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Monster Energy - #Doonies2 [Official 4K]

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Bringing a collection of the most outrageous Monster Energy machinery - The Doonies journeyed back to the Glamis Sand Dunes of California to wreak havoc and go bigger then imaginable #DOONIES2 Music: Sleep - "Dragonaut" Mickey Avalon- “Rock Bottom" Check out: http://www.monsterenergy.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonsterEnergy Instagram: http://instagram.com/monsterenergy Website: http://www.monsterenergy.com/
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Text Comments (1842)
Darrren Betker (3 hours ago)
So strange that the guys are all dressed up in theire gear but the women have to wear next to nothun. My question is what does dooning have to do with sex?
Aaronski BeeSting (4 hours ago)
I'm on the chopper with the chicks headed to the showers and jacuzzi. You boys have fun.
Nikolay Popov (12 hours ago)
California Love
HIDDEN AGENDA (1 day ago)
I came for the clam jams. Would you just look at it?
Carl Brill (2 days ago)
Are those girls dust bunnies?
BSA 650 (2 days ago)
What is the purpose of the trash music playing ? It appears most of the action and skill of the performers is not enough ?? Typical stupid productions that are part of american culture!
catwithoutthe hat (2 days ago)
That ass brought me here😂😂
chris walker (2 days ago)
Take the babes
Ride with Me (2 days ago)
most perfect place to drop energy
DotWorld ToReal (2 days ago)
https://youtu.be/-5JS1KtFzbc.. my dream
Candi Dali (2 days ago)
There used to be a place like this in West Texas but they closed it down when it was discovered that they could use the sand there for oil well fracking. The Sandhills were sold to sand mining companies so now there are sand plant all over the place.
Higor V Sales (2 days ago)
cade as guria voando e intimando tudo os cueca?!?!?!?!
حسن صاموله (2 days ago)
وتهبن 👀
Justin Burnside (2 days ago)
This isn't "X-TREME" enough. Needs more Mountain Dew.
TX Rick (3 days ago)
Wonder what they did all night.
daminh26 (3 days ago)
Get those B--thes out of the way more shoots of the bikes. Everbody knows you never see half naked girls at the dunes.
Mark Jones (3 days ago)
Somebody get those girls some riding gear
andre chagas (3 days ago)
o melhor que eu ja vi
Jason Ike (3 days ago)
7:41 mission passed
SWITCHFliP (3 days ago)
what up with the thots
Ай Йа (4 days ago)
все видео - то начин, то крышка
Lawrence MacDonald (4 days ago)
Speed and whores love it
Michumatics (4 days ago)
came for the pussy
Эмильен (4 days ago)
Вот этак нужно коротать пора
QuietStormX (4 days ago)
Not one African American... ;-(
MiSSLADiXQUiSiTE (5 days ago)
you look pretty much the same thing
Jonny T (5 days ago)
Damn!! I want!!
Joseph Seibert (5 days ago)
Jeremy McGrath got my subscription.
Paul Chapman (5 days ago)
I want to see Tyler's hot ass cheeks.
Victor Tobiasson (6 days ago)
FUCK Thumbnail got me lmao
Emerson Lopes (6 days ago)
Essas mulheres nem bunda tem kkkkkkkk só mais as brasileiras😏
Tarzan tl (6 days ago)
Guilherme Monteiro (8 days ago)
Med Max freestyle
Vida Insana (8 days ago)
The beast YouTube Channel.
Bass Lover 101 (15 days ago)
doez girls hot af
Eat your Vegetables (16 days ago)
Put some fukn pants on
Robert Jensen (17 days ago)
5:04 Good to see they hired some hookers from Las Vegas to come down to help out.
Ham Sandwich (21 days ago)
I’d suck a fart out of her ass and hold it in like a bong hit.
Reggie Edmonds (22 days ago)
Senneca Leek (27 days ago)
Why do these mostly all have to be guy riders and then the girls are in skimpy clothing? How would guys like it if the girls were the ones riding the bikes and the guys had to wear those clothes... I much rather be the one riding the dirt bike there.... I've been riding since I was 2 and that place looks amazing, I just wish it featured more girls riding and doing tricks than the guys.
javier mendez (27 days ago)
5:08 annnndd that's a rap
Beer 4us (29 days ago)
1:25 this is what we want to see, ( or ride from behind) not dudes having fun in sand
This reminds me of "The Great Ride Open"...
AZZYLAND FOR LIFE (1 month ago)
7:42 lol the guy is grabbing her butt XD
Jeremy Benoit (1 month ago)
😍 j'aime
7 7 (1 month ago)
Taydan Maisey (1 month ago)
Do you get paid for this? How do people get sponsors for this, I would like to do this but I can't figure out how. Any insight?
Sunny Kumar (1 month ago)
Fausto Moretti (1 month ago)
Cuál es el nombre de la primera canción??
Slava Timoshin (1 month ago)
Haha 7:42
Tyson Reeves (2 months ago)
The reason I never dune ride is because you have you clutch rapped out pretty much the entire time
felipe neto Henrique (2 months ago)
Português vs japão
felipe neto Henrique (2 months ago)
#grupo #de #nerd
13 complex (2 months ago)
How This 4k?
motomafia (2 months ago)
So nice project and I like these beautiful girls :))
AutoTrends Channel (2 months ago)
keren banget bro
Gaming with Max the cat! (2 months ago)
Hot ladies!
Gaming with Max the cat! (2 months ago)
Frick in god the tricks and bikini's
Onedayilbeok (3 months ago)
One hand is fapping One hand is drinking a monster I have no idea how I'm typing this
TX Rick (3 days ago)
Onedayilbeok LOL.
sleeper879 (2 months ago)
Onedayilbeok with your Burger King foot lettuce
guillaume laflamme (3 months ago)
you need bikers !!!
gökçen Inal (3 months ago)
Yuvarlanma yakar
KyleBusch Fan (3 months ago)
Josh Burke (3 months ago)
Sometimes I wish I did worse at school...
Sibro Sibro (3 months ago)
Husky Alliance (3 months ago)
I'm the dude that got yall to 20 million. Your welcome 👏
Chase Heger (3 months ago)
Traveller Artist (3 months ago)
Rock ✌🏽
Ghostviper18 (3 months ago)
Who else saw Ken Block at 7:55??
bon jovi (3 months ago)
D Tomich1 (4 months ago)
Sendddd it!!!
Turbocharged Life (4 months ago)
Mad max
Kamilol 101 (4 months ago)
Monster sucks
えなちん (4 months ago)
psyc'celeo Hodge (4 months ago)
my last name is hodge
Gustavo Santos (4 months ago)
Smart13 (4 months ago)
wolstenholme100 (4 months ago)
Please see my Wall of Death motorcycle stunt video. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpMnytWT0Ew
OffroadBandeOst Films (4 months ago)
Mega video nice Kawasaki the best
Sean Melville (4 months ago)
What bikes were used in this video and also does anybody know any videos with the top 10 best bikes?
Kaluka Malo (4 months ago)
Josef Boček (5 months ago)
Please please what is it song?
FAWEXX (5 months ago)
damn son!
Jose Morales (5 months ago)
This people is fucking crazy!!
David Müller (5 months ago)
Real-life Mad Max madness
Janine Curran (5 months ago)
Norma Tabares (5 months ago)
me regalas una moto
Joe Brown (5 months ago)
does this reminds anyone else of motorstorm?
jackskon02 (6 months ago)
5:09 your welcome
Poised_ Dragon (6 months ago)
Mad max fury road irl right here
BearableOrange (6 months ago)
That was fucking sick
Buff Barnaby (6 months ago)
7:40 !!!
Buff Barnaby (6 months ago)
Had to beat off...never saw all of it.
Kellem Rosa (6 months ago)
muito legal parabèns
Seth Neely (6 months ago)
Who knows the song?
Isaac J. Dean (6 months ago)
mckye fanning (6 months ago)
mind blown

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