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How to open a lock with a nut wrench

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Hi, there, my friends, in this video I am going to show you an unusual idea to force open a check-lock if you happened to lose your key. That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on. ------------------------------
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MrGear (8 months ago)
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Av8tore71 (1 month ago)
Liked your own post I see
tej sajt (1 month ago)
MrGear fg
Konyala Vishnu (1 month ago)
MrGear ,.
حوش طريقة فتح القفل
SOMI Saim (1 month ago)
Some same
Vara (20 hours ago)
"Made in China".... man, just kicking it a few times would have had the same result.
Kon kon indian yaha par h
Rodolfo Barrera (2 days ago)
Rodolfo Barrera (2 days ago)
Rodolfo Barrera (2 days ago)
Captain Kankle (2 days ago)
Uses plastic locks.
Captain Kankle (2 days ago)
This is just the wrong way to do it
Noob Bita (4 days ago)
Thief expert
Thanks it really works, i was able to open my suitcase at the last moment because of this
I heard that channels without showing the face and own voice will not be monetised.is it correct? Please reply me
Þorkell Jesús (7 days ago)
this actually works on smaller metal locks
Liambrownz (8 days ago)
Who else finds it worrying videos that show people how to break locks has so many views?
Security OniYt (8 days ago)
Md . Sajib Rana (12 days ago)
DeltaCC 52 (15 days ago)
Ya saben cómo asaltar tiendas :v jajajajaja
Phoebus (16 days ago)
Amateur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBSSA5ot0tA
Nitesh Jha (16 days ago)
Local locks
Sivy (16 days ago)
These locks look like they're made from plastic
Pink_Soda (16 days ago)
Are you a criminal??
Paul baluch (17 days ago)
Yeah I agree those are some cheap locks it would have been nice to see him smack his fingers doing that stunt yeah good way of getting hurt all well
You Stupid Someone else Going To Copying Just Like You What A Bad Person Come You House And Do What You Did And Bye Bye All Your Good Stuff 😒🔫 O Whatever Why you Show All Im Just Like You Im Not Going to Say No One
Andy Evans (20 days ago)
You bought the cheapest locks possible
RoBy YT (20 days ago)
Raga ma e italiano
imjustbrenden8021 (21 days ago)
I fucking that song
Kurtis Corcoran (21 days ago)
Back in days when life hacks where a thing ahhhh 2019??
Technology Mrr (22 days ago)
Good bro I doing
Andrew Ruscito (24 days ago)
This is plastic you could break it with a piece of wood..
Irann (24 days ago)
2001 September 11th anyone?
Drum Stick (24 days ago)
Cool now I can break into my neighbors shed
Drachenrecke (24 days ago)
Thx the bicycles in my city arent safe anymore
bvitytwrbq (25 days ago)
those r some really shitty locks
kevin colunga (28 days ago)
Te fuiste siendo un grande :'v
АнхейANXEY (29 days ago)
кулибин поднялся
Two Genders (29 days ago)
This way is better, trust me😂 https://youtu.be/dBSSA5ot0tA
Two Genders (29 days ago)
Blxssed Eye (29 days ago)
The video i watched called "you're doing it wrong.. the real double wrench method" did it correctly. Your method only works on crap locks
Aggg Hh (29 days ago)
Coba gembok yang gede,paling ga bisa yang setenlis
Alatar Xarxes (30 days ago)
Shitty plastic locks? lol no. THIS guy is a master of the craft and shows how to do it properly. WITH PROPER LOCKS. https://youtu.be/dBSSA5ot0tA
yousuf Shafiq (1 month ago)
now I know
Enis Hodzic (1 month ago)
Why did you take my bros videos down by copyrighting them you don’t even make fortnite videos bring them back🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Rushikesh Agre (1 month ago)
I think robbers also use these type of ideas to open a door... Isn't it?
diego tamay (1 month ago)
a 25 ladrones les gusta esto🖒
Luka Bergis (1 month ago)
Where are new video
p balram balu rathod (1 month ago)
Try with different lock
Je MiX TV (1 month ago)
Хрен откроешь с такими ключами металический ключ
Je MiX TV (1 month ago)
Кто из 2019
Zak 508 (1 month ago)
чо малчис э
Koday world (1 month ago)
wow https://youtu.be/AJKV18VsNyM
Celestia Meif'wa (1 month ago)
HOW the fuck did this vid get 62 mil views
ReallySoGood YT (1 month ago)
Lorenzo Castagna (1 month ago)
Ma tu sei italiano
The Sideshow (1 month ago)
The best way to achieve this! https://youtu.be/dBSSA5ot0tA
alex fure (1 month ago)
https://bit.ly/2zWexFX?-selfhypnosislawofattraction-14 5056
Phúc Kha Racing Shop (1 month ago)
Tôi Là Người Việt Nam 🇻🇳
Joar Alvdal (1 month ago)
Praveen (1 month ago)
He’s telling everyone how to rob a house...
Buggz (1 month ago)
Lol these locks are garbage for one and two you're not even doing it right XD. Edit: You wouldn't even need an extra peice for that last one of you were doing it right...
_Munzie_ (1 month ago)
Just looking at his hairy arms, he probably time traveled from his primitive caveman times to show us hacks he invented in fucking 400 BC
tej sajt (1 month ago)
хаха!))) Такие условные замки можно к примеру ударом молотка сломать. Тоже мне метод открытия детского замка китайского производства... Придумай будто более серьёзные завышенной взломостойкости модели замков отворить в критическом случаи.
Bb Bb (1 month ago)
your doing it wrong
Violeta Paduraru (1 month ago)
Thx for a point
Smexcreepy (1 month ago)
Or you can keep a key near you
Jim Kalogiannis (1 month ago)
It's really cool
Jim Kalogiannis (1 month ago)
I broke 7 locks
Boaz G (1 month ago)
Што здесь омереканцы делают???
Mr. Cornbread (1 month ago)
Click Bait scam. Try a real hardened lock you TOOL
MJBclassics (1 month ago)
At 0:19 both wrenches are in place and there's hardly any room left. So basically this wouldn't work of the lock was actually latched on anything. THUMBS DOWN
Yohan Silva (1 month ago)
Even locks have trust issues
Joel Banaco (1 month ago)
You can not do that in master padlock made in usa 100,000,000%
sportscarclinic (1 month ago)
Double plastic spoons from Wendy's method would open that lock.
toxisword (1 month ago)
а плитовую?
والله زين
ll kurofox ll (1 month ago)
Fakest shit as always
UnoAluminio (1 month ago)
You are doing it the wrong way https://youtu.be/dBSSA5ot0tA
Jason Alexander (1 month ago)
Works on cheap chinese made locks.
انت بواك
Keneth Soto Solis (1 month ago)
Un truco para los ladrones
ushoys (1 month ago)
Works just fine on Chinese pot metal locks.
Rita Susanti (1 month ago)
asik euy tutor maling
Jhan Jhf (1 month ago)
ata kono valo kicu na.manuska kharap kaja agia dawa.valo kicu dakhan jara sufoll voia anbe.
Oyeeee manda mensaje que te tengo un trato a Brayan Kadabra en facebook
Алексей Гл. (1 month ago)
ты попробуй старенькый металлической амбарный русский замок этак вскрыть, а не это силуминовое гогно из Китая)
NMP Klobeste (1 month ago)
How top Open a Lock: buy plastic Lock and do Like a pro and Break them with 2 🔧 and do Like a pro when you think you are The ultimate Instruction to Fake vids
Anurag Choudhury (1 month ago)
What are the locks made of??? Foam?
The Chairmen (1 month ago)
You are using the weakest lock on the market to break open that lock is made out of pot metal you can smash it open with a hammer and a chisel 👎
Novice Testing (1 month ago)
Evidently the cheapest padlocks possible
Novice Testing (1 month ago)
Nisha Ali (1 month ago)
Lanta ho tm pr
George Morris (1 month ago)
that's kettle pot metal it melts real easy
كاعد يقون قدرات الحراميه هههههه
Benjamin Mathias (1 month ago)
Now try that on a Odis lock. I wish you luck...
Jacky Lam (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/dBSSA5ot0tA @LockPickingLawyer :: the real way to do it ::
GEZ VE KEŞFET (1 month ago)
Sal D (1 month ago)
If you kick the locks from the bottom theyll open. I used to do it in highschool.
How to rob a house
Eazy- E (1 month ago)
i got a myself new wife it only cost me 2 wrenches
Robert Azoitei (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBSSA5ot0tA better

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