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Best of Lost Girl
Watch in 720p HD for best quality! - There might be a part two coming soon... who knows. TV SHOW: Lost Girl SONG: Hey Na Na by Katie Herzig (pitchshifted) PROGRAM: Sony Vegas Pro 12 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the clips/song, nor do I gain any profit from my fanvideos. This video was made for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. #fanvidfeed #lostgirl #bestof #humour
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Kenzi quotes (Lost Girl)
Views: 54037 Emma Gottwald
Lost Girl Funny Chating
Views: 14677 Alexia Muñoz
Lost Girl: Valkubus/Funny Moments (Ep 5x05)
Funny Tamsin and Valkubus moments from Season 5, Episode 5 "It's Your Lucky Fae" Like, Favorite, Comment and Subscribe for more videos to come! :)
Views: 82387 LiveEvil Productions
Lost Girl Faewell - Who is the best kisser? | Showcase Canada
The cast of Lost Girl discuss who their favourite characters and kissers are from the series. Subscribe for more from Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/user/Showcasedotca Check out exclusive Showcase content: Website: http://www.showcase.ca/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/showcasedotca Twitter: https://twitter.com/showcasedotca ABOUT SHOWCASE Escape the ordinary and explore an unconventional entertainment experience. Turn to the network with the most unpredictable stories, the most unforgettable characters, and the best movies and series emerging from Hollywood. SHOWCASE – Beyond Ordinary.
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Kenzi Quotes Lost Girl Season 2
***Contains Spoilers*** Some of the best Kenzi quotes and moments from the first half of season 2 of Lost Girl (eps 1 - 13). Tribute to the phenomenal Ksenia Solo! Mostly in episode order. I do not own any of the clips!
Views: 170584 Siobhan Oliver
Lost Girl Season 2 Bloopers
Bloopers from season 2
Views: 100016 spike1866
"Lost Girl" Fever (Funny Moments)
Have Fun With The Cast. Anna Silk (Bo) & Zoie Palmer (Lauren Lewis) Bloopers Lost Girl Season 2 Meilleurs Moments Du Bêtisier de la Série TV "Lost Girl Season 2" Anna Silk et Zoie Palmer ensemble ce n'est que du Bonheur. Surtout sachant que Zoie a un humour incroyable
Views: 79646 Locafraise19
Lost Girl - Bo and Lauren and Dyson - Carwash scene 4x08
Bo washes her car. Lauren and Dyson have a drool fest. Clip from episode "Groundhog Fae".
Views: 730269 TheSarfy
Lost Girl "BoLo" Funny Scene
Funny Scene Bo & Lauren From Lost Girl 3x08 "Check it out: BoLo. It's like our Brangelina." Anna Silk & Zoie Palmer Team Lauren Bo/Lauren Bo and Lauren Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 8 Bo "Slap Me ! OWwww"
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Best of Lost Girl ;; |part 1|
*720p. if possible, please! ** Hope you like it. Rate&Comment. Hah! This is one of my proudest works so far. I love this show and the lines that they use. Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I do. Song: Bang Bang by K'naan ft. Maroon 5 Made with: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Show: Lost Girl NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I do not make any profits from it either, making this video legal to post under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Top 10 Valkubus moments - Season 3 and 4 - Lost Girl - Bo and Tamsin
UberWanky Top 10 Valkubus moments from Lost Girl seasons 3 and 4. Bo and Tamsin. Enjoy!
Views: 255133 Uber Wanky
Lost Girl Top 40 of season 1
A tribute to the writers and cast of Lost Girl, especially the amazing Ms. Solo. Season 2 highlights here: http://youtu.be/um4FZxAvdmI S01E01 01. I'm a collector of rare wallets. 02. You can control people by touch, and not in a creepy 'hand-job' way. S01E02 03. Bo: Kinda tough, growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen and find out that your part of some ageless, secret race that feeds on humans. Kenzi: I hate when that happens. 04. Bow chica bow wow! S01E03 05. (Gun in mouth, pulls trigger) 06. Good news is, I'm still alive. Bad news is, bitches be crazy. 07. Holy shitballs! That was awesome! 08. Oh, by the way, I totally saw his wolf junk! High five! S01E04 09. Bo: You are the Kenziest Kenzi ever! 10.(mocks crying) S01E05 11. And she wets herself over your geek skills! 12. (dances) Oooooh! Whiskey! 13. Oh, it's on... bitch. 14. Trick: Did my troll get out??? 15. Kenzi: Dude, you're junk could cure cancer, but you look kinda green. Dyson: I'm a quarter leprechaun. S01E06 16. Lauren: You could tag along. Kenzi: What is it, "Take a Fae to Work" day? 17. Everybody just calm down, okay? It's just a little eye blood. Who hasn't had a little eye blood before? I think I just sneezed too hard. 18. Did I just wake up in Narnia? 19. I'm freaking freezing, dude, can you like 'wolf out' and lie on my feet? 20. Bo: I just love a man in uniform. Guard: Honey, that makes two if us. Bo: Oh, shit. 21. I'm feeling better already. I think this is just one of those 24 hour plagues, you know? 22. Mmmm, meaty goodness. Come to mama! S01E07 23. For walking viagra, you're such a nerd. 24. Poor, Bo, so many choices, just one vag. 25. (***my absolute fav***) Did you hear that? Sounds like whispering kids or giggling elves. Did you bring home elves last night? I'm not judging, I just want to know... 26. My head is pounding harder than a sailor on shore leave. 27. Are we pissed at Dyson again? Is he trying to buy us off with pizza? S01E08 28. Smells like fried bitch! 29. And I will be saving the world from robot hookers. You're welcome. S01E10 30. Kenzi: Hit me with some hooch, T-Bag! ...You know... Please sir, may I have some beverage? Trick: (rolls eyes) Here. Help yourself. I'm busy. Kenzi: Ohmygod! It's like Christmas! 31. Bo: Looking for love in all the wrong places. Kenzi: Is that your way of saying 'anal'? 32. My favourite literary quote about regret? Wow, fun. I think it was the great poet Ludacris, who said, "Regret is fo' suckas, fo' suckas, fo' suckas. Regret is fo' suckas, bitch." 33. Is this some kinda sex thing? If you're looking for a virgin sacrifice, I don't think I can help you with that. S01E11 34. What makes me think your "inner sanctum' is your Mom's basement? S01E13 35. I can't believe Dyson played us. God, my bullshit detector totally failed! 36. Bo: How do succubi fight one another? Kenzi: Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers? 37. So, what are we gonna do when we face Mommy-Dearest, huh? Other than pee our pants a lot, also I think I might cry. 38. Kenzi: Oohh, shiny! If she scares Trick and got the jump on Dyson, I'm thinking she's like a grade 10 succubus. Bo: What grade am I. Kenzi: Um, you know, kindy-garten with pig tails and a muppet lunch box. 39. You just got succu-busted! 40. What the Houdini! No body, no blood trail. What the hell did she do, fly off on her broom? I have no copyright on any of this material. No infringement was intended. I'm just a fan of the show.
Views: 158578 Anno Nymas
Best of Lost Girl ;; |part 3|
*720p. if possible, please! ** Part 3 is here and it's been done for a long time now, but since I was working most of the time it was somewhere in my folders, collecting dust and ideas. It's been re-done few times, so I hope there are no mistakes, so here you go. Best of Lost Girl part 3. Enjoy! Song: Monster Acceptable In The 80's by Calvin Harris Made with: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Show: Lost Girl Coloring: by MysticTutorials - http://www.youtube.com/user/MysticTutorials/ NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I do not make any profits from it either, making this video legal to post under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Lost Girl - Doccubus the Moments
No copyright infringement intended. A "Wanted" doccubus video.
Views: 9279 theboobtuber1978
Lost Girl Kenzi in Dyson's Body.wmv
One of my favorite episodes of Lost Girl. These are clips from Season 2 Episode 9 "Original Skin". It's just a compilation of the scenes with Kenzi in Dyson's body. I laughed so hard and had to share. Just a fanvid, I own nothing.
Views: 236664 SlayersKiss
Kenzi's Thieving Skills (Lost Girl)
Because I love Kenzi. This is just a fan video. I don't own anything, obviously. And sorry for the bad cuts.
Views: 7520 PurpleMoonlight812
Lost Girl 5x16 - Pranayama That Shit (Tamsin, Lauren & Kenzi)
Kenzi & Lauren help Tamsin deliver the baby. Truly a scene that holds some of the best Lost Girl lines ever written.
Views: 68186 All Valkubus
Lost Girl Panel @ FanExpo - Bad Kenzie, funny Kris and Rachel
Part of the Lost Girl panel at Fan Expo on August 24 2013
Views: 27368 Steph K
Vex ► Dark Fae Power
Views: 24796 XITHACAG
Lost Girl  • Bo & Kenzi Scene [4x11]
Sad scene between Bo and Kenzi, in 4x11. [Hale Died]
Views: 46226 AgentDanvers
Lost Girl | Funny Kenzi Moments
Some of Kenzis funniest moments so far.. Show: Lost Girl Music: The Goose Steps High - The Aristocats I do not own anything.
Views: 42702 Summerholder
Lost Girl @ DragonCon 9/6/2015 - Doccubus love scene bloopers
Question: any bloopers during the filming of Doccubus love scenes?
Views: 29070 lejunkdrawer
Lost Girl Panel
A look back on the iconic series that pushed boundaries and quested into new frontiers of LGBTQ representation in mainstream media. Guests: Emily Andras, Erica Luttrell, Zoie Palmer, Vanessa Piazza, Anna Silk, Rachel Skarsten, Emmanuelle Vaugier.
Views: 87166 ClexaCon
Lost Girl - Tamsin's Happy Ending
Something for us Valkubus shippers, so we can laugh a little in this oh-so-sad-time...:'(
Views: 86171 Yaliz Tatiana
Lost Girl - Lauren attempts to surprise Bo HD
A clip from season 3 episode 10. Lost Girl is a TV series.
Views: 57657 RandomMovieClipsHD
bloopers lost girl
Views: 22235 Serial Editing
Lost Girl 4x08 - Yo Valkyrie Lips, What Was That (Bo & Tamsin)
Funny exchange between Bo & Tamsin after they both realize they're in the Yule loop.
Views: 80246 All Valkubus
Lost Girl 1x07 Bo & Kenzi Funny Scene
Kenzi speak russian :P
Views: 10945 Winter NightSky
"Lost Girl" Team Lauren for Bo (Anna Silk & Zoie Palmer)
Funny Moments from One Interview. The Love Triangle Je trouve ces actrices vraiment Superbes, Magnifiques avec beaucoup d'humour et de charme. Bref Elles sont Géniales. Bo-Lauren-Dyson
Views: 201998 RIZZLES19
TRUE LOLI "The Lost Girl" - Working!! [60FPS]
U Want Sum Legal Lolis? https://www.youtube.com/legalolicon Anime: Working!! (Wagnaria!!) ワーキング!! Episode Season 2 ep5,season 3 ep 1
Views: 516812 Lolis and Traps and MORE
REQUEST- Funny Morrigan dance scene.wmv
Succubitch- Best quote of the series!
Views: 18993 LoveWins
Lost Girl - Kenzi PantyThief
Lost Girl - Kenzi PantyThief
Views: 9727 Mimi E.
Lauren is super excited about an award + A funny Tamsin moment - Lost Girl
Lauren is bursting with joy over some nerdy award. And Tamsin brings Bo out to get her favorite lunch.
Views: 5316 MovieAndTVOnDemand
"Lost Girl" Spice Girls Bo Tamsin and Kenzi WANABE
Lost Girl Season 4 Sexy Moves. Funny Bo Kenzi and Tamsin Singing and Dancing. Made this video JUST FOR FUN. Petite video juste pour le fun avec Bo, Kenzi et Tamsin sur la chanson des Spice Girls Wanabe. Lost Girls Saison 4 TAMSIN Moves Spice Girls Wanabe Bo (Anna Silk) Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten)
Views: 34969 Locafraise19
Lost Girl at ClexaCon 2017: About Bo's Slow-Mo Carwash Scene
At ClexaCon on March 4, 2017, Rachel Skarsten, Zoie Palmer, and Emily Andras respond to a question about Bo's slow motion car wash scene in Season 4
Views: 43914 ZhaoWei76
Lost Girl 5x13 - It's A Heartbeat (Tamsin & Lauren)
Tamsin is taking tests at Lauren's click. Lauren urges Tamsin to take one final test - they discover she is pregnant.
Views: 29969 All Valkubus
VRCHAT Funny Moments [ This poor little girl lost her mom ]
It's a sad day when you lose your mom in VRCHAT. Twitter https://twitter.com/MindUnknown_ Google+ https://plus.google.com/1094427931440... Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/MindUnknown/ Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/mindunknown
Views: 23500 Mind Unknown
Lost Girl 2x08 Kenzi Funny Scene
i dont own the video
Views: 38423 Winter NightSky
Lost Girl Kenzi & Hale Domino.
I do not own any rights to this video it was all done for fun of my favorits show lost girl..
Views: 22070 SteLenaFoster
Lost Girl Season 4 || "Knee her in the ovaries!" [Humor]
"Maybe it's shit..." - Lauren Lewis Just a video showing some parts that I found funny in S4 of Lost Girl. Hope you all enjoy it =) Song: What you know - Two door cinema club Disclaimer: I don't own anything used in this video. All materials belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 4940 Char G
Lost Girl Panel at Fan Expo 2011
Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, and Kris Holden-Reid talk about the love triangle during Q&A panel. More details on the event at: http://goodmeginastorm.tumblr.com
Views: 41272 duckie112233
Lost Girl Funny Clips Bo Kenzi Lauren Tamsin Dyson Hale Trick Evony
Please do let me know what you think! Had a lot of fun messing around with this and hope some (one even!) enjoys:) (n.b. there are some season 5 clips in here so poss spoiler alert)
Views: 4364 taz imodo1276
Lost Girl - Making Vex
Paul Amos talks about Vex’s transformation from enemy to frenemy, while the rest of the cast discuss how Paul brought Vex to life before their eyes.
Views: 9677 Starbuck125
Lost Girl 3x08 - Tamsin Slaps Bo (Bo & Tamsin)
Tamsin slaps the drunk out of Bo in Brazenwood.
Views: 24697 All Valkubus

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