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The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

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Music video by The Naked And Famous performing Young Blood. (C) 2010 Somewhat Damaged Under exclusive license to Polydor Ltd (UK)
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Text Comments (8992)
Heriberto Romero (2 days ago)
Fuck!! I love this song!!!
Pacmanhits Pac (3 days ago)
Take an Ecstasy pill and listen to this ... trust me
TheFurryTaco (3 days ago)
you would have thought that vevo would have been on to HD in 2011...
carlie gedeon (3 days ago)
Meant to type 5sos youngblood but I'm not mad that this is what I got instead
cozIsezSo (4 days ago)
This music makes my ears bleed. So horrible
VIVA PLUS (5 days ago)
z0mbie4killer7 8888 (6 days ago)
Who is still listening in 2019?
Micaela Griffith (6 days ago)
There’s a sense of freedom in this song
I only started noticing this song in the last 4 years. Tho when trying to find it, I could only remember yeah yeah yeah yeah, when I goggled that some British bands came up. Came across someone's question asking about eyeah eyeah eyeah eyeah, so I followed that thread & finally found it. Bugged me for the longest time.
I come here cause Canadá dry comercial
grendelwasajedi (12 days ago)
Fall back in love eventually * Yeah yeah yeah yeah. *oh really? lol. appreciate the optimism, but: no
Ross Hancocks (12 days ago)
Can't even begin to describe the rough time this band and song got me through. Not many songs from that time I can listen to that makes me smile still. As it withers...
SEBASTIAN BAEZ (16 days ago)
Al momento de abrir el video regresaron los recuerdos de mi juventud ..... regresenme 10 años atras 😭😭
Из рекламы "Dirol". Вспомнили?
Dan Majors (18 days ago)
Not a man bun in sight
jake wood (19 days ago)
I remember when this song came out in 2010, I must have been about 14 had just been kicked out of highschool and was at such a weird point in my life, I felt so hopeless and sad.. But whenever I did I would put this song on full blast and run across the beach near my house. This song got me through some rough times ❤️
Matthew Chong (20 days ago)
apple cider
Captian Zarqouis (21 days ago)
Fifa ❤
eric13zombie (21 days ago)
Early 2010s was the best
Güstinator (22 days ago)
Je älter der Song, desto größer seine Bedeutung 😢. So schöne Erinnerungen dass ich heulen könnte.
Milena Socovoski (25 days ago)
Veglia Borletti (25 days ago)
ahhh......chuck how could i forget this
Vasyl Malendevych (27 days ago)
911 anyone?
Michael Wolfe (29 days ago)
Here because of Chimney (911).
MikasaScarlett (30 days ago)
Where have I heard this song before🤔🤔🤔
Vetle (29 days ago)
You’re Welcome (30 days ago)
2019 Still 🔥🔥🔥
Тоня Васил (1 month ago)
Смотрю и смотрю.... совершенно!
Murilo Vinhal (1 month ago)
Domenico Marino (1 month ago)
This song never gets old, who else ia here in 2019?
Daniel Flores (1 month ago)
I'm here, it's a good song. The good ol days.
MyName IsBen (1 month ago)
Good old FIFA days!
TheECAproductions (1 month ago)
I consider this song the start of 2010's music
Mana Tairua-Kino (1 month ago)
Love it! Even in 2019
Greg ChaissonII (1 month ago)
I'm 30 and realistic, but won't front, I see it as an opportunity to relive my 20s but a tad smarter lol.
Jeff Chin (1 month ago)
I cant wait to hear this on the oldies channel
Daniel Flores (1 month ago)
linkshand (1 month ago)
Why is this version not on spotify? :(
proven22x (1 month ago)
jump and run like a freak one more time, please
Diego Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Que fome que ya aigan sacado de spotify
hippz nepz (1 month ago)
2019 New Zealand in the house 😊
Stella Carrier (1 month ago)
The Naked and Famous Young Blood-One of the local rock radio stations played this song a healthy amount of times during the 2011 timeframe and I admit that by autumn 2011/early 2012 this distinctive song grew on me the more I heard it.
Daniel Flores (1 month ago)
I also really liked it
Dongwei Zhao (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
Bittu Mandol (1 month ago)
Alisa Xayalith is my favorite lady Singer of all time. Love the naked and famous from India
Dak Kerrins (1 month ago)
Smashing toitoi's, good times!
Kaiser of Youtube (1 month ago)
This took me 8 years to find. And for 8 years I haven't forgotten this song.
Luna (1 month ago)
ima listen to this song whenever I HAVE A BAD DAY
Luna (1 month ago)
bro this song is yes i remember this song
Jiggy Josh (1 month ago)
Typed “ssx yea yea yea” and found what I was looking for lol.
Daniel Andrukhov (1 month ago)
Came here from Art of Flight
KevDamDamHUN (1 month ago)
Viva TV anyone?
Anna Muller (1 month ago)
This was my ring tone for FOREVERRRR
Muhammed Aslan (2 months ago)
#VIVALIEBTDICH #vivaforever
Dave Johnson (2 months ago)
I approve this message
Sophia Arteta (2 months ago)
Dating Around "Luke" brought me here.
Freddy from the village (2 months ago)
Still my favourite song.... listened to this in the early summer nights.... take me back <3
The Chubby Moran (2 months ago)
2019?!? Anyone? We are now 30+.
Zack Fair (2 months ago)
Ahem... SSX ?
Sooperpork (2 months ago)
I remember when I was younger, shopping with my mom, Sears always played the best of music, such as this song. 😖 Nostalgia
Theophilus Thistler (2 months ago)
Fist time I heard this for rerence, similar hard tingles in the lower soune and bollocks to Accept's Teutonic Terror.
Mikey G (2 months ago)
I wish I would had actually "lived" my teenage years..
Jacu (2 months ago)
Thanks to redbull snowboard movie I hear this song for the first time. I think I just fell in love!
xXAnnii Xx (2 months ago)
8 years later. And i still love it.
Khali (2 months ago)
no more regrets, I'm 20 years old now, i have the time in my hands and while it will all eventually slip through, i'll do what i can with what i have left. and you should too. you're still here... you are still here. there's still time
Anderson Moreira (2 months ago)
Rional Gaming (2 months ago)
whos here loves chuck =D
Kris Stoff (2 months ago)
I had a boss who didn't know what chorus was so he would always say, "The bittersweet between my teeth, do you like french toast and ice tea"
Ciaran Meehan (2 months ago)
This song just makes me want to fly!
dead dentist (2 months ago)
Eternity in my 🌎. FOREVER LOVE. I love y'all 🌹God💋
Seba sebastian (2 months ago)
Feels like 2 days ago i heard this song, but its 7 years ago, yeah, 2019 anyone?
Tony Suhandinata (2 months ago)
Fking memories!!
Ludovica Garritano (2 months ago)
Why isn't this version on Spotify? I only found remixes, but the original one is way better than those remixes
Agent Smith (2 months ago)
I can remember this song playing while me and my cousin playing Baseball with a golfbat on the peak of a mountain ahh greatly memories *sigh*
Shawn Martin (2 months ago)
2019 anyone??
Domenico Marino (2 months ago)
Who else ia here in 2019?
Domenico Marino (2 months ago)
+Maike Ferreira super!
Maike Ferreira (2 months ago)
me! :)
Topnug Maverick (2 months ago)
Reminds me of being a crazy ass high schooler.
sebastien sotot (2 months ago)
Possum (2 months ago)
When I watch this I fell like I want to eat fish and chips and a fizzy drink🍟🍗🍹
Ultra Gameplays (2 months ago)
Memories 2014
HARUOrh (2 months ago)
Chi cheñol
Tom Toms (3 months ago)
i wanna kill my self one time with soudtrack this song. So many tears. it was 2013 i dont now why but today is 2019 and im stiil alive
dazhillcanning (15 days ago)
well done keep pulling through mate
MS THIRTEEN (2 months ago)
😀😁😉 that's great news. I knew someone who didn't make it. 🤗😘
Blue Jay (3 months ago)
This that AE floorset jam
indie 00 (3 months ago)
The Naked & Famous indie
hay vai loz
Pao y (3 months ago)
mi cancion favorita de adolescente que recuerdos y un millon de cosas que hice no me arepiento de nada vivi mi vida al maximo
Michael Armstrong (3 months ago)
I found this song not with the band name, but with the lyrics " we require certain skills" awe yeah. We are going to be on Earth for a real long time. Lets listen to the best music, and Smoke a fatty! oh should try and make some money while were still young.
Vasi Lynch (3 months ago)
I was 19, found this song on some indie music public page. Then heard it in “the art of flight”. And then in orbit or dirol ad :D
Uncle Ren (3 months ago)
I need 3 hits of acid to understand this video.
Matt Gilbert (3 months ago)
I can listen to this song and instantly my teenage years come streaming back.. ahhhhh
James Livingston (3 months ago)
2011 more or less marks the decline of the "prep look" and the appropriation of the "hipster look" by the "cool, normal people" (compare the look of the mean girls in mean girls to the average females you have seen at recent cochella events..) it is a great time to be alive.
Who's listening? Fall back in love eventually . . .
Did anyone get here from SSX or am I the weird one?
Lakay Force (3 months ago)
Dynasty lNeXuS (3 months ago)
It's summer 2011. Saturday 2pm. Your friends already waiting at the door for you. You grab your bike and ride through the streets while the sun warms your face. All is good. Life is good.
April Adams (3 months ago)
Thorsten Hagemeier (3 months ago)
The German Electronic Artist "Schiller" is using the cover of your "This Machine" EP from 2008 for his most recent album "Morgenstund". Just FYI - smells like copyright infringement to me.. unless its not because he is at Universal Music too!?
Riley (3 months ago)
wow i miss being 14 listening to this.
Austin Yates (3 months ago)
Who's listening in 2019?!
Dakota Audotiva (3 months ago)
abhinav tripathi (3 months ago)
another gift from Elementary 💋
Pat El of Earth (3 months ago)
This brings me back to when I met my wife almost 8 years ago. I love how music does that.
Mikey Lagmay (3 months ago)
why is this not on spotify anymore
Mikey Lagmay (3 months ago)
cP3 its gone brother, just the remixes left
cP3 (3 months ago)
It is still on Spotify, just searchThe Naked And Famous - Young Blood
Jamal Mensah (3 months ago)
2019 😍
BPSN Live (3 months ago)
oh SSX how i loved that series, perfect cold weather song lol

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