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Indian cups and ball magic
The famous Magician Shafath performs ancient Indian cups and ball magic
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Indian Cups & Balls
Shankar Junior performing the Traditional Indian Cups & Balls for the Thames Television Production - Magic Comedy Hour 1991
Views: 4120 giligilimagic
Indian Cups & Balls
Views: 3961 John Panakal
Indian Cups and Balls - Jaipur 2009
Street magician in Jaipur, India doing the famous Indian Cups and Balls trick. Patter is in Hindi but you can still follow the magic. He had a great effect on the audience.
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Views: 206 John Panakal
Cheppum Panthum Coconut Shell Cups and Wand set by Gary Kosnitzky - Trick
Trick Introduction:This is where you will discover the lost art of Cheppum Panthum.An ancient Indian traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls that very few eyes have ever seen. This traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls is considered truly indigenous to Kerala, India, where it... For More Details and Purchase, Visit http://www.magictrickstore.com
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Indian Cups And Balls.
Magical effect
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Cheppum Panthum by Gary Kosnitzky
This is the ancient traditional version of the Hindu Cups and Balls. contact: [email protected]
Views: 3210 Gary Kosnitzky
Cups and Balls ~ Egyptian
Cups & Balls performance... In a 4000 year old Egyptian tomb, a hieroglyph seems to depict the Cups and Balls trick. Some say its bread makers. However, in the same tomb, there are hieroglyphs of juggler performances as well. So you decide. misdirection (mis.di.rec.tion) 1. a wrong indication, guidance, or instruction. mislead (mis.lead) 1. to lead or guide wrongly; lead astray. 2. to lead into error of conduct, thought, or judgement. ~The American College Dictionary (1953)
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Indian Cups and Balls
available at Nikhilsmagicshop.com
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Cups and Balls Magic Trick Revealed
Views: 1168849 firmam49
Indian Cups and Balls Trick by Mark Mangel Aka Dakota Dan
Mark Mangel performs Indian Cups and Balls Trick
Views: 410 Andy Galligan
Paul Rohmany reviews Cheppum Panthum Cups by Gary Kozintzky
Paul Rohmany gives his thoughts on Cheppum Panthum Cups by Gary Kozintzky. http://www.murphysmagic.com/product.aspx?id=57391
Views: 610 Murphy's Magic
Cups and Balls Magic Trick Revealed in hindi || जादू  सीखे
Aap mujhe Facebook pe bhi follow kar skte hain jaha pe aap mujhe personal message kar skte hain. https://m.facebook.com/desimagicshow
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PFD Cups vs Penguin Cups and Balls - Magic Review
PFD = Paul Fox Deluxe? Due to it's larger size. PFD Cups vs Penguin Cups and Balls - Magic Review
Views: 1255 salbarajas
Magic Planet - Cups & Balls
History of Mystery...
Views: 2937 Magic Planet
Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Aug 11 - Cup and Ball Magic Act
A magician performs the cup and balls(or oranges) trick from Fringe 2013, The Edinburgh Festival, High Street, The Royal Mile, Scotland, UK, August 9th, 2013.
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Electronic Indian Cups:Balls Table
A completely original method to vanish the three balls at end of routine...under your control at all times!
Views: 554 Chuck Caputo
Cups & Balls का जादू सीखे: Very Easy Cups and Balls Magic Trick Revealed in Hindi
Learn the classic routine of one of the Magician's favorite props aka Cups and Balls, in Hindi. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PrabhkiratStudios Google+ Page: https://www.google.com/+PrabhkiratStudios Twitter A/C: https://www.twitter.com/PrabhStudios Website: http://www.prabhkiratstudios.co.vu
Views: 2551 Prabhkirat Studios
John Scarne Cups and Balls
From "Dark Magic" 1939: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0031209/ John Scarne demonstrates a Cups and Balls routine
Views: 20399 ljsviol
Carl Andrews Cups and Balls
Cups and Balls by Carl Andrews
Views: 17937 777Skeptic
Choosing Cups
Michael discusses the features and differences between the different cups he has used professionally over the years: Paul Fox, Johnson Products and Auke van Dokkum. He talks about shape, material and manufacture. His current preference is for the Auke van Dokkum cups.
Views: 21205 Michael Ammar
Cups & Balls - Kate Medvedeva - www.OK-MAGIC.com
WWW.OK-MAGIC.COM -- the way everything started
Views: 13388 wwwANDREYwww
Cups and Balls Magic Trick
Views: 2249 magiciandjedwards
Penn & Teller MMT EGYPT
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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famous cups and ball magic trick tutorial. Learn easy magic trick in malayalam..
Learn a simple magic trick using every day objects... share and like if you realy like this video...and show us some love...
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Leo's Cups and Balls Magic Routine
Leo performs the world's oldest magic - the Cups and Balls. Leo's routine is a combination of Michael Ammar, Dai Vernon, Gary Oullet, Frank Garcia and Gazzo's moves. There are many moves in this Cups and Balls routine that are originally conceived by Leo. Keep an eye on the unique sleights used and compare over other routines available in You Tube. Very clean cups and balls routine, very well thought of. This is actually a very advance routine. Routine is a compilation of my 35 years in doing magic. Video produced to review the routine and improve it. This is the first routine put together so it is not smooth yet. Patter needs to be adjusted so as some of the moves. The video is not clear and may need a background music. The core of the routine is good and will be kept. Cups and balls is the best among all magic tricks that it is an art itself. Any magician who wants to become good in magic should start with their own routine. Perfection in Cups and Balls advances one's level of skill in many areas of magic namely misdirection, vanishes, production, patter, timing, penetration, loading, routining, one-step ahead principle, sleight of hand, psychology and many others. Leo uses a Jumbo Brass Street Cups $130 (sounds like a bell when struck with metal wands, even when sitting on the table. Great cups?) from Magic Makers and self-made leather bounded "Monkey-fist" balls (marble core, easy to manipulate, sticks to the hand). Also uses Mercury Wand (awesome wand, perfect weight and balance. Careful in hitting your cups because it will dent it), $25 from Michael Ammar. If you are a magician watching this, you can learn a lot from this routine and if you are not, enjoy. Not recommended for beginner Magicians. This routine is good training tool for advance magicians. This routine is one of the best in You Tube.
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Views: 229 gugunmahaghia1
Magic Cups and Balls
Views: 1559 BuldumBuldum
Daryl's Master Course in Cups and Balls - Volume 1
www.Daryl.net - available 9/19/15
The Cups and Balls Revolution (Video 2) by Jaque - www.MJMMagic.com
Get it here: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-cups-and-balls-revolution-english-by-jaque-video-download-p-16556.html JAQUE, the great spanish magician, brings you a new Cups and Balls routine, with 5 easy-to-perform and completely new passes. This is truly the New Generation of Cups and Balls. 3 minutes packed full of transformations, transportations and disappearances. Without gimmicks, magnets or any kind of rigging. A SPECTACULAR ROUTINE that will blow your audience away every time. Class, elegance and surprises in this all-new routine by the winner of FISM 2012's 2nd Prize in Micromagic. CUPS & BALLS REVOLUTION, the new magic with Cups. English Subtitles. Get it here: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-cups-and-balls-revolution-english-by-jaque-video-download-p-16556.html
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New Cups and Balls -- how does he do it?
The classic Cups and Balls magic trick gets a new twist. Watch -- and then we'll show you how we did it. We had the idea for this video while working on Coca-Cola Glass Magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFneI-uH6cs Music by AudioBody: http://www.AudioBody.com/ For more cool stuff, visit http://www.eepybird.com/ Credits: EepyBird Stuntman: Shane Miclon. Creative Team: Mike Miclon, Shane Miclon, Collin Miclon, Aaron DeWitt, Stephen Voltz, and Fritz Grobe. Created at the EepyBird Laboratory in Buckfield, Maine.
Views: 4011 EepyBird
Two Cups and Balls
Michael Daniels performs his routine for two cups and balls. Recorded c. 1982.
Views: 6590 Michael Daniels
অবাক করা জাদু শিখুন। ।Awesome Cups & Balls Magic  Trick  In Bangla Tutorial।MTR BD
Awesome Cups & Balls Magic Trick In Bangla Tutorial MTR BD Magic Master: sourov sarker Sourov sarker Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etc.bangla.5 সুখবর কেউ যদি জাদু বা magic trick সত্যি সত্যি শিখতে চান তাহলে আমাদের চ্যানেলের ভিডীও গুলো দেখুন।আপনি সব ধরনের মেজিক ও জাদু শিখতে পারবেন।জাদু ও মেজিক শিখানোর জন্য নতুন নতুন ভিডীও তৈরি করা হয়েছে । আপনারা শুধুমাএ ভিডীও দেখেই শিখতে পারবেন।ধন্যবাদ যে কোন ম্যাজিক প্রোডাক্ট ক্রয় করতে ভিজিট করুন আমাদের ম্যাজিক শপ।www.facebook.com/mtrbdmagicshop অথবা নিচের লিংকে ক্লিক করুন Mtrbdmagicshop - https://www.facebook.com/mtrbdmagicshop/ OTHER MAGIC VIDEO. * বেলুনের আকর্ষনীয় ম্যাজিক শিখুন।Amazing Balloon magic Trick Revealed In Bengali। https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbOfHm2rzu0 #Vanish Coke Bottle Trick Revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMNPA0yUT90 জাদু দিয়ে কিভাবে পানির রঙ পরিবর্তন করবেন https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfklJg5h5nQ&t=11s ##সুখবর এবার আপনাকে গনক বলবেই 100% top mathematic magic trick revealed 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO0wPLjY6ec&t=9s ##NEW ROPE MAGIC TRICK (সবাইকে অবাক করা জাদু শিখুন)magic trick revealed 2017 in bangla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGUPxsAaemw&t=14s ##জাদু শিখুন ফ্রী (কিভাবে দুধ ভ্যানিশ করবেন) Milk vanish magic Trick revealed 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwLtV_B5KHg&t=6s #3#জাদু শিখুন কিভাবে শুন্যের উপর বোতল ভাসমান রাখবেন best bottle magic trick revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7PHeXeH5rs&t=4s ###জাদু শিখুন(magic)। কাপর পুরে ছাই করে নতুন কাপর তৈরি।fire and bottle magic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HszisN5GiF8&t=6s HELLO EVRYBODY, The channel Through You can learn awesome magic trick. I hope you all will enjoy this magic trick. Magic tricks are very simple, but the magic of Excellent. So everyone will be able to learn easily. এই চ্যানেল এর মাধ্যমে আপনি ভয়ঙ্কর ম্যাজিক ট্রিক শিখতে পারবেন। আশা করি আপনাদের সবার এই ম্যাজিক ট্রিক ভালো লাগবে। ম্যাজিক এর ট্রিক গুলো খুব সহজ কিন্তু ম্যাজিক গুলো দারুন You can learn all the magic of our channels. For example, 1. Money Magic Trick The currency Magic Trick 3, Rope Magic Trick 4, vanish Magic trick 5, card magic 6, card magic vanish 7, Magic prank 8,water vanish magic 9,coin magic trick 10,match box magic 11,fire magic 12,card height magic 13,paper magic 14,rubber magic etc. 15.bottle Magic 16. Mathematics magic 17.magic prank video 18# match box magic 19# pen magic trick 20.stick magic trick 21.finger can bangla magic 22.juice pipe magic 23.balloon magic 24.light magic trick 25: Belet magic *** ANTI-PIRACY WARNING *** This content is Copyright to MTR BD Magic Academy. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented! Thanks To All (Sourov Sarker)
Views: 39191 MTR BD Magic Academy
Magic Cups and Balls trick
A classic routine of cups and balls
Views: 110 onekewlpenguin
Carney's Caffeinated Cups & Balls
The Cups and Balls has always been considered a real test of a magician’s ability. Professor Hoffmann called it "the groundwork of all legerdemain." Performing the routine with ordinary coffee cups presents it’s own challenges, but also creates a deeper mystery due to it’s impromptu appearance. Here is a streamlined, clear, and deceptive routine, with several new techniques that set it apart from other routines. Particularly interesting is that none of the traditional vanishes are used! Borrowing concepts from Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, and Mike Skinner, Carney has blended them into his own unique and deceptive take on the classic. Covered here are not only novel techniques, but expert lessons in misdirection, body language, timing, and naturalness. John is considered not only one of the world’s finest exponents of sleight of hand, and also one of it’s best teachers. Both novice and expert level will find lots of tips, subtleties, and thinking, that if applied, will transform not only your routine, but all your magic. As a bonus, John demonstrates many of his touches for Dai Vernon’s classic routine. Why not learn from a master? Available on DVD or streaming online with Revizzit visit CarneyMagic.com click on "Advanced Sleight of Hand Instruction"
Views: 2670 John Carney
Saturn Magic -Artistic Cups and Balls (Brass) by TCC - Trick
Visit Saturn Magic at https://www.saturnmagic.co.uk/saturn-magic-shop/artistic-cups-and-balls--brass--by-tcc--trick.html to purchase this item or view our fantastic range of other magic products
Views: 357 Saturn Magic
Mohamed Bay's Cups and Balls magic sequence w/ Paul Fox cups
Mohamed Bay's Cups and Balls magic sequence with some nice Paul Fox cups w/ Dai Vernon ending. Credit is also give to Charlie Miller and Daryl Martinez.
Views: 2845 GospelMagic
I love bill malone's version of cups and balls
Bill malones version of cups and balls
Views: 1828 Ron Bowman
11 year old magician Dhuruva performing cups and balls.
This 11-year-old kid is Dhuruva from Chennai(INDIA),born in Brunei. He's with me on 1-on-1 Magic lesson at Misfits Magic store booth at Giant Tasek Rimba,Brunei (5/5/2011.) Im teaching him cups and balls magic. I decide to record his performance and promise him to upload this video on Youtube because this was his first time on Youtube (^.^). Ladies and Gents,I present you , Mr Dhuruva the lil magician from Chennai,india~!!!
Views: 548 Abdul Mughnii
Penn and Teller Cups and Balls
This is Penn and Teller's version of the cups and balls. My partner for this trick is Jordan Hopper.
Views: 5633 judsongreenemagic
Cups and Ball Magic Trick
Don't subscribe! Forget it!
Views: 7 Adam Gagnovic
My Cups and Balls set (Magic)
What you need to perform cups and balls illusion.
Views: 219 911Gameover
cups and balls with chicks
Cups and balls performed by an old egyptian man
Views: 1211 mrahimmagic rahim

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