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The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

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Music video by The Naked And Famous performing Young Blood. (C) 2010 Somewhat Damaged Under exclusive license to Polydor Ltd (UK)
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Mike Zane (20 hours ago)
Blacks don't like this but like Migos!!! That just shows there brains aren't developed like WHITES?!!
Josh Lynch (1 day ago)
A timeless classic, I love it, very underrated.
Jason Darr (2 days ago)
I swear to God. I want this played at my funeral.
Alejandra Pérez (2 days ago)
why this song isnt in spotify?
neil connor (2 days ago)
Art of flight!
MAA (3 days ago)
Hearts like our and punching in a dream are up with this
David Burden (5 days ago)
so crap
David Burden (5 days ago)
Robbie Kado (6 days ago)
when your parents kick you out of the house
Jose Luis Ortiz Nava (7 days ago)
SSX 2012
SOM guy (8 days ago)
Can't help myself but count the flaws.... I'm in my 50s and this song has stuck with me for years. One of the catchiest and smartest songs I have heard.
kc estrada (9 days ago)
Abalam de Paimon (10 days ago)
When this came out i could still identify with the characters in the video, the coming of age, discovering, excitement of life and making own choices....waking up early to go to the beach in a foreign country, cuddle up with your partner and watch the sunrise. Mind racing at this unknown experience...Weirdly enough, while being a teenager it often felt...odd, exciting, overwhelming....and now, at an age where those experiences are no longer possible, it feels romantic and sad at the same time. Never ever again will i experience travelling countries with my teenage partner, us both unexperienced in life and just living from day to day...it was often scary, but ultimately a great adventure. And songs like this are just wonderful to bring back memories of times past.
Dan D (12 days ago)
I just heard this song played during the commercial break on Thursday Night Football. Cowboys vs Saints!
Isaiah Solis (12 days ago)
Me to!! I was trying so hard to remember the song
Dorothy Macapayag (12 days ago)
for whatever reason.. this song is unfortunately unavailable in my country for spotify. 😭😭 why
JC D (12 days ago)
2011 my heart aches with nostalgia. Summer, boating, sunsets on the lake ❤️ I saw them live & almost cried.. bc it was so good. 😍😍😍
Jose Jaro (13 days ago)
And the song fades to a distant sound of a floor buffer with no words said....then fade to black.
Esther Christianson (15 days ago)
I wish i could hear this song mixed with Drakes song "worst behaviour".
Adrian 91 (15 days ago)
This makes me cry.
Gang of Eagles (16 days ago)
I wish I could play the synth like that. Being a keyboarder myself, I bow my head in respect! Reminds me of MGMT who also had very good kbds
michael bosley (16 days ago)
thought it to be a great song
Estephan Stegink (17 days ago)
Damn I was 13 when this came out and now I'm almost 22. How time flies.
J4COB animations (18 days ago)
SSX anyone?
Insignificant (19 days ago)
ッK.I.R.A (19 days ago)
Gho a st 1988 (19 days ago)
That guy at 3:33.... nightmares
Raduga (20 days ago)
i cry everytime when i hear this.
Wow... had this song stuck in my head since listening to it last night.
Gabriele Uccheddu (20 days ago)
You are here because chuck proposed to sarah❤ 2018
Katzenliebhaber 83 (21 days ago)
Momories of my great vacation in Fuerteventura and the Summer of 2011
Calvin Knott (21 days ago)
I miss it ,....
ThePoonDoctor (22 days ago)
Takes me back to too many goddamn ads.
NEWSHOO (23 days ago)
I am sad now.
AlbertWesker (24 days ago)
I wish i had friends like these.. 😭. All my friends are poop.. 😤.
Seva Namananivanua (24 days ago)
Came here from elementary
Casually Interested (25 days ago)
Ricky Walker (27 days ago)
SSX brought me here
David Burden (29 days ago)
poo as
Andrés Rubio (29 days ago)
This song makes me want to take the Earth and ride it all over my motorcycle
Rional Gaming (1 month ago)
came here from chuck =D
shane o connor (1 month ago)
Blissful melodies aching into massive chorus ....... what a band!
shane o connor (1 month ago)
All my closest friends are kiwis.....nz needs to teach the world how to be cool again
Iannelli mattia55 (1 month ago)
Brian Manasco (1 month ago)
heard this song touring with the dirty clergy in 2011. i wanted to remember it, but by the time show was over, i had forgotten it. UNTIL LAST WEEK I HEARD IT ON SIRIUS! took me back to austin, tx.
Rob Salgado (1 month ago)
No Abercrombie & Fitch models were hurt in the filming of this video.
Maria Andrea (1 month ago)
Porque no esta en spotify esta versión???
Ryan Patterson (1 month ago)
I found this song from a jason park skateboarding vid as the background music. Legit asf
MugsyBrews (1 month ago)
When I realize I’m old enough to think this came out only a few years ago and my music generations are beginning to blend..is this what old is? 🤔 meh cool with it.
kLuSe. (1 month ago)
I was a recluse part time meth user shut in when this came out ...i got outa that apartment/coffin almost 5 years now , haven't done dope since i left , im still very schizophrenic from the drugs that i did over the years ... but doin better in most other ways .
itsmyonly option (1 month ago)
You wont know haha
spriinkles1000 (1 month ago)
I just started watching Elementary on Hulu, this was the first song of the first episode, I had to rewind ans Shazam it lol
Joshua Aleman (1 month ago)
About the time music made a comeback thought we were going never have good new music.
rexcro (1 month ago)
Živio život i sjećanja iz mladosti!
vulture (1 month ago)
I am going to become in this stage
Pew Die Pie (1 month ago)
Marzia likes this shit
Ludovico Formentini (1 month ago)
50 lies, 50 states, 50 cries every times. Why George? We are between George and Marcus. Between the Cross and the lion's Wings (Emperor Angel)
Gabo R (1 month ago)
・ 。° • 4ever young ・ 。° • 🎶.. 😉🙂
ReticentIndignation (1 month ago)
Enjoy the song. So glad I'm no longer a teenager...teens are so stupid and vulnerable.
Davy Smith (1 month ago)
Always takes me back to happier days. I first heard this song at the start of the best year and half of my life.
Evelyn P. (1 month ago)
>Like a children again< ❤
Ratsound (1 month ago)
love the original but damn Hardwell & Tiesto's remix is amazing!
Saron (1 month ago)
Bryan Abney (1 month ago)
Did anyone else discover this song playing ssx
2007 to 2011 February old days way gone They neve came back
New zealand miss this song I think there fromm new zealand cause there singer the group love this song Young block
Chupa Cabra (1 month ago)
TheAngryHolmesian (1 month ago)
The first episode of Elementary brought me here.
Byronth Paz (1 month ago)
2018 and I want to go back in time I love this song
Christian Perez (1 month ago)
We're only young in life, still We require certain skill The moon it changes like wind Hard to control where it begins The bitter sweet between my teeth Trying to fight the in-betweens Fall back in love eventually Basically, a life lived in the enjoyment of experience can and will leave one waiting for meaning. If not for the rush of life to hit again. Find someone you can love. That can bring light to the situation. Love for your life and your partner and this song can become silly. The rush of life and love become reliable rythms. Holding on is for other songs. 😅 (see The Staves, The Long Run)
Hector DUDE (1 month ago)
Why does this remind me of Sleepyhead" by Passion pit???
Davi Barbosa (1 month ago)
Nem vi a vida passar. Sinto no sangue essas lembranças
Rampage Bauer (1 month ago)
Zynouger (1 month ago)
Now i wanna go jump on car hoods and do cartwheels down 2 lane roads n shit
MegaBltzBoy Gaming (1 month ago)
SSX anyone?
Glace Eisbecher (1 month ago)
Très jolie chanson et magnifique clip vidéo.
Mard (2 months ago)
*Me on SSX hearing this* MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE
Maximilian Marschall (2 months ago)
Best Song ever
carloslimones85 (2 months ago)
They opened for Blink 180 two years ago in Austin and they were awesome!
moskovskoye (2 months ago)
Haven't heard this in ages. Glad YouTube recommended something worth coming back to for once
TheSpringMood (2 months ago)
It's 2018 and I can't stop listening to this song!
Felipe Gutiez (1 month ago)
Me too
man, its crazy going through old playlists and finding the old gems like this. i know I'm not the only one feeling the exact way I'm feeling.
Jamie Doherty Musician (2 months ago)
Shafiqul Hasan (2 months ago)
Thank you Forza Horizon!
Nelson Silva (2 months ago)
Música para fedelhos!
Pedro Quintão (2 months ago)
I used to listen this song in 2012 and I forgot how much I used to love it. I'm listening again now and feeling so nostalgic.
Ryan Brokaw (2 months ago)
21 and over
Jpq Perez (2 months ago)
ssx 😍😍😍
DesDaBomb Gamer (2 months ago)
Who’s watched by in 2018??
Felipe Gutiez (1 month ago)
Of course
6.57 Crew (2 months ago)
in 8 days im 20, feel Weird, it depressed me
fizzazzle (2 months ago)
When the emo generation makes a dreamy pop song about getting strapped
Pete Pyeatt (2 months ago)
Prom 2011 brought me here.
Christian E (2 months ago)
Feelx013 (2 months ago)
This song never gets old. It has that kinda "vibes" that triggers nostalgic emotions, its just indescriptible.
Demir Silva (2 months ago)
Robert Gregory (2 months ago)
Hey, Naked and Famous. I’m hoping this is okay. I wrote a short story featuring your band. I hope I can legally feature you in a story without getting sued LOL. I’m guessing it’s okay as you and your name would be a semi-public domain type thing.
Brandon Reina (2 months ago)
Song was mentioned in the trailer to the family friendly movie, Prom ©2011 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Jason Johnson (2 months ago)
This song is still ahead of it's time several years later.
Gamer House (2 months ago)
2011 always in the VIVA advertising.
Luis Flores (2 months ago)
One of the only good things about going to forever 21 with my wife was hearing this song yea yea yea
Okinawan Karate Du (2 months ago)
I heart this song.

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