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Top 5 Terraria Mods - The Ultimate Mods for Terraria 1.3.5!

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- Earn Money Towards Terraria and Other Games Now: http://9nl.org/ChippyGaming - Thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring! Mods featured in this video - Super Terraria World : https://tinyurl.com/j2osnk3 Dual Wielding : https://tinyurl.com/yccefp3u Terraria (Brutal) Overhaul : https://tinyurl.com/y8fxqhm7 Thorium Mod : https://tinyurl.com/gsbk2vr Calamity Mod : https://tinyurl.com/ybhyuuhl Mod that COULD make the video, but I haven't played yet. Spirit Mod : https://tinyurl.com/zzafe66 Tremor Mod (no longer supported) : https://tinyurl.com/k9dcjw6 Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/jamesrobertbenn
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Text Comments (693)
ChippyGaming (1 year ago)
There will be some Terraria news in an hour or two (I believe) I will be doing my spoiler impressions on CHIPPYSCOUCH tonight since I didn't want to take the spotlight away from this video since I worked so hard on it here is a link to my second channel if you haven't already subscribed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkfTUab0xxTMPRTNgs9vMCQ
BandannaKirbz5 (3 months ago)
ChippyGaming have you tried tremor
MN gamer (5 months ago)
could u make another top 5 mods since this is one year ago about
ANDREW LOSOLLA (5 months ago)
👋🏽 hi chippy I’m your super fan if you have a Xbox one s I’m gamer tag is Foxy JuJu 🦊
Nathan Apex (7 months ago)
RIP spirit
Jasmine Coats (7 months ago)
ChippyGaming I
Cyka Blyat (10 days ago)
Woah woah woah WOAH u put duel wielding over super Terraria world
Muggy Mugs (16 days ago)
No make a play through with all the mods in one playthrough all enabled at the exact same time
[GD] JooнηPlαyz ツ (21 days ago)
I'm going to do a future mod called "Commander Video Mod" for 1.2 and 1.3. This modded enemy will give 1/200 chance to drop the item called Pixel Rod, 300 higher than Rod of Discord. Pixel Rod is used to kill all nearby enemies twice. If the mods be allowed for consoles, I could add it. But unfortunately will be for PC and mobile (Android & iOS) only.
SPART nyan (26 days ago)
calamity:surr apotheosis and friends:YES PLEZ,try this mod tho plus with hero's mod so its better
ReBull xVx (1 month ago)
I want a good mod with a lot of bosses and Itens but that is not a lot difficult
Mikes 🔥 stuff (1 month ago)
Godslayer mod
Branko Ter (1 month ago)
calamity is great but it has some problems like u can craft literally anything, after u killed the wall of flesh, u can immediately fight the lunatic cultist wtf? and u can craft things like rod of discord but i still love it
Fruit500 (28 days ago)
I think being able to craft Rod of Discord is very helpful of them. Vanilla way of getting it is ridiculously grindy and annoying
PhantomJ The Beast (1 month ago)
Me:Super Terraria World = Super Mario World 🤣😂
Ben Stillman (1 month ago)
Angry Commenter (1 month ago)
Overhaul more like overrated
Marce Robert (22 hours ago)
Are you trying to be funny or not? Its not really overated doe.
GD Lost Space (1 month ago)
I want to download all of them at once...
Alfie (1 month ago)
> Calamity in number 1 Are you high?
Palkia239 H (25 days ago)
FilthyCasul I was talking about the high part I agree with you dude
FilthyCasul (25 days ago)
how so? I'm giving reasons as to why calamity is #1. it has generally better than average boss design for the most part, has a large amount of content spread throughout the game, has 2 new difficulty settings with other optional modifiers to increase it further, and is generally a lot of fun. even if thorium adds 2 entire classes, it suffers when it comes to boss design. calamity excels with boss design and has new enemies, weapons, armor, accessories, and more that it adds. it does what thorium does slightly worse but more than makes up for it with the bosses alone.
Palkia239 H (25 days ago)
Alfie well yes but that's unrelated
FilthyCasul (1 month ago)
calamity mod has great bosses (in fact the devourer of gods is one of my favorite bosses of all time)
Gega Player (1 month ago)
wow redo the vid
Just an average Dude (2 months ago)
Green the Ninja (2 months ago)
lel I never put axes or pickaxes in my hotbar, I just shift select em
Da Memo (2 months ago)
TerraMaster YT (2 months ago)
Alfie (1 month ago)
Calamity is edgy trash
thor CoolGuy (2 months ago)
0:46 Honorable mentions, chippy. That’s called honorable mentions.
Justin Y. (2 months ago)
So what’s the best mod combination from this list?
FoxyBoy55 Gaming (2 months ago)
personally i prefer thorium over calamity, the re-sprites and constant boss changes and vanilla changes make me put it at atleast 5 on my mod list sadly =(
gaahinalover (2 months ago)
one of my recent favorite mods, is Leveled, an rpg stat mod, makes the game very hard right off the bat but it's quite fun grinding for levels and getting permanent bonuses
SeanzZeroGaming (2 months ago)
0:45 how can you get that armor?! i wanted it
Taviankyle Gaming (2 months ago)
I can't download any of the mods on my computer 😭😭😭
Viktor kotsev (2 months ago)
I may say number 2 and 1 depents of the player playstile .If you like a chill start more weapens and armor and simple first boss whit good lot for beggirs thorium is for you.If you like THE GAME BEING APSULTE HELL IF KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT A PREVIUS VERSION OF THE MOD THEY JUST PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE SO HARD A GIVE A STIPDLICD HARD KILL ENEMY THAT STOPS YOU FROM GTING YOU FIRST BOSS SUMMON AND BEING SHREDED TO PEACES BY DEBUFS AND MORE then calamity is for you :/.i like thorium more becuze its begger friendly.
Ego Chaser (2 months ago)
the juul wielding mod
Callum Bradford (2 months ago)
Super terraria world is pretty much just Starbound it seems
Alex Soltuz (2 months ago)
(Brutal ) overhaul it is my preferate mod
SadInside (3 months ago)
What mod that display boss HP On Last Number?
Mr. Fuckin' Fast (3 months ago)
Terraria is ruined if you don't enable Death Mode on Calamity.
SnottyToe69 (3 months ago)
now im currently about to fight plantera in my overhaul playthrough but would it be recommended to play calamity with overhaul or would it make it impossible?
Slashine (3 months ago)
No.1 should be veinminer
Germany is Kawaii (3 months ago)
Spirit mod is not big... as spirit mod fan I’m disappointed...
saika (3 months ago)
jumbo the cactus xD
Trent Lindsey (3 months ago)
WHY CAN I NEVER FIND A VIDEO ABOUT THE MOD OF REDEMPTION The only video about it is japanese
Sol Sanctum (3 months ago)
Could I play thorium calamity and overhaul at the same time?
StLucian Gamer (4 months ago)
My house instantly burned down when i reloaded. Guess the mod
Germany is Kawaii (3 months ago)
StLucian Gamer overhaul
Andrés Peralta (4 months ago)
tu mama es hombre
احمد يوسف (4 months ago)
Can I download mods in terraria in iPhone?
Oblivion Ender (4 months ago)
Everyone says that calamity is not worthy too be number 1, because its unbalanced Well Its balanced for calamity bosses and it also Adds two more difficulty levels, Making it kinda balanced.
Nerdy (6 days ago)
I think this video came out BEFORE Revengeance and Death Mode, but I dunno.
Alan Perez martinez (30 days ago)
You understand the calamity GREAT!!?
a thing 2.0 (4 months ago)
I have finally donloaded tModloader
Cody Cox (4 months ago)
chippy i need help i'm stupid as hell and don't know how to download the mods
Bacon Lover (4 months ago)
can you have multiple mods at the same time?
AlinYasuo (4 months ago)
hello,i got the tmod,to install mods,but i couldn't seem to find terraria super world in there,is it in another launcher or? Nice Vid Btw <3
FilthyCasul (1 month ago)
super terraria world is standalone. I don't think it's available for download right now, however, as they are working on getting multiplayer into the mod.
Hay, do you like sandwiches, cause you just got a sub! I subed if you didn't know ( ^▽^)
bobgogo highway (4 months ago)
*picks calamity as number 1 im triggered right now
Just an egg (4 months ago)
As Bob Ross once said, “Yes.”
Name Me (4 months ago)
Thorium has now over 1600 items only
Nicholas TV (4 months ago)
Quick question: can I bring my current character and worlds in to a modded version?
ItsYaBoyVoid (4 months ago)
If you combine Heroes mod with calamity you can explore all of the items without having to work super hard.
Tobias Fennema (4 months ago)
Hotbar problems. Hmm. "Dual wielding mod adds a second hotbar". *Image of me using beenades and bee gun at the same time*
Br0ken (4 months ago)
your voice is the new bob ross
Bigfan Of Most things (4 months ago)
I downloaded thorium, but it wont let me reload it when i enable it >:(
Hungryrandomboi (4 months ago)
The voice for “FiVe” scared me, xD
Tedtube gaming (4 months ago)
absolute hell: Calamity, Thorium, and Avalon. Expert-Revengance-Death mode Hardcore good luck lol
Syler Ender (5 months ago)
Oooooooh ccooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Garturman (5 months ago)
Weve used mods to save terraria, we can use mods to save the guide
GhostIsReal (5 months ago)
Hey uhm, what does the post of the creator of the TMlauncher mean with 'I am not responsible with what happens to your PC' ?
Jaker Bv (5 months ago)
I can play Terraria with Thorium and Calamity at the same time?
Bitoy Skii (5 months ago)
AHH! Is that a moogle?! I want that!
Kahzekari 12 and a half (5 months ago)
Spirit mod is awesome. pretty sure alwec has a episode with spirit and overhaul.
god christ (5 months ago)
you should try krpg
Omer Dar (6 months ago)
Anyone know what's up with STW? The website says the mod isn't usable until mutliplayer comes out, which is... when?
Masterrulaxx (6 months ago)
Stupid chippy gaming as usual baiting with false information, SWAG BUCKS DOES NOT GIVE YOU REAL MONEY IMBECILE
Hayden Simmons (6 months ago)
Calamity has ripped off the aquatic depths with the abyss. at least it generates on the opposite side of the world
FragOnCrack (6 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE the Calamity mod. I only play it with a friend and this results in some server bugs but its super fun
D J (6 months ago)
I have one problem with mods like calamity... I cant beat it because its little laggy
Jester (6 months ago)
"Ultimate Mods" *sees big ass cactus bow and arrow* ***LAUGHS***
Antoine L (6 months ago)
can you actually play thorium and calamity at the same time?
FilthyCasul (1 month ago)
if you have both active, yes.
King Le (6 months ago)
I'm kind of dissappointed tremor wasn't on the list
bryanJr8 (7 months ago)
SWAGbucks SCAM/trash
Super Saiyan Commenter (7 months ago)
dual wielding = rip mining helmet.
Richard Mckay (7 months ago)
I'm your fan 1st
Richard Mckay (7 months ago)
Ok but what if you die from the jumbo catus
I wanna use all of these mods in one Terraria run
Mateja Mihajlovic (7 months ago)
Chippy one question?What is your favorite mod?
Reiga (7 months ago)
Is there anything pre hardmode in calamity mod ,like extra bosses etc?
NateTheNader (7 months ago)
Calamity is overrated
cringefile Z (6 months ago)
NateTheNader yeh
Korrupted Tomato (7 months ago)
New question:what if you mix them all?
He's finally bacc (7 months ago)
Thorium= Upgrade your game experience, add lots of good things and items for the game Calamity= An insane challenge, focuses on bosses, weapons and a couple of things more
TWrecks (7 months ago)
5 hours of extra gameplay for me is like 40 hours of extra gameplay.
Death Reapor199 (7 months ago)
1:00 my eyes actually hurt when it started spinning x.x
Kobolite (7 months ago)
I honestly think that calamity is one of the worst mods since most of the bosses and items are kinda ridiculous and don't fit terraria
Memeframe (3 months ago)
Calamity is more of a DLC than a mod. It's a new experience, and it's ranked at number one because you didn't hear James's rules for this video.
Jigglypuff main (6 months ago)
Ever heard of a challenge? That's what calamity is.
Engiminer (7 months ago)
...B-bard class? Brb downloading Thorium.
RolandZ 1228 (7 months ago)
Clamity is the best!Its for expert guys!
Rokku (8 months ago)
Background music? Thank you for the video!
Raven's Quote (8 months ago)
Zeta (8 months ago)
1:35 Thank me later
Kaleidoscope (8 months ago)
They are pretty good mods 👍🏼
Lootbox (8 months ago)
Thorium = Balance. Calamity = Overdose.
Thai Food (8 months ago)
That name, swagbucks
Shawn Whitten (8 months ago)
it wnt let me get the calam T-T
Isimon Isimon (8 months ago)
Chippy you have 2 thorium mod series on chippys couch
Terraria_Gamer (8 months ago)
I can't find the Calamity Mod on tModloader's mod browser. Any help??
Jus is gay (8 months ago)
Spirit and Sacred Tools are my favourites tbh
xser mser (8 months ago)
What about the spirit mod?
Carnivoid (8 months ago)
All of these look like that they are in-game
lunatic wizardG (8 months ago)
Top youtuber terrarian hero 1.happydays 2.#chippygaming 3.pedguin 4.yrimir 5.re-logic
Captain Goomba (9 months ago)
I've found a glitch involving the Dual-Wielding mod and the Thorium Mod, and i didn't know where to post it so i decided to post it here, since they're both on the list. You can use items while transformed if you put them in the slot where you would normally put the items you would want to dual wield.

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