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Nexon RoMPvP - A not quite normal evening on our server...
That's the result of GM Aaron's try to spawn many Hackmans :D Music: The Score - Arrival to Earth
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Обзор Runes of Magic от MMORPG.SU
Игра тут. Регайся по ссылке http://freegamereborn.blogspot.com/ ** Лучшие мморп, рпг, бесплатные рпг, бесплатные мморпг, играть бесплатно, обзор лучших мморпг
mandara solo war warden
mandara easy mode solo, warrior/warden server nexon rompvp HADES GUILD
Views: 436 Salva Rodríguez
Runes of Magic Tal der Riten B1 - By Fairplay
Mal versucht ne Rekordzeit hinzulegen ;P Runes of Magic Server Draiochta Gilde Fairplay
Views: 489 Play Game
mex rom pvp 2
Views: 79 mex rom
Runes of Magic - Krieger/Magier (warmage) im Test - KvD [Full] [Solo] [HD]
Hier einmal der Warmage im Test und zwar in KvD. Meine Werte: int: 27236 ausd. : 12342 Mschaden: 9776 Matk: 91621 Crit: 70% Mdef: 89501 Hoffe gefällt euch euer ITuner :) Ps: Wäre für Ratschläge dankbar :) P-Server Seite: rom4u.com
Views: 9461 MrPrince
Rompvp.com 17/10/2014
Views: 109 Rolten Ch
Runes of Magic - Bluesons Goes Private Server!
During my last live stream, i tested out the Runes of Magic Private server Arcadia. I wanted to do this because of official RoM have become so boring lately, the only fun thing on official is siege war. Until something changes on official (if it ever going to happen) i will be playing and streaming on this private server. Feel free to join me :) During this live stream i meet some awesome players, got tons of free stuff, experienced Runes of Magic in a whole new cool and epic way than ever before. So to conclude this little first experience: Yes! i will stay here for sure :) Main char will be on official, and i will be playing official, but since there's no changes, no new updates or new content on official, i don't want to waste my time until something new happens. I hope you can understand this..
Views: 3685 Bluesons00
Runes Of Magic - Chaos Vortex - 1st boss - Periehr
Yeah, it`s a private server so? Mainly its like on global server just lvl cap is higher... Before u post some useless comments try out the server then we can talk... Server adres: http://www.rompvp.com/ Addons: GridCliqueIt, XBar 3 Music: Darksiders 2 The Guardian Boss Fight THEME Soundtrack
Views: 12208 GargiROM
Runes of Magic | Taren by 1 MAN (with buffers) | 1080p 60 fps
Runes of Magic Taren by 1 MAN (with buffers & debuffers) ROMPVP.COM
Views: 1105 rommotyw
Runes of Magic: Камни маны
Гайд по улучшению экипировки, при помощи камней маны и об их создании. Рассмотрены как бюджетный вариант, так и более алмазозатратный.
Mex Rom PvP Triple kill
Views: 30 mex rom
PVP event  Ibergard [ Runes of Magic ]
pvp event Ibergard ---Warlock /champion--
Views: 1010 zioiz
ROM PVP Teaser Trailer
Open Beta for ROM starts on 2 Jan 2014. Come and join us for an everlasting adventure filled with fun and excitement.
Views: 961 Riseof Meteor
SW Rabbits (vidar) Vs. Lightroute (idun) Siege War Runes of Magic
Ty ^^ Music provided by Musicbot Live
Runes of magic Ragic "Random -Why is it Ragic ThefatPanda?"
runes of magic Ragic -Random Video #Runes of magic #rom #pvp #mmo #mmorpg #wow #rom #siege #freetoplay @f2p #rogue #warrior #games #game #omg
Views: 58 SpecOp Donkey
Elgusto  Coldfusion Bot RoMPvP
He is AFK farming EoJ shells, 92 map
Views: 58 ImLazy RoM
Rom PVP 1 (beta)
Rune of magic premiere video PVP UNBUFF Kristelya des Foxakram (serv claihom)
Views: 293 myself13200
Fencer RomPVP Siege War
Views: 535 Fencer
Let´s Fail ROM PvP Part 1
ROM PvP Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLISvjRUM-W4bcLPpykDMp1ShixqEQqNhT
Views: 370 FailerTV
RoM Pvp by Esregnet
Server :Tuath Char :Esregnet Schurke/Kundi Guild :Kampftrinker natürlich
Views: 275 esregnet diaocha
Подключение к серверу Dark RoM PvP Без Hamachi
Параметр для ввода в ярлык в графе "Объект" - "NoCheckVersion" (Без кавычек)
Runes of magic hacked (old)
Runs of magic best server top players top speed top store pricess top HP 0/0 more than 1kkk
Views: 3643 sami Nat
Runes of Magic Ewiger Kreis (Aeternal Circle) Boss 1-4 duo
Runes of Magic Ewiger Kreis (Aeternal Circle) Boss 1-4 duo by Siana and Ðaea :) Website P-Server : rompvp.com
Views: 11242 DarknesseTM
Runes of Magic instances - Hall of Survivors
This time we are going to Hall of Survivors. A lvl 55 instance in Silverspring. Join us in this epic instance, where bosses are dropping like flies, when our party kills them one by one, then everyone has a good time. Music: Savant - No Time for Pussy (Original Mix) http://youtu.be/wRveTbp5Iw8 Watch in HD for best quality. Thanks for watching! Like, comment or subscribe for more =)
Views: 7020 Bluesons00
Hello friends! I want to invite you all to play with me at Nexon Studio ROM Server,Chapter 4 Currently Supported. The best and only server of Runes of magic online,the MMORG where you need to unlock the secrets of Rom to save the world. Rates - 7x EXP - 7x Tp - 3x Drop - 3x Gold If you want to join me in this great game,please click on the following links: Main Site:http://www.rom4u.com Forums:http://forum.rom4u.com (Dieser Server ist International und vertritt alle Sprachen)
Views: 1214 MarcelDeiwick
Guild Fairplay - Trailer NEW
Guild Fairplay on Nexon private Server http://www.rompvp.com/ Thanks for the video-materials of pablloo6 , GargiROM and Froobbie Especially Espena for the great siege war- and Lagusen videos :) Music : Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider
Views: 2067 [email protected]
The End - Fairplay's farewell to Nexon RoM
The end of an era - Good bye Angel City !
Views: 5390 [email protected]
Let´s Fail ROM PvP Part 2
ROM PvP Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLISvjRUM-W4bcLPpykDMp1ShixqEQqNhT
Views: 65 FailerTV
KBN 6th and 7th boss nuke by Fairplay
Nexon Runes of Magic - Private Server http://www.rompvp.com/ Music: KIZ - Walpurgisnacht
Views: 1513 Sh[email protected]
Runes of magic -  Warrior/Mage IBP
recorded some w/m ibp last boss action last 2 days.
Views: 1790 Arcanenl
rom pvp mage vs. mage
mage stufe 56 vs mage stufe 26
Views: 1526 daxta007
Goal of the month Day 1 PT2: Full Body Result"
day 1 Pt2 Challenge #runes of magic #rom #pvp #world of warcraft #swifty #wow #mannypacman #bodybuilder #bulk #hulk
Views: 10 SpecOp Donkey
NEXON Runes Of Magic Private Server Trailer (Whiteflames) PvE
This video was made because of a contest some year's ago. The private server is a good option for players who don't want to play the official game.
Views: 993 Bluesons00
Goal of the month Day 2: Full Body Result"
day 2 Challenge #runes of magic #rom #pvp #world of warcraft #swifty #wow #mannypacman #bodybuilder #bulk #hulk
Views: 18 SpecOp Donkey
Runes of Magic - that is why we play
that are the reasons why we play online :) music: The XX - Intro (nico pusch remix)
Views: 2487 Noobito ROM
Dragonborn Siege War (Runes of Magic)
RomPVP Siege War
Views: 419 Fencer
RoM Pvp by Esregnet
Server :Tuath Char :Esregnet Schurke/Kundi Guild :Kampftrinker natürlich
Views: 47 esregnet diaocha
Runes of Magic - RoM - Rogue/Priest - Schurke/Priester - lvl 35 PvP  * HD *
not really skilled but a lot of fun :D my first video Downloadlink High Quali http://rapidshare.com/files/283513590/RoM_-_RoguePriest_-_lvl_35_PvP.rar enjoy it Runes of Magic RoM Rogue Priest Schurke Priester lvl 35 PvP HD
Views: 183510 inflames666xx
Kolanda HM Runes of Magic
This Video was make on http://www.rompvp.com/ Server. Special Thanks too: Shinrah: Priest/Rouge Cínammon: Druid/Warden Physicist: Champ/Rouge Karadul: Warrior/Mage Elprese: Warrior/Mage Elgusto: Warrior/Warden Have fun with the Video! Greeds Karuzo Rouge/Mage
Views: 651 Backstab Tobi

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