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Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game - Indonesia IOS Android Gameplay

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Subscribe : http://goo.gl/MdAJdz ID Happy Pet Story : E7C74 Heyyy.... i'm MiawAug and Thanks for to subscribe my youtube channel you want to play this game to ?? IOS ► http://goo.gl/xB8xb7 Android ► http://goo.gl/oQhdFx Windows ► Steam ► WEBSITE ► Also like and follow my Facebook ► http://facebook.com/miawaug Twitter ► https://twitter.com/miawaug Email ► [email protected] And Cek Out my Website guys ► https://miawaug.com Thanks Guys.... PAWW.... ...............-......-. ............./....\./...\ ..........-..|.....|.....|..-. ......../...\.\../..\.././...\ ........|....|..'`.-.`'...|....| .........\_.'..-`....`-..'._/ ............-'............'-. ........../.................\ ..........|..................| ...........'.___....___.' Desc : Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game By Happy Labs Pte Ltd Have a great time in Happy Pet Story! Play dress up with your virtual pet, decorate your house, and play exciting mini games! Immerse yourself into a town full of good humor and happy animal pals, and create a unique dream home out of your imaginations! This game is available offline. Raise your very own virtual pet in your pocket! Take care of your adorable baby or play mini games together! With hundreds of items to collect and tons of cute outfits and fashion accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Stroll along the street lined with cute and colorful shops or simply chill in the cafe! Invite your friends to your town and show off your impressive home-decorating skills. You can also visit other townies to see if they are as cool and creative as you are. Build friendships and interact with your neighbors through hilarious dialogues, and help them out with daily requests in exchange for exciting rewards. Add that personal touch to your home and fill it up with your favorite knick-knacks. Watch your house grow into the perfect dream home that you’ve been looking for! YOUR PERFECT DREAM TOWN COME TO LIFE - CREATE your own virtual pet with tons of outrageously cute outfits! - TAKE CARE of your pet, give it a unique name and lots of tender loving care! - DECORATE your very own home and make your friends envious! - VISIT your friends’ street and interact with new players from all over the world! - Step into a street full of lively animal neighbors! Meet Whiff, the poker-faced monkey who keeps farting, Albert the cranky wolverine professor, Bubbles who’s a shiny popstar, and Bizkit the ever-hungry sheep! - PLAY mini games and complete quests for your friendly neighbours! Go fishing, play Rock Paper Scissors, join in the balloon popping frenzy, tap along to music rhythms and more! Complete your friendly neighbors’ requests for cool rewards! - CHECK OUT the latest fashion fad at the Furniture Shop, Fashion Store, Salon, Cafe, and much more! Shops will restock every 4 hours, so be sure to check out the latest arrivals! If you’re a fan of the well-loved Pet Society, then this is a MUST-TRY! FEATURES THAT YOU’LL LOVE - FREE to download & FREE updates! - Simple, intuitive and easy gameplay. - Unique art style and vibrant world that is immersive, charming and cute! - Stay happy all-day everyday with your animal neighbors! - 200+ unique outfits, 300+ furniture and decorations, 200+ customizable looks, 10+ neighbors! - Multiplayer! Visit your friends and compete on the rankings! - Offline mode available! No internet access required. Keep your baby pet with you forever! - Guaranteed hours of fun for girls and boys, from kids to adults. - Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia,中文,日本語,ไทย. - Optimized for iOS 8.0, iPhone 6/ 6+/iPad Mini 3/iPad Air 2! DOWNLOAD NOW! - Remember to write a review to support us! - Feedback: [email protected] - Like: http://www.facebook.com/HappyPetProject - Follow: https://twitter.com/HappyHappyLabs - http://happylabs.weebly.com - Other fun games by Happy Labs: Happy Mall Story: Shopping mall tycoon sim! Hotel Story: Design your dream resort! This game is free to play but might include light In-App Purchase. Please turn this off in device settings if you do not wish to use this feature.
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Text Comments (740)
Danil Alfin (14 hours ago)
gua main juga
ayyamul bidl (6 days ago)
Kak Regi,kenapa gak bikin video lagi tapi yang game Happy Mall Story aja...
Yeni Fofied (11 days ago)
Aku punya level 46 nama nya putri permen yang punya liat punya aku ya
goldina gamer 125 (13 days ago)
Aku udah level 18 dong baru download langsung level 18 aneh kan
Ricko jo (14 days ago)
Add id ku : 3266065
m fahri (17 days ago)
bang emang pernah main mini world soal nya kemaren_kemaren aku liat di room saya ada yang make nama miawaug
is nightmare (21 days ago)
Lel 2019
r t (1 month ago)
Bang buat lagi
Zainal Hakim (1 month ago)
Aku punya game itu
r t (1 month ago)
Kasih id kamu
Agustin Yuniarti (1 month ago)
Kak Regi aku suka sekali main happy pet story ini aku tema nya lolita kalau kak Regi
Siti Naila (1 month ago)
Nama happy pet store aku flora ,ID: 2127624. Kunjungi ya 😄
r t (1 month ago)
Toshii playz YT123 (1 month ago)
puta ka gara mo
Cathy Pimentel (1 month ago)
Please add here is my ID 3080404 ❤️
Udang petinju really exists
Nisa Dayat (1 month ago)
Aku udh pernah main nya
Siti Nurfadilah (1 month ago)
saya punya
Gideonbimo sembodo (1 month ago)
kak bisa bahasa Indonesia lhoh
Najwa faudea (1 month ago)
Hai aku pake hp kakak aku kak aku pernah main itu siapa yg pernah main ini pasti banyak.yg pernah main ini kn
christiani emmy (1 month ago)
TheLuna 10 (1 month ago)
Ka aku perna main itu abil apel di pohon rumahnya di pigir
WIRA HADI KUSUMA (2 months ago)
Kak regi itu bisa bahasa indonesia
Nihaya (2 months ago)
ini kalo diliat seperti game pet paradies
rendi andi hermawan (2 months ago)
ka itu game kesukaan aku loh
backpakers murung raya (2 months ago)
Bahasa indonesiakan lebih keren ah
Elvira Sauma (2 months ago)
Ga bisaeun kakak mah
Rizki zr (2 months ago)
bang main harvest moon aja
Anggito Bayu (2 months ago)
aku pernah main game ini😊😊
Irahafsah Hatta (2 months ago)
bang saya juga main happy pet story
Ratu Ardila (2 months ago)
Kak aku pernah main loh lucu dan seru banget
Fadhilah Fadhilah (2 months ago)
Aku bisa ada game ini
Mastu Fah (2 months ago)
Kak manen nya bisa kesamping juga sekaligus kakak
Janiar Raihan (2 months ago)
Aku pernah main itu baaaang dah punya temen banyak .dizzy.biskit .don.blue.itu doang
Iswa Iswadi (2 months ago)
kaya permainan punya aku
Fery Aja (2 months ago)
Gu ma pernah mainin itu
christiani emmy (2 months ago)
Udah punya ranjang
christiani emmy (2 months ago)
Lypse 615 (2 months ago)
SHOFI ANINTHIA (3 months ago)
kak masih muda ya dulu
Alinka Qnf (3 months ago)
Kak aku juga punya happy pet store
rina hermina (3 months ago)
Revana Nonnik (3 months ago)
Aku juga pernah main itu... seru banget aku udah level 60
Nama hewan kurban hinata
Renata Ardinaya (3 months ago)
Ululululu puja kerang ajaib
Irsyad Muhamad (3 months ago)
Meni ribet amat aku juga punya kalau mau liat nama nya Azahra .punya dua lantai
Kokom Komariah (3 months ago)
Ini boming banget 2015 aku dulu suka banget game ini kalo sekarang pada main nya Instragram dulu mah yah di hp tuh isi nya game semua tapi sekarang mah isinya media sosial semau *akuinginkembalikemasadulu*
Mulia Wati (3 months ago)
Kak aku punya itu
Mike N (3 months ago)
I speak English
Sweet Candy (3 months ago)
Jadi inget game jaman dulu di facebook "Pet Sociaty" atau yg sering disebut petsos😂
Aldi Iis (3 months ago)
Aku udah main
Siti Naila (3 months ago)
Aku suka bgt game nya
Agus Saputra (3 months ago)
Aku punya permainan nya ka regi
japghak (3 months ago)
japghak (3 months ago)
japghak (3 months ago)
Suci (3 months ago)
Saya juga main
Miaw Aug (3 months ago)
Saya juga pernah punya bisa saya main kalo bisa mainnya bisa bhs apa aja
ASDF Mamang (3 months ago)
Gampang Kak
Easter Hadiwijaya (3 months ago)
Ka regi berteman sama aku nama aku EASTER CH Atau+ STF karegi kalo mau gantti bahasa lia di pengatura ya ka tolong dibalas dan diterima sebagai teman di happy pet story
Berliana Safira (3 months ago)
aku main ini juga
ANDIK FIDGIANTO (4 months ago)
Aku punya game itu
Noor Fiatun (4 months ago)
Saya punya game ini tapi bahasa indonesia
Daily Gachatuber (4 months ago)
Bkn crap kak tapi carp NGAKAK😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicki Minaj (4 months ago)
jd keinget pet society:(
Suherman Aja (2 months ago)
Sama,game facebook... Sampe lupa waktu... Sayang skrng udh di tutup≥﹏≤
Ria Sabang (4 months ago)
MARK KRAMER FAN (4 months ago)
Saya pun ada game itu
supriatno Supriatno (4 months ago)
Minta permainan nya dong
Junaidi Edi (4 months ago)
Aku pernah mainloh kak
Pembermasdes Bappeda (4 months ago)
kenapa ikan nya ga di jul aja
Mamoprakoso Prakoso (4 months ago)
aku rumah ya kaya gitu juga tapi aku ada kayak mini puter
Mamoprakoso Prakoso (4 months ago)
bang aku juga main loh nama hewan ya indah 0842 mampir ke rumah ku yuk
yulianti kartikasari (4 months ago)
Miawaug tulis nama Dea
Tika Diana (5 months ago)
kak,,, yg nama nya MiauAug nya banyaaakkk... bingung aku 😁😁😁😁
miku menickeraft dapina (5 months ago)
Aku gu ga main itu
Naufalfaiz Albara (5 months ago)
Aa aku juga udah main game ini seru kan ka
Eka Wijaya (5 months ago)
Wah lucubanget
Muhamad Rafael (5 months ago)
Kucingnya mirip oggy
Afaril (5 months ago)
Itu Game Kesukaann Gww anjirr😂😂
Maxi Mantur (5 months ago)
Aku ada juga punya gem nya di teman aku dikasih tau nama nya al
aryo Aryo (5 months ago)
noob aku udah punya duit 9 miliyar
endah kartini (5 months ago)
kok suaranya serek ya kaka
Indah Puspita Sari (5 months ago)
kak sama kak aku suka banget warna biru tapi kak itu bukan kuping kucing tapi rubah kak regi
Keyla safira (5 months ago)
itu permainan yang aku suka
emon slime (5 months ago)
CRa lepas tpi nya gmn?
Erick Tan (5 months ago)
Kak aku juga main namaku family
aril muhriza (5 months ago)
Aku punya game nya....itu game kesukaan aku...sampe jam 3 malam aku mainin
M.raffi Ariasi (5 months ago)
Bang saya pernah main
Laurent Anastasya (5 months ago)
main game furdiburb dong
Gadish Go (5 months ago)
kak kaka bisa mancing ketemu orang yang bukan di toko atau penduduk yang di kasih tau mojo dan bisa kerumah mojo pilih salam trus kalo kerumah mojo barang yang di jual di toko bedaaaaa
angel Love GT (5 months ago)
Kak jadiin bhs indonesia aja
Rako mitha_022 (5 months ago)
ARSY mutia ratu bilqis (5 months ago)
aku udh di cheat
Salwanadhif Ataya (5 months ago)
klo cari bhasa bisa dipengturan
Salwanadhif Ataya (5 months ago)
aku punya hps
Natasya Nurul Ain (5 months ago)
Dulu aku udah level 60 lebih tp karna di apus jadinya ngulang deh
Muthia Rahman (5 months ago)
kak regi suka permainan ini
Nadira Khanza Tabitha (6 months ago)
Aku punya mainan kaya gitu aku namain duddu
arsy komputer (6 months ago)
Kak mending pakek bhs indonesi
Natasya Nurul Ain (6 months ago)
Gua suka main game itu
Khadavi Alrafif (6 months ago)

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