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The Stab in the Dark Shaper Series: Mayhem

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Welcome back to Stab in the Dark. Welcome to the short, fast and loud life of board #31, shaped by Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos. Matt’s been shaping for 28 years (he’s currently 45 years old) and is widely regarded as the best shaper for Southern California waves. But, he reaches far beyond the CA and #31 was one of thousands he made last year: “I used the foam, stringer and glass job that I use on all of Kolohe’s boards. It wasn’t a Huntington Beach go-go-go board. It was a board you could surf in powerful waves and push hard against it. It wasn’t a previously designed board, I put a bit of flare in it,” Says Julian. Read more at http://stabmag.com/the-stab-in-the-dark-shaper-series-mayhem/#2W7BMTWGlGC6XxDC.99
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mike powers (1 year ago)
Can we chill on thr background music geezus
Phaidrus (1 year ago)
Matt's super shapes!

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