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New York City Psychic is out of business

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Former New York City psychic medium Betsy LeFae is now a healer. Betsy LeFae no longer gives psychic medium readings, instead, she offers a powerful way of helping you heal and strengthen your intuition.
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W S (11 months ago)
Hi Betsy! Winter here. I’ve had three wonderful readings with you. I have voiced to you how helpful they were for me. But, I do understand what you mean. However, I do think there are stages of helpfulness. When I have spoken with you, what I needed most at the time (and what resonates more loudly even to this day-5 years after my first reading with you) are the words and insight you gave me into accepting myself and my energy and feeling okay with who and how I am as a unique individual. I agree that the tools to go in depth and understand the “why’s” and “how’s” lead to greater transformation, but at that stage in my life, what I needed and was ready for was to hear that my energy was perfectly okay as it was. It was a point of reference I constantly came back to in order to stop comparing myself to others. While deeper work didn’t start until meeting a soul connection 2 years ago when I got into my core wounds, the interim period, re-listening to our readings really did give me a foundation. During that part of my story, it’s what I needed. It sounds as if for your part of your own journey, this is what you need and so I wish you continued healing and connection and I know that with this work, you will continue to help those in the stages of their journeys which they are meant to receive. ❤️
Betsy LeFae (11 months ago)
Winter! This is such a beautiful response. My heart is swelling with joy and love. Thanks for all of your support!

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