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Lose Weight! - Big vs Little Problems

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Too many women have body weight issues. Love yourself. HARTBEAT : http://youtube.com/hartbeat LOSE THE WEIGHT : http://youtu.be/8_gnkGg_7vc PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) http://bit.ly/SubscribeToArielle GIRLFRIENDS : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends TWITTER : http://twitter.com/arielleishammin FACEBOOK : http://facebook.com/arielleishamming T SHIRTS : http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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Text Comments (600)
Hailey (1 month ago)
Ariel to be completely honest with you I don’t think you’re skinny or little I think you’re medium/average sized.
charlicharli luv (11 months ago)
little bitch problems
Lady Dyke Vader (1 year ago)
I'm the big bitch due to tall, the little bitch due to figure so like... ummm... mixed up the problems section a bit XD
Marjolaine De Simone (1 year ago)
And the Hart felt so big.....and Arielle felt so small...... (I love anyone who gets this)
Ebony Horn (1 year ago)
I'm thick and I hate it
Natasha Reeder (1 year ago)
The Shaving struggle for big peeps is real
Kaya Smith (2 years ago)
omfg I love you guysssssssss!!!
LoseBellyFatFast (2 years ago)
awesome video. Fantastic work. Acquire a lot of knowledge from this clip.
Rebekah Sharpe (2 years ago)
I'm medium height and big weight
Tyler Butler (2 years ago)
I love this video
Izzy Z. (3 years ago)
Your not that small
Meg Pond (3 years ago)
Dimple distraction! 'Bout to hit up the crispy creams! Mmmmm! I want crispy creams.
ssohappytogetherr (3 years ago)
I have an athletic build and I'm almost all muscle but the parts of me that are not very muscled and have more fat, like my thighs lol, are fine that way. I've been the same size for the past five years and I'm cool with it. I'm 5'4" and 160 pounds and I look like I'm 130 pounds but I still have to get big sizes cause my boobs are big and that is totally fine. I'm never gonna be any smaller than a size 8 or 10 and it's fuckin' awesome!!!
Baby Bat (3 years ago)
Happythekatt (3 years ago)
Is that a sims remix I hear? :D
ThatGoodGay (3 years ago)
Am I the only one that noticed the music is from The Sims?
The Hot Shots (3 years ago)
Would Always Stay Up Till 2:00 In The Mourning Watching Your Videos.I LOVE YOU <3 Arielle (Plz Reply Or I'll Die >~<)
ajtl3492 (3 years ago)
I just laughed through out the whole video 👌😂😂😂😂
Megan Peterson (3 years ago)
This video is my girlfriend and myself, to a T. I'm fluffy, she's cute and tiny.
rachelle2227 (3 years ago)
Unproportional problems- I am taller than my best friend by a good two or three inches. We sit, and we are the same height. My arms go down two third of my upper leg. Basically, I'm all limbs lol. It's nice that shirts are never short on me though. Luckily all sleeves tend to be quite long.
RainbowBalloon88 (3 years ago)
I'm short, and big, so I relate to like 95% of this stuff. >_<
Aiden C (3 years ago)
Hahahabahha. Me to :/
K Noble (3 years ago)
1:55 "If there was ever another Ice Age, my skinny ass is dying first!"
Johanna Neyra (4 years ago)
I'm shamelessly laughing out loud at the student lounge :P
Vixrotre (4 years ago)
Shaving- I feel ya, girl.
courtney warner (4 years ago)
I'm short n fat
Jaya N.S. (4 years ago)
I'm a mix of both bitches. I'm 5'2, but athletic and have a "layer of insulation" haha.
ivegottaluvlikewoe (4 years ago)
Hart is the best
eey omadlao (4 years ago)
Your videos are so hilarious which make me wanna date you  :D
amtoolazy (4 years ago)
This video is amazing
itzmeherehi (4 years ago)
And then we gonna hit up the Krispy Kreme BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Violet M (4 years ago)
I'm short and big so I relate
Epicness Coal (4 years ago)
1:45-1:48 Ew no that's not attractive😂
Awkward Amanda (4 years ago)
If there was another ice age all you would have to do is cuddle with me and I'd keep you warm;)
Nicole Fernandez (4 years ago)
Get yo ass out of the kids section and buy some grown ass women's clothes lol
JayJayJany (4 years ago)
this is the wonderful video that introduced me to Hart because I fell in love (and a little lust in there too) with her voice.
Minerette210a (4 years ago)
The Harlem Shake think just killed me XD
michaela baumeister (4 years ago)
Gosh ik ow what you mean with shaving
Shaé Wise (4 years ago)
The Krispy Kreme part had me dying! 😩💀😂
stormofconquest (4 years ago)
When my best friend was very young she would get picked on a lot by other girls. One of the things she would get teased for was being chubbier, until one day she told the skinny girls, "Yeah, but when the ice age comes, you'll all freeze like popsicles and I'll eat your carcasses and continue surviving."
Jude (4 years ago)
Little bitch problem: can never find guys clothes in my size. Ugh.
Cierra Akers-Peake (4 years ago)
Hart is soooooo sexy
Katelyn (4 years ago)
+Cierra Williams I say dat for her mom
ColicoVis (4 years ago)
I'm sorry, but the way she said hart was a "BIG BITCH" and harts diet thing made me lose my shit X,D
Swagemmett (4 years ago)
Arielle, are you really that little? You look at least average height  YA BOTH SEXY'S FUCK
rei0493 (4 years ago)
I want to be skinny, just not a twig. =^~^=
Kimberly Gawne (4 years ago)
"If there was another Ice Age, my skinny ass is dying first." AHAHAHAHA OMG Arielle I love you you're too funny! As a (somewhat) bigger girl, I guess I can now feel good about having "an extra layer of insulation," as you so nicely put it. :P
Kick Buttowski (4 years ago)
0:41 XD
L Celosia (4 years ago)
Sorry, all I can hear is the Sims build music playing in the background...
Purple Cat (4 years ago)
i'm little and big. 5:2 and uk size 16-18, i have many problems
Rebecca Hopton (4 years ago)
LOVE the background music haha
Nyx Nuit (4 years ago)
0:13 - 0:18 LMAO
Evol Mermae (4 years ago)
You guys you to focus more on being healthy not about being fat or little and yes whatever your body does naturally after diet and exercise is beautiful after that
Kiara Hobson (4 years ago)
I love both of you
Eldina (4 years ago)
haha so true 0:34-0:44 xD
SheKillsMyBrain (4 years ago)
I've just subscribed to your channel! Nice video!
PrimeTheGamerGirl (4 years ago)
ima big bitch XD hahahaha and my swords protect how i think of myself because of what others say ...oh u think im ugly pshhh ur head will look lovely on my fire place 
You are my favorite youtuber Cx
Erin Christenson (4 years ago)
i can honestly relate so much to shaving my vagina lol :) this damn stomach keeps gettin in my way! haha
Katelyn (4 years ago)
+Erin Christenson good job if you can shave ya vagina--which is INSIDE your body.  Ouch hahahaha
ttamiy (4 years ago)
yeah we gooo big girls!! :p YOu both are tooooo funny! great video ps:"we about to hit some crispy creeeeme, bitch!"
nicebutharsh (4 years ago)
Haha it's hard being the only skinny person in the house, everyone is always hot while I'm wearing several layers and freezing.
Wolfie Aj (4 years ago)
0:08 Lol  <3
Mysan Glaadh (4 years ago)
I stayed for the The sims music <3
sillynibble165 (4 years ago)
lol being able to lick your nipples is kinda hott
Katelyn (4 years ago)
+sillynibble165 I wish I coulnt--I prefer smaller breasts--BUT big nipples !!
This video was too hilarious!!! I can relate! <3 yall
Louise Matthews (4 years ago)
Arielle your hair rocks :)
Raven Bechtold (4 years ago)
Ur friend hart is really hot
Cypher Keaton (4 years ago)
OOOOOOOOOR...Krispy Kreme loves me instead. xD
nessyrules (4 years ago)
can relate to the harlem shake and defo crumbs in the boobs pmsl
XpiXiepX (4 years ago)
FINALLY! Someone tells the world little women do not have it easy being this size! I am so sick of people telling me that I've got it better than everyone else because I'm 5' and 85 pounds. LIES!
Raina Wigfall (4 years ago)
Dat ass..
krazykat147 (4 years ago)
I'm a mix of the two!!!! I'm under 5 ft and have 30J boobs! The clothes issue is the biggest problem. Things will fit the bust but go down to my knees... Grrr...
Haley Brooks (4 years ago)
Love the sims music in the back
NoodleThePanda (4 years ago)
I have a bit of a crush on Hart. v////v
Tammette Helms (4 years ago)
Both of you are hilarious but make great statements..Airelle is amazing and Hart you are my role model!
Houdini Magpie (4 years ago)
Aha I love you ladies x) and I can totally relate to the being little problems. My friends still pick on me for shopping in the kids department.. but at least my butt pillow for driving is comfy!
Lugh314 (4 years ago)
My friends all hate you now because "we about to hit up Krispy Kreeeeme, bitch!" is my new favorite thing to say.  :-D
serena hart (4 years ago)
I'm small like her but I got the blobs like hart
Tyler Goodwin (4 years ago)
Best channel 😍😍😍
Stephanie Johnson (4 years ago)
Big people problems <3
Kate Wank (4 years ago)
yay for bodies! and yay for "snacks for later" boob crumbs <3
SilentHysteria17 (4 years ago)
.... what if i'm a little big bitch -___- 
Cassandra McNichol (4 years ago)
now im curious to how tall you are i didnt think you were very little before this video!
alg11297 (4 years ago)
$50 and then you put out.....we know what you are ...we are now discussing price
Rainy Daze (4 years ago)
Medium over here!!!!
Jasmine Miller (4 years ago)
hahaha, how tall are you Arielle? Since I don't think she reads this, anyone know? If she really has to sit on a cushion, that makes her my daughter's size or shorter, which is 5'0" or less. I suppose she could be an inch or two taller and have different proportions.
Nova Vlogs (4 years ago)
I loved this. I effing love you both.
Ginger Ale (4 years ago)
oh my god sims music.
Angelvalare (4 years ago)
me too!
ItzNiqua (4 years ago)
Haa I Noticed That Too
Nell Worden (4 years ago)
The shaving when you're big thing is sooooooo true.  
Jessica Ruby (4 years ago)
BUT..we bout to hit up Krispy Kreme doe
Karissa Patrick (4 years ago)
I've always done the one where she's like "I hope this goes to my boobs....FUUUU" lol that had be rolling
Rexeya Jolt (4 years ago)
I still want to be skinny...
tatiana jones (3 years ago)
You should strive to be fit not skinny :)
Lakotah Littlehawk (4 years ago)
oh i love this so much!!! Big Girl Probs!!!
Shaun (4 years ago)
it's hard to love yourself when you know that no one else will ever love you
Nefelibata (4 years ago)
you don't look like the kind of guy who doesn't get any tbh.
JOlivia (4 years ago)
Emo much?
la-sha Peace (4 years ago)
got damn she was fine (hart)
Ludmila Vanovik (4 years ago)
I love Hart ! <3
Kenz smith (4 years ago)
Oh my lord. Hart marry me > - < <3 lol
Tiffy Shim (4 years ago)
...As a size 10 (probably more) girl, I can run, jump on beds (without breaking, of course) play sports, and in fact, I dance, too. Guess some big girls are just more athletic than others. And we don't have Krispy Kreme in Canada, I don't think...
Tara Brazel (4 years ago)
I love them both. These women are awesome.
TimeMovie931508 (4 years ago)
dat sims buy mode music
Baatzu (4 years ago)
Wait is that the sims music remixed?  genius!  (medium sized people world)
Sandra Mendez (4 years ago)
What's arts channel name??
Nalo Pennings (4 years ago)
We about to hit up Krispy Kreme bitch! xD 0:40 & 2:24

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