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Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Secrets
All secrets present in Serious Sam 3: BFG with quick links for each level below: 00:15 Summer in Cairo 03:40 Into the Spider's Nest 06:00 Broken Wings 09:10 No Place to Hide 11:05 Under the Iron Cloud 13:31 The Silent Riddler 15:47 Unearthing the Sun 17:52 The Dark Bride 20:19 The Power of the Underworld 22:48 The Lost Temples of Nubia 23:59 The Last Man on Earth 26:12 The Guardian of Time & 27:11 an arrow to the knee.
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Serious Sam 3:BFE - All Secrets Speedrun in 1:22:01 (1:28:31 RTA)
PB was 1:22:54 http://i.imgur.com/kGOb6xl.png ! 1st level was 3:20 not 3:10 = 1:22:01 With all these mistakes that happened just looking through the best possible time someone can get with this route is like 1:19:55 - 1:20:25 Sandwhale on TSR almost got me and TLMoE almost messed up at mini scorpion part. Can hear me speak from time to time during loading screens. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/mmsrhino
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Top 10 Secrets ★ Serious Sam 3
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Jewel of the Nile - All Secrets
http://www.twitch.tv/ke1nonen/profile streaming occasionally various video games here Compilation of all secrets included in Jewel of the Nile DLC levels Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDfU9e8_xqg SSHD: TSE All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qUQGi73WTQ SSHD: TFE All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlUaCEfAbEc&t=9s LotB All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrnsKI3MNT8&t=3s
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Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile - All Secrets
All secrets present in Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile with quick links for each level below: 00:15 Gathering of the Gods 02:33 Together Forever 03:54 Born Again
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Serious Sam 3: Level 1 - 17 secrets
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 17 secrets on the first level - Summer in Cairo
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (1) Summer in Cairo - All secrets, Serious difficulty
Though it's being done by others apparently, I figured I'd do it anyway considering how much I enjoy this game. This will be the start of an entire playthrough for BFE including all cutscenes, and (hopefully) all secrets on Serious Difficulty. Although not in the title, in this playthrough I will also be playing "Old School" which is an achievement for the game that requires no sprinting, manual reloading, or aiming down the sights of two weapons (the pistol and assault rifle). So be prepared for some possibly bad marksmanship as you might have already noticed during a few portions. I'm certainly not the best Serious Sam player, but I can make it through well enough. At about 6:50 you'll see me pathetically try to engage a few Rocketeers with terrible accuracy with the sledgehammer. There was a bit of stuttering on my computer, so that was partly the blame. And at about 11:53 you'll see me get into an incredibly dangerous situation I somehow defuse and survive. A good example of my terrible aiming, my excuse is not being able to use sights. Seventeen Secrets in this segment: 1: 2:26 - 2:35 A shotgun in the distance will be flung over if you throw the eyeball of the freshly killed Gnaar at the same roof the gun lies. Kill the next Gnaar with the shotgun to get the secret assistance. 2: 2:40 After jumping across to the next roof, there is a secret sledgehammer hidden between two walls. 3: 2:54 After careful jumping back and forth, on the bottom balcony of the building you jumped across are some hidden shells. 4: 3:03 a small shotgun magazine lies in a tiny alley with a Beheaded Rocketeer waiting to ambush you. 5: 3:32 On the second balcony above the small kiosk nearby the dumpster is some secret armor, jump up while standing on the first balcony to get it (hopefully better than my embarrassing attempts). 6: 4:54 Walk over behind the crude fence where some drums and collect a small health bottle. 7: 5:27 - 5:38 After making your way into the building after Jones calls you, make your way up past the two broken stairs and take a left into the next room, and head into the balcony to pick up the Classic Outfit. 8: 5:55 In the small alley behind a dumpster is a wall you can walk around and collect some hidden electricity ammunition. 9: 7:25 After breaking the weak wall, you'll find yourself in a secret yard with a variety of posters with some funny messages. Though not a secret itself, the area does contain an armor vest you might find worth collecting. 10: 8:06 After picking up the pistol, jump up the nearby boxes and cross down the wall into the Secret Graffiti Yard which contains some assault rifle ammunition. 11: 9:08 - 9:12 Make your way to the nearby blue dumpster and jump to it using the drum, then jump over the fence into a secret yard which contains an armor helmet. It causes two kleers to spawn, so be prepared. 12: 9:58 from the secret yard to the nearby roof you'll see a small shotgun shells container on the roof of a smaller construct. 13: 10:03 - 10:17 using better jumping than me, just jump across onto the fence and make another jump for the secret pill bottle above on a small ledge. If you fall off, just use the path I did to get back up. 14: 10:25 In a small alley I looked at earlier is another stash of electricity, pick it up and make your way out into the lot again. 15: 10:38 - 10:42 From the parking lot, jump onto the car and make your way to the roof of the small garage, jump between the small alley of both garages to pick up some hidden assault rifle ammo. 16: 14:50 is some hidden armor on the far left of the plaza as you enter. 17: 16:50 - 17:05 After killing all kleers, Secret Arc De Triomphe will be enabled, go to the nearby stone pillars you recently passed and walk through the arch. Secret Arc De Triomphe will be found. Shortly after walking through, the welcome committee will be there to greet you with open arms; be prepared. I think I encountered a small AI bug at about 17:16. He must be on timed delay.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Secrets
JotN All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0Iem_olvsA Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qUQGi73WTQ
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Serious Sam 3 BFE All Easter Eggs HD
All Easter Eggs found in Serious Sam 3 Before First Encounter. This game has lots of secrets, but I chose only the ones considered as Easter Eggs. The list of Easter Eggs: Hall of Developers / Croteam Heads (Mission 8) Classic Outfit Shoes (Mission 1) Secret Graffiti (Mission 1) Ticket Booth (Mission 6) Funny Health Pack (Mission 7) Hall of Posters (Mission 1) Painkiller Reference (Mission 4) Zero Wing Reference "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" (Mission 5) Watch also: ► Duke Nukem Forever All Easter Eggs https://youtu.be/Du2wU1L6PuE ► Shadow Warrior (2013) All Easter Eggs https://youtu.be/zgfo036RMFs ► Top 10 Easter Eggs in Classic FPS Games https://youtu.be/Xfo5hvrcQAI Thank you for watching! Subscribe for more Easter Eggs!
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Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Unter der eisernen Wolke
Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Unter der eisernen Wolke Alle 13 Geheimnisse aus dem 5. Level Unter der eisernen Wolke (under the iron cloud)
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Summer In Cairo, Mental Difficulty / All Secrets
This map contains 17 secrets. 1. 2:53 - Secret Assistance 2. 3:03 - Sledgehammer (Parkour Secret) 3. 3:10 - Shotgun Shells (Parkour Secret) 4. 3:20 - Shotgun Shells (Mini Secret) 5. 3:35 - 25 Armor (Parkour Secret) 6. 4:18 - 1 Health (Mini Secret) 7. 4:44 - Secret Classic Outfit 8. 5:04 - Electricity 9. 5:28 - Secret Yard of Fame 10. 6:38 - Secret graffiti yard 11. 7:35 - Secret Yard 12. 8:07 - Shotgun Shells 13. 8:10 - 1 Health (Parkour Secret) 14. 8:17 - Electricity 15. 8:42 - Assault Rifle Bullets 16. 10:17 - 10 Armor 17. 13:37 - Secret Arc De Triomphe welcome comitee
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Exception - All Secrets
Campaign https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106819080 Author https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOJwuk7p2i1RMudpeS2BCQ
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Serious Sam HD: Legend of the Beast - All Secrets
All secrets present in Serious Sam HD: Legend of the Beast with quick links for each level below: 00:13 Children of Amon Ra 01:17 Holy Spirits 02:43 The Grand Obelisk
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (12) The Guardian of Time - All secrets, Serious difficulty
During the course of Sam's drive to the Timelock located at Hatshepsut's temple, untimely circumstances cause the vehicle to break down before reaching his destination. With no other option, Sam must make the remainder of the journey on foot through the nearby canyon leading to Deir el-Bahari. It all comes down to this. All that stands between Sam and Timelock are hundreds upon hundreds of Mental's minions. This level is absolute chaos. Around every corner is a new wave of enemies ready to pounce, and tear you limb from limb. I think of all Serious Sam games, Serious Sam 3 has the highest amount of enemies in the final level when compared to the other final levels. Correct me if I'm wrong. Nevertheless, the chaotic nature of this level is in good fun. I don't think I've ever had as much enjoyment in a first-person-shooter's final level than this one. It gets nerve racking when you get to the end after doing this level in a single segment, but the payoff at the end is always worth it. Thank you Croteam for this magnificent game, in all that chaff that plagues modern games, there are still some developers who know why we play video games. Addendum: Now that I've finished the game, I'm not really sure what I'll do, or want to do next.. Suggestions perhaps? Four secrets in the segment: 1: 5:20 - 5:30 After clearing away most of the rocketeers on the first part of the level, you'll come across two paths, instead of going left onto the next wave of enemies, go straight ahead and you'll eventually come upon a dead end with some assault rifle ammunition and health nearby. If you look above you at the wall, you'll see some ammo on top of a crate, which is resting on a part of the wall which is jutting out. Shoot a rocket nearby the crate to blow it up, and the secret devastator shells resting on top of it will fall to the ground. 2: 20:37 - 20:52 In the large open area with the ruins, on the left part of the clearing, there is a large rock which forms a natural arch. On the side of the rocky arch (the side which is closest to the nearby dunes), there are some secret electricity cells. 3 22:52 - 22:59 Still in the large open area, near the center of the clearing is a small "shrine" which has a rocket crate, armor, and health inside it. Go to the very back where the health is lying on the crate. Look above you at the ceiling, and you'll see a crate blocking the hole in the ceiling, shoot the crate and some secret sniper rifle ammunition will drop down. Make sure your sniper rifle ammunition isn't full when trying to get this secret, if you try to get this secret with your ammunition full, it won't count as a secret until it refills some of your ammo. Shoot a bullet or two if you had full ammunition like I did beforehand. 4: 42:30 - 42:36 After fighting the Sirian Werebulls, up near the top of the hill with the two rock arches, there is a rocket crate, armor, health, and some other stuff nearby. There is crate which has some shotgun shells on top of it. Destroy that crate, and you'll see a small hole in the ground the crate was previously hiding from view. Inside that hole you'll find some secret Devastator shells.
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Serious Sam 3 BFE:  Summer in Cairo with all secrets
First level of Serious Sam 3 with all secrets. Here is a list: 1. Secret Assistance - Shotgun 2. Parkour Secret - Sledgehammer 3. Parkour Secret - 10 shells 4. Mini-secret - 5 shells & rocketeer 5. Parkour secret - 25 armor 6. Mini-secret - 1 health 7. Secret Classic Outfit 8. Secret - 50 electricity 9. Secret Yard of Fame 10. Secret Graffiti Yard 11. Secret Yard 12. Secret - 10 shells 13. Parkour secret - 1 health 14. Secret - 50 electricity 15. Secret - 30 assault rifle ammo 16. Secret - 10 armor 17. Arc de Triomphe Welcoming comittee (sic) Thanks to DarkHawkGaming for helping me find the last secret I needed. His channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkHawkGaming
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Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Gestutzte Flügel
Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Gestutzte Flügel Alle 16 Geheimnisse aus dem dritten Level Gestutze Flügel (Broken Wings)
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Into Spiders Nest, Mental Difficulty / All Secrets
This map contains 9 secrets. 1. 0:12 - Shotgun Shells (Mini secret) 2. 0:18 - Assault Rifle Bullets 3. 3:15 - Shotgun Shells (Mini secret) 4. 3:48 - Secret Room (+ Double Shotgun) 5. 5:24 - 50 Health 6. 4:53 - Button which unlocks a secret door, 5:30 Speed Run Secret 7. 5:38 - 50 Armor 8. 9:29 - Electricity 9. 11:17 - Secret Spooky Hall (+ Laser)
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Summer in Cairo - All secrets (and more)
A quick demo of all the secrets and some interesting places in Summer in Cairo, SS3's first level.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (6) The Silent Riddler - All secrets, Serious Difficulty
Now with the Great Pyramid now in plain sight, Sam must make his way to the neighboring Sphinx which is thought to hold to the "key" to accessing the suspected Sirian chamber beneath the Great Pyramid. I must apologize for the delay on this video, had a bit of trouble in the video making process because of the length of the video, hopefully it won't happen again, especially when you consider soon all levels will border on the 40 minute mark like this one. Slight amount of anomalies here and there, there is a slight sound glitch at the end, but luckily it doesn't mute everything. Also: Youtube seems to have made the audio desync around half of the video. I apologize, I don't think there is anything I can really do about it. Luckily, it's not too far behind the visuals. I get hit badly by a Werebull at one point, they seem stronger than their First Encounter, and Second Encounter variations, because they are able to hit multiple times with each strike apparently, at full force nonetheless. It pays not to get cornered, especially a corner where a Werebull spawns shortly afterward. Eight secrets in this segment: 1: 3:53 - 4:04 In the first slum area, there is a broken wall nearby a few crates with shells, rifle ammo, and a small armor helmet. Use the broken portion of the wall to climb to the top, and jump across to the neighboring building with the satellite dish, jump to the next one closest, and then turn right to the building which has an antenna close by, jump to it, and jump to the very top to find a King of the Hill secret Sniper Rifle. 2: 4:29 - 4:48 Right before the grassy clearing after the first slum, you'll notice that there is a faded dirt road which heads into the desert. Follow it to the right where you'll see a ruined truck right before a long sandy area. If you look out straight, in the distance you can see an object protruding from the dunes in the horizon. From exactly where the truck stands, walk straight between the dunes into the desert area to the distant object, once there you'll find a secret minigun. Watch out for the sandwhale, if you stray off past the dunes, it will come for you. 3: 8:16 - 8:24 After the next fight at the start of the second residential area, along the left part of the slums is a large building partially buried in the sand, you can see a sandy road going along to the side as well. Go to the back where you'll see an explosive barrel buried in the sand, blow it up to find the secret armor. Beware, the sandwhale can be alerted to your presence here too. 4: 10:25 - 10:29 Right before the ruins is a yard surrounded with a wall with many broken sections, and an open gate. Inside the yard, there is a blue dumpster against the nearby building, wedged between the building and dumpster is some mini-secret health. 5: 11:29 - 11:32 At the entrance of the ruins is a booth, go behind the booth and open the metal grate, and door and head inside to activate a secret ticket booth sequence. 6:14:47 - 14:50 Once you have the key which can unlock the area to the left at the start of the ruins, you'll find in the very back a small excavation site with an equally small crane. Behind the crane lodged between the parts of the crane is some mini-secret health. 7: 30:12 - 30:22 Once inside the tombs, you'll come across a very long tunnel with many alcoves on each side of the tunnels. Just before the end, to the left, search around the alcoves and you'll eventually find the entrance to a smaller room, enter it to find the secret spooky hall, which at the end has a Devastator. 8: 36:41 - 36:35 In the final area, if you go to the very back you'll find some stairs which lead to a dead end. In the corner near the bottom of the second flight of stairs is some secret health.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (3) Broken Wings - All secrets, Serious difficulty
After passing passing through the Cairo Museum, Sam has to rendezvous with Garrett at the extraction point located at the Ibn Tulun Mosque. Fun level, definitely one of my favorites. This level contains the first real "arena" fights, whereas the previous two levels were just rather straight forward. From here, things begin to pick up, but the game truly hasn't even started yet. Adult arachnoids are a bit dumb, aren't they? Sixteen secrets in this segment: 1: 1:05 - 1:11 A little past the starting area where all the cloned soldiers are waiting, there is a bit of an "outpost" with sandbags, and a cloned soldier on top. Jump onto the nearby garbage dumpster, and jump onto the utility box against the wall, and from there jump onto the top of the wall and over the sandboxes "into" the building, where you'll find some secret shells. 2: 1:39 - 1:42 After finding the first secret and moving onto the next area with cloned soldiers, you'll find another dumpster that allows you to jump over the nearby wall. Do so, and you'll find some secret armor on top of a few boxes. 3: 2:19 - 2:26 After passing through the alley, you'll find yourself in the open street where you'll notice a ruined building that you can jump into. Jump onto the debris and make your way to the right portions where some secret health is placed. 4: 3:36 - 3:44 After passing under the overpass, to the left will be a wall where a Gnaar is waiting to ambush you. Once dealt with, some shotgun shells are on top of the crate against the wall, if you go to collect them and turn around, there will be a small pill bottle in a corner of the wall against the overpass to the right. A kleer will climb over the wall shortly after picking up the secret health bottle. 5: 4:22 - 4:25 Right before you pass into the alley that goes under the overpass are some planks boarding up a small room. Break the planks to get some secret electricity cells. 6: 4:38 4:41 Still before going under the underpass again, go along under the building to the right and you'll find some armor in another small room. 7: 4:43 - 4:49 In close proximity after secret six, still before going under the overpass to the next part, there is a small fenced alley with a ruined car, and garbage dumpster nearby. This area contains a bit of armor and health, but in the farthest corner after the ruined car is a single mini-secret armor shard. A kleer will spawn nearby after picking it up. 8: 5:40 Finally going under the overpass, once the nearby enemies are dealt with, take a right into a smaller alley past the nearby garages where you'll find another mini-secret; a spare shotgun, and some ammo. 9: 5:42 - 5:49 Right in front of you after secret eight is a dumpster, jump onto it, and over the nearby wall. Keep going forward to the stacked drums, and jump onto them, and over the next wall to perform some secret flanking. 10: 6:39 Once the dark area under the overpass with all the columns is safe, there is another barricade of planks blocking access to a room, break it to get some secret armor and shells. 11: 7:05 - 7:15 Once you see the adult arachnoid stroll past, walk up the stairs to the right until you see a break in the wall to your left. Look out from the hole, and you'll see some health leaning around the edge of the overpass. From the hole in the building, jump to the health along the thin ledge to where to get the secret. 12: 9:09 Before entering the residential area, to the left are some concrete barricades, in the farthest corner is a mini-secret bundle of rockets. 13: 11:06 After passing through the alley where a few kleers and kamikazes attack you, the next area nearby has some crates against a wall, using the crates, jump over the wall and on the ground on the other side is a secret assault rifle. 14: 11:24 - 12:32 Keep progressing, and you'll come to a wall with a couch under a sign. Directly left is a chair and drum. Jump onto the drum facing the wall, and you'll be looking into a hole that has a small switch in plain sight. Shoot it, and you'll unlock a secret door. Keep going after that, and in the next area before venturing to the stairs leading to the mosque entrance is a large pile of boxes. Break the boxes to reveal a secret speedrun shortcut that was opened from shooting the switch earlier. 15: 17:33 After passing along the outer mosque, there is a large pile of boxes. Between the boxes is some secret armor that you can just jump over between the area to collect. 16: 19:38 - 19:50 In the main area of the mosque is some small scaffolding that you need to go up, and crouch through, it can be a bit tricky nudging through. Once you get to the top of the scaffold, make your way as close to the edge of the nearby structure, and jump up to collect some secret armor. Beware, if enemies are shooting you near the scaffold, it's possible for them to break the plank, and deny you access from getting this secret. So be as quick as possible to get this secret.
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Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Der schweigende Rätselsteller
Alle 8 Geheimnisse aus dem 6. Level Der schweigende Rätselsteller (the silent riddler)
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Serious Sam 3: Level 2 - 9 Secrets - Into the Spider's Den
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 9 secrets on the second level - Into the Spider's Den
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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - All Secrets
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - All Secrets All secrets present in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter with quick links for each level below: 00:13 Sierra de Chiapas 04:26 Valley of the Jaguar 06:39 The City of the Gods 10:07 Serpent Yards 12:49 The Pit 15:37 Ziggurat 17:53 The Elephant Atrium 21:25 Courtyards of Gilgamesh 24:18 Tower of Babel 27:08 The Citadel 30:46 Land of the Damned 33:49 The Grand Cathedral & 35:50 Obviously...
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Weapons
WEAPONS LIST -HANDGUNS- 0:24 SOP38 Pistol -ASSAULT RIFLES- 0:35 M29 Infantry Assault Rifle -SHOTGUNS- 0:53 Double Barrel Coach Gun 0:59 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun -SNIPER RIFLES- 1:17 RAPTOR Sniper Rifle 1:27 AS-24 Devastator -HEAVY WEAPONS- 1:44 XM214-A Minigun 1:59 XL2 Lasergun -LAUNCHERS- 2:06 XPL M21 Rocket Launcher 2:19 SBC Cannon -SPECIAL WEAPONS- 2:29 Sirian Mutilator Bracelet a.k.a. "Arrow"
Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile: Born Again - All Secrets 7/7
Credit to evil_Vasile for helping find Secret 6 and compiling this amazing list of all the secret locations. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12140950/Forum%20Stuff/Seriously/FAQ/SS3_JOTN_guide_v1.0.txt
Views: 14835 DarkHawkGaming
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter - All Secrets
All secrets present in Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter with quick links for each level below: 00:13 Hatshepsut 01:46 Sand Canyon 03:07 Tomb of Ramses III 04:38 Valley of the Kings 05:34 Moon Mountains 06:55 Oasis 07:46 Dunes 09:38 Suburbs 11:07 Sewers 12:17 Metropolis 12:31 Alley of the Sphinxes 12:46 Karnak 15:35 Luxor 17:36 Sacred Yards 20:22 The Great Pyramid
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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - All Secrets
Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDfU9e8_xqg LotB All Secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrnsKI3MNT8&t=3s 7:33-7:40 - Destroying those jaguar heads does not count as a secret, even though message tells you that you have found teleport. 11:07-11:20 - trolololo 26:46 - The stupidest secret in HD-version; too much effort just for health cube.. 29:45 - 29:57 - As you can see, you can't destroy Ugh Zan to get super armor. 30:26 - Invulnerability spawns after the first round 36:14 - SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER! Stupid Santa gave me shitty items... 43:30 - Sam is carrying SBC Cannon in the ending cutscene, never seen that before!
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (5) Under the Iron Cloud - All secrets, Serious difficulty
With no helicopter to extract him, Sam opts to travel through the remainder of the city on foot en route to Great Pyramid. Now close to half through the game, we get to the start of the larger levels. The first that makes the half hour mark, and from here things start to get longer and tougher in true Serious Sam spirit. There were a few anomalies here and there during the video, I take about a forty second pause at about 26:57 until about 27:38, you should skip there when you reach that point. Also, the ending cutscene has one small sentence muted due to a sound glitch. But it continues on the rest, you could always read the subtitle for the muted sentence. Thirteen secrets in this segment: 1: 2:55 - 2:58 At about 1:35, you can see an item on a terrace. The building nearest to it has a pile of debris you can walk on, from there walk on the edge, and jump to the ledge of the building with the item. Walk along the edge, and crouch under the balcony. And once under and across, jump nearby the terrace to get some secret sniper bullets. 2: 3:11 - 3:14 There is an alley to the right which leads to a small courtyard with a dumpster and a crate nearby a wall. Use the crate to jump to, and over the wall. Nearby on the other side is some secret C4 explosives. 3: 3:32 - 3:33 Go around the corner of the switch which turns off the sensors for the nearby turret, there is a small blue garbage bag in the very next corner, behind it are some mini-secret electricity cells. It isn't necessary to destroy the bag, but it gives a clearer view. 4: 7:42 - 7:43 Nearby the large pile of crates where a garage is, there will be an open garage door with a ruined car inside. Walk past the car deeper inside the room and behind the car you'll find some secret minigun bullets. 5: 7:45 - 7:55 In the same area as secret 4, use the large pile of crates to get on the nearby building edge a few feet above. Once there, move along side it until you're between a smaller building. On your side, and the building opposite are air conditioner units, jump onto the one on your side, and make a jump for the air conditioner on the opposite side. Once there, jump on the roof of the opposite building, and walk around to find a secret SBC cannon. 6: 9:05 - 9:19 Nearby is an area under the overpass, in the very back are a stacked group of drums you jump on top of. Do so, and jump over the barbed wire wall into the small yard where you'll see a visible secret XL2 laser gun. Once you grab it, a Kleer skeleton will climb over the wall and attempt to ambush you. 7: 10:20 - 10:25 On the same road to the left (the same one you come to after coming down from the top of the overpass), there will be a wall with crates, and some Arabic graffiti. Use the crates to jump on top of the wall, then jump to the nearby ledge of the building. Walk along the wall until you see the secret cannonballs on top of a small structure, and make a jump for them. 8: 10:25 - 10:29 Still staying on top of the structure with secret 7, jump onto another nearby ledge, once there walk along it and you'll see a yard below. Jump into the yard to find the best secret in the game. 9: 20:04 - 20:27 After the fight on the long road will be another wall with some Arabic graffiti on it. There is a nearby broken wall to the right, use the wall as a stepping platform to get to the top, then walk along it through the nearby ruined building window into the large open area on the other side of the wall. There will be a lone pill bottle on the ground, pick it up to activate the secret nuthouse, where you'll be ambushed by three Major Bio-Mechanoids. 10: 20:46 - 20:47 After dealing with secret nine, use the nearby ruined vehicles to jump over the wall, once over the wall, turn directly right and you'll see a bush and a mini-secret armor helmet hidden within the bushes. 11: 26:22 - 26:28 Just before the final area, there will be a wall with some ammo and armor against it, and a ruined blue car. Use the blue car to jump to, and over the wall where you'll find a small yard with some secret cannonballs. 12: 26:29 - 26:34 Directly after secret eleven, use the drums to get to the top of wall, and jump to the nearby narrow ledge of the building closest, walk carefully along the ledge until you get to the end, where you'll be faced with a terrace. Jump to the terrace, and you should get a parkour secret small health. (from the street level, you can see the red highlight on the pill bottle located on the terrace) 13: 28:30 - 28:45 In the final large open area, walk along the rightmost portion of the ruins, and look carefully among the ruined building debris, you can spot the red highlight flash of the secret large hidden health amongst some of the debris. (There is a small red highlight flash you can spot at about 28:37 amongst the debris)
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Serious Sam 3: Level 3 - 16 Secrets - Broken Wings
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 16 secrets on the third level - Broken Wings
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (4) No place to hide - All secrets, Serious difficulty
After the failed rendezvous attempt with Garrett, Sam must make his way through the residential slums to find the remains of Garrett's helicopter. A short and sweet level, though some criticize this level for the turrets, because it "slows down" the pace of the game, I don't mind personally. Still enough action if you ask me. I was rather sloppy on this one, sorry for the carelessness you might spot. Nine secrets in this segment: 1: 0:18 - 0:23 At the starting point, directly left are some crates against a wall, jump onto the wall using the crates. On top of the wall you should see a nearby armor shard on top of a small little awning. Jump onto the nearby air conditioner unit and from there jump to the awning and grab the secret armor shard. 2: 0:26 0:36 Shortly after picking up the armor shard, there is another wall with some crates against it, use them to get up on the wall, and from the wall, make a careful jump onto the other nearby wall. Follow the wall until you see some small roofs above windows that you can jump to. Jump to each one, even past the palm tree until you get to the last one which has small alcove above it that has a secret small health. 3: 1:30 - 1:32 In the next courtyard with a large dumpster will be yet another wall with crates against it. Use them to jump over the wall where you'll find some secret electricity cells on the other side. 4: 7:23 - 7:26 Right before the mosque is a breakable wall, destroy it and near the back you'll find a secret XL2 Laser gun, with some small health as well. 5: 7:29 - 7:49 In the same area as secret 4, there is a building with three air conditioner units getting progressively higher, nearby is a large pile of boxes. Jump on top of the boxes, then to the first air conditioner, and from there jump onto the second one. Jumping onto the second one can be tricky at first, but keep trying. Once you get to the second one, make your way to the third, and you'll notice a wire extending out from the air conditioner onto the building opposite. Carefully walk across the black wire to the opposite building, and once across turn right. You'll see a couch with a single C4 explosive that is required for the next secret. 6: 8:05 - 8:13 Backtracking to the open street prior to the mosque entrance is a wall in an alley that normally is covered with garbage bags (I destroy these bags earlier at about 6:20), destroy them if you haven't already, and it will reveal a red C4 outline that allows you to attach some C4 to the wall. Do so, and detonate after reaching a safe distance, and walk through the resulting hole where you'll find a secret rocket launcher. 7: 9:43 - 9:50 A little after the mosque you find the downed helicopter, you should come across a wall with some Arabic writing on it, a nearby air conditioner and drum against it as well. Jump on the drum, then to the air conditioner, then over the wall where you'll find a small yard with a mini-secret electricity cells. Beware, once you pick the electricity up, a few kleers will attempt to ambush you. 8: 12:40 - 12:48 At the end of the of turret "maze", there is a locked gate. To the left of the gate is a small alley that has a large dumpster at the end. If you look left of the dumpster after reaching it, there will be some crates and a drum nearby the entrance of an even smaller alley that you can walk through, at the end you'll find some secret armor. 9: 16:46 - 16:51 In the last area where you'd normally fight the Technopolip Helicopter (that is assuming you didn't destroy it already in the previous area earlier with the secret rocket launcher), directly right of the blue gate at the end will be a cracked wall that can be blown apart using the rocket launcher. After breaking it, go through to find some secret health lying on top of a couch.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Guardian of Time, Mental Difficulty / All Secrets
This map contains 4 secrets. 1. 11:10 - Devastator Shells 2. 26:59 - Sniper Bullets 3. 28:34 - Electricity 4. 52:13 - Devastator Shells
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Serious Sam Fusion: BFE Enhanced | Summer In Cairo - All Secrets, Serious Difficulty
*** Secrets: 0:22 0:42 0:45 0:50 1:04 1:23 1:41 2:25 2:42 2:59 3:11 3:27 3:40 5:25 5:40 5:55 5:58 6:07 6:14 7:17 7:20 9:37 *** Can't find time to play TSE so have this instead. You can download BFE Enhanced here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1338312297 Misc. mods I'm using: -New Key Icons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1288057338 -Smooth Sprint Transition: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369992150 -Moving Bullet Particles: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368576580 -BFE Gloves Retextured: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1366991828 -Glowing Pistol Sights: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083538731 -SS3 Old Assault Rifle Sounds: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953631028 -SS3 Old Pistol Sound: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953630054 -New Ammo Pickups for BFE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316997688
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Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile: Gathering of the Gods - All Secrets 8/8
At the starting area, near the staircase, you'll spot a bunch of crates with planks behind them. Destroy them and proceed through the cavern to discover a Spider Cave, but watch out for a swarm of miniature Hatchling Spiders. When you climb up the staircase from #1, you'll see a building on your left and a building to your right with a shelter next to it. Go behind the building on the right, jump up on the crates and onto its roof. From its roof, jump on the shelter's roof, and from there, sprint-jump to the roof of the building on the left to collect a secret +50 health. On the left side of the island, you'll see a floating red object near the shore. Dive into the water below it to collect a rocket launcher. Near the start, when you encounter the first Cave Demon, jump and climb on the wall, and then travel over it to collect a secret health. On the right hand side of the Island, before the first temple is a pile of rocks. Shoot one of the rocks to reveal a cavern leading under the island. Still on the right side of the island, near the opposite side from the start and behind a temple, walk along the shoreline until you find some rocks. Approach the rocks to discover the "Wilson Secret". On the right side of the island, you'll see a smaller island to your east. Swim to and walk over it to find a secret cannon, go behind it and press the Use button to trigger a humorous cutscene. At the temple on the opposite side of the starting area in the island, look up to the fouth column (the one next to a broken section of the wall). You'll spot some rocket supplies there. Use the Mutilator or the Rocket Launcher to bring down the column and collect the ammo.
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Serious Sam 3: Level 11 Secrets - The Last Man on Earth
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 11 secrets on the eleventh level - The Last Man on Earth
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (10) The Lost Temples of Nubia - All secrets, Serious difficulty
Sam's mission to activate the two generators that power the Timelock is complete. He is now being extracted from the area back to base. However, during the course of the helicopter flight, due to the negligence of Wilson (the pilot), the helicopter Sam is riding in is struck by an enemy rocket, the impact ejects Sam out of the helicopter. Sam finds himself seemingly stranded in the middle of the desert without any form of contact to EDF headquarters, or his full arsenal. A fantastic level, I know some people dislike being stripped of a majority of their equipment in a game, but the steady buildup as you get further in is always a nice part of it. This level is slightly shorter than the previous ones, but not by much. Nearing the climax of the game's story basically. Only two levels left now. For some reason the Mutilator failed to work properly a few times, it caused me to have some close calls, especially with the Werebull. Five secrets in this segment: 1: 1:50 - 2:18 After getting the sledgehammer within some small ruins shortly at the start, look out beyond the dunes and you should see a flashing armor highlight located in some other ruins. When you've reached those ruins, look out amongst the dunes near the area, and you'll see in the distance a collapsed column on a stretch of sand. Quickly make your way to the collapsed column, and behind it is a secret Double Barrel Coach Gun. After getting this secret, quickly make your way back to the ruins where the armor was, as the Sand Whale will usually come for you after you've grabbed this secret. 2: 4:57 - 5:05 In the first ruins of the temple you come upon (with the shotgun, and other items in the center), after dealing with the enemies turn around and look at the large walls behind you. On the one on the left, look up near the top, and if you look carefully you'll actually see a crate embedded into the wall, shoot the crate until it breaks, and when it does, it will drop some secret sniper bullets. 3: 15:56 - 16:04 After the oasis, and before dropping down into the small tombs, as you pass the wall, if you look carefully against the wall once on the other side, you'll see some secret minigun bullets hidden under a small alcove against the wall. 4: 24:10 - 24:23 Right before the large temple, you'll find yourself between two walls and some dunes. Jump on top of the wall on the right, and make your way to the back (going in the direction you came from), near the end, there will be some secret armor. 5: 29:12 - 29:20 - 29:30 Inside the temple, between the doorway which leads into the largest part of the temple ruins, if you look on the right side of the doorway, there is a circular part of the wall that is colored differently from the rest of the wall, it's quite small, so look carefully or you might miss it. Once you spot it, get closer to it and you'll see that its actually a button. Push it, and you'll get a message that says "Secret Cannon deployed!". After you get the message, back out of the doorway into the room with the C4 crate and look above at the top of the doorway, you should see a crate sticking out near the edge of the top. Shoot the crate, and a secret cannon will fall down to the ground.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - No Place to Hide, Mental Difficulty / All Secrets
This map contains 9 secrets. 1. 0:20 - 1 Armor (Parkour Secret) 2. 0:59 - 1 Health (Parkour Secret) 3. 2:00 - Electricity 4. 8:33 - Laser 5. 10:28 - C4 Explosive 6. 10:58 - Rocket Launcher 7. 13:18 - Electricity (Mini Secret) 8. 16:42 - 50 Armor 9. 21:36 - 50 Health
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (9) The Power of The Underworld - All secrets, Serious difficulty
Now within Luxor's ruins, Sam must activate the last remaining generator (Anubis) required to power the Timelock. Once complete, he is due for extraction from the area. Compared to the previous level, this one is pretty much a walk in the park. It's almost a bit disappointing, because the level starts out really slow, and doesn't pick up until half the level is finished. Regardless, the entertainment value when the pace does kick up a notch is well worth the wait. I must apologize with my pace on this level, it felt like I was playing nonchalantly during some parts. It caused me to make a number of mistakes, sorry for some of the sloppy playing you might spot. Nine secrets in this segment: 1: 0:55 - 1:10 Immediately after entering the main area, if you turn right, around the corner will be a stretch of sand. If you follow along the sand against the wall, you'll eventually come to a corner with some mini-secret health. 2: 6:09 - 6:23 Deeper into the ruins, you'll see a structure with a pyramid top. You'll also see a secret health item resting on the top of another part of the structure. Get a kleer skull, and carefully jump your way onto the broken wall near the side of the structure. Once at the top, you must carefully aim the skull at the health item and make a precise throw, if thrown right, it will propel the secret health on the ground where you can grab it. Note that this is an alternative way to get this secret, normally just jumping onto the broken wall in front of the structure, and doing a sprint jump across would be the way to get this secret. Since I cannot sprint in this run, I do it the alternative way. 3: 17:29 - 17:31 Inside the shrine that is in the "pit" with the columns, if you jump through the opening in the wall, you'll find a small alcove where some secret armor is hidden behind the wall. 4: 30:01 - 30:09 Before jumping down into the small tunnel, there is another passage in the room that leads down into an area that is a seeming dead end. If you look carefully, you'll see a large piece of debris blocking entrance to another room, crouch under it to the enter the room, inside you'll find some secret electricity cells. 5: 30:55 - 31:01 In the room where the Khnum is sitting on the throne, after dealing with the khnum, you should notice there are rockets resting on the sides of the throne. Go to the very top of the room, and align yourself to the throne, once aligned, make a jump onto the throne. Once you've landed on the throne, collect the secret rockets. 6: 32:32 - 32:39 After exiting the tombs, you'll come to where you find the SBC cannon, and some other items. In the corner of this area, you'll notice some armor resting on top of a beam. Break the beam with an explosive, or mutilator bracelet to collect the secret armor once it drops down. 7: 43:54 - 44:02 - 44:42 Just before the final area, you'll be in a section of ruins with broken walls, columns, and some wooden stairs. Jump onto one of the shorter broken walls, and once there, make a jump onto one of the higher broken walls. From this height you should be able to see the highlight of some secret keys resting nearby. Carefully make your way to the secret keys, once collected, backtrack to the previous area, and you should see a gate which would be normally locked (had you not found the keys), open the gate and climb up the nearby ladder. Once at the top, you'll find the secret vista, along with a sniper rifle resting against the wall. 8: 45:37 - 45:42 Immediately after entering the final area, turn left and proceed around the corner. You'll find some secret devastator shells. 9: 46:00 - 46:16 In the corner of final the area with two small buildings close to each other, nearby some trees, there is some secret health resting on the sand.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (7) Unearthing the Sun - All secrets, Serious difficulty
After entering the hidden Sirian Chamber in the Great Pyramid with the help of the Sirian Mutilator Bracelet ("Arrow"), Sam found information regarding the locations of the two generators required to power the Timelock, each generator being located in an underground Sirian Complex, one in Karnak, and the other in Luxor. Hellfire picks Sam up from the Great Pyramid, and flies him to Karnak where he must activate the first generator. A fairly long level, but the real trouble comes from the new enemies introduced: Scrapjack Rocketeers, and Aurigan Cave Demons. They can be some of the worst enemies to fight depending on the situation. I don't mind Scrapjacks, but Cave Demons I absolutely despise. You'll see this is quite evident based on how I seemingly make it my goal in some parts of the video to kill every last one. I know it's probably a time waster, but killing the annoying things can be satisfying. Sorry if it gets boring to see me pursuing them, sometimes pathetically failing at it. Like the previous video, I did run into a few problems. But the main problem for this video was that my mouse started dying at such an untimely moment, and I was unable to play properly, thus unable to record properly as well. The video editing process was a bit tricky, but I think I've found the best solution so it shouldn't be happening anymore, or so I think. For those of that have been waiting, my apologies. Eight secrets in this segment: 1: 0:21 - 0:32 At the start of the level, turn around and you'll see a lone pill bottle on the sand, when you try to get closer, you'll hear a woman laugh and the bottle will cast itself further into the desert. Follow it and collect to find the secret Jester Pills. Beware though, it doesn't happen to me because I have full health, but if you don't have full health, a group of kamikazes will spawn in fairly close proximity. 2: 1:15 - 1:20 Around the start of the ruins, to your left you should see a wall with some columns holding up some stone beams. Use the broken wall to get on the very top of the wall where the beams are, and if you look down at the top, you should see a small nook where a secret sniper rifle magazine is. The wall you use to get up to this secret is destructible, get it as early as possible to avoid the possibility of a stray rocket breaking it. 3: 11:27 - 12:04 Once the area is clear, head to the left portion of the ruins near the corner. Stay close to the wall and follow it, keep following against the wall and you should eventually come upon a secret XL2 Lasergun. Beware, in one sandy clearing I walked right across the sand and alerted the Sand Whale, if you go off course like I did, the Sand Whale might try to pursue you, so it's important to stay as close to the wall as possible to be safe. 4: 13:14 - 13:18 As you enter the entrance to the tombs, if you look left as you get in the room with the columns, you'll see an object behind one of the statues in their small alcoves. Use an explosive, or the mutilator bracelet to destroy the statue, and collect the mini secret minigun bullets. 5: 13:45 - 13:49 As you go down into the tombs, you'll come to a small drop, if you turn around immediately after the short drop, you'll see some secret health at a dead end. 6: 31:34 - 31:36 In the area where you collect the artifacts to open the Sirian door, in one corner of the area nearby the trailers there are some stone beams near two trees. In between the stone beams is some secret health. 7: 33:21 - 33:34 Still in the area where you collect the artifacts, the shrine nearest to where all the beams and columns are, there is one corner where if you look on top of a beam you'll see some cannonballs resting on top of a beam, break the beam with an explosive or mutilator and collect them when they drop down. 8: 41:00 - 41:05 In the walled area where there is one shrine, directly behind the shrine is some armor, and some secret electricity cells.
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Serious Sam 3: Level 6 Secrets - The Silent Riddler
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 8 secrets on the sixth level - The Silent Riddler
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Serious Sam 3: Level 8 Secrets - The Dark Bride
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 10 secrets on the eights level - The Dark Bride
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Serious Sam 3: BFE прохождение игры - Уровень 2: В паутину (All Secrets Found + No Damage)
Прохождение игры (gameplay, walkthrough) Serious Sam 3: BFE со всеми секретами (all secrets) + без урона (No Damage Walkthrough). Приятного просмотра! Уровень 2: В паутину (Into the Spider's Nest) Сложность: Сэм (Serious) Секретов: 9/9 --------------------------------- Понравилось видео? Нажми - http://goo.gl/tRrKMN Плейлист Serious Sam 3: BFE - https://goo.gl/5kdhAo Описание игры на CG - https://goo.gl/Ps9kkn Действие игры происходит спустя три года после нашествия войск Ментала на нашу планету. Сэмюель Стоун по прозвищу «Крутой Сэм», ветеран войны и боец Объединённой Армии Земли во главе группы «Альфа» направляется в Египет, чтобы оказать помощь сослуживцам из группы «Браво», посланным в Каир на задание по спасению профессора Штейна — египтолога, который занимался расшифровкой каменных табличек, способных пролить свет на то, как запустить «Ключ к Вечности». К несчастью вертолёт группы «Альфа» сбивают и тут начинается сама игра. Сэму придется пройти через многие трудности, чтобы добраться до Дейр эль-Бахри, где находится портал в прошлое, но на его пути становится генерал армии Ментала Угх-Зан IV. Уничтожив гиганта, Сэм звонит Менталу, и ему сообщают, что тот вот вот «залунит» Землю. Сэм в недоумении оборачивается и видит, как к Земле стремительно приближается Луна. Проклиная Ментала, он изо всех сил бежит к порталу и в последний момент прыгает в «Ключ к Вечности», отправляясь в прошлое. Игра заканчивается на драматической ноте, когда Луна сталкивается с Землёй и уничтожает её. Секреты (Secrets): Секрет 1: 0:10 Секрет 2: 0:27 Секрет 3: 5:30 Секрет 4: 6:42 Секрет 5: 9:15 Секрет 6: 8:48 - 9:30 Секрет 7: 9:40 Секрет 8: 14:52 Секрет 9: 16:55 ----------------------------------- Связаться с нами можно в: На сайте - http://central-games.ru ВКонтакте - https://vk.com/centralgamesru Facebook - https://facebook.com/CentralGamesRu Twitter - https://twitter.com/CentralGamesRu --------------------------------- Спасибо всем за поддержу своими подписками, лайками и комментариями, вы самые лучшие!!!
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Serious Sam 3 BFE All Secrets Sommer in Kairo
Serious Sam 3 BFE Sommer in Kairo erstes level Fundorte aller 17 Geheimnisse
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Serious Sam 3: Level 5 Secrets - Under the Iron Cloud
Serious Sam 3: BFE - 13 secrets on the fifth level - Under the Iron Cloud
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Serious Sam 2 - Mental Institution & Ending (Serious / All Secrets)
Well, that was pretty good game after all..
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Serious Sam 3: BFE прохождение игры - Уровень 5: Свинцовая туча (All Secrets Found + No Damage)
Прохождение игры (gameplay, walkthrough) Serious Sam 3: BFE со всеми секретами (all secrets) + без урона (No Damage Walkthrough). Приятного просмотра! Уровень 5: Свинцовая туча (Under the Iron Cloud) Сложность: Сэм (Serious) Секретов: 13/13 --------------------------------- Понравилось видео? Нажми - http://goo.gl/tRrKMN Плейлист Serious Sam 3: BFE - https://goo.gl/5kdhAo Описание игры на CG - https://goo.gl/Ps9kkn Действие игры происходит спустя три года после нашествия войск Ментала на нашу планету. Сэмюель Стоун по прозвищу «Крутой Сэм», ветеран войны и боец Объединённой Армии Земли во главе группы «Альфа» направляется в Египет, чтобы оказать помощь сослуживцам из группы «Браво», посланным в Каир на задание по спасению профессора Штейна — египтолога, который занимался расшифровкой каменных табличек, способных пролить свет на то, как запустить «Ключ к Вечности». К несчастью вертолёт группы «Альфа» сбивают и тут начинается сама игра. Сэму придется пройти через многие трудности, чтобы добраться до Дейр эль-Бахри, где находится портал в прошлое, но на его пути становится генерал армии Ментала Угх-Зан IV. Уничтожив гиганта, Сэм звонит Менталу, и ему сообщают, что тот вот вот «залунит» Землю. Сэм в недоумении оборачивается и видит, как к Земле стремительно приближается Луна. Проклиная Ментала, он изо всех сил бежит к порталу и в последний момент прыгает в «Ключ к Вечности», отправляясь в прошлое. Игра заканчивается на драматической ноте, когда Луна сталкивается с Землёй и уничтожает её. Секреты (Secrets): Секрет 1: 4:05 Секрет 2: 4:50 Секрет 3: 7:00 Секрет 4: 9:50 Секрет 5: 11:00 - 11:18 Секрет 6: 12:45 - 13:19 Секрет 7: 13:20 Секрет 8: 14:30 - 14:43 Секрет 9: 27:40 Секрет 10: 27:50 Секрет 11: 36:18 Секрет 12: 37:00 Секрет 13: 39:40 - 39:49 ----------------------------------- Связаться с нами можно в: На сайте - http://central-games.ru ВКонтакте - https://vk.com/centralgamesru Facebook - https://facebook.com/CentralGamesRu Twitter - https://twitter.com/CentralGamesRu --------------------------------- Спасибо всем за поддержу своими подписками, лайками и комментариями, вы самые лучшие!!!
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Serious Sam 3 BFE: Into the Spider's Den with all secrets
Second level of Serious Sam 3 with all the secrets. Here is a list: 1. Mini secret - 5 shells 2. Secret- 30 assault rifle bullets 3. Mini secret - 5 shells 4. Secret room - Double Shotgun Unlock secret door (not a secret itself, but required for one) 5. Secret - 50 electricity 6. Secret Spooky Hall - Laser 7. Secret - 50 armor 8. Speedrun secret 9. Secret - 50 health Thanks to bobfred117 who helped me find the last secret I needed. His channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/bobfred117
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (2) Into the Spider's Nest - All secrets, Serious difficulty
With Sam now at the museum, he must make his way through the infested corridors of the building to find Professor Stein. A graphical bug seems to make a majority of this level darker than it should be. Best watch at the highest quality for the best image. I apologize for the darkness, hopefully things are still visible enough to see which areas exactly I find secrets. This graphical bug shouldn't be in any other level to my knowledge. Nine secrets only in this segment: 1: 0:06 Between two boilers at the starting point is a lone shotgun magazine. 2: 0:15 After exiting the boiler room, to the left are some crates and planks blocking the path to a room, break them with your sledgehammer and grab the assault rifle magazine on the ground. 3: 2:39 Right before the stairwell which takes you to the second floor, there is a room to your left that has a hieroglyph plaque in the center. In the far corner hidden behind a pillar is another hidden shotgun magazine. 4: 3:41 In the hall that leads you to the main rooms balcony, to the right is a door that has a sign that reads "No entry", walk around the sign into the door, and walk into the neighboring room to the right, there you'll find the secret Double Barrel Coach Gun in the corner 5: 4:49 - 5:36 After passing through the hall, you have to navigate through a few rooms with balconies. In the final one, there is a shelf that can be broken, upon breaking it with the sledgehammer will reveal a hidden button, pressing it will tell you that a secret door has been unlocked. Continue onto the main balcony until you come to the railing, jump over it onto the small visible ledge, and sidle onto it until you come to the opposite balcony. Walk towards the end(You will also find secret seven along the way), and you'll see a shutter which is open just enough to crouch under, do so and you will find a hidden speedrun secret. Since this runs requires all secrets, I ignore the shortcut opting to take the normal, long way. 6: 5:25 In the same path you'd take finding secret five, you will find some hidden health in plain sight after jumping over the railing. 7: 5:41 After going under the shutters from secret five's speedrun secret, the next room to the left has some hidden armor near the balcony railing. This secret can also be achieved after coming the long way (through some careful jumping), but I opt to take it now instead of later. 8: 9:25 Some time after passing through the chambers and tunnels, a single gnaar will attempt to ambush you to the left, in the area the gnaar spawned is a sphinx statue. Behind the statue is a panel you can interact with, once activated the statue will slide away revealing some hidden electricity cells. 9: 10:50 After following the main path, you will eventually come to a hall where you can see a Cloned Soldier running to the left, once you deal with the nearby enemies, in the direction opposite the Soldier was running to is a shelf. Break the shelf to reveal hidden passage to a secret spooky hallway where a small cutscene of a ghostly Rodriguez will play as you go further in. At the end of the spooky hallway is an XL2 Laser Gun
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Serious Sam 1 Part 1 [All Secrets]
Secrets [Hatshepsut]: #1 - 9:04, #2 - 10:16, #3 - 10:35, #4 - 10:58, #5 - 11:17, #6 - 14:31, #7 - 17:38. Aaaaaaaaaaah yourself! Welcome to my Serious Sam 1 gameplay walkthrough (Serious Sam: The First Encounter), something I've wished to do for a long time now. SS:TFE was developed by Croteam, a Croatian developer which I have serious respect for, and released all the way back in early 2001. I'm playing on Serious difficulty and will be finding all secrets on the way! I will also be translating the game to Lithuanian, which is my native language. Timeline-wise this is actually the second game, since the recent Serious Sam 3: BFE was actually a prequel that ended just Before the events of the First Encounter. Serious Sam 1 final boss is enormous! Now the gameplay is definitely what Serious Sam is about. With the help of the Serious Engine, the game is able to throw literally hundreds of enemies at you without any slowdowns whatsoever, meaning you'll be fighting insanely over-the-top battles. Not to worry though - Sam "Serious" Stone is a legend among men for every good reason. You are able to have a serious amount of weapons at your disposal and ammo is everywhere, so there's no need to conserve. The soundtrack features some of the best instrumentals I've heard, especially during the more intense moments. There is also a HD version of the game simply titled Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, along with The Second Encounter. I'll be recording those sometime in the future as well. The story goes that the discovery of an extinct ancient, yet technologically advanced race (AKA Sirians) eventually enables mankind to travel long distances in space. However, space exploration results in humans unknowingly waking Mental, an unknown evil entity which soon starts driving them back to their homeland, Earth. Countless amounts of monsters from another dimension completely overwhelm mankind, and the only chance is to use the ancient Sirian device called the Time-Lock to send a single person back in time. With everyone dead apart from Sam Stone and the Time-Lock activated, the final leap of faith is made. This was recorded on PC, 1080p, 60 FPS. The Xbox console version actually connects the first two games, however, the size of the levels was decreased due to the limitations of the hardware. Among other changes was also the new combo and life system, the latter returning in Serious Sam 2. Fun fact: apparently Sam's shades were removed from the Xbox and later versions to make Sam look less like Duke Nukem. Available for download on Steam and GOG. This part includes Serious Sam: TFE level 1 - Hatshepsut Temple. #SeriousSam #Walkthrough #Hatshepsut
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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Exception - Dream Collapses - All Secrets
Campaign https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106819080 Author https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOJwuk7p2i1RMudpeS2BCQ
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Serious Sam 3: Secret Laser Guns
A guide showing how to get all 5 secret laser guns in the campaign.
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