clulow. Find your nearest store here: https://robin.yt/2INsdFu Shop glasses frames online with David Clulow here: http://robin.yt/2bEjMMI Square face shape: Avoid square and rectangular frames which will look too heavy. Go for a rounder style with with a thinner frame to lighten and soften your face. Rectangle face shape: Avoid narrow frames; and instead go for a bold statement style. Choosing a double bridge (like these pictured) will also help to widen the face. Diamond face shape: Go for narrow frames with softer, rounded bottoms. Avoid anything too wide as this will make your face appear bigger than it actually is. Round face shape: Go for a bold and structured frame to take the roundness off your face. You can also really go big on colour. But if you want to keep it classic, opt for something these. Oval face shape: Go for frames that are broader than the widest part of your face. Avoid strong, rectangular shapes. If you want an angular style, try square frames with a rounded bottom like these Clubmaster frames. Heart face shape: Go for round frames to soften the face where it’s needed – right across the cheekbones. _______________________ FOLLOW ME! Come and follow me on... Instagram: @ManForHimself Twitter: @ManForHimself Facebook: /ManForHimself iTunes: Search “Flat White Chats” Spotify: Search “Flat White Chats” Check out my blog too: http://www.ManForHimself.com ________________________ SUBSCRIBE I’m Robin James. My YouTube channel is a destination for men’s style, lifestyle and grooming. I make videos showing how to achieve different hairstyles and haircuts; exploring grooming products; and showcasing men’s seasonal and trend led style and fashion. ________________________ PRODUCTION CREDITS Shot and edited by Adam at PurpleYam Productions. Music by Lakey Inspired, via SoundCloud.
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Text Comments (156)
Adolf Hitler (4 days ago)
U sound so GAY!!!!! HAHA GAYYYYYY!!!!!
GV2 (14 days ago)
I'm somewhere between oval and circle, which glasses should I choose?
Mr. Snuggles (23 days ago)
You really know how to make a enjoyable video to watch
VJ FRANZ K (1 month ago)
B-} cool mustache.
NlHILIST (1 month ago)
Intelligent presentation. 0:22 sums it up for me ....... "If you've got the confidence, you can wear anything." Precisely. Not just glasses - clothes too.
Agent Lolz (2 months ago)
Sometimes Im Oval Sometimes Im Heart Shape🙂Help me.. which glasses should i buy😫
Deepam Addy (3 months ago)
Looks elegant!
Vince Vengeance (3 months ago)
sohai hamsap guai face
Stat1k (4 months ago)
Why does everything look good pn you
2Wet (5 months ago)
What are those glasses that you called the club master style for an oval face?
SopranoPictures (6 months ago)
Great vid, cheers.
SjakieNugh (7 months ago)
man, all these faces look the same to me
My nose looks big when I wear glasses
Abhishek hembrom yn (7 months ago)
Nice I learnt many ideas
Duy Nguyen (7 months ago)
No triangle !?
SAGE Aka (8 months ago)
This video is just beautiful and amazingly well done👏👏
Sam Streom (8 months ago)
What's that pair of specs for the oval shape face?
Project_Worm (8 months ago)
When you went into describing the oval head shape I thought "yeah that sounds closer to me" then you whipped out a pair of glasses that look almost identical to my daily wears... Felt pretty good
Thomas Vang (8 months ago)
That was such a perfect circle
h e n r y (8 months ago)
Hey robin, love the video. I was just wondering if maybe you could do a tutorial on a young Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle. 😀
Cypress (8 months ago)
Robin a random question but have you ever used the jack black shampoo line?
XXXPrince the 2nd (8 months ago)
Is that a real mustache it looks fake
Bram Appermont (8 months ago)
I am searching for a hair product with a very very stong hold and a mat finish. Do you now a product like that?
Neal C (8 months ago)
uhhh what about where your jaw line is the widest forehead is the most narrow. None of those you went over explain my face shape </3
Malik Shahbaz (8 months ago)
Mind blowing vedios I love his man vedios .
do a brand batlle of redkens pomade vs toni&guy pomade
Khai Bui (8 months ago)
Wait! I just now realized that you’re reading Donna Tartt’s The Secret History!! I finished reading it a while ago and I have been in need for glasses for a long time already and the character of Henry Winter kind of gave me the impulse to actually go and get some. I just needed to tell you this, it’s such a funny coincidence.
Krazy travtrav (8 months ago)
Great video as always Robin
AMADEUZ Connected (8 months ago)
I can't take this guy serious with his mustache
Stickmore Hair Co (8 months ago)
Great stuff! Always enjoy your videos, especially when they're a little different like this one!!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks so much. I like to mix it up a bit.
Kyrie Irving (8 months ago)
hey robin, what do you ask for when you go to the barber?
Robin James (8 months ago)
I've been having a scissor cut all over. Keeping the length. Neck is tapered with clippers.
Michael Alfonso (8 months ago)
shave that fucking mustache, holy fuck
Robin James (8 months ago)
Hey Michael, when you drop the attitude, I'll consider it. Might be a while, Hun.
Colors. (8 months ago)
When you used to cut your hair, what would you tell your barber ?
Colors. (8 months ago)
Robin James is it fine if I ask for a low fade disconnected undercut with the connection to the topper slightly trimmed
Robin James (8 months ago)
Hey, I used to have a skin fade. 0 fade - low.
Simon Rockstream (8 months ago)
Another great video!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Simon.
Aftab Ahmed (8 months ago)
great info but I don't fall under any of the described categories in the video.
Aftab Ahmed (8 months ago)
Robin James I have narrow forehead, wide jawline and wide cheekbones. Width of jawline and cheek bones is similar. Which category do I fall in?
Robin James (8 months ago)
Oh, really? What do you think you are?
evolver (8 months ago)
So this guy is all face shapes?
Robin James (8 months ago)
I am merely the vehicle for information.
pobstrel (8 months ago)
Great advice Robin. I wear glasses and have struggled with working out which styles suit my face. Thankyou! :-)
Robin James (8 months ago)
You're very welcome.
centenoj85 (8 months ago)
Still prefer glassesusa
Robin James (8 months ago)
All comes down to the individual. I've got some great frames and sunglasses from David Clulow.
Musa Khan (8 months ago)
A great, much needed video👍🏼
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Musa.
Jarif Ahmed (8 months ago)
I think that I'm just done wearing glasses. Maybe its the frames that I have but they just make me look so serious and I feel like I look better without them. Gonna try contacts and when I get older hopefully I can get lasik.
Robin James (8 months ago)
I wear contact lenses a lot. It's a good mix with frames.
Son Goku (8 months ago)
Great video as always Robin
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thank you
Hulalulatallulahoop2 (8 months ago)
Oh my, you're only reading my favourite book EVER! I'll always rave about The Secret History! I just wish Donna Tartt would write more often! I've a oval face ......that was informative!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Ah this is cool!
Qawiem Hl (8 months ago)
Kinda reminds me of Jim Gordon
Robin James (8 months ago)
I'll take that
Dalton O'Steen (8 months ago)
Enjoyed the video. Great advice.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Dalton
Luka Finn Harrison (8 months ago)
How many circles did you have to draw before you got a really good one?
Robin James (8 months ago)
HA HA! Not even a joke, but I nailed it on the first one. Heart didn't go so well though.
Aris C (8 months ago)
Can we just admit that every single style fits you perfectly: well done Robin👍🏼
Robin James (8 months ago)
Oh, I'm not too sure about that. I think it's just because I walk like they do! Ha ha.
Connor Modugno (8 months ago)
It would have been a little nicer if we could see the different face shapes on different people so we could see how they really go with the face. Great video though!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Absolutely - I would love to. For a bigger production, I can look to put budget there for models, but this one, it's just about showcasing. Hopefully the information was helpful though.
Sahnepower1 (8 months ago)
Yeah had the same thought
mila (8 months ago)
this video is so beautifully made!!!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Mila. I work with some very talented people.
Write English Correctly (8 months ago)
Your English is great pls share some tips with us
Robin James (8 months ago)
It's my first language... probably the reason.
Khai Bui (8 months ago)
You uploaded this video with perfect timing! I was intending to go to the optician tomorrow anyways to get a new pair of glasses.
Khai Bui (8 months ago)
Robin James Absolutely! I just went today and ordered a pair of clubmasters. Thanks so much, Robin, they really do suit me.
Robin James (8 months ago)
This is good news. Hope it was of some help.
illusi0n (8 months ago)
awesome video
Robin James (8 months ago)
Iamalpha.S (8 months ago)
Is there any give away 😅😅😅😅.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Hey, no there's not.
lights473 (8 months ago)
Either Robin is a good artist or there were a lot of re-takes on those white board shape sketches because they look too good!!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Honestly, I got them all (except the heart!) first time!
ruc123 (8 months ago)
Using the same models for different face shapes ?XD
Robin James (8 months ago)
Well, it's just me. Next time, I will look to up the production even more!
A Z (8 months ago)
What if my jawline measures the widest and narrow at the forehead . I've struggled to find sunglasses that fit me
A Z (8 months ago)
Robin James That or triangular
Robin James (8 months ago)
Sounds like diamond?
Maggie Boy (8 months ago)
Holy shit! is this a tv commercial? The quality of this video is so fucking good, this guy deserves 1 million subscribers
Robin James (8 months ago)
I love this video too. I'm really pleased with it.
wilmer mendoza (8 months ago)
I hate round face it makes ur cheeks look more bigger.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Well, not for me then!
ItsTrajectoryMate (8 months ago)
Dang the way you make all of them suit you 😂
Robin James (8 months ago)
Ha ha!
MoonKei (8 months ago)
what a coincidence i was trying to find some advice for wearing glasses guess i'm oval shape cause i look great with square with rounded bottom.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Glad this was good timing for you!
drlatham22 (8 months ago)
After watching this video, I finally noticed that you're left handed...we have something in common. A beard will alter face shape...mine is short on the sides but 3 cm long from the chin, which elongates an oval face...
Robin James (8 months ago)
I am! Good spot. It definitely will. If I could grow a beard, I think I probably would!
Muhd Farhat (8 months ago)
Now I can buy the right glasses for me
Robin James (8 months ago)
You certainly can!
Rudi Davies (8 months ago)
Interesting and clever 👍👍
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thank you very much.
nickdaawgg (8 months ago)
I personally found this very informative. Thanks Robin!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks. Glad you liked it.
lights473 (8 months ago)
The quality editing and info on this video is amazing. Great work as always Robin
Robin James (8 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it.
lights473 (8 months ago)
How do I know what my face shape is
Robin James (8 months ago)
Hey, I explain how to tell your face shape in the video. Also have it in an article here: https://manforhimself.com/best-glasses-for-your-face-shape/
Michael Alfonso (8 months ago)
look in the fucking mirror
Yash Bhatia (8 months ago)
If your forehead is far more bigger than your Chin area then you have triangular face shape. If you have equal length face shape like a box then you have a square face shape. If your forehead is thinner than your chin area then then you have oval face( or havr somewhat like a rectangle but not structured like a box). If you have round face, then you have a round face shape.
Australian Kid (8 months ago)
Every single one of them looks rlly good on u :)
Robin James (8 months ago)
I like them all!
DarkBlack22 (8 months ago)
Amazing video ❤️
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thank you
FierceDeityMahesh (8 months ago)
Thank you Robin. This is a really useful video. It looks great, and your moustache is on point.
FierceDeityMahesh (8 months ago)
You're welcome, Robin. -Mahesh, India.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thank you
STEVE WESKER (8 months ago)
I probably should get glasses myself I was told about 15 years ago I needed glasses but didn’t bother.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Get your eyes tested and see what you need, for sure!
Raymond F (8 months ago)
Robin I just love this video ... I'm a guy that werrs glasses ... thanks for showing all the new looks and l love all the farms .... Once more Mr James a great job
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Raymond. Appreciated.
afsa bert (8 months ago)
♥ ihave a heart shape
Robin James (8 months ago)
And there's a heart for you.
Antim8ah (8 months ago)
The double bridge glasses don’t look good on anyone... looks like something pedophiles would wear...
Robin James (8 months ago)
I'd disagree, but all up to the individual.
Uncle clutch (8 months ago)
Nice video robin! I normally use the square glasses . Hope you have a nice day cheers!
Robin James (8 months ago)
I love a square pair!
Rizal Sannugraha (8 months ago)
You just perfect for all glasses 😍
Robin James (8 months ago)
Ah, not at all. But thank you. I think it's all just in the confidence to wear them.
Dhiraj Roy (8 months ago)
Hey robin ....what is your height?
Dhiraj Roy (8 months ago)
Robin James ohh sounds cool ..i am 5'9 ...we are almost same in height😊😊
Robin James (8 months ago)
Hey, I'm 5'10.
Adrianne Clave (8 months ago)
Make a video how to have a strong jawline
keoface (4 months ago)
Get V line surgery in South Korea.
Naughty internet person (8 months ago)
Adrianne Clave A lot of it is genes, but tonnes of people have great or at least decent jaws hidden under fat and swollen skin from consuming too much salt.
Robin James (8 months ago)
Agree with the guys below.
james jameson (8 months ago)
Lose some weight and have good genes, but there isn't much you can do about it
Arthur Shelby (8 months ago)
Nah it's predominantly your genes, it's mostly luck my friend.
bing (8 months ago)
That moustache 👌👌
Anilkumar S (1 month ago)
You should grow a thick beard too
Robin James (8 months ago)
Nick Patalinghug (8 months ago)
Thank you for another informative video, Robin! I was planning to get my glasses but I didn't know which ones would suit my face shape.
Robin James (8 months ago)
This is good news!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Breaking it down across 6 face shapes. I love how this video looks. Hope you enjoy it.
nickobbboy (8 months ago)
Robin James no offence but you used pretty much the exact same style of glasses for each face shape so it was VERY hard to put it in perspective
quốc vũ (8 months ago)
Thanks you boss
Lacedaemon (8 months ago)
Do you have any tips on how to measure your face accurately and figure out what shape you have?
Adash Aaron (8 months ago)
Great Video Robin! :)
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thanks Adash.
Sketchgooroo (8 months ago)
Awesome vid love you Robin!!
Robin James (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Google User (8 months ago)
Robin James (8 months ago)
That you were!

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