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What Would Happen If Ten Boys Were Left To Live Alone Together? | Boys Alone (Full Documentary)

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Take ten boys aged 11 and 12. A variety of shapes and sizes. A variety of backgrounds. A variety of experience of being away from home. Put them together in a house, with no adult control. Watch what happens. Boys Alone tests the common belief that a pack of boys left together in a house for a long period of time, will self-destruct. In any group of boys, it is thought, fierce hierarchies will quickly form. The strongest and most assertive will survive; the most sensitive and vulnerable will suffer. But is it true? And if it is, how exactly does that process happen? Nurture is the new home for captivating and interesting documentaries and shows about all things parenting. We will be uploading every week so subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe for more from Nurture: https://goo.gl/y8WzCa Content licensed from DRG. Produced by Soul Purpose Productions.
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Text Comments (52671)
xd_Tryhard _ (27 minutes ago)
If these kids were American this would have been way worse
xd_Tryhard _ (30 minutes ago)
I would have stayed in bed the majority of the time.
Dakotah Jane (4 hours ago)
Outs funny they blamed Micheal for everything because the same thing happened to me when I was younger at camp, I came back from the showers and the entire cabin was trashed and some kids stuff had been gone through and the entire cabin said I did it all and the school gave me 3 days in school suspension without question
BRY4NtheG4MER (5 hours ago)
Why is there comment in this one but on the girl one its disabled
Ayla Miller (8 hours ago)
Michael really likes to break things Oml
Slushdog 101 (8 hours ago)
*has lord of the flies flashbacks*
Java Zap (9 hours ago)
So this aired in 2002. Am I the only one that wants a video of these 10 boys reuniting or maybe reacting to this video? I mean, they would be about 26 now so...
Ayla Miller (9 hours ago)
I love how they trash the place and then they complain on how dirty it is. But hay that's me in a nutshell to lmao
Flipping Gacha (9 hours ago)
I wish we could see where they are now
Scha Le (10 hours ago)
I feel bad for whoever had to renovate the house after this act of mass destruction. A hord of feral monkeys wouldn't have left the place in a worse state.
Meme Vault (10 hours ago)
Michael deserved to be beaten up
Meme Vault (11 hours ago)
Then they burned the house down with them in
Curved Line (12 hours ago)
Can u imagine the boys looking back at this now? 😂 I think they are all in their mid twenties 2 0 1 8 anyone?
Kai & Cy (14 hours ago)
watching this makes me uncomfortable
syed hussain (15 hours ago)
``Are u vegetarian because u don’t want to be or u can’t`` lol 😂
xd_mrstealyourdog 69 (16 hours ago)
"hunt the hedgehog"
Funny Fire (17 hours ago)
I feel sorry for the neighboors...
Rubzzz and Maja xxx (23 hours ago)
They should hurt pets but it’s good the cara crew stoped it
When moms gone for 15 minutes to go shopping
Unseen Aaron (1 day ago)
shikar club (1 day ago)
Test kids are now fully faults, imagine how they react to watching this
Khutz (1 day ago)
I woulda kept them in order by making them proper meals. Loaded potatoes Burgers Spaghetti Vegetarian soup etc
kenneth brown (1 day ago)
28:10 the other team actually won half way through the game.
naked potato (1 day ago)
Little beasts
Cai Ingram (1 day ago)
6:45 😂😂
Ava Mulcahy (1 day ago)
At least they r better then the girls
Adam Hahn (1 day ago)
Tell me how this is any different than a college frat house.
Rick Sanchez (1 day ago)
1 like = 1 prayer for sim
Alyssa (2 days ago)
For some reason this reminds of the mazerunner
Yoshi Zero (2 days ago)
If this was done now a days they’d all brag about their fortnite wins
tazzor (2 days ago)
I would have ended up killing all of the kids trying to wake me up in the middle of the night
Mary Martin (2 days ago)
This kids don't look 11 or 12
Mary Martin (2 days ago)
I remember watching a video about 20 women on an island, 10 of the 20 women left within a day.
Loco Productions (2 days ago)
I would kill them not joking I would punch them
TopShagger 123 (2 days ago)
Ages 11-12 they act 7 they annoy me if I was there I would just punch them except sim
Anny Torres (2 days ago)
That's sad, they leave all the work to Sim.
Lexi Skan (2 days ago)
11:43 I do that with my glasses 👓
SoloYT (2 days ago)
These kids if that was me it would be way different
Perfect Ie (2 days ago)
The cringey vocabulary
Lucy Morris (3 days ago)
You did a girl one so can you make another girl one with me but lm in Perth and it’s 2018 nearly 2019
LULUB (3 days ago)
Technically they not alone they got camera men
Green Dollars (3 days ago)
37:19 woohuhoo oh nathan
Green Dollars (3 days ago)
Green Dollars (3 days ago)
Green Dollars (3 days ago)
Green Dollars (3 days ago)
charbert835 SMS (3 days ago)
Yeah, because after boys make a big mess all they want to do is clean it up. I think it’s all a sham
Neasa Doorley (3 days ago)
War had been declared and you just see Luke sitting down and putting his arm around George
JohnnyBear (3 days ago)
Just so you know. All boys aren't like this.
JustAnotherTeen (3 days ago)
Wow kids back then huh? I can relate I was like that too but before 2011.
Gabby Semple (3 days ago)
They would get kidnapped because there p are stupid to do that
Susie Oliver (4 days ago)
Poor heghogs
BlueGemini (4 days ago)
the house literally looks like a tornado hit, but only hit the inside!!!
BlueGemini (4 days ago)
was there a hamster in that house? if so it probably died!
Hamobro (4 days ago)
Michael’s shoes look like Half moons,
BestEdits (4 days ago)
34:28 loving that outfit
Lynae Armstrong (4 days ago)
wooow what a mess!
Jasmine Morgan (4 days ago)
I felt soooooo bad for Sim
Janna Bittle (4 days ago)
48:23 cameraman photo bomb!!!😎
Dom Son (4 days ago)
No Camera crew World war 2 All over again
HappyBaller (4 days ago)
Who is the cameraman though? Lol
Zandro Silva (4 days ago)
19:43 this is bullying
Mason Wentworth (4 days ago)
Feel bad for the neighbors
Zandro Silva (4 days ago)
Why is there no black people?
43:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Robert guy is my uncle, I had no clue he was on this like omddd
Marianne Herland (4 days ago)
They should do a then and now . They should redo this as them grown up
Aoki Mika (4 days ago)
If I where with something like this id probably be the one cleaning and cooking.
Rungry Hark (4 days ago)
this would have been way different if there were computers
Harriet (5 days ago)
Not sure why i watched this, thoroughly depressing, Lord of the Flies playing out here, was hoping there would be some conclusion from the crew or parents or clips of the boys after they left hopefully reflecting on their experience but no. Wish i could take back those 48 minutes
Mahboob Tajik (5 days ago)
British kids is too rich to spoil .
thebills tube (5 days ago)
How retarded can you be
Keegan Surber (5 days ago)
What would happen if ten nan children where left to live together
David Nasr (5 days ago)
Sim reminds me of Vickkstar
chowder the bear dog (5 days ago)
7:56 "Don't go to sleep with it in your mouth" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sophie brady (5 days ago)
I wanna try it
Libby Lou (5 days ago)
11:38 did they actually give them a hamster, Jesus christ
Fallen Marine YT (5 days ago)
35:20 oof he failed no nut november
faridah hanum (5 days ago)
Just a bunch of wild animals typical of white society people no self discipline you can tell how their parents are by looking at their behaviour.
MXA Gaming (5 days ago)
2018 would be "lets play fortnite
Amber Rose (6 days ago)
If this was in 2018 everyone would be playing fortnite
hellovanite (6 days ago)
ADHD convention?
AntoyLK (6 days ago)
Where is the chamber
Caydence Hatch (6 days ago)
R.I.P neighbors
2Extra Taylor (6 days ago)
2:10 boy in the striped pj's
Grace Lawrie (6 days ago)
Robi Piotrowski (6 days ago)
George was truly the best trying to help him out and a great kind leader!
Doge Boy (6 days ago)
Amarican: guys he took or cameras and smashed them British: mates he nicked our cameras from us and smashed em
DarK Raptor (6 days ago)
Would if they got a bill and had to pay for it
Elicia Veljanovski (6 days ago)
this is like team 10 meets lord of the flies
Mr. Skittles (6 days ago)
Britain boys need more discipline
The Legend (6 days ago)
I wonder what their like now 20years later
Double Tap (5 days ago)
Zamurai (6 days ago)
5 boys 5 girls.... :/ Idk
john horwat (6 days ago)
It would have been more natural, had there only be hidden cameras present, but a lot more dangerous. If smartphones were banned in the 2018 version, the outcome would be a surprise, perhaps such kids would have a problem interacting. I would go for the 2018 version without smartphones and internet as an interesting social experiment, with similar games and toys to the 2001 version. I hope there is someone who is brave enough to try this.
Pubg Bot (6 days ago)
Its like big brother or little brother in this case
Justin Metcalfe (6 days ago)
Lord of the Flies, you think?
Justin Metcalfe (6 days ago)
Does the elementary colored walls give the impression to young boys that the walls and house have no value, thus they can paint on them?
Justin Metcalfe (6 days ago)
I believe that these were coached to be destructive. You don't see this kind of extreme destructive behavior at summer camp. Something's amiss here.
Jared Bauer (6 days ago)
So happy I'm an American
dakota cookies (6 days ago)
Lets all admit it, If our mother was the child helper person, she would have told the kids to clean their room then they would help.
Judith Mwangi (7 days ago)
They should have been made to clean up all the mess they made before leaving. ....and I noticed no one had a shower in the 5 days they were there.

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