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Lesbians Explain : Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian P*RN

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Straight guys have a lot to learn from lesbians. Watch The Rest Of This Series! : http://bit.ly/LesbiansExplain Click Here To Share On Twitter! : http://clicktotweet.com/IX562 Lesbians In This Video : http://youtube.com/Arielle Steph : http://youtube.com/ElloSteph Courtney : http://youtube.com/HatefulCourtney413 Hart : http://youtube.com/HartBeat Marissa : http://youtube.com/LezBeOnTalk ________ LESBIAN ADVENTURES! : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Get Free Txt When The Vids Up! : http://motube.us/arielleishamming TWITTER : ‪‪‪http://twitter.com/arielleishammin‬‬‬ FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS : ‪‪‪http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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Text Comments (900)
Patrick S (2 hours ago)
Straight girls love straight guys getting it on together.
enderboy 3000 (2 months ago)
Miss me with gay shit dyyyyyyke
JungleEddie (2 months ago)
I am surprised that straight men don't enthusiastically love giving head as much as I do. It is the best thing in the world, a bonanza for the senses.
referral madness (2 months ago)
A woman who watches lesbian porn isn't straight
Nickelbackist meinLeben (3 months ago)
I only like it, when one of the woman is dominant
Sal AveNU (3 months ago)
How about a video about why GUYS like lesbian porn ? I'm a big Lily Cade fan, I can explan why I like it, but what about others ?
BlackBeauty (1 year ago)
I'm Bisexual but have had "Straight" cousins and friends who have had sexual relationships with Lesbian/Bi women.Although they go back to men eventually they have exclusive relationships with them for months. They always told me Lesbian/Bi women weren't selfish in bed.While a guy would expect head and then stick it right in and maybe play with her tits the Lesbian/Bi women took their time exploring every inch of them their orgasms were important to them sometimes even more than their own.Their opinion on liking Lesbian Porn was just seeing them enjoy themselves and getting off.
I love Ally hills (1 year ago)
We seriously will
Alex Patrascu (1 year ago)
So does that mean that guys know better what guys want? If girls know better what girls want? U fuckin hypocrites, you don't know what you're talking about.
jogdogfrog (1 year ago)
Psshh, giving girls head is by far the best thing about sex. I'd rather go down on you than anything else. I'm essentially the straight male version of a touch me not.
Saheb 000 (1 year ago)
50% girls lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MF its not true.. only Friendly talk or grab boobs or watching lesbian sex.and pronstar all are straight but do sex with each other in a lesbian video.its not means they're bi or lesbian..lesbian ist a conversation converted persynaptic mantal disorder..just like a mental patient fuck a animal.... correct personal conversation therapy do as a medical treatment will be correct ur mental phase of ur brain.. scientist on the way to produced a medicine ( unknown) ..this medicine help to reduced Brain enthusiastic phase for not thinking boobs or prettyness..and change girls mind into attraction of muscles body...also mitigate girls friendly and amiable nature...its mental happened in 13 year age girls..13 to 17 are most important time to being in lesbian thing..so this medicine will make girl mature in only age of 13 .likes 29 year old girl had their own side. don't worrying girls just try to love boy..and pick up girls sex as ur fantasy... but don't committed lesbian..... cause most of country going to get rid of lesbian ....cause this lesbian mental disease spreads all over by Media.. and its destroyed lots of country future by ruined their family life example America.....so don't committee to lesbian.. cause the medicine coming out to get rid of prysinaptic mantal disease..just try to interest in muscle body and talk alots about dick or thinking about how to a boy kiss u...just like learn a new language. first time its hard to learning new language.. but lots of practice u make out that language... if someone asked u what is ur mother or Father or husband name..u will tell easily..because u love them.love is a strong transformation mental ..its stimulate ur brain quickly .Brain dopamine chain reactions do fast work when someome recall ur family name..but if u try lot this dopamine chain reactions can break by ur strong ignorant and keep in distance with ur family( like deaths ur mom) .do practice in a pinnacles stage.. u will get rid of this lesbian dopamine chain reaction ....human do anything....
Benjamin Kimberlin (2 years ago)
I think that straight women like lesbian porn because it's about female pleasure. So the answer is to make sex about her pleasure. Make her cum, make her cum good, and make sure that she knows you care about how she feels.
referral madness (2 months ago)
A woman who watches lesbian porn isn't straight
Eva De Peva (2 years ago)
'or we will' I love this channel already hahaha
Jade Sramana (2 years ago)
Story of my life
Damon Gilbert (2 years ago)
Iam a straight guy really love lesbian porn even over MF porn, cant tell why. Is it in my DNA?
Daniel Field (1 year ago)
Because instead of having one of a thing you like, in lesbian porn you have TWO of a thing you like.
Ist Egal (2 years ago)
The end xD
David Guy (2 years ago)
please don't take offense but i usually have a problem with going down cos it looks horrific, it's really hairy, and it stinks. please ladies, shave. it makes a massive difference... if men aren't as good with their technique it's probably cos we don't get much practice (i'm nearly 50 y.o. and have had very little sex), or the lady hasn't expressed her style preference. one woman i was with wouldn't let me go down, or use my fingers. the only thing that could go near was my cock. no fun i want to be a good lover - i've always concentrated on the lady. too much, perhaps - i've never had an orgasm when i've been with someone...
de verdad de nada (2 years ago)
how do you find real lesbian porn? I mean, made by lesbians for lesbians, I want to try :)
tFighterPilot (2 years ago)
Try "Girs Out West".
QueenBee. (2 years ago)
visit a porn website duh
Dannielle Pettyjohn (2 years ago)
idk I thought I was straight and watched lesbian porn more and more and more than realized how much I want to fuck a chick. and I noticed what I liked the most about watching straight porn was watching the girl even though I thought the guy was sexy I thought she was too, BTW I'm bi
Timothy Jacobs (2 years ago)
for a second there I thought my cousin was a lesbian I mean she talked her BFF to kiss her in the mouth but she has a crush on a dude
Ryan Burger (2 years ago)
The wink at the end was so cute and I cannot get over that
Nilla Wafer (2 years ago)
wtf is up with that girls hair?
Ashley Dailey (2 years ago)
I'm straight and I like lesbian porn a lot more lol
Rajesh Royal (2 years ago)
Connie Reitz (2 years ago)
Sinn sage nuff said. I'm straight girl but I now only watch g/g porn anymore and also will only watch it with Sinn sage in it
thoughtful Dame (2 years ago)
this video is actually trying to explain straigh man to not to shy away or hesitate in going down a women.......positive video
Morgana (2 years ago)
Hahaha, I love Hart in this video! XD
Seductive Butter (2 years ago)
How did I get from a Star Wars lore video to lesbians explaining lesbian porn
Jonathan Gabriel (2 years ago)
If they get off to it they lesbo but hey,i would be one lesbo if i was a girl so i can't blame them.
marlon green (2 years ago)
Its mostly true im straight but jack off to gay porn that dosent make sense if im straight.I dont consider it a double standard for straight girls.Eventually those straight girls will act on their hidden bisexual desires.
Ace Spa (2 years ago)
Not exactly true
marlon green (2 years ago)
Agreed they should just come out as bisexual.If u get off too lesbian your attracted to women its commen sense.
Ariel O. (2 years ago)
Bree Uglylove (3 years ago)
LMAO... ahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Rumpel (3 years ago)
not even jokeing am I the only guy who loves giving girls head xD
Terrill Mitchell (10 months ago)
marlon green 5
marlon green (2 years ago)
Nope i love it
kumar kumar (3 years ago)
love tis video . they r talking talking truth
Robert Simpson (3 years ago)
I eat the pussy
Vincent Nicosia (3 years ago)
the black woman is so sassy and I love it :3
Jason Getzify (3 years ago)
Lesbian porn is way too overrated! Is there something wrong with straight porn or something? Not to weird here.*
imakefoodhappen (2 years ago)
I didn't mean privilege. The video is about straight girls loving lesbian porn, and you're not a straight girl, nor a lesbian so it just sounded weird because men's opinion on lesbian porn is unrelated to this subject.
Jason Getzify (2 years ago)
I thought about this months ago, I wasn't just thinking for the women for watching it, I was talking about two genders that watch this and always talks about this around social area and saying that they really like watching lesbian couples. And I don't know how your saying that I'm a guy but there is nothing privilege against genders preaching about something of their point of view./
imakefoodhappen (2 years ago)
+Jason Getzify Your name and picture suggests you're male. How can you decide for women if lesbian porn is overrated?
Diana Wellington 2.0 (3 years ago)
The reason why I like lesbian porn is because I enjoy oral sex more than penetration and its usually not as aggressive. I hate the porn with strap-ons or dildos. I feel like, if a wanted a real penis I would watch straight porn. Even with straight porn I skip to the oral scenes.
Diana Wellington 2.0 (3 years ago)
As I said above, I watch straight oral sex porn. I enjoy lesbian porn as I said above because its not as aggressive, most of the time.
NXTolajidebt (3 years ago)
That a excuse, you can watch straight oral sex porn ???
Anathema Nu (3 years ago)
That's awesome!  Actually, it's one of my favorite things to do.  If you're paying attention to her you're not as mindful of how things smell or taste because you're into giving to her.  If you're doing it right, that's reward enough on its own.
merthyrboyo (3 years ago)
Good to see that most of the comment in this video about us straight guys either not enjoying or not being good at giving oral have been debunked in one of the other videos here. If I had watched this vid first I would have been yelling at it. I love giving head (more than receiving - honest) I will lick, nibble, suck, blow, bite, slurp... whatever it takes to get my girl to orgasm as many times and as long as she can stand to receive it I will keep doing it. Why? I get sooooo turned on by the sounds and the moves she makes while we're doing it. Also if i'm honest I kinda suck at the actual penetrative sex part because I am usually just too turned on to last more than a few minutes. So if I can really satisfy her with the oral she may not even notice that she got short-changedon the other. Thanks for all these videos. I'm always interested to learn more about women from the experts. :)
saxoman1 (3 years ago)
This is good news for me, as a straight guy who's favorite activity in the sack IS giving her head. I almost don't even care if I even get to penetrate and receive head. For me, successful pleasing a woman with my mouth is as sexually fulfilling for me as it is for her! There's nothing like a woman FURTHER shoving your face deep between her legs and grinding against (all of) it to an orgasmic climax (hopefully in your mouth... wow I'm kinda sick lol)! If this is all I got to do with a woman, I'm happy! An additional advantage I have is that I LOVE pubic hair on a woman (love buring my face in it). I don't know why, I just do (although trimmed and bald is hot too). The ONLY thing I require is that it's reasonably clean, then it's GAME ON! And who are all these guys who don't like doing it? I've never understood that...
Wra8h (3 years ago)
SO IM NOT HALF GAY???? lesbian porn turns me on..... thought i was pan now im confused
Krista Martin (3 years ago)
Oh my god that adorable little smile at 1:12 I CANT <333
Demi Lase (3 years ago)
I'm straight and I love lesbian porn xD
Farmer (2 years ago)
+Demi Lase I once use my (female)friend's pc I saw 90% gay orgy /10% gangbang porn sites and vids.
Demi Lase (2 years ago)
+Farmer no lol its just more sensual then straight porn
Farmer (2 years ago)
+Gaurang Karmakar Girls say it for attention darn it.
Gaurang Karmakar (2 years ago)
+Demi Lase "And, I am a vegetarian, but I love corned beef!!" Sorry, you ain't straight!!! You're bi! If you're aroused getting by it, it is very much part of your sexual orientation. U may not see girls in a romantic way, but if u c girls in a sexual way, then you're bi.
Steffane Wharton (3 years ago)
Dear Arielle, I think you can tell which pornstars are lesbians by the length of their fingernails. A lesbian knows "Well, I better keep my fingernails clipped or another woman is not likely to let me anywhere near her vagina!" Once I was having a conversation with another lesbian and she opted to tell me a joke. She said "What do you call a lesbian with long fingernails?" I don't answer. "Single" she laughed and quickly I look down at my fingernails and I think 'Shit' The other lesbian told the joke at my expense, but also offered up some knowledge. Women who do lesbian porn who are lesbians are more likely to be in toon with lesbian lifestyle practices and will keep the nails cut, but also straight women who do lesbian porn who have "respect" for their co-star's tender bits and pieces will also keep their nails clipped. I used to watch a lot of lesbian porn because I like watching "somebody" get off (not me). Some women had fake nails and that was a complete turn off because eventually your mouth is going to get tired so you need to have something else in store to get your partner if they are no sated. Sincerely, Steffane E. Wharton
Yamagashi (3 years ago)
There is no great mystery here. I guess the thing here is to try to perpetuate a myth that lesbianism is so appealing that even "straight" women get turned on by watching two women having lesbian sex even though they are still "totally straight" . No. The answer here is quite simple. These women who claim to be straight but masturbate often times exclusively to lesbian porn are simply in denial and/or sexually repressed bisexuals, lesbians,or bi curious. They are always parroting the same weak explanations on why they are "totally straight". That you don't ever see yourself with a woman in real life doesn't change anything.
Beauty Effulgent (3 years ago)
Lol that's the exact same soap I have! Pomegranate & Mango by Softsoap. Good smelling stuff :) This is a cute video, but it didn't accurately answer the question. The real reason straight girls like watching porn is because women are more sexually fluid than men. Our brains hardwired differently. It doesn't make a straight girl "gay" to get turned on by watching lesbian porn. It's just a natural physiological response from our bodies. Women also get turned on by watching animals mate, doesn't mean we want to mate with the animals.
Lauren Kaunra (3 years ago)
I turned a straight girl gay once. BOYS YOU BETTER START TRYING HARDER! cuz that was as easy as petting a cat and making it purr ;-)
Maorawrath (3 years ago)
+Lauren Kaunra This feels like a sock puppet account
Black Phillip (3 years ago)
I've known for years that female heterosexuality is a myth. You didn't turn a straight female, straight. You turned a homosexual female who called herself straight into a homosexual female who no longer called herself straight. Men don't need to start trying anything, though, regarding women. Straight men just need to stop being so homophobic and start enjoying the love of gay men. Ancient Greece is evidence it worked once, and hopefully it will work again. Only gay men can appreciate men.
aleks angeles (3 years ago)
Ewwwww why would u even post this
Sophie Luvs Books (3 years ago)
This was just the video I was looking for. I have never been sexually or romantically attracted to a girl. All throughout my life I've only had crushes on guys. And trust me I've looked at guys and thought inside my head (but definitely will never say it out loud bc it would be awkward if I did) "Wow I would do that." And haven't ever really thought that when I see girls. But for some reason I like seeing girl on girl action sometimes.... that's normal, right?
Saheb 000 (1 year ago)
Sophie Luvs Books u still confuse about ur sex..u need to correct it men.....life is suck ,if u choosing lesbian...human only born for enjoying their life .if u chose lesbian..then u neglecting by everyone.and believe me it s not good at all...it's just ur brain play with u.. human sex doesn't build up by organ... it's the human character .sex is a person character which human roll play in their real life...so if u still think about lesbian.its that mean u still, put yourself in a lesbian character...ppl have many character in their real life.just like I am love a girl but the girl didn't love me..and occasionally we are meet everyday in college.so the point is .how am I still smile when she kiss an another guy.. answer is I build a character ( I pretending to not love her)...and after few month its affecting good.this character help me to get rid of her from my brain..so I have many character to role play in my life.sometime I think ,I am various person .but it's. not ..it's just character just like some time I am pretending to smoking caused boys gangs dont accept guys who doesn't do smoking or drinking..but I am build a character to like that shit.....so it's helpful ,if u are cater to chosen a character..( u don't like lesbian or try to not download lesbian sex video until u are get 30)..use it atleast an one year..I am damn sure u will not willing to love lesbian thing again again.because it's helpful..many girl do that thing..and finally they are get rid of lesbian thing.and finally enjoy their family life or society life...
Sophie Luvs Books (1 year ago)
I appreciate the concern. But alas, this was posted a year ago. For now, I identify as straight(it doesn't really matter). I mean at this point in my life I'm not really looking for an intimate or sexual relationship. Who knows? Perhaps in the future I feel differently but for now I'm not that focused on that.
Saheb 000 (1 year ago)
ur like girls kiss a girl...it's pretty. but u should turn off the TV when its was happened. but u watching it and like it..straight ppl never like or watching own gender kiss..u r hiding biii.who likes both gender equally... u are a good example of bi...don't worry 100% girl in the world are bisexual... u are not unique .scientist proved it..caused men only think everything by Right side ceriberam Brain.but girl think everything by both right and Left... girls dopamine chain reaction good with sex..girl dopamine chain reaction just like fogs dopamine chain reaction in the Brain.. fogs sex with both gender.. humans girls are have same dopamine chain reaction proved by scientic after a massive study about fogs and human brain chemical reaction... so don't worry if u are hiding ur bisexuality. its in ur DNA.. but mutations can changes that DNA. just like human brain mutated continuously in the decades by started thing about smarter thing...if girl start thing about boys all the time.like a men thing about girls all the time..it will change DNA of dopamine chain reaction by mutation while a decade.so girl its all ur hand.are u wanna get rid of this DNA..or do like girls on girls..all in ur hand..
Martha Chiara (2 years ago)
+Sophie Luvs Books don't care about them, really they have no idea and or are just trolls
Sophie Luvs Books (3 years ago)
+Jake Jt -sigh- Again, as I've previously said, I would if I was. However, me knowing exactly how I feel, can not honestly and genuinely say that I'm gay. Or bi for that matter. It wouldn't be a problem to me. I'm not the kind of person who'd try to hide it or is surrounded by people who wouldn't accept it. I realize that maybe I just shouldn't have commented. Are you me? Are you in my mind? Can you feel what I'm feeling? No. All of those things are impossible for you to do. I know who I am better than you and everyone else on this planet. I had a deep crush on a guy for three whole years. I'm sorry, but that's not someone who is a lesbian feels. As I have said, I've only ever developed crushes on guys. I read a lot of books and have fallen for several guy characters, none female. So don't you dare try to convince me that you, doesn't even know me, know better than me about my own sexuality. I know it seems like I'm coming off as overly defensive. However, I'm not. I'm being completely honest. Please don't try to tell people what their sexuality is. It doesn't make you look good. Also, why does it even matter to you? My sexuality has no effect on you what.so.ever.
Faith Calderaro (3 years ago)
Marissa's laugh at the end is so cute xD.
Jack Housman (3 years ago)
Thanks, Ladies.  MWAH!!
Henry Le Corno (3 years ago)
On this one show called Blind Date a girl said she loves lesbian porn but she only has sex with men. She says, "I gotta have my lesbians!" so this video mostly makes sense.
sean conley (3 years ago)
The reason straight women watch lesbian porn is quite simple. It has to do with the instinctive approach straight women have to relationships in general. When it comes to relationships, straight women look at themselves as a prize or treasure for the man. Society has taught women that they are this prize that men should work hard for. The responsibility of the woman is to merely play defense and filter the advances from men until the right man comes along that can satisfy her primal instincts. So women believe their role is more passive and defensive because they are these treasures that men work for. This dynamic is true when straight men and straight women look up porn. A straight woman would never intentionally look for male porn because that would mean her role as the "treasure to be sought out" isn't there. She has reversed the role and she's made the man the treasure to be sought out because she is actively looking for nude men in a lustful fashion. Her belief is that men are not to be lusted after, women are. Men are merely the providers and security for the female existence. A woman would never knowingly give up this benefit of being a woman. Straight women are not looking at lesbian porn the way straight men are. Straight men watch lesbian porn because we are fascinated by the idea that a woman can lust after vagina like us. This fascinates us because society has taught us that women are not sexual beings. We're taught women don't think about sex often like we do. They don't lust for sex like we do, they merely let us have sex with them when we, as men, have done something for the woman that she approves of. Things like buying her flowers, buying her food, making her something, etc. Straight women don't watch lesbian porn because they love the sight of a woman giving another woman great "head". That's why straight men watch lesbian porn. No, straight women watch lesbian porn for the simple fact that it contains two women; the icons of beauty, as they were taught, and the treasured goal of men.
sean conley (3 years ago)
I agree with you. I've read the many studies that show that lesbians actually become aroused while watching gay male porn, straight couple porn, as well as lesbian porn. I'm not saying that straight women can't and don't get aroused by watching male porn. Part of what I'm saying is that straight women avoid purposely seeking out male porn for self fulfillment reasons. If they watch male porn then they might feel like a slut because they've been taught that.
Brian P (3 years ago)
Wrong lesbians can and do watch gay male porn and straight porn. Women even showed arousal to chimp porn.
IWantMyVisionBack (3 years ago)
If you are a female and you watch lesbian porn, you are a lesbian. I like how society likes to distort these things. I really feel for homosexual people, because everyone and their momma wants to engage in homosexual behavior but doesn't want to claim it. And if a man said I watch homosexual porn because it's just interesting, people would make fun of him and call him gay.
Taylor Knight (3 years ago)
I'm straight and I don't watch lesbian porn, it's more of a guy thing.
hero mask388 (3 years ago)
Why learn from a ledbo win you got school
Troy S (3 years ago)
Misandry, gynocentrism, female supremacy. There are countless porn videos where males are sensual and caring/loving to the women. Performing oral and various kinds of foreplay. This is not mentioned, and she talks shit anyway.
Troy S (3 years ago)
+島風 Well obviously I missed that, but notice how I clearly said "my guess"?  I wasn't affirming or claiming anything.  Still, interestingly convenient how you've avoided all other points made.
島風 (3 years ago)
+Trojan Blazefyre funny because i literally said "i hate both feminists and meninists", why are you ignoring that? and you told me i was being misandrist which would imply that i hate all men or just hate men for simply being male which is not true. i dislike sexist men. i do not hate men who are not sexist. simple as that.
Troy S (3 years ago)
+島風 "but it is overwhelmingly the female gender that it happens to" Biggest load of crap I've read in a long time.  Men are sexually objectified by women all the time, just in different ways.  And when women aren't sexually objectifying men, they're objectifying them as atm machines/utilities.  Furthermore, no one is forcing any woman to objectify and degrade herself into a sexual play thing - that you take such issue with.  If anyone is to blame for women being objectified, it's themselves.  Still, it's entertaining just how gynocentric you are... My guess is that you're a feminist.
Troy S (3 years ago)
+島風 "gross violent shit" >subjective opinion >demonizing typical male sexuality >misandry It says that the vast majority of frequent and paying porn consumers are males, that's what it says. "cause it isn't women who are watching this stuff" I personally know two females from work who are very much into that stuff.  They aren't rare weirdos either. " not saying that all men watch it btw, another false assumption you made" I never said that you said all men watch it.  I never even implied that.  Lol do you even logic?   You clearly have an issue with the sexual fantasies/fetishes of the typical male.  Also, you claim that violent porn is common, but this is a load of bullshit.  Truly violent porn is illegal in many countries, and even just kinky light-violence is a niche fetish.  If you want to know the kinds of porn that are most popular for males, then simply watch one of the many videos that list them, and provide sources. The fact that such a massive majority of women all flock to porn searches such as "lesbian scissoring", "squirting", and "teen lesbian", without even first attempting to use keywords to find the abundance of sensual, gentle heterosexual porn says it all; just a bunch of denial and self deluding rationalization. The fact that you masturbate and/or get off at the thought/image of two females having sex, means that you are not straight.  Don't give me the bullshit that you're just exclusively focusing on the fact that people are being sensually pleasured.  You're getting aroused by female body parts, and the kinky taboo of two girls having sex.   
島風 (3 years ago)
and why is critiquing violence in the porn industry considered an attack on men or misandrist? if it was women doing this stuff to men that was widely accepted, i would be calling that out as well. neither gender should be just tossed around as a sex object for the opposite gender, but it is overwhelmingly the female gender that it happens to. but if it was reversed it wouldnt be okay either.
Billy Daa Kidd (3 years ago)
Wanna give my bitch head? Be my guess... all women gay anyway.
Sal Amander (3 years ago)
The only part of lesbian porn that is hot is tribbing missionary, scissoring, reverse cowgirl, etc. Everything else is just boring.
Sal Amander (3 years ago)
There's tons and tons of pussy licking in straight porn but it gets edited out of the final cut. Straight dudes don't like looking at a man's face/head and that's why the cunnilingus scenes are edited out.
Vincent Rath (3 years ago)
Breathing out your mouth still causes air to flow in and out of your nasal passages unless you focus on it, which is probably the last thing you should be focusing on when face to crotch with a girl. My ex was so bad about the smell. Guh, it was so terrible. All she ate was meat and fast food (not good for smell if I remember correctly). Only time I could even attempt it without gagging was in the shower, but even then, she was so hairy, my gag reflex hit anyways. I begged her to shave just a little, or to eat less meat and more fruit, but she wouldn't. So, I told her that I couldn't. Not that I wouldn't, but that I would literally throw up if I did anymore than I had already tried. Is there anything I could do to help with that, or is it all on the girl?
Fgfh Dssd (3 years ago)
+Vincent Rath glad you were honest about it to her though so she could atleast make the decision to change her diet. Cool move!
KT JH (3 years ago)
+Vincent Rath It must have just been the girl, my boyfriend's never had any trouble with me and I'll even tell him it's a no go if it's bad down there. I have a good sniffer, so I tend to keep baby wipes on hand. If you're comfortable talking about things with her, just tell her to clean there at least once every day. Like I said, the smell bothers ME haha, so I tend to keep things on hand... Drinking water helps too, for me. It keeps things "flowing" I guess you could say...
Sophia Theurer (3 years ago)
The best part about this is that I used to tell my straight guy friends how to please their ladies. And every time they came back to me and gave me the biggest fucking hug because the girls loved it.
DEKATTYO 2 (3 years ago)
Im a straight guy and I dont watch lesbian porn....fuck me right. I've seem a couple videos before and in my opinion a typical lesbian porn would be about 30 minutes long consisting of 15 min of kissing, 10 min of going down on each other and last 5min kissing. By the end im nodding off. Its too boring for me.
Farmer (2 years ago)
+aggelos il. I'm straight but I'd rather watch gay porn than lesbian porn.
Coco s (3 years ago)
What!!! Vulvas smell and taste amazing!!!
Lana717 (3 years ago)
+Colleen s Eww no
i'm a straight guy but you are soo cute and funny i can't stop watching ;D
firewalker117 (3 years ago)
nobody is scared of the vagina ladies we love it and so do you
C2EAKali (3 years ago)
I love HART!!
Khoo Timothy (3 years ago)
The last part 'or we will..*wink*' makes me laugh so hard xD
mari (3 years ago)
Made my night lol
someone out there (3 years ago)
Stephen Richards (3 years ago)
If you want head, keep your area clean. End of story. 
Stephen Richards (3 years ago)
+Ramona maddafakka Girls deny head to smelly croaches all the time (and rightfully so).. This chick was saying, "WHO THE FUCK CARES IF SHE SMELLS LIKE DEATH, just go down on her."  My statement is gender neutral.  I keep my crotch clean and trimmed and shower daily, so you can too. A lot of times before a date i'll put a special kind of cologne down there, after showering which helps a lot (and the ladies love it.) 
raincloud (3 years ago)
lol! so many offended straight guys in the comments!!
Bandit (3 years ago)
+raincloud I'm offended, not by the video cause I think it's funny but because of the comments bashing guys.
11viewer77 (3 years ago)
I`m a straight dude and I subscribe to lesbian channels too. What does that say to you?
Skai Thorne (3 years ago)
I was looking up reports and like rape warnings and I found what I thought was a news report but it turned out to be lesbian porn. It was one of those 5minute videos and I watched through 2-3 minutes and I was disgusted but then I realized that the female body is beautiful and this video really backed me up.
Mamilo Viril (3 years ago)
A lot of straight guys love shemale porn.
Yamagashi (3 years ago)
+stopandchek perhaps but that's a different animal than "straight" women watching lesbian porn. The equivalent would be straight women watching FTM trans porn.
borromeo50 (3 years ago)
+stopandchek So they were not kidding?? i heard something like 90 percent of shemale porn watchers are straight guys... (makes me feel less of a freak lol)
Jilian Jilianson (3 years ago)
I really don't like the girl with the dreadies
ralu kity (3 years ago)
Soo funny ! I love u all <3
Anwar Nayani (3 years ago)
MonstersNightmare (3 years ago)
These chicks are grossss looking!!!!!!!!
Which look exactly like your parents
adri8wog (3 years ago)
If only we could all circular breathe when our heads get pushed down town
Puzzling Bear (3 years ago)
I think straight women love lesbian porn because its kind of a guilty pleasure. Maybe they have fantasized about having sex with a female, but they don't want to do it because of one reason or the other, but just be there the most they can. Porn.
KoolBreeze420 (3 years ago)
What pisses me off is when I go down on a women and then they grab me a few mins later and say fuck can you ever do that but not let me continue this usually only happens the 1st cpl times. I have guessed that its about shyness or something or they just aren't used to the spot being found so fast and they don't want to be loud I dunno it usually takes a few times for that to go away and they are ready for a full treatment.  I love pussy especially new great tasting pussy. I am a true lesbian in a mans body and I could eat pussy 24 hours a day if I was allowed lol
Non-gay Girls watching Lesbian PORN are bisexual.
Haley Schollenberger (4 years ago)
This made me really happy. 
Sarafina Donald (4 years ago)
It's true! I love all porn.
Lana717 (3 years ago)
+Hamar Fox Me? i only watch heterosexual porn and male gay porn. Lesbian porn is repuilsive
Black Phillip (3 years ago)
It's not true that you love all porn. Porn you don't like: Heterosexual porn Homosexual male porn
Sarafina Donald (3 years ago)
You should really stop talking about yourself like that honey.
Lana717 (3 years ago)
Sarafina Donald (3 years ago)
+feri syafrino Thanks lol  
no no (4 years ago)
Hart gets my type of humor
MYASSHOLEBURNS1 (4 years ago)
As a straight guy I wish I had lesbian girl/friends. I don't really care to hang out with guys. To much macho crap makes me sick. Plus girls are just so much cooler than guys. I am super comfortable around girls. I only say I would like lesbian friends because the chance of hooking up is zero so I can just put it out of my mind. Plus I love to shop. And just in case your thinking I might be a gay guy waiting to get out. GUYS ARE DISGUSTING!! I can barley stand to shake hands and the man hug other than family NO FUCKING WAY
Adrian Cooper (4 years ago)
Any girl saying as a man I, or we, are afraid of Vag, go F yourselves. Seriously? To us Vag is the greatest pleasure a man could partake in and don't think anything different
Black Phillip (3 years ago)
Vaginas disgust me.
Badinboarder87 (4 years ago)
They tell you that guys need to get better at oral, but they don't tell you how. Thanks Lesbos!
toboe15052 (4 years ago)
god your girls make me so confused with myself haha. I thought I was a top but some of you chicks make me question that idea
drunkprude (4 years ago)
Um im straight and I fucking hate lesbian porn .its so violent and so not passionate ....thats just me .... ):
most if not all women/girls I know are bi. In a decade living in skandinavia I can count on the tip of my fingers of one hand how many time I encountered straight only women. My gf is bi and she has a female lover. No jealousy from me, I cant be jealous on a woman, I dont know why. But if a guy interfere....man I become a monster. Anyways I (we) also enjoy lez porn. Two women are simply hot, both for me and her (btw she was watching lez porn before she even knew me, and she showed me some of her favorite). And I looooove the female form and body. I can kiss lick suck caress grab whatever for hours. Just love it. But thats me. Anyways something in this vid puzzled me....do there really exist guys who are afraid of a vagina? wtf.....
Jake Bsn (3 years ago)
+Alicia cooper You being a girl means you can speak for all women in the world? retard. I am a bisexual guy, i should say all men are bisexual because i am a  guy and bi. *facepalm*. Most women and men are straight, only lesbians and horny virgins say stuff like all women are gay or bi.
Alicia cooper (3 years ago)
+Jake Bsn I am a woman and I can confirm that most of the girls are bisexual today
Jake Bsn (3 years ago)
+Kenshiroit I've been around women all my life and the vast majority are straight. It's not even debatable, most women are straight
I dont know, really im not kidding. Im almost indifferent if she date a girl, its dangerous I know, but I really relaxed. But if a guy tries...then I become a devil. Maybe a bug in my psyche? or maybe I have no soul O_O
Soo... Your gf can go out with other women but not men? What's the difference?
Fick Dich (4 years ago)
You mam, got a new subscriber :D
Adam Swanson (4 years ago)
If some straight girls love porn i would say to hell w/ them i personally, least care Whether or not they like porn or not i think this whole topic is stupid.
EndeAbgrunds (4 years ago)
What? I'm a straight guy and I take pride in my pussy eating skills. In fact, to be more specific on the subject. I feel guilty if I don't eat the chick out.
Timothy O'Brien (4 years ago)
First thing I did with another person was give her head. And I had no idea what I was doing, but she did and she taught.  Still thanking her.
TheSaxBandGeek (4 years ago)
Haha so good! And true.
88Tonette88 (4 years ago)
Yup, this nicely summed it up lol
somthingbrutal (4 years ago)
why wouldnt you  want to go down on your girlfriend, i dont get that at all. more foreplay from both sides makes the sex better for both of you surely
LongLiveFor13 (4 years ago)
I Used to think that As soon as A girl watch lesbian porn, she will immediately turn Lesbian... I thought that the main reason why there are still a lot of Straight girls is That They Didn't Get to Know what Lesbian Sex really Is !
Yamagashi (3 years ago)
+LongLiveFor13 The obvious revelation here isn't that there are a high number of heterosexual women turned on by watching lesbian sex. It's that there is apparently a lot of repressed/ in denial bi curious, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual etc.. women out there
LongLiveFor13 (3 years ago)
+Hamar Fox Cause after this video I realised that straight girls can watch lesbian porn and still be straight, so I don't think that anymore
Black Phillip (3 years ago)
Why "used"?
SaesarSalad (4 years ago)
I skimmed an article somewhere stating straight women preferred gay porn (man on man).

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