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Hey guys, in this video I wanted to share with you what I bought at the summer 17 Zara sales ZAR A ITE MS / REFERENCE CODES DRAGONFLY EMBROIDERED SHIRT 0070/351 LEATHER BIKER JACKET 0706/495 RIPPED DESERT JACKET 0840/482 ROLLING STONES JACKET 1277/485 HOUNDSTOOTH BLAZER 4387/531 BOWLING SHIRT 6706/441 EMBROIDERED BOWLING SHIRT 7036/401 COTTON DENIM JACKET 8418/410 BLACK LEATHER BUCKLED ANKLE BOOTS 2604/202 RED LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS 2607/202 S O C I A L M E D I A Blog : https://howeydon.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/howeydon Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/howeydon/ Instagram : @howeydon + M U S I C + Ed Sheeran : Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Vince Remix » Vince https://soundcloud.com/vincemusik https://www.instagram.com/vincemusicb... Ed Sheeran - http://www.edsheeran.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/EdSheera... JPB - High [provided by NCS] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv6WI... ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/anis-jay
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Text Comments (8)
eWealthAtlantic (1 year ago)
Am very proud of you .. Thumbs up
Jair Padilla (1 year ago)
i have the same flamingo shirt! ❤
aleix m (1 year ago)
Hi from spain! Just discover your channel now and Im so surprised 🤣 we bought same lot of things... Great style :-) maybe we can share the closet! hahaha
howeydon (1 year ago)
aleix m hello, that's so nice to hear :-) thank you . I would love to see your style
Emilia M Vega (1 year ago)
Loved your intro 🙌🏼
howeydon (1 year ago)
Emilia M Vega thank you very much
Aladenika Bisola (1 year ago)
Nice video. Love your yellow shirt!
howeydon (1 year ago)
Aladenika Bisola thank you❤

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