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How to Clear and Charge Crystals

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S. Ali Myers of http://3rdeyeactivation.com shows easy ways to clear and charge crystals. Clearing and charging crystals and stones is a very easy process. This video explains how you can clear and charge your crystals with sage, sea salt, sunlight and or/moonlight. Our Crystals & Sets http://thirdeyeactivation.com/store/crystals/ Spiritual Development Workshop (Online) http://thirdeyeactivation.com/classes/ Get a FREE Alpha Wave Binaural Meditation MP3 by joining our email list! http://thirdeyeactivation.com/more/join-e-mail-list/ Website: http://3rdeyeactivation.com Articles: http://thirdeyeactivation.com/articles/ Consultations & Services http://thirdeyeactivation.com/services/ Products: http://thirdeyeactivation.com/store/ Meditation MP3s: http://thirdeyeactivation.com/downloads/ Classes: http://thirdeyeactivation.com/classes/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/salimyers Twitter: http://twitter.com/thirdeyeact Radio Show: http://blogtalkradio.com/mindrightradio Keywords: clearing crystals, charging crystals, gemstones, stones, crystals, charging crystals, S. Ali Myers, sunlight, sun, moonlight, moon, sea salt, sage, sage stick
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Text Comments (91)
Mary Motherofgod (23 days ago)
Love ur style u r succinct n to the point great energy peace ✌️ n light 💡
QuxalexaGo Project (1 month ago)
it works with garlic salt!
Jaja Mama (1 month ago)
Hi. Can bay leaf/ laurel leaf be used in place of white sage for smudging crystals? Thanks!
James Cox (2 months ago)
Peace Peace ✌️
Watching TESHA (2 months ago)
keving52002 (2 months ago)
I also here Frankincense and Myth is also good for this ,is it?
Stephany Oneill (2 months ago)
Arnt amethyst not supposed to be in the sun ?
free spirit (2 months ago)
How often should i clean them? After every use or meditation?
ckwhitey47 (4 months ago)
What is the difference between stones of power and crystals i purchased from your site.
ckwhitey47 (4 months ago)
Thanks i just got my crystals from your site, i guess i need to differentiate the crystals and stones. Thx for the video.
Spiritdove (4 months ago)
wish I could do make beleif
monique baby (6 months ago)
I cleanse my crystals with sea water.. I wash them in the sea first then I soak them in a glass bowl filled with sea water for 24 hours.. Then I wash the salt water off in tap water to and put them in the sun for few hours.. If you don't have ocean around you then you can use water with sea salt.. 😊 Always pour out the water after each cleansing, don't reuse it cause it has absorbed the negative energies from the crystals.. 😊
Beth Bartlett (6 months ago)
A good presentation, to the point and take care of business - like this! Refreshing - no yap-yap like so many females do, (I don't mean to seem negative, it's just nice to get efficient facts). Thank you 🏆
Samantha Villagomez (7 months ago)
I'll listen to this over and over it's that good!
Can u use Plao Santo or regular salt?
prismillan (7 months ago)
Thank you for this video! 😁😊❤🌺🌼🌻
tanya broughton (7 months ago)
How to clean Shungite when you first get it!
Raven Sanders (8 months ago)
Is sunlight okay for a cherry quartz??? I don't want to ruin it. I. Wanted to use the. Moonlight, but the moon doesn't shine by my window.
Daniel Gervais (9 months ago)
I'm all for the sun too!!! thanks!!!
Theresa Jolly (9 months ago)
Can u use white sage incense to clear your crystals
Tessa Waithe (10 months ago)
Can the sun both cleanse and charge your crystals?
Galliano Marr (10 months ago)
Do I not have to charge the moonstone by moon? Or can I also charge that one by sun?
sml 12 daniel (10 months ago)
Goedana lj (1 year ago)
Hi how are you today I have a question for you I have a green angel I have from gift it's a crystal I'm not sure about anything doing angel and I have questions do you have green crystals for money
Goedana lj (1 year ago)
Hey Hi how are you today do you have Crystal about money
Tim Tom (1 year ago)
i like to use palo santo to clear
Lacita Fleming (1 year ago)
Great tutorial, simple and informative! Thank you for sharing!
John Doe (1 year ago)
The content the video title implies starts a 2:00
supersesqui (1 year ago)
Do you people really believe in all this fucking bollocks...or is it a business con ?
supersesqui (1 year ago)
I am completely aware of the scientific studies and documented effects of the Placebo phenomenon. That is not what this shyster is saying. It never ceases to amaze me ..how fucking stupid and gullible most people are. I see Mr James Randi still has his one million dollars !!
J Romeo (1 year ago)
supersesqui even if its a placebo effect, why not believe in what works? Its never the how. Its always the what.
Zinnie988 (1 year ago)
So many how to videos on clearing crystals, spaces, and self. How can you tell if the object that's being cleansed (crystal, space or person) is cleared from negativity ? Is it assumed by faithfully or is there a special gauging device to check before and after cleansing?
LeAnn Gastelum (7 months ago)
Zinnie988 you will feel it once you start working with the Crystals. No machines just you feeling the vibes coming from it.
Murielle Placide (1 year ago)
Zinnie988 Look into pendulums for yes/no answers
Mine came from outer space which was Harmony
Kyle Angelo (1 year ago)
Can I cleanse more than one stone in the same bowl?
keving52002 (2 months ago)
Does the incense have to be sage or can it be any incense from a store?
Gothangelik (5 months ago)
Kyle Angelo yes. I do. I put them in a strainer, and the strainer above the sage stick. That's a literal sage smoke bath for the crystals. 🙂
Naimah Salahuddin (1 year ago)
I use my singing bowls
Naimah Salahuddin (1 year ago)
I use my singing bowls
C M (1 year ago)
You're glowing! Nice Thoth statue, I have the same one. Where did you get that shelf? I need a new Alter one to fit that statue. Thanks for your videos Ali.
dperry1 (1 year ago)
S. Ali Myers Peace love and blessings. Can you suggest to me as to how and where should I store my sage stick bowl and feather after cleansing? I left it out in the open and do not want anyone to touch them i.e. , guest or relatives... Also, do you have any suggestions of sites where I can buy sage sticks from the actual natives?
C M (1 year ago)
S. Ali Myers thank you!
S. Ali Myers (1 year ago)
+Casey Marlin I don't recall. Maybe IKEA
Jay Bakari (1 year ago)
are you from Pittsburgh?
Kulena V (1 year ago)
Quartz gets bleached in the sun and will lose its color..which is why moon is chosen for most..
nadia rawat (1 month ago)
what about the tigers eye ?
Anna Rection (1 year ago)
what a load of shit
Redrose (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for the video very helpful...
Frank Reiser M.S. (1 year ago)
I know how to charge crystals, but not how to clear them. Thank you. You can look up my "metaphysical crystals" for a video on my crystals. Type into youtube Frank Reiser M.S.
NOTABOOS (1 year ago)
People like this should be locked up in a special psychiatric institution.
mrbooglesopus (28 days ago)
Government or organized religion? Please identify yourself! Lol. Why you so threatened?
Lay Lay (3 months ago)
Scroll on with your closed mind.
Faith Fitness (1 year ago)
Rebecca King (2 years ago)
not knocking this video at all but another resource for sage could be the produce section at your grocrie store (if someone is just starting out I know Wal-Mart, because thats a store accesible to almost everyone, is selling the actual sage plants as a plant in some produce sections for fresh seasoning) or a produce store and if you're not actually seeing it make sure you check the already selected fresh (not dried) packaged seasoning in the produce area it is often labeled as poultry seasoning and might come with thyme and rosemary (also decent cleansing herbs) I catch the packs on sale and typically get them for under 1$ and all I do is bundle them up at the ends and hang them in a window that gets lots of sun but I typically do that in the summer I haven't attempted it in the winter good video just looking for alternative methods for my stones I might have not known about
Wyoming Oregon (1 year ago)
Ok. Let us stick to what prompted us to comment on this video: smudging. (My tone is not Unpleasant I promise). White sage clears negative energy and helps with meditation and intention setting. Culinary sage when smudged is for wisdom, decision making. Only Salvia officianalis is suitable for culinary use. Most sage grows like crazy but the most commonly used sage in spiritual practice, white sage, grows only in the Southwest of the U.S.
Rebecca King (1 year ago)
I looked it up and they both stated healing properties for the body but my confusion is that both sage and white ate sold in metaphysical shops I visit 5 or 6 in my local area and the women tell you there's no real difference online is mostly talking about native American culture and most shops I know of aren't ran by native Americans even though I've gotten my best results from rosemary and ceder bundles
Wyoming Oregon (1 year ago)
+Rebecca King I understand...I'm not snapping at you as I know your intentions weren't meant to harm.
Rebecca King (1 year ago)
I wasn't saying I didn't trust you I was just asking a question...
Wyoming Oregon (1 year ago)
+Rebecca King this information is easy to research. Don't trust me...look up the info
bill kendrick (2 years ago)
can I use the same salt or do I need new salt each time
Naiomi Nicole (7 months ago)
bill kendrick new salt each time. The reason is since you're clearing your crystals in the salt,the salt is pulling the negative energy out of the crystal when they are submerged,so you NEED to toss that salt out and use new salt every time you're clearing your crystals
james davis (2 years ago)
I liked this video good work!!!
Queenie Magnum (2 years ago)
Hi. Thank you... How do you set your intentions into/onto the crystal. Do you do it after charging it? And what type of things can/should you say. :)
Jason McCreary (2 months ago)
depending on the crystal you have chose.. Look up its correspondences to see how it is most widely used.. rose quartz for example is mainly used for love, self love, friendship, harmony... so when you concentrate your crystal you set your intention something like..." I wish to use this crystal to draw loving energies into my life" for example ... but spend time with your crystal and feel it for yourself ... all crystals have a personality all their own. no two are alike. just because rose quartz is mostly used for love energies doesnt mean yours will fit the mold...
James heinze (2 years ago)
Just put my crystals in a cup with water and add pink Himalaya salt how long would I leave them in for?? Thanks??
tasha hamilton (2 years ago)
what's the shortest time you can sit them in the sun because I'm learning som crystals can fade it set to long
Jennifer Hensley (2 years ago)
+S. Ali Myers thank you for teaching me how to cleanse Crystals😃
tasha hamilton (2 years ago)
+S. Ali Myers do they have to be directly in the sun?
S. Ali Myers (2 years ago)
+tasha hamilton doesn't take long. Hour or so.
King Troy (2 years ago)
Just brought both sets
lovethestage (2 years ago)
Wonderful post!
StylistecS (2 years ago)
I like clearing mine with singing bowls. Sometimes I use Frankincense sticks as well in place of sage.
Jack Steger (2 years ago)
Thank you for the help. Very helpful✌🏻️
Jimi Hendrix (2 years ago)
Great video. Very insightful.
Queena Tolliver (2 years ago)
will sage incense work for cleansing?
malika God (1 year ago)
Queena Tolliver yes , yourself and your home
Paul Weatherby (1 year ago)
Queena Tolliver The Gonesh sage incense I tried smell fake compared to real sage. Maybe you'll find a better brand.
Mr Smith (2 years ago)
keela keela (3 years ago)
Great videos!
martha simmons (3 years ago)
Thank you for keeping this simple, informative, and straight to the point.
Jason Thompson (3 years ago)
Thank you for the info my friend...blessings
Wavier de malte (3 years ago)
Simple ... but excellent video. Thanks. XWDM, from France.
bervin70 (3 years ago)
I tend to charge mine in the sun and the moon. Works great!
Jason McCreary (2 months ago)
you really have to know about the crystals structure and elemental composition so you can use a correct method for you specific crystals. some can be damaged by water or salt water can react to the chemical composition in an adverse way... light can be detrimentl to some .. safe zones are usually the moon light or smudging ( burning incense and passing it through the fragrant smoke )
Jason McCreary (2 months ago)
stones such as Citrine or Amethyst can bleach if left in the sun.. they dont like bright direct sunlight. anything like clear quartz and hematite and stones without delicate pigmentation can be left in the sun without damage to the crystal or stone
deathrone deadays (8 months ago)
bervin70 I'm a Druid and I'm trying crystal magic rn actually I'm gonna try charging it twomorrow in the sun any tips?
r a i n o n me (10 months ago)
I find a Nice river or water fall during Full moon and Concentrate on the energy flowing from the moon into the Christal into me. I have had many super natural experiences whilst and after doing this
LisaLynn Wilcoxon (1 year ago)
I do the same. I charge them early in the morning for about 3-4 hours and during full moons.

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