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"Pimp Problems" Casually Date Hot Girls Without Getting Lockdown

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Get the key insights of how to date women casually and what to do when they try to lock you down. Would you like 1on1 dating coaching with America's Elite Attraction Coach to get women chasing you? Reserve Your Spot Now By Signing up for Ricky Royal's VIP Wait List Today: [email protected] Join the growing number of bad asses on Team Project Attraction Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1256135181104532/
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Gainz (1 year ago)
Hey Ricky I just got myself into a situation with a Woman who claims she loves me and sees a future with me but she keeps tellings me she feels sad etc cause i dont message her during the day... i mean she expects a message every hour, thats how i see it. Its crazy to me.its not that im not giving her the appropriate time when we do talk like once every day or otherday we are together for around 5h once ip to 9h. I message her only as i feel the need to or when she msgs me. But she constantly asks me to give her more attention and msg her more which to her im “failing” to do and she wrote me a long message saying her friends have many other hundred guys messaging her 24/7 and she doesnt even get a message from me... i literally dont know what to do, i think shes loyal in relationship and would never cheat but she loves attention, she says only her mans attention ofcourse but i dont know what to do, other than this she is gret to me and everything is going just fine but she makes a big deal out of this EVERY SINGLE DAY. How can i fix this? Please dont say write her more lol... I want a fix for this. Im a grown man, I cant deal with this lil texting bullshit... i didnt have much luck finding a solution to anything like this online.
Pablito vrg (1 year ago)
hey you are cool your vids are too helpfull thanks a lot
Project Attraction (1 year ago)
Thanks brother, post your dating questions and i'll see it. -RR

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