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Keep up with my on IG: http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree Original Unboxing STAR TRAIL SANDALS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUiuvpNzB7c (I show what they look like on in that video if you're curious or haven't seen it yet :) Don't forget to use Ebates on these to earn CASH BACK plus use promo code JULY4 for 20% OFF - https://bit.ly/2e5Y4BW Denim Shorts - http://bit.ly/2KF278I James Perse Dress - http://bit.ly/2tN17IW http://bit.ly/2KJyiqy IG: http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyannaeree Snapchat: hollyannaeree FB: http://facebook.com/hollyannaereeofficial This video is not sponsored - All items shown were purchased by me with my own money. Thank you guys so much for watching as always! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed!
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hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
haters wanna hate but they can't stop coming on my videos and giving me money for their views lol. what are you doing?! if you don't like me...move the fuck on with your life. lol. or keep coming back and adding views - i mean that works too lol.
Joy Bernstein (3 days ago)
Holly I have been following you since you started you tube.. I’ve been absent for sometime ..but glad to see you’re still on here !!! You’re looking fabulous as always!!! And oh no can’t believe LV would send u that !!! It’s a defect !!! For the $$$ they should accommodate you .. anyways I gotta catch up to all your videos !!! Thx for sharing 😊
Patrick and Sharon (2 months ago)
KRiSSiiElL (4 months ago)
Hey girl, just wanted to let you know of this cool trick to get that grease stain out of your dress! Put dawn dish soap directly on it and let it sit for 15 mins, then wash it out and throw it in the wash. It works on old and new grease stains 😊 hope that helps!
Quantum Mystery (4 months ago)
I’ve been following you since the beginning and I still love your vids girl 🤗
Firstpo jkh (5 months ago)
food laptop plus drink on bed ......you brave girl lol
Katherine Z (6 months ago)
Holly,how to white your teeth ? It's perfect
Mulania007 (7 months ago)
Raised in Connecticut but has a Dallas Cowboys hats, Lakers jersey...lmao. This chick is so fake and such a poser. You don’t just jump team because of your brother or who you’re with. SMH.
Quantum Mystery (4 months ago)
Why do you even care
Paula C. Lin (6 months ago)
It’s legal to support as many teams as you want.... 🙄 I’m from LA but love both the dodgers and giants. It doesn’t always have to be about competition and hate.
Paula C. Lin (6 months ago)
Mulania007 🙄
yooriddalgi (7 months ago)
i can't believe they tried to ban you for returning flawed shoes! smh!!
nybsbfan18 (8 months ago)
I can't believe they would send u flawed shoes...smh
Vero Panduro (8 months ago)
I am so glad to see you back, I been watching for years. Love ❤️ you!
M kwi (8 months ago)
Vero Panduro ii
Casey S (8 months ago)
Body goals! You’re stunning! Much love to you ❤️
JennyS_Channel (8 months ago)
I've been y our follower for a few years now. Loves all of you vid and ig pics including your 2 dogs too. I'm glad that you are back on youtube again. I love love love closet tour. Can you share your diet and fitness tips too please? I was taking a break from dieting and exercise for 2 months now due to over stress but now I'm ready to get back on track and looking for more push and inspiration and motivation. I've see you doing your fitness and health for quite some time if you don't mind to share it with us. Love you.
Linds4Fam (8 months ago)
What style of Lululemon leggings were in your closet? Fav fit? Fav fabric?
Linds4Fam (8 months ago)
Awesome! I just recently became a Lulu fan! Your closet is out of a dream. 😊 I love the Nulu fabric of my Aligns. 😀
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i have multiple styles - most were aligns (which are nulu material)
CrazyRobotLover (8 months ago)
Omg your closet is goals. Seriously when I graduate I would love to have a little lululemon legging collection! Inspired!!!
Anna S (8 months ago)
If you really have a favorite clothing, it makes sense to want to have backups for them. Heh. Your closet is so nice and organized!! 😍
Rebecca Suraci (8 months ago)
Sounds like a grease stain. Use dish soap. Works like a charm.
Tamryn Lekay (8 months ago)
Meg Dizon (8 months ago)
I love watching your vlogs, idk why i find it relaxing. I think because you’re just so laid back and so relatable unlike most youtubers now a days
Heidi Aguilar (8 months ago)
Gucci shoes are always perfect.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i wouldn't say that but i have had better experience with them more often. but i don't always like gucci's style so....
Iggs10 (8 months ago)
Awesome shoes! Thankfully, I’ve had no recent issues with Louis Vuitton items at all.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i have only really had issues w their shoes : \ it's really weird
Eden Sam (8 months ago)
I agree with you with the price you pay 💰 you’d expect it to be perfect! It’s different if it was only a $30 or $50 price tag but for a $1,000 price I’ll be picky too!
ToonieMama (8 months ago)
My Sheltie LOVED tuna! I used to give her a little sample (plain), before I mixed it with mayo & seasoning. She loved those dehydrated Salmon treats too! I would say "Tuna, tuna, fish, fish!", and she would go nuts! LOL!! Your closet is so neat and tidy! I worked on my closet for a couple of months, and got rid of so much stuff--now I can find things I want to wear! Yay!!
Proud Mama (8 months ago)
I am kind of ocd like u but I can’t afford to buy two of everything
Qi Qi (8 months ago)
Your closet is so neat which make me wanna pack my closet now. 😂
kotisoki (8 months ago)
How do you divide up your clothes between California and Texas?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i took most of my clothes (or my favorite clothes) with me - i'm gonna be here probably the whole summer or most of it and i wanna experience fall here. my closet in Dallas is about 3x the size of my old closet too so that's also a big factor.
Sabrina Shekofteh (8 months ago)
Great vlog darling, and I am sorry for your bad experience. Believe me, I understand. Maybe you should see my recent video, with the bag experience I had with Hermes. I ordered jumping boots, and I am still in shock and I am still stuck with them. Thank you for sharing. xo
If I really like something I usually buy back ups. I know it's crazy but things just never come out again or it's changed. So Holly keep on doing you boo 😊
tiffanychan13 (8 months ago)
I agree that LV quality has gone down. The 2 items I purchased recently were both defective! One of which I returned and the other I exchanged. It's really disappointing to notice the lack of quality control they have now. I'm surprised they were even selling those items given the defects on them. I won't be purchasing LV anymore...for the price you pay....the quality is sub par IMO. Btw....my favorite of the 2 is still Eevee!! <3
jamiebelly7905 (8 months ago)
Love your videos Holly! And your dogs are so cute! Do you use any self tanners or have any tips on keeping your skin tanned? I love your skin tone =)
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
thank you : ) no i don't use anything. i just always live places that are hot loll.
Hot Mama (8 months ago)
Tuna mayo sour cream dish looks so fattening plus 🥤??
Saveria Bartucci (8 months ago)
Oooooo I am so scared of your fat shaming comment, "Hot Mama"! I am going to go cry in a corner now. Get a life. You waste of space subhuman.
Hot Mama (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree oh ok
Hot Mama (8 months ago)
Saveria Bartucci u r fat
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
lol it's really not that bad for you AT ALL. #1 - no one said i eat it day and night lol - #2 it's maybeeeee a tbs of each (sour cream and light mayo) which.... if anyone is living their life where they can't have that amount of fat then....they aren't living. LOL.
Saveria Bartucci (8 months ago)
Is it going into your body? No. Go away hater.
Linda Kay (8 months ago)
Your makeup in this video is on point!! I love it!! May I ask what eyeshadow you have on? I really love the color!
Linda Kay (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree Thank you for responding! I appreciate it!!
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
thank you - it's not eye shadow it's just my bronzer (hoola)
Yin Yen Tan (8 months ago)
Please do a closet tour!!
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i will when i finish it : )
tanisha c (8 months ago)
Please tell what is on your lips! Love/need that gloss 😄
tanisha c (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree ok thank you, I’ll go on the hunt! Always in need of a new gloss ❤️
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i honestly don't remember now - it's one of the newer lancome glosses i can't remember the color now cause....all the ones i have look the same on pretty much LOL.
Cat Starr (8 months ago)
When you get dark oil stain on black clothes, you can put some dish soap or clarifying shampoo on those stains and then put it in the wash again. This should do the trick, hope this helps.
Leonor Avila (8 months ago)
Hi Holly! Where did you purchase your canvas prints from in your closet? ☺️ Love your videos!! 🧡
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
Nordstrom! <3
Crystal Dao (8 months ago)
I don’t know if these question is appropriate but if it’s not I am sorry. I know asking questions about $$ is weird. But it is because I genuinely don’t know ! Your hair is always so bomb. Been a follower for like 5+ years. How much do you pay each time ? My hair length is probably like yours. I’ve been wanting to do my hair
Tiffany Ip (8 months ago)
That kind of LV service without checking the products before sending them :( I'm disappointed. Or at least like... put the shoe on major discount instead of trying to pass it as 'normal'.
Nel R (8 months ago)
The shoes are so cute! I'm so sorry that the quality has not been up to Louis Vuitton's quality standards.
Bharathi Rajendran (8 months ago)
I thoroughly enjoyed your closet tour and even more excited to see your Dallas Cowboys hat!
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
haha i got it when i went to the star :)
dbsk06 (8 months ago)
That’s pretty embarrassing for LV
pinksugar808 (8 months ago)
I 100% agree with you on paying the price of luxury brands for quality!
Judy's Treasures (8 months ago)
Dark grease stains.. You can spot clean it with Dawn dish soap.. it does the trick to any grease stain.
Luisa D (8 months ago)
Went to target to grab up those shorts and omg! They are awesome!! So stretchy and comfy yet flattering. Holly, your recommends never disappoint 👌🏽
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
aww i'm so glad you like themmm!!! ^_^ always makes me happy to hear someone liked what i recommended : )
autumn kim (8 months ago)
How do you decide which place (LA vs TX) you gonna keep your clothes? Or you have triple of back of up of ur clothes in LA/TX?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
hahah that would be crazy even for me i guess >_< i just brought most of my clothes/my favorite clothes to TX since i'm gonna be here for most of the summer (I think I will be going back to LA in August or Sept? I haven't decided yet) and my closet is so much bigger/nicer here!
DeliaWears (8 months ago)
love how organized your closet is!!
Tiffany Nguyen (8 months ago)
ur dogs r sooo cute
SP500 (8 months ago)
your hair color 🤤
Kelsey Goulson (8 months ago)
Yes! I love those shorts from target! I need to go buy some more of them!
Faridis Then (8 months ago)
Holly we miss you 😘. Where have you been lol. Love your videos
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i talked about it in a video a couple weeks ago - traveling, moving, visiting w family, raising a puppy. normal life things. (i haven't been on youtube but i was still on all my other social medias) thanks!
baybeeruthieee (8 months ago)
Where do you get your golf clothes from?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
just where ever - i think a lot have been from roger dunn - i only really like puma golf clothes for women (but i have some adidas as well which i don't recommend)
Katey Herod (8 months ago)
what lululemon leggings are those?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
many different styles but mostly they are aligns.
mychunkypup (8 months ago)
Guuurl, im intrigued that you keep back ups of your faves (lulu leggings) with tags! 💕
xCrazyChiChi (8 months ago)
So, this is a random request/question, but you have a body that similar to mine (I'm definitely not as in shape as you are by a long shot), but I am an hourglass with sizable breasts, hips and I have a booty. My question is if you could make a video about where you get your bras to wear with some of your low cut dresses or if you have recommendations for larger chested women who enjoy fashion. I have no idea what to get for backless dresses or off the shoulder clothing. If you have any recommendations, let me know! Thanks for the video, Holly. Don't mind the idiot haters.
ojuice83 (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree ugh the perfect shape bra is the best bra ever...memory foam for the girls
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
thank you : ) and yeah i know exactly what you mean. hopefully they come out with something like those wireless bralettes again because they are so comfortable!!! no annoying hooks in the back. it's all i wear when I'm traveling!
xCrazyChiChi (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree Oh girl, I know. You along with Lindy (bubzbeauty) are two of the channels that I've followed the longest. I followed you years before you even adopted Eevee! People always wanna complain just to complain because they literally have nothing better to do. I don't understand the hate you get because you literally just talk about your day. Especially those nosy people who always ask you how you afford everything as if that really matters to anyone at all. It irks when people are rude to youtubers. Anyways, I'll have to go and ask the consultants what they think or ask them for bras similar to the one you recommended. I go braless sometimes, but it's nice to know you have extra support, ya know?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i only buy bras from VS but i never really have to buy a special type to be lower cut - any of the ones i buy typically work. (my favorite if i need to really wear a bra is the perfect shape bra and that is low enough to wear under these dresses) i also go braless a lot of times. for the james perse dresses i wear a VS wireless bralette actually - its one of the long line ones they had (like the lounge bras) but from what i see they don't make them right now. and omg...ppl are so ridiculous - they act like it's impossible for someone to have a more hourglass figure -__- the miracle of a pose and working out/gaining weight really baffles ppl lol. i've been on YT for almost 10 years - i'm about 35 lbs heavier than then (and from when i just lost a ton of weight) ppl don't stay exactly the same for 10 years. your body changes and the way you take care of it also changes. i went from never working out to doing excessive amounts of cardio and hardly eating to lifting and eating - it's really not that hard to figure out. they can go back through my old pics and see my progression. sorry for the rant lol.
Tiff’s World (8 months ago)
Loved this vlog!! Try using Shout(small blue bottle with red brush spout) stain remover on that stain you have on the dress. Sounds like an oil type stain. It’ll take out the oldest of stains and I’ve never had an issue with color removal.❤️
Tiff’s World (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree yes! I have 2 children and they’re constantly getting oil stains on their clothing! This is the only thing that has worked for me & has never compromised the color on the clothing(no lightening etc..) Great idea on the back up’s! I do this all the time with my fav items! Happy Fourth!
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
really?! i didn't think anything would take out oil. i tried just washing it but it didn't come out : \ ill try it : ) thanks! still keeping my back up though lol
Meg Kenny (8 months ago)
yay love your vlogs<3
jessica rispoli (8 months ago)
Sour cream is a good idea for tuna. I need to try it.
jessica rispoli (8 months ago)
The dogs r pretty. What kind of dogs r they?
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
jessica rispoli shiba inus :)
CinnamonYoghurt (8 months ago)
The way LV is running their things... just wow! Infuriating both for the customer but also for the legacy of a (once) great brand!
Neli Hill (8 months ago)
Totally agree, the worst luxury brand at the moment
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
CinnamonYoghurt I agree!
diacat85 (8 months ago)
Wow so many lulu leggings!
None (8 months ago)
Susan C (8 months ago)
i love your videos!
Katie Bounkeovisane (8 months ago)
My pups love to sleep in the laundry basket in the closet or anything that looks like a tunnel 🙄
Annie Shi (8 months ago)
You should totally write to their higher ups, especially with your YouTube influence
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
Annie Shi unfortunately they won't care. I'm not really anyone important - just a regular consumer. LV is gonna keep on being LV - ppl will never stop buying it so they don't care.
adaywith T (8 months ago)
lv needs to do better, especially for the price point.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
adaywith T I agree!
Trini Garcia (8 months ago)
Why am I same way. I have clothes with tags to 😩
ada (8 months ago)
What do you do for a living that you are able to purchase these items 😥! Love your videos btw and not at all shaming you. Just really curious bc you are goals haha
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
ada I've been doing YouTube/Social Media for almost 10 years. You guys know youtubers make money 🤷🏼‍♀️ idk how to answer this beyond that
Brooke M (8 months ago)
ada she does YouTube videos. That’s how she’s paid. Possibly Instagram pays then too
whadidusay (8 months ago)
I already love your mini closet tour, thanks for sharing 😍
alicia vo (8 months ago)
Omg LV ! Get it together!
LM Lopez (8 months ago)
How many times can you repeat the same thing
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
LM Lopez idk let's count - since you have the time apparently 🙄 ppl will complain about the stupidest shit I swear. Just don't watch!
Nye (8 months ago)
Not trying to be rude at all but yes, how do you afford all that since I think I’ve seen a while ago that YouTube is your full time job? I work two full time jobs and probably won’t go over a $30 pair of leggings.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
no problem! thank you : ) happy 4th!
Nye (8 months ago)
Thank you for replying Holly. Have a good day.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
I've been doing YouTube/Social Media for almost 10 years. It is a job that pays well. I'm not sure what to say other than that 🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm not the only YouTuber that does this for work which I know you know.
Dana Conway (8 months ago)
Love how organized you are and all the back ups! Cant wait to see your closet done!
chirples (8 months ago)
The brand gets away with bad quality because people accept it.
MakeupByDiana529 (8 months ago)
Omg u have more lulu pants than the damn store PLUS backups, girl I thought I was nuts lol
Lauren Parrish (8 months ago)
how do you afford all of this?
orangej (8 months ago)
+ Lauren Parrish I know what you mean too. But I’m going to assume that youtube is not hte sole income :P (which is totally fine, nothing wrong with that either. Just acknowledging that it’s not possible to live on these views alone which again, totallly not a bad/negative thing~ ^_^ )
Cynthia Marie (8 months ago)
She sells PR, old clothes, handbags, etc on Poshmark and IG
Lauren Parrish (8 months ago)
hollyannaeree yes we sure do! Didn’t know you tubers made this much though tbh. Thought you tubers at your subscribers range made anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 a year. And No need to be snarky, I’m just a curious viewer.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
Lauren Parrish like anyone else does. I work. I've been doing YouTube/Social Media for almost 10 years. Youtubers do make money - you guys know this.
Mangopuddingcup (8 months ago)
Brand names think consumers will still keep buying their products when they drop their quality because of the logo. I think you should just return it but if you really want to keep it, maybe you can have it fixed at a shoe cobbler?
Brittany Griffin (8 months ago)
Dont ever stop vlogging. You're so soothing!
orangej (8 months ago)
+Brittany Griffin I agreeee~ I feel like Holly should do asmr talk videos just about normal things like even when she does an unboxing or talks about her stuff or soemthing ^_^
Theresa Oatis (8 months ago)
The quality of LV has decreased dramatically. So Sad.
Ashley Marie (8 months ago)
I can’t believe LV sent a cracked shoe! That’s ridiculous! On a brighter note... those shorts are everything! I actually randomly decided to try them on a few weeks ago and was surprised that they fit so well.. and the price point on them👍🏼
ane680 (8 months ago)
the puppies are amazing ❤️❤️ can you do a jewelry collection video?! Or maybe show some of your fav pieces in a vlog 👏🏻
abracadabra (8 months ago)
I love your vlogs Holly!! Look at Satoshi being sassy when you told him no
bluesfear (8 months ago)
with quality like that, and people like you still support them? lolllllll
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
bluesfear yeah cause I TOTALLYYYYY knew there was gonna be this problem 🙃🙄 idk wtf is up with ppls thinking or why they feel the need to make a comment like this. if you don't like it - don't watch. I title my videos very clearly. Thanks for adding a view though.
behape_4evr (8 months ago)
Girl!!! I finally found someone that thinks just like me. I to have backups. People think I am crazy, but when I like something I get them in all the colors I like and buy extras. Plus I also, inspect everything and if it has a scratch it is either going back or an exchange. I go to the mall look around and make notes of what I want, then order them online, because most items come from the warehouse in nice packaging untouched. Sorry...I can't buy clothes someone tried on in the store. Unless I ask them to bring me one from the back. I am way too OCD...God help me!
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
Belinda Ortiz omggg yesss to everything you just said! 👏🏼👏🏼
Pizza and Dumpling (8 months ago)
Love your vlogs!
AVTAVT (8 months ago)
Your closet is like a shop😂
jenr0x (8 months ago)
How do you keep your dresses from riding up?
jenr0x (8 months ago)
Update: tried it and didn’t work
jenr0x (8 months ago)
cherishmemkids3 ohh okay ... will try. Thanks!
cherishmemkids3 (8 months ago)
jenr0x left your dress and hairspray your legs and pull the dress back down.
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
jenr0x 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't I guess. they don't ride up too bad and I just fix it when I need to
sunnygal1988 (8 months ago)
Your nails look fierce. Noice!
Vicky Andrea (8 months ago)
my dessert boots ripped on the inside after a couple of months and then got repaired completely unevenly ugh.
ecargxmik (8 months ago)
For spending over $1k thats ridiculous for LV to sell/resell a shoe like that. They're lucky you're a loyal customer...
ilikecheese133 (8 months ago)
would love to see workout videos from you Holly! I've been watching your vids wayy back in the day <3
MeLsPlace Closet (8 months ago)
Damn your closet is #Goals girl girl literally my dream closet. I need to see the closet tour. Like wow. ❤️
Cynthia Onesmileygirl (8 months ago)
So are you splitting your time between your two homes? I couldn’t even imagine what to leave at either place without thinking I may need it. How you did decide?
Bonners1567 (8 months ago)
Love your vlogs holly!
Christina D (8 months ago)
Hey girl! You've convinced me I need those James Perse dresses but I have one question, can you wear a regular bra with them? I despise strapless bras haha
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
yes! i do not do strapless bras - i either do regular bras, bralettes, sports bras or no bras! strapless bras don't really stay up and are not flattering on your boobs. normally with the james perse dresses i wear a wireless long line bralette from VS.
1LovelyPrecious (8 months ago)
Will you do a meet and greet in Dallas? ❤️
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
probably not - i honestly don't know who would really go tbh (I'm sure not a ton of ppl) but just the thought gives me anxiety >_< it would be nice but i get so nervous. i think i'm better with like one on one or maybe 2 or three ppl.
Brittany Ann (8 months ago)
Oh lordy I would die if I were inside of your closet! hahaha Gym girls dreamland
Sarahi Amaya (8 months ago)
OMG! I was obsessed with Jodi Arias as well. Watched everything about it and read the book! I think I just enjoyed murder cases and the mind of killers. It's so interesting!
Hey There (8 months ago)
That’s prob 2k in dresses there lol
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
i don't wanna think about it LOLL
Joann Wright (8 months ago)
With your back ups, do you buy them right away or wait until you wear the original and when you know it’s a love piece you buy more? That’s cool that you think to do that
hollyannaeree (8 months ago)
both - but it's normally after i wear something and I'm like omg this looks so good, or is so comfy or wears/washes well after the first time
Annie Ways (8 months ago)
Nice closet!

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