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Hellcat Redeye Review: Has Dodge Finally Made A Trackable Challenger?

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Click to subscribe! https://goo.gl/5JdIrC What is it like to drive the all new 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye around a road course? That's what we tried to find out in our latest video. We got the opportunity to go to Club Motorsports in New Hampshire to try out the latest Hellcat Redeye Widebody and the R/T Scat Pack Widebody. This beautiful 2.5 mile long track offered the perfect location to see what these new ultra powerful muscle cars are truly like to drive fast. Buy our t-shirts to support our builds! https://teespring.com/stores/shifting-lanes Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ShiftingLanes For business inquiries email us: [email protected] Follow us on social media: https://drivetribe.com/t/shifting-lan... http://facebook.com/ShiftingLanes http://twitter.com/ShiftingLanes http://instagram.com/Shiftinglanes Intro - "Bow and Arrow" - T-Mass http://ncs.io/BowandArrowNS
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Text Comments (382)
Saint Dre'ko (1 day ago)
I wanna go
Gilberto Rios (2 days ago)
I’m a mustang lover, and my dream car is to have a 2014 gt500 Shelby mustang but these new redeyes are my second option. Beautiful challenger, damn mopar or no car 💨
Everyday Muscle (6 days ago)
$6,000 for 3 tenths bragging rights and “better handling” you dont need in a muscle car. Thats not why you buy the widebody. You buy one because it looks and goes like a Demon and it costs less. The scat wide body is really cool but honestly people will constantly think its a hellcat or demon and will want to race and it wont be able to hang. Just my opinion though
Normal Man (17 days ago)
Why couldn't you have used the 500hp black key for less hp on the road course?
Customer Reviews (18 days ago)
Has anyone ever provide a full video review of the functionalities of the JEEP SRT.  For example, audio, navigation, engine, steering (driving in straight-line), body inspection, memory settings, wipers, and etc.  I have completed some research, and I have never seen so many SRT for resale (Whether JEEP or Dodge).  I did made some phone calls to sellers, and did get some feedbacks regarding functionality issues.  Let me know what you think.  From what I understand, these are all BAILOUT vehicles.  Safety is a concern.The reason why the demon is on ebay, is because it's garbage.
catsarereallycool (22 days ago)
Nice video. Thanks.
Thomas Kopecky (24 days ago)
Great Review! Thanks for putting this together.
Bikerbro2007 (29 days ago)
I'm making room in the garage for this monster.
Old Guy Garage (1 month ago)
Nice review, very professional and more importantly very entertaining.
Old Guy Garage (1 month ago)
ShiftingLanes I will!
ShiftingLanes (1 month ago)
Thanks for the nice words! I hope you’ll get a chance to check out our other reviews on this channel! -Hansen
Tony M (1 month ago)
This is probably the best review I've seen on this BEAUTIFUL piece of machinery... Great job! 👍
ShiftingLanes (1 month ago)
Thanks for the compliment! I hope you got a chance to check out our review of the widebody scat pack version on our channel! -Hansen
Glen Newdick (1 month ago)
love the green, drool.
camirocz (1 month ago)
Lets state the real facts.No Demon sold to the public has ran a 9.65 and Chrysler did not use the drag radials they deliver the car with to run the 9.65.Secondly they had a stripped Demon with no rear seat,no sunroof a no option car and a 120 pound female driver.They ran a 9.68 with a similarly sized other driver.Most demons are running a low 10 second time with the rear seat in place and a normal size driver.A few have seen very high 9 second times and none at 140 mph.The Red eye which does not come with drag radials ,once fitted with a set will run within a tenth or 2 of what the Demon runs.Next the 11 horsepower difference between the 808 h.p Demon and 797 h.p Red eye is the different hoods.The demon hood allows for more cold air to get into the engine bay.Give the red eye the 840 h.p tune and it will be a very very close race.My friend ran a 10.54 in an all stock 2017 Challenger hellcat on mickey thompson drag radials here in montreal at Napierville dragway.Obviously the red eye will be several tenths quicker.A red eye on skinnies and drag radials will give a demon a great run.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Demons have been running high 9.7s and 9.8s in the good DA
Marvin Scott Jr. (1 month ago)
wow! in a very scary way
Pharoah Monk (1 month ago)
Wish I had the budget for the new Widebody Hellcat. For now I will settle for the 2019 R/T Scat Pack Widebody.
Pharoah Monk (6 hours ago)
+Hemi chrysler Thanks, my friend. I am waiting on the dealer to call me any day now. I placed my Scat Pack Widebody order last Oct.26th. It is supposed to be delivered within 60 days.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+Pharoah Monk You will love your car and any challenger you buy. Trust me. I took an RT AFTER I WORKED ON IT AND IT IS FRICKIN NICE TOO. BEST OF LUCK. BUDDY
Pharoah Monk (12 hours ago)
+Hemi chrysler lol I know I absolutely would.
Mopar For Life (2 months ago)
I call bullshit why is it the 2019 Camaro zl1 was over 20 sec slower on the Nuremberg ring lmao
Stan Jordan (2 months ago)
Your complaints, tells my you don't know how to drive a true muscle car.
My Son is My Heart (2 months ago)
Dodge is kicking Ass & taking names!
My Son is My Heart (2 months ago)
Getting me a Hellcat Tuesday 👊🏾
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Best of luck with kitty. You will have nothing but a blast!!!! LITERALLY amd physically
ShiftingLanes (2 months ago)
Niiiiiccceee. Have fun with it man! -Hansen
BIGBADWOOD (2 months ago)
Mopower !
Ross (2 months ago)
Holly shit that's almost as fast as my Ninja ZX14 at 9.8 stock but it's turbocharged so it does 8.8 and I weigh 270 lbs. Money to be made summer of 2019. Beautiful car!
Patrick Hayden (2 months ago)
Awesome car. I have been debating trading my 2015 Scat Pack Shaker on one but no manual transmission is a bummer.
Steven Weinstein (2 months ago)
I own a Hellcat, 3 Demons, aRoush Stage 3 Mustang and a ZL1. Hands down the Dodges are the best. Mustang has no back seat or trunk and the ride is horrible, same goes for the ZL1.. the very slight advantage they have on a road course is more than given back up on the straightaways. I use a Hellcat for a daily driver and have driven it cross county... It is comfortable, has a back seat and huge trunk... all the creature comforts, handles great in sport or track mode, and can outrun just about anything you’d like... And oh yeah, i get 22 mpg on the highway IF I can keep my right foot in check.... Message me if you are interested in buying the Roush or ZL1.... :) Dollar for dollar, NOTHING IS CLOSE.... In MHO ...... Most haters cannot afford any of then in reality, so post negative while they dream of owning one.
lisa carpenter (3 months ago)
save your money buy older car hellcat is slow my 85 ford smokes hallcat's
Edward Wesner (3 months ago)
When you dont know how to use a vehicle's power properly, of course the lesser power of vehicles will be more fun for you. A good review but not a professional opinionated review. Once you drive the track more and more you become more confident and comfortable. Practice makes perfect. Get some seat time and review the red eye again.
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
To all the haters ! It's simple if you don't like Dodge then don't watch the videos. Nobody needs to hear the chidish comments . If you watched it then you must have been interested !
Jdizzle bizzle (3 months ago)
Must be a dodge girl huh
Jdizzle bizzle (3 months ago)
I do
zr1chris1 (3 months ago)
What did we learn here? The Hellcat Red-eye along with any other Challenger or Charger all suck on the road course. Well duh! Nothing new here, moving on.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Wrong......... They are much better on tracks than people think. Not only bigger for adults, faster, carry more, ride smoother because of the weight and beats out some nissans, some of the lesser porsches, kept up with mustang on nurburgring and the Amg. Just because k Its big, people talk shit and the funniest thing...... People listen without driving it. Lmfao
Grant King (3 months ago)
I'll believe Dodge is serious about tracking cars when they get the Challenger GT3 spec'd. Until then it doesn't matter.
John Dalecki (3 months ago)
Trackable...lol, ok
Grumpy Bear (3 months ago)
Future classics.
soLLion soLLion (3 months ago)
The new TRANS AM super duty (1000HP and 1046 pound feet of tork) will eat up a kitty for is breakfast. MIAMMM MIAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Dodge for that mopar meal.
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
You can get the red eye at that with two little circles and belts😂😂😂
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
Are you out of grade school yet ?
TROPHYSEEKER123 (3 months ago)
Tank can fully drain in around 11 minutes. No thank you.
Kyurem XY (12 hours ago)
+Hemi chrysler Tank can last for a bit if you know how to work it tactically speaking.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+Kyurem XY I remember that. It was in Texas. He went forever, over 200 at a time and blew away the feds copter and the news copter and there 10 mile camera. Lmfao. It only stopped 55 minutes later after it ran out of gas. It also made an almost 2 hr 10 minute trip in and out of highway traffic. Believe it was stolen
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
You do get thats with it punched doing OVER 200 RIGHT????
MrJuice105 (2 months ago)
+TROPHYSEEKER123 that's for the demon and red eye with twin fuel pump setups
TROPHYSEEKER123 (3 months ago)
+Kyurem XY It says in the video watch it again he Cleary said it as a joke or a real fact. Just pointing it out.
gatekeeper1 (3 months ago)
too much fun...great job guys!
Radioman (3 months ago)
Will never be a decent track car until it sheds some of that awful fat....Notice how it continues to push the front end in the corners??
GetoverYourself (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/EODew6J6AcA Keep your crappy import FCA products
Paul Presto (3 months ago)
Thank you sir for a great review. You did not show your face for a 15 minute narcissistic selfie review like most reviewers- you showed the car and the car performing - that’s why we click- subscribed and thanks again- keep up the good work - showing the star of the show- the car
Adam A D Johnson (3 months ago)
Subscription DEFINITE
Anderson C (3 months ago)
Possibly the best purpose built car. Fastest 0-60 time car (of course under "ideal testing conditions" at 2.3s).....not a canyon carver or a car you'd want on a road course. Something you'd immediately see looking iat it's dimensions. Would I consider one? Not being a competitive drag racer? Someone that would never see a track (drive on)? With it's numb steering? I'd probably lean more towards a "track focused muscle car". Or "trackable sports car" like a Roush or Shelby Mustang. Great review! Well done!! Would have liked to have seen a POV on street driving impression. What is it like to drive in the city and the burbs? :) To maybe "drive daily"...looks like a Sunday morning driver to me.
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
We’ll be getting the Scat Pack for a week long review in mid October. We will talk about daily drivability then. You’ll be able to see that review on our channel when it becomes available. As for the Redeye, we are hoping we’ll get that in the future for a daily drive test. Thanks for watching! -Hansen
richard button (3 months ago)
Decisions decisions Green or destroyer grey?
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
That supercharger whine makes a big difference imo. If you don’t care about that whine or the extra power then the widebody scat pack will be perfect. We will be getting a scat pack for a weeklong review in mid October so stay tuned for that.
richard button (3 months ago)
LOL 1. dont have the money yet may have to wait until early next year 2. None of the dealers in my area will have any until at least next month and the ones they will be getting will already be spoken for. 3. Do I want an HC or will a wide body Scat do just fine?
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Destroyer grey. Do it. Do it. Why aren’t you doing it yet? -Hansen
Canadian Pride (3 months ago)
Why make a better , lighter chassis when you can just add power , car is fast strait but garbage where real cars shine. Heavy pigs , need a mullet to drive these cars.
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
Much less a track
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
+Michael Pincavitch Thank you. 1 out of 1000.of these morons have probably ever seen a strip
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
Well unless you race for a living ,who cares ? Most people drive on the street and race in a straight line.!
takenusername (3 months ago)
The most exciting thing for me is that the Hellcat starting price has dropped. My plans to own a Hellcat have now gained more legitimacy :)
Tap Head (3 months ago)
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Muscle for ALL! Seriously... that whine... it’s something else -Hansen
Cha'Vis Berrien (3 months ago)
Still gettin a mustang
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Or.... Driving on the road and hitting potholes and bumps with a light car. You feel all that. Mopars Absorb that, while flying by with the power
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+ShiftingLanes Thing is....... How often do MOST OF US find ourselves on a track and not a drag strip?
Cha'Vis Berrien (3 months ago)
+Michael Pincavitch u do
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
No one cares !!
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
We drove the Mustang GT PP2 and that thing was a beast too. Not as much power but clearly a better track car. GT350 on a budget! -Hansen
Jason Zoltan Farkas (3 months ago)
come on  only junk dodge
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
+Michael Pincavitch 12?? Being nice huh?
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
Nice comment ,you must be at least 12 years old !
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
What do you like to drive? We’ll find it and review. -Hansen
Mitchell Schilling (3 months ago)
i would commit serious crimes for one of these
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Good point
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+ShiftingLanes lmfao
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Maybe don’t put that on YouTube? 😂🤣😂
David Burgess (3 months ago)
Damn!! That was an excellent and fun video!!
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Thank you! We really enjoyed filming that if you couldn't tell haha. You should go check out our other reviews on our channel -Hansen
Adam Schrack (3 months ago)
Uhh... no SRT392??
Marco Vanni (3 months ago)
Very informative video! My views on Dodge are on the positive side!
xv70 1 (3 months ago)
Bieased commentator, I'm sure a koeannigsegg demands more respect than a Challenger
Entropic Doom (3 months ago)
Does the 2019 hellcat have the adaptive cruise control that the 2018 version was missing?
True Genius (3 months ago)
Its nice but still ain’t fast id rather get a vette or mustang🤣 and hellcat and red eye i don’t see any difference besides hood lmfao
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
204. Lmfao
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Dont have a clue do you? What mustang is going to beat a hellcat, red eye, Demon etc
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
200 ain't fast ? And your a genius ? LMFAO !!!!
sublimeracer (3 months ago)
Well done ShiftingLanes!!! I love Dodge even more now
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Thank you! We really enjoyed making this one if you couldn't tell lol. If you're into Dodge, we've got plenty of them reviewed on our channel
redneckmini14 (3 months ago)
Why do they make limited production cars? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This is the fastest car we've ever made. We only made a few and no more. Sucks to be you if you missed out.
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
Trish League (3 months ago)
Eric Berumen (3 months ago)
A silly idea is not putting this car in TRACK mode and driving like a grandma.
John Cornish (3 months ago)
What a car a BEAST...I will increase my HELL CAT...So far so good DODGE BOYZ are BAD!
roby14 (3 months ago)
This is what a true muscle car is.
Drunken Hamster (3 months ago)
Everyone remember that old 2018 challenger concept? The white one that I like to call the "Naga" due to it's slicked aggressive redesign? If they can find a way to make the Challenger lighter and better handling while maintaining its true muscle car look, as well as it's comfort, I honestly believe it would outsell the Camaro and Stang by miles. Couple ideas? Aluminum or other lightweight engine material. DOHC(for more power and fuel efficiency). Transaxle(rear mount transmission. for better weight distribution). More aluminum. Maybe some kev/FG/Carbon body panels or something. Big single twin scroll variable geometry turbo with 180 degree 8-2 or 8-1 headers for the next gen demon. Oh, and it's gotta have anti-lag. And a screamer pipe. Preferably out the hood or dumped just behind the front wheels open-header style.
God Bless America #1 (3 months ago)
I’ve never been a Dodge fan but dam if this car doesn’t change my mind. The Cat is wicked. One sharp ass ride. 👍🏼
Jdizzle bizzle (3 months ago)
How many of you dodge girls would take a z06 over any dodge product ? I'll give it to dodge they dont mind giving up the numbers !
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+Michael Pincavitch Michael you hit it right. That thing drives like a brick. Red eye, Demon both faster..and drive much nicer.
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
Had a zo6 and rode like a wagon ! Challenger rides much nicer. Also Corvette is a sports car, not a muscle car. The viper beat the Corvette track time when it left. And it's coming back !
John Johnson (3 months ago)
Pretty damn good review!
Anthony Molina (3 months ago)
Gt350r is more for track
GimmeDatHemi ! (3 months ago)
Chryco still hasn't figured out taking weight out of these cars will make these cars a lot nicer to live with. It's unacceptable that in this day and age with CAD/CAM design that these cars are not at least 1000 lbs lighter.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Not only that.... Right now they are still on a benz platform with tweeks to help it around turns etc.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Wrong. The weight was left on purpose. Thats why all the power! That weight helps you drive very comfortable on the road and the Gs etc are better than alot of little cars that are suppose to be good track cars. Nissans, some of the amg's although not small and others. So you have a Real Muscle car! big, carries 5 adults if needed, your things to the strip. Runs smooth over bumps, does fair to good on a track and kicks asses and takes names at the strip because of the power. My goodness......... AND LOOKS AWESOME. Now Thats a car
Drunken Hamster (3 months ago)
500 tops while remaining as comfortable and premium as they are. But yeah. Reason being is that Charger, 300, Magnum, and Chally are all on the same-ish platform/chassis. Which was made back in 03-ish. Particularly for the former(read: larger) 3 of those cars. Chally gets its own chassis? More aluminum? Maybe some carbon/FG/or Kevlar stuff? Rear mounted trans(transaxle)? DOHC aluminum engine? Chally rapes. Based on looks and comfort alone, already; Chally rapes. But it wouldn't be to hard to have the next gen Chally on par with the other two on track and still dragging their asses on the strip. I want a turbo Chally with anti-lag and screamer pipes for the next-gen drag-strip model. 500 pounds lighter while retaining comfort and space. 925HP stock.
WISE ARCADIAN (3 months ago)
Awesome video! I want one!
Jason S (3 months ago)
11 mins to empty the fuel tank at WOT?!! How many hard laps around the green death would that be, two?
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Eric K (3 months ago)
Not quite 2 full laps... there's no way something this heavy is going to have laps that fast. The brakes will give up before the end of the first lap unless you drive to conserve them - and that's based purely on the weight (physics of how brakes work - just too much energy to dissipate).
4Bash (3 months ago)
You still have the availability of the black key in the Red Eye that will have you running similar power and setup to the Scat Pac.
Interfierce Racing 717 (3 months ago)
Tore Hansen (3 months ago)
Dark green with carbon stripes looks mean, black is sooo boring. Great video!
Thomas Papadakis (3 months ago)
Very informative video! Thanks for the info! This makes for a puzzling question? HELLCAT REDEYE? Or... The ZR1 VETTE? 65 grand is a huge difference! Well, we ARE in the midst of the MUSCLE CAR REVOLUTION!
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
That really depends on your style. Both are going to be scary on the track but the ZR1 is obviously going to be a much better platform for that. As for street cruising, you can't beat the Hellcat or the Hellcat Redeye -Hansen
Turbo1dr (3 months ago)
I don't think a Demon ever hit 9.60s in the hands of the public...FACTORY STOCK; with aftermarket mods....yes.
eric w (3 months ago)
Great review! I may not have a redeye, however I can relate to what you said about forgetting about the scat pack when driving on the road in a hellcat. It's a night and day difference. I owned a 17 charger Daytona 392 then traded up for an 18 hellcat charger. You just can't get enough of that supercharger whine!
K Note (3 months ago)
Demons being resold at 6 figures? Damn car flippers
Ó Slattarra (3 months ago)
The power is great, but I'll always love how the challenger looks. It's a voluptuous woman, not dainty, all the right curves, modern but classic aesthetic.
A C (3 months ago)
The HC is awesome and all but the cool factor goes to the T/A by a long shot IMO. I'd rather hang with the dude who sells weed than the football star.
Dan Bouchard (3 months ago)
Dodge has the best modern muscle cars,and their good looking too
Eric schar (3 months ago)
Out dated, over weight, body rolling, under performing shit box line up.
Hemi chrysler (11 hours ago)
Wow.... You have no clue at all
Michael Pincavitch (3 months ago)
And your full of the same , don't watch if you don't like !!
Tyler (3 months ago)
+Eric schar the one you over paid for? Thats cool lol id brag too if i had too much money
Eric schar (3 months ago)
You're right it's a big comfy car...but why would I want something slower than my current car
Tyler (3 months ago)
+Eric schar only thing outdated is the frame and its one of the reasons its overweight. Body roll, its a big comfy family car with a lot of power. A stiff suspension isnt comfy lmao and considering its one of the fastest cars you can buy for under a 100k.. wouldnt say underperforming.. but hey, everyones jealous of something. If you cant have one, jusy try to make iy seem less appealing to those who can.. i see your theory. 😂
David Heitman (3 months ago)
nice. i have a pure orange 2009 rt. fully loaded. i'll save my money! 49k. i'll keep it .
FartDonkey (3 months ago)
I love driving my HC, mustangs and Camaros come up behind me and don't even try to pull up beside.
Hemi chrysler (10 hours ago)
Track?? Ofcourse
Hemi chrysler (10 hours ago)
Or the strip.
Hemi chrysler (10 hours ago)
Place called back of the yards chicago
Hemi chrysler (10 hours ago)
Seen them get ripped 3 out of 4 times
Hemi chrysler (10 hours ago)
+vinnie catullo not controlled street it wont
KinkyKarrit (3 months ago)
Excuse my french, but this was a fuckin awesome video. Im from Northern Maine and I love my mopar. Amazing attention to detail here, loved every second of this video. You got my respect dude!
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
I have family up in southern Maine near Portland! Welcome dude 🙂 -Gregson
FartDonkey (3 months ago)
Take preworkout, drive in track mode to gym, activate beast mode, best day ever
KinkyKarrit (3 months ago)
ShiftingLanes Obviously my man!
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for watching! Hope you’re subbed! -Hansen
Cesar Flores (3 months ago)
Great car, a beast on the straight. But dont pretend its a track car. Thats ridiculous. 4300lbs 70/30 weight dist. Nope. Very powerful car Yup.
Eric Berumen (3 months ago)
Lol. It is a track car. It’s always the people who have never driven a 2015+ Challenger that have this mentality. These cars handle like a dream.
Greg Rohleder (3 months ago)
+FartDonkey while i wouldnt say that .03 g's is crushing it, it is better. Have there been any track times yet for the widebody?
FartDonkey (3 months ago)
+Greg Rohleder good for you. Google 370z and hellcat widebody lateral skidpad. The challenger crushes it
Greg Rohleder (3 months ago)
+FartDonkey i cant say its true or not, never driven either but i have the hardest time believing that.
FartDonkey (3 months ago)
I've owned lots of sports cars, most recently went from a 370z to a scat pack to a hellcat widebody, believe it or not this 2 ton porker handles WAAAAY better than the Nissan did. Edit: also 70/30? No way man, more like 57/43
woodyfive0 (3 months ago)
Absolute beast!! I am a mustang guy but man you must respect this thing! I can make my car 800hp, to get it from the factory just makes dodge the king at this time. Hopefully GM and Ford can get off there fucking hands and compete. That is what makes the competition try harder! Great review!
Anthony Molina (3 months ago)
Kale Wilson but it’s going to be lighter so power to weight ratio is key
Kale Wilson (3 months ago)
+Anthony Molina eh idk if thats gonna top the bhp that the hellcat redeye has it might come close but i don't see ford making a mustang that powerful out of the factory
woodyfive0 (3 months ago)
I am curious to see what the numbers are on the new one, better be 800+. It'll need it to compete
Anthony Molina (3 months ago)
woodyfive0 gt500
ivan moody (3 months ago)
You got it wrong the demon uses pump gas and gets 808hp but on race fuel it gets 848hp
mrbizmarky1 (3 months ago)
To much talk not enough engine noise
Nasir Diaz (3 months ago)
Imagine at AWD Demon, insane
Joseph Rodecker (2 months ago)
+fall back my bad
fall back (2 months ago)
+Joseph Rodecker i seriously wasn't trying to argue anything i'm a srt junky i jus really didn't know y u mentioned ford or chevy in particular although before i wrote this it hit me that you must've mentioned them because those are the other 2 manufacturers producing muscle cars. if that's y u mentioned them, well, i just didn't realize that at first
Joseph Rodecker (2 months ago)
+fall back nice try to bait an argument. I'm just making a point
Carlo Belcastro (2 months ago)
It’s called a trackhawk and it’s a grand Cherokee
Joseph Rodecker (3 months ago)
+Sean Riddle the trackhawk is not a demon. It has a hellcat engine, no line lock, etc
Trish League (3 months ago)
Sacatolas Moreira (3 months ago)
Overpowered * so no
Monsterette Me (3 months ago)
Love that
Uvweywey Diogenes (3 months ago)
Damn that wide body looks so fucking sexy!
Dani California (3 months ago)
9:17- 9:32 so..... basically the classic muscle car.
JFK64 Kennedy (3 months ago)
MOPAR IS THE KING, as they were 50 yrs ago
Raymond Rocco (3 months ago)
My brother called paramus new jersey dodge to order one and they said not until october and they have two coming in Sept. As always. Dodge gonna steal from us loyal fans and mark them 15 grand above the 80 thousand dollar invoice price. My brother told them he will go to another dealer.
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
+Jake Haines Or the zr1 vettes that are going 140. 150
Not Noah (3 months ago)
Yeah, the dealers mark them up. Lots of people got the demons for msrp just because dodge punished dealers who tried to mark them up
Jake Haines (3 months ago)
Raymond Rocco, Dodge isn't the ones marking them up its the dealers. Once they buy them from Dodge at dealer price they are free to do what they want with them. Just like the D Bags in New York did with the Charger hellcat years ago. Just shitty dealerships
William Kane (3 months ago)
Fuck tesla
Kenny Lauderdale (3 months ago)
When can I get it?
Daddyodigital (3 months ago)
Nicely done.
dash captures of Vermont (3 months ago)
Surprised their using this track. Never hear about it. Looks phenomenal and want it in a vg. Im only about 2 hrs away from it. Perhaps I'll go there next summer.
dash captures of Vermont (3 months ago)
Anycar that can replicate how many clouds surround the earth isn't trackable.
tinpandawg (3 months ago)
Great review! Looks like you guys had a blast driving all that Mopar round that beautiful track. Thanks for the video.
ShiftingLanes (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching! -Hansen
houndogforever (3 months ago)
I'm 55 years old and am smart enough to realize that my SRT392 is all the power I need. I don't have to push it as hard as my old RT 5.7, but I can push it a lot harder. I know I'm too damn old and with not a lot of sport driving, so there is no need to add 200hp for me. I understand exactly what he is saying about feeling more comfortable in the lower power car. These are some damn fine vehicles and deserve to be driven regularly and taken to stretch out on a track, either road or drag, every once in a while.
Bob Builder (1 month ago)
+Abel H. Yeah, the Track Hawk 2019
Abel H. (1 month ago)
Bob Builder are you referring to the Jeep Track Hawk?
Bob Builder (2 months ago)
Horsepower cures almost everything.
Patrick Hayden (2 months ago)
You can never have too much horsepower!!
Paul Presto (3 months ago)
It’s nice but from experience and owning a high horsepower 69 muscle car— that is hard to drive in the turns- having all those horses mean EVERYTHING in a 1/4 mile- also knowing you have one of the kings of the jungle at your command is priceless.
19 5oh coming!!! (3 months ago)
This car needs the same looks and power but a brand new updated chassis. It's just completely outdated. Imagine this beast 500lbs lighter??!!
guerrerok90 (10 days ago)
19 5oh coming!!! So they can loose control and fishtail like mustangs 😂
Comrade (3 months ago)
These cars have been refreshed for 2015, but yes I agree it needs new chassis.
TROPHYSEEKER123 (3 months ago)
+Graf Vladumir I can't tell if you sre trolling or seriously dumb.
19 5oh coming!!! (3 months ago)
+Graf Vladumir Lmao,👍
Graf Vladumir (3 months ago)
Dont remove weight.. Weight is good when you have a lot of power, expecially in curves since the weight will press the car down on the road which gives better handling.
crazzy rico (3 months ago)
So the hellcat charger does 220 mph?
Hemi chrysler (12 hours ago)
Nope. 204
Dain Train (3 months ago)
Didn’t watch the video but already know the answer.....No!!!!
Tig Trager (3 months ago)
The problem with the Demon and its msrp was that not one dealership sold it for that.  They were going for well over $130k here.  Looking online, it was the same for those listings as well.  I'll keep my supercharged '16 SRT 392.

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