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We Just Bought One Of The Rarest Volvos In The Country!

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Click to subscribe! https://goo.gl/5JdIrC We bought one of the rarest Volvos ever made! This is our new, to us, manual Volvo V70R in Magic Blue with the legendary Atacama interior. What a beaut! Here's our introduction to this amazing car. Join us for this new project journey! Buy our t-shirts to support our builds! https://teespring.com/stores/shifting-lanes For business inquiries email us: [email protected] Follow us on social media: https://drivetribe.com/t/shifting-lanes-VVn8ij7JRqa6z86AEhxv-w http://facebook.com/ShiftingLanes http://twitter.com/ShiftingLanes http://instagram.com/Shiftinglanes Intro - "Bow and Arrow" - T-Mass http://ncs.io/BowandArrowNS
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Bern on Cars (12 days ago)
Is there a way to contact Alex besides IG? I’m in search for a V70R lol
Bern on Cars (12 days ago)
I probably have to be patient lol. DM’d him earlier this morning
ShiftingLanes (12 days ago)
IG is the best place for him.
Concept Creator (5 months ago)
wow the volvo's there :D:D:D
grandnasty87 (6 months ago)
Man Vs Mind (6 months ago)
Even when we fail we win! Love it!
THEGHOSTSLAVE (7 months ago)
A channel full of P2 R's? *SUBSCRIBED AND BELLED*. Also, that '07 Sonicama is probably the cleanest example I've ever seen. Anywhere. Ever. Gonna follow this guy on Instagram too. What an incredible collection. Congrats on the M66 VR in friggin' *Magic Blue*, what an incredible spec. -Proud owner of a not-so-clean (yet) 2006 Ti-Grey/Gobi S60R GT A.K.A. "Dromma"
Jeannie (7 months ago)
In my 5th Volvo. Love my s80 buy my favorite was my “whitey” turbo wagon. Wagons are really the best utility cars. Mini vans are so overrated. Never had one and never will. This car is sick.
amg_14 (8 months ago)
I love Volvo's not complaining that you added another to the croup
John Odonnell (8 months ago)
YESSSS!!!! I finally found a channel with quality R content. Can't wait to see what you do with her. Also tell Alex he's the partout god (I have a m66 05 S60R, passion red sport kit with bolt ons)
Seahax Gaming (9 months ago)
ok... those cars are rare but not that rare here in sweden
MrRoadRage (9 months ago)
a 10 min video and not once was the car started or a clip of it moving sad times :(
Wanna komit SePpUkU (9 months ago)
My father has a black V70R with cream interior, manual, and it's the car I learned stick in, it's pushing 420 hp, down pipe, 3 inch exhaust, lowered 1.5 inches, intercooler, mail box tune pushing 20 psi, when you step on it you smell antifreeze 😬
ChristianWith (9 months ago)
Its just still a volvo
Blurry Fizz (9 months ago)
in sweden its rarer to find a automatic v70R than a manual lol
thabasslover (6 days ago)
Nah, not really
Dr. Oliebol (9 months ago)
I once drove an automatic and it was horrible; I don't like the geartronic transmissions.
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Sweden wins, THIS time. 😂 -Gregson
casey360360 (9 months ago)
I'm planning on ordering a euro FWD manual V70R (P30) drivetrain to swap into my auto base.
Pontus Engström (9 months ago)
2 of diss
Pontus Engström (9 months ago)
i have to of diss hom end on of dem ar 1000hp volvo v70 R T5 end one stanst one
MrESPRIMOMountain (9 months ago)
That is the dumbest way to measure rarity. With that logic my Mercedes Vito is the rarest Vito of all because it has all of its doors rusted... Oh wait, not that rare
michael knight (9 months ago)
Mom opens front door " Alex move those pos's your fathers on his way home from work and isn't in a good mood" !!
Ben Cook (9 months ago)
rarest... and least reliable.
Polis (9 months ago)
My fridge is the most rare thing in my appartment, only one ever imported into this household. *?!?!?!*
Roger Skagerström (9 months ago)
I can't really see the craze for a manual Volvo of this generation - as they are incredibly boring to drive whatever gearbox. It's just a Volvo with 50 extra horsepower (stock). The Skyhook suspension even manages to make them a bit more boring. The V60 was IMHO the first Volvo that wasn't a sleeping pill to drive.
Alebone (3 months ago)
A cheap retune and you have over 350hp without changing anything whatsoever, not boring to drive at all
Crackdown77 (9 months ago)
One of the trends coming from the US I hate most, is the automatic transmission. 10-15 years ago in Europe cars were mostly manual. Nowadays more than the 50% is automatic... I miss manual cars so much!
Crusade (9 months ago)
not that rare in sweden
Mr. Hemlig (9 months ago)
And where i live i see em all the time haha.
Kubena (9 months ago)
Ive probably seen thousands of them here in sweden
Marko Illikainen (9 months ago)
Rare hmhm in sweden we hade a overflow with that car .but nice get man
Girafy boi (9 months ago)
so funny that you can see a t4 and awd model v70 almost everywhere in the Netherlands as they are the most famous volvo`s around with the v50 and v40 (2003-2008 models)
Schmety Slappy (9 months ago)
in sweden the V70 and V70R is normal to see
JJ GAMING (9 months ago)
They are not rare in Sweden
Basil Blue (9 months ago)
Nice job on those wheels ..... NOT ! I think you missed a few spots on the tyre 🤤
Power Chill (9 months ago)
Im driving regular 2002 volvo v70 2.4 D5 with manual transmision. Car is awesome, but electronics are pain in ass and breaks often
IwillBwaiting (9 months ago)
The wagon did not come with Atacama as standard when ordered new ? And the flash green one looks very nice , but I believe it should also have a spoiler fitted on the trunk when it has the bodykit . It needs it , when going at a higher speed . Here the blue one is very rare . It looks almost the same as the blue used for the concept car of the s60 . https://www.netcarshow.com/volvo/2000-pcc_concept/
Konrad Kondziovsky (9 months ago)
You call them RAREST Volvos because they are manual, we, in Poland, on the other hand, since we are not kids restricted to 4speed automatic transmissions, just call them V70R. It is normal for us, I mean people over IQ ot 75 to have manual gearboxes with, wait for it..........5, or even 6 GEARS!?!?>!!?!?!?! sick, right?
stinky boy (9 months ago)
sweden use volvo v70 as a police car
stinky boy (9 months ago)
its not the only police car they use they have new cars now
Moto_Nerd (9 months ago)
ahaha. "Rarest volvos in the country" basically the only thing we drive here in norway. But its good to see some where imported :D
Korruptionen (9 months ago)
Nice! You bought the right model this time!
Kristofers (9 months ago)
Its fucking perfect, good buy!
Dg G (9 months ago)
An old volvo with a fast engine. ??
Dg G (9 months ago)
OffGridNorthwest (9 months ago)
my selective hearding heard "he buys them... blah blah blah... he parts them out"; haha. wife bought one; we drove it around broken in so many ways for a couple of years; parting it out for more than the $100 that junkyards offered for it.
Michael Broski (9 months ago)
Wow sick even snow tires on the R wheels
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Yea but they’re shot. New winter shoes will go on next fall. -Gregson
Michael Broski (9 months ago)
Where in NY are you guys located? I’m from Ny as well
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
We’re actually in NJ, we were just picking up the car in upstate NY. -Gregson
Will Riley (9 months ago)
I love Volvos
NLterror6000 (9 months ago)
What is so rare about it?
Sebastien Florence (9 months ago)
Hi, you bought it because the gear swap is impossible on this car. Too much electronic and specific parts... I have a v70r 05. Titanium grey with Atacama leather. Manual of course. I really like the sonic blue S60 and love the green S60r.
DJ_PaulTUK (9 months ago)
Should have just got a Saab 9000 Aero. Faster, and more powerful, and a better handling car. Plus B234R can be taken to 450bhp with NO physical engine mods.
Alebone (3 months ago)
Yeah I have a B234 bottom end in my 9-5. Pushing just over 400 with an hx35
jean marc Giroux (9 months ago)
cool I have a 2006 V70R manuel with dark bleu int. it has 90,000 kms very good car only grip I have is the lag in between hard shifts will be selling it soon i'm in Canada.
jean marc Giroux (9 months ago)
you have to be kidding lol
Maximum kemnitz (9 months ago)
As they say: Let's make a deal!
Maximum kemnitz (9 months ago)
I want to know about it when you do decide; I'm in California, so we're practically neighbors! It would go well with my '97 850 R wagon.
rgnlsaizo (9 months ago)
I was going to ask if it was imported, then I saw the "Moose" logo (Swedish Ferrari?). Spaceball shifter..
3l3 (9 months ago)
Makes me proud to be swedish thats some swedish power booiiiiii
Mario Castillo-Azucar (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I love the R's I have a black 1999 S70 T5M one of 190 manuals for that year. I also have a 1995 yellow 850 T5R 1 of 95 yellow sedans and wagons brought to the states that year. I love Volvo. Keep up the awesome work. Congrats on the VR! Im VolvoBoostR at the sweedespeed forum.
Eastsidegeorgiaboy (9 months ago)
Marior Castillo-Azucar i also have a black 1999 S70 T5 manual. Im getting ready to buy a 2004 s60r manual silver with 98,000 miles.
Aphelion QuiickZ (9 months ago)
Proud swede
Commander Zavala (9 months ago)
If u time it just right at 3:33 u can see his face
clayton .casar (9 months ago)
07 is my favorite year might be cause I got one sooooo
Antilaakeri (9 months ago)
In finland most of them are manuals
S Bobnic (9 months ago)
Just saw a V70R wagon today for the very first time, I thought it was a fake as I'd never heard of that model. It's super rare model here in southern Ontario only 160 MTR made it into Canada over 3 yrs. Then I stumble into this video..
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Welcome! Hope you like the channel. -Gregson
Chris woods (9 months ago)
Great video, this just made me love my flash green 98 V70 T5 manual front drive even more. ( still want R model) Looking forward to more videos.
cw48494 (9 months ago)
You have my dream car! Forgo the R.
Fjewt (9 months ago)
we sweden call those the spaceball shifter
Roger Skagerström (9 months ago)
It was called the Spaceball shifter in the marketing material from Volvo, so I think it was the term world wide.
Roger Skagerström (9 months ago)
Du gör dålig reklam för Sverige...
Samoth K (9 months ago)
Dålig på engelska = svartskalle? Din dumma jävel.
Fjewt (9 months ago)
Jeff O är så långt från svartskalle man kan komma.
Jeff O (9 months ago)
We Sweden? Svartskalle
Patrick94GSR (9 months ago)
holy crap that's probably the largest group of manual gearbox Volvos ever assembled in one location! ahhahaa
Alebone (3 months ago)
John Odonnell Late answer but, yes they do
John Odonnell (8 months ago)
I know Sweden keeps all the good manual transmissions but do the p3 s60/v60 have a manual option for you guys?
J Gripen (9 months ago)
Jacob Nilsson Yea, auto's are very rare here in Sweden. Only one with a bigger quantity to come in auto is the S80.
Jacob Nilsson (9 months ago)
ShiftingLanes thats wierd haha. One of the Most common cars here
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Very much, yes
TheOmegaeyes (9 months ago)
Beautiful R cars! I have the same wheels on my s40. It's funny cause that's the exact color I was thinking of dipping mine. I have an '09 s40 2.4 and a '10 v50 R design. Love my Volvos.
Bertil Karlborg (9 months ago)
Nice Projects You have , for me as a Swede,  to look at . Keep on !!
Chump Johnson (9 months ago)
I’m so glad ur doing a Volvo and not a Honda!!!!
Doug Kolar (9 months ago)
you caught the volvo disease...lolol
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
The Swede struggle is real. -Gregson
Mike Dixon (9 months ago)
I have a 2006 sonic blue V70r manual with atacama leather in South Africa one of 6 V70r's in SA and the only one in this trim a real unicorn
Goolungs (9 months ago)
What's even more rare is a 2006 volvo s60 t5 special edition. What makes it a special edition? It comes with a tune from the factory (meaning stock 300). And some interior trim. It is quite the R killer
Thomas N (9 months ago)
Try to find an 07, took me 9 months and a trip to TZE GERMANS
JAMCastillo1 (9 months ago)
I have an 01 S60 2.4T. I was trying to buy a manual s60r but the guy told me he actually ended up messing up the shocks and the 4C system. That really sucks
FlyingPilot2012 (9 months ago)
Love the Volvo videos
Mitch K (9 months ago)
Did the owner disclose that a tree had fallen on the car before his ownership and caused severe roof damage to the car before you bought it? Looked at this when it was for sale in Michigan before Alex purchased it... just in case you'd like to know.
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Please email us at [email protected] Thanks.
Rob Parisian (9 months ago)
Whoa well I have a super NOT rare 2010 XC90 3.2 V6 6 speed automatic in Oyster Metallic with a left oriented steering wheel ... I am Sooo Underwhelmed
Jan Stromback (9 months ago)
Rob Parisian (9 months ago)
Jan Stromback okay inline 6.. derp dee derp
Jan Stromback (9 months ago)
Still, no you don't.... as Volvo does not have any V6! :)
Rob Parisian (9 months ago)
Jan Stromback yes. I do. So underwhelming... Such a common vehicle.. Standard issue for dads my age..
Jan Stromback (9 months ago)
Shifty Eyed Dog No you don't! :)
Rediscover Film (9 months ago)
5:20 OBVIOUSLY they have been restitched. It is obvious as day. You think that corner stitching looked like that from the factory. Damn. Did you guys already give up on your last V70R “project”?
cyclesingsleep (9 months ago)
So, why do you need TWO V70R's? (Obvious Answer: Because I can't yet afford three!)
mousiee7 (9 months ago)
Great combo on that V70R!!!
TheCannon521 (9 months ago)
One question are those all shim blocks o.O
John O (9 months ago)
Want to talk about rare S60R's. Only 100 2004 (right hand drive) cars were imported into Australia and less than half with Atacama interior...and I have one! :)
John O (9 months ago)
Darrin Ray. Ok You win! That certainly is a rare gem! Have you ever seen another S60R/V70R on Aussie roads?
John O (9 months ago)
ShiftingLanes. Lets do the math. In the USA there is (roughly) 1 S60R per 88,100 people. In Australia there is 1 atacama S60R per 500,000 people! Woo hoo!! 😆
Darrin Ray (9 months ago)
John O hey John O, I'm from Australia too and I own a P2 V70R, one of 25 imported to OZ, there were 20 Auto's and 5 stick shifts :)
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Yes! Good on ya 🙂 -Gregson
Tony Medina (9 months ago)
I was looking for a s60r with black exterior and that tan interior for at lest two years, when I finally found one near me I jump on it. I am a happy 07 s60r owner now. I couldnt find a manual one with black and tan colors so an auto did just fine.
Jordan Dennis (9 months ago)
2 #dadwagons?? Not fair... you should let me take the silver one for you guys (you can keep this cooler one). My newborn needs something more comfy than my mini but quicker than my girl’s Jetta!
Ubayd (3 months ago)
God bless you guys
Jordan Dennis (9 months ago)
ShiftingLanes man, I wish I was, but unfortunately chico state has first dibs on my money for the next year. haha However, watching you guys do cool stuff with wagons is enough to scratch my itch in the mean time!
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
If your seriously about that, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll talk.
Jordan Dennis (9 months ago)
Also, the M3 was always in danger, But this new Volvo sealed the deal.
Mark Kibbe (9 months ago)
Amazing find! And I thought my 80k mile V50 T5 M66W (6spd Manual FWD, black on black) was rare. This is next level. What will happen to the auto V70R you guys have?
Mark Kibbe (9 months ago)
Alright, awesome. Can't wait!
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
We will be announcing our plans for that car on Thursday. -Chad
Alan Arvizo-Gonzalez (9 months ago)
AHHHHHH jealous. Nice find
ScottCo98 (9 months ago)
My friend here in MD has an 05 flash green atacama M66 V70R. Almost no 2005 flash green V70R’s were made. His is probably even rarer than yours.
kellypaws (9 months ago)
I don’t mean to be negative, but hey I wanted to see the first one get built out. Is it relegated to a non project?
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Next video will explain all that. Thursday at 10 am EST.
FORSLAG Project crazy (9 months ago)
Just picked up a P1 v70R it’s better
Tyrone Craft (9 months ago)
I want it w/the NY plates!
Jason Hall (3 months ago)
NY plates are so ugly... I miss the old Statue of liberty plates
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Video Thursday will explain that side of it. 10am EST.
Tyrone Craft (9 months ago)
ShiftingLanes What are you doing with the other Volvo?
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Haha I know. It’s a perfect combo. Sadly there will be ugly ass NJ plates on it soon. -Gregson
AeroFix94 (9 months ago)
you guys should have got the V70R first gen instead. Much sexier car ;)
TeaSToRM (9 months ago)
i prefer any volvo up to 1999 after that they went too curvy
AeroFix94 (9 months ago)
as a swede myself. I prefer almost all the volvos :) But nice to see another one on the channel. Keep it up. Maybe V70 Manual vs Auto drag race soon ;)
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Great looking car, but I prefer the P2s 😍 -Gregson
TheVolvoDude (9 months ago)
Very nice find! Excited for this build!!!
Art King (9 months ago)
...yea, indeed!
Rico Lagman (9 months ago)
Hope you still manual swap the other one. So I can do it myself on my ‘04
cliff owens (9 months ago)
Rico Lagman they won't do Jack shit. They haven't done anything apart from talk about doing stuff
youtubasoarus (9 months ago)
Looks like it also has an IPD poly top mount! :) I agree on the paint matched trim, love that. Not a fan of the black trim that gets covered in wax from the car wash... pain in the ass to keep clean, always looks grey. :( Those two sedans also had the factory kit! Super rare as well. Been trying to locate a part-out with the kit. No joy. :/ - R w/M66
argonian bilbo (9 months ago)
Ha, i knew that was Alex's property when I saw all those unicorns in the yard
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Haha he’s the best. That flash is something else. Got a ride in it. GOOD GOD. -Gregson
kevin jones (9 months ago)
How many miles on the car?
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
patwregan (9 months ago)
So Angry!!- you have two of them now and i can not find one good one near me- errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
Christopher Jefferson (9 months ago)
New Volvo owner ? I have a clean (as per local Volvo shop) 09’ S60 2.5T that I really wanna know if it’s chipped. As a short time Volvo mechanic (3mos?) and now an Atty I’m not up on car modding. The ecm looks stock and has no sticker etc. but there are allow of weird little issues that give me pause that someone was “playing” with the car b4 they sold it. The drivers seat bolster needs to be resewn and some roof ares either rebent or reglued (hard to explain) but that is all that is wrong with it. Oh and I got like 4K off for minor hail damag. (And if I find whomever u are that took ur fist and slammed in on the roof between the rain sill and roof panel to dent it, your time is limited in earth.). My question is what is a good intake (like the one the teal colored R had) other tha a free flow drop in IPD filter? And how to tell if ,y car is “chipped”. No doubt it’s been done. I’ve no rev limiter, no auto shift at redline, no torque limiter etc, and 0-60 is a bit better than T5 territory. If I use aero plane fuel, ummmm....it’s allot faster to the point I won’t do it again for fear of my tranny goin “kerblammo”: thanx
Christopher Jefferson (9 months ago)
PS this channel now has me looking for a man T5 wagon AWD or S60r.
Christopher Jefferson (9 months ago)
cliff owens they don't know? The ways of the force? Or....If it's chipped? And can the auto 2.5t's Haber S60R manuals transboxes swapped in?
Sander Skaugrud (9 months ago)
Awesome! :D
CoffeeMed (9 months ago)
Ohhhhh yeah. Now we're talkin'
jokrj (9 months ago)
Where are you guys based? Maybe mines the magic blue also. It looks like it changes from blue to purple depending on the light.
jokrj (9 months ago)
Ive got a purple one. Manual V70R Its also an 05.
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Purple!? Pics nowwwwww. -Gregson
The Quadfather (9 months ago)
BC Racing Coilovers FTW! I have them on my 04 V70 NA and my 02 V70 T5
rufftuff95 (9 months ago)
I was wondering if you could do a short video of the handling and ride difference between the stock 4C system vs BC coil overs system.
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Soooooo good right!? -Gregson
Klas Peppar (9 months ago)
I disagree the face 1 does not look ugly with the plastic trim. But the face 2 looks better. The face 2 with a manual is rare even here in Sweden. It is a nice car, but I don't like the wheels, not the wheel colour at least, not my cup of tea and it is some thing with the orange reflektor in the normal face 1 and R US lights that make me cringe. I don't know why but it justs looks wrong to me as a Swe.
IwillBwaiting (9 months ago)
*fase 1 (and 2) . And does the Atacama interior not come standard with flooring in same colour also , including mats ? The flooring and mats in this model are all black (charcoal) which makes me believe the doorpanels and seats and rear bench have been fitted at a later stage .
Klas Peppar (9 months ago)
Sounds great! Can't wait to see them in a video!
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
New wheels are being put on as we speak! -Gregson
AzazelCain (9 months ago)
i hate you :(
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Don’t hate, appreciate! -Gregson
PTSD and CMB (9 months ago)
very nice R collection!
cmadness1 (9 months ago)
These are the just the best cars. I've owned 5 myself and just love them. Dibs on that wagon when you go to sell it........seriously!
Jared K (9 months ago)
William Michigan and no it's an auto
LCW (9 months ago)
Jared K where is your V70R and is it manual tranny?
Jared K (9 months ago)
I'm selling my 87,000 mile V70R Passion Red Gobi if you're interested Cmadness1. Has full service history all dealership maintenance since original purchase.
ShiftingLanes (9 months ago)
Thanks! Will do. Let the restoration and modding COMMENCE. -Gregson
cmadness1 (9 months ago)
Steve Crumpton tell me more!
TJ Williams (9 months ago)
its impossible to even find a s60 t5/ s60r anywhere near me with a manual that has low miles. Even when I check a couple states over.
TJ Williams (9 months ago)
i'm not traveling all the way to Sweden for a Volvo. I live in the U.S. and that'd cost way to much money.
Peter hall (9 months ago)
And the 855 T5 R is also popular Here is the searchplace on the site. https://mobil.blocket.se/hela_sverige?w=3
Peter hall (9 months ago)
Ofc not all teens have them, but there are alot around. If i compare to what you are saying. But then the factory in Gothenburg is less Than a 1.5 hour drive from here ;) Topsite for selling cars in Sweden : www.blocket.se
Keksi the Labrador (9 months ago)
Peter hall Even R models?
Peter hall (9 months ago)
You should check here in sweden. Every teen has one it seems. :p

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