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Top 5 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
#backpackinggear #campinggear #hikinggear #Latest_Greatest #backpacking #hiking #camping #survival Warm weather is coming, it's time to get ready for it with a new Stand Up Paddle Board. Here are five that are worth your consideration. Camping gear https://goo.gl/l92hA3 http://latest-greatest.com/ SIPABOARDS AIR Self-inflating Paddle Boards https://amzn.to/2rrU0V9 ISLE Inflatable stand up paddle boards http://amzn.to/2zngvwh Red Paddle Co inflatable stand-up-paddle-boards http://amzn.to/2x8a3Z6 NIXY inflatable stand-up-paddle-boards http://amzn.to/2yUFpqM Naish inflatable stand-up-paddle-boards https://amzn.to/2jFMP7G Shop on Amazon! Its good for Latest Greatest (Affiliate Link) https://goo.gl/W9rH4g Latest Greatest Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh66TZEQnS3-HBZWnWlGlig Inventions you have to see! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHaKd8xtiik&list=PLy5zYwe2j0ZcUmfRMtpa6Y8aHMlCyvQ1r Amazing Designs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB3YrET_RCk&list=PLy5zYwe2j0ZfgpmRfOP8lBcH_w1JdqPHO Cameras and Accessories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNoNbaSLeiQ&list=PLy5zYwe2j0Zd4EqZ8BzlzSjg3gXrWFbNf Coffee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D19DAkPKbns&list=PLy5zYwe2j0ZcTnBNPm9TMgSNi-PCGskAT New Business Ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntqsAolpQcY&list=PLy5zYwe2j0ZeJSZIAvw0b-dvR2R7BDfHH ● Thanks for your comments and Clicking the LIKE Button! ● Click the Subscribe button to see all my new upcoming videos.
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Coral Sea Visions - Episode 5
In mid-2018 a group of modern-day wind nomads and Coral Sea Foundation supporters camped on Lizard Island for a week and explored the lagoon under kite power. Lizard Island is known as Jiigurru to the aboriginal traditional owners, the Dingaal People, and we are grateful for the opportunity to visit this sacred place and play in its waters. At 14 degrees south, the winter trade winds blow non-stop at 20-30knots, and the combination of perfect conditions and stunning scenery create one of the most incredible kitesurfing destinations on the Great Barrier Reef! www.coralseafoundation.net
Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Belize with Island Expeditions & Norm Hann Expeditions
Paddleboard island to island on Belize's first SUP adventure with Island Expeditions and Norm Hann Expeditions. The Coral Islands SUP - this lodge to lodge epic explores the islets and mangrove estuaries of Belize's southern barrier reef, while using the paddle boards as a platform for snorkelling Belize's amazing coral reefs! Call 1-800-667-1630 for more information!
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Okinawa Scuba Dive 2016 - Manza Beach Onna
Okinawa, Japan is known for its great diving and lush coral reefs. Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect with this dive. I’ve heard all sorts of cautionary tales about diving in Okinawa due to its strong currents but I’ve also heard that the quality of the reefs is practically unmatched. The day of my scheduled dive was rough. It started raining heavily and that pretty much limited the dive locations that were available for safety reasons. The single dive location would be just off the coast of our hotel in the Manza Beach area of Onna-son. Onna is located in the central part of the island and is where most of the resort hotels are located. Luckily Manza Beach has a quiet bay area making this dive possible despite the weather. The dive itself felt like a bit of an adventure right off the bat. There was an equipment failure where the airline connected to my BCD (the diving vest that holds the tank and manages buoyancy). The dive master and I had to quickly fix the issue under water. Although he didn’t really speak English and I didn’t really speak Japanese, under water we shared a common sign language. It’s amazing how much one can communicate without spoken language, and believe me, when there is a device failure underwater, there’s plenty to communicate. The dive itself was amazing. There were tons of corals and fish, but I was surprised to see a huge field of Acropora that was all maricultured. It felt like I was diving in an incredible frag tank. Never before had I seen this type of activity in a reef. Coral harvesting in Japan is illegal so all of it must have been a part of either a research program or a coral restoration program. It was definitely interesting to see and the results they are achieving are certainly impressive. The size and colors of the colonies were out of this world. I hope to one day return to Okinawa and do more dives. This was a very short trip and unfortunately this was the only dive I was able to schedule. More for next time! Music: Tracks: “Faster Does It” Artist: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) License Terms: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/faq.html Video: Camera information: Canon C100 Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4-4.5 STM IS Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8 Sony Underwater Action Cam Copyright Information: This video was shot and edited by Tidal Gardens. Tidal Gardens owns all intellectual property rights to this content. Editing Software License: Final Cut Pro License Agreement 1. C. - "Title and intellectual property rights in and to any content displayed by or accessed through the Apple Software belongs to the respective content owner." 2. B. – “Sample Content. Title and intellectual property rights in and to any content displayed or accessed through the Apple Software belongs to the respective content owner…Except as otherwise provided, you may use the Apple and third party audio file content (including but not limited to, the built-in sound files, samples and impulse responses)(collectively the "Sample Content"), contained in or otherwise included with the Apple Software on a royalty-free basis, to create your own original soundtracks for your film, video, and audio projects.
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SUP Balance tips for beginners- Stand Up Paddleboarding
How to SUP: Balancing on a Stand Up Paddleboard: If you have a hard time finding balance on a SUP, watch this video for some tips that will help you get started. One of the hardest things for beginners is often just being able to balance and stand up on the board. This video will help you with some tips. Ultimately your balance will improve with practice, don't forget to have FUN! Please check out our other videos with tips for beginners. Please also watch the other videos in our Tips for SUP Beginners Playlist: http://bit.ly/1v2CNMv For information on our SUP lessons, please visit: http://blueplanetsurf.com/pages/lessons
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Campaign Commander: Coral Sea
Bellica Games Coral Sea initial impressions and thoughts. Thanks to Judd for walking me thru a handful of phases. ======================================== Read detailed accounts and other cool items on the blog! www.bigboardgaming.com Join the community conversation: https://www.facebook.com/TheBigBoardGaming AND The stupidly long Google+ link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102480449358181626566/102480449358181626566/posts The Entire Archive: http://bigboard.tumblr.com/archive
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Coral Sea Spearfishing teaser
A recent trip with some of the ''Beer and Spear" members along with Adreno Spearfishing on the Coral Sea aboad Bianca Charters. Amazing trip, this is just a short preview of some of the footage we were able to capture during the 5 days we were on board.
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Island Expeditions Belize - Coral Islands SUP
Island Expeditions has introduced the first ever SUP Journey from lodge to lodge along Belize's southern barrier reef. Paddle, Swim, Snorkel, Belize Barrier Reef. Honoured by Outside Magazine as Best Trips 2015 - More Details www.coralislands.travel
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Great Barrier Reef Surf
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Coral Sea Adventure Rowing   Magnetic Island 2017
This is a compilation of footage and photos taken on the recent Coral Sea Adventure Row. Included is spectacular aerial footage from rowers at Townsville's Cathedral School who also row these beautiful waters. Great rowing guys. This is sure to bring happy memories for years to come and inspire new Coastal Rowers to the sport. Challenge yourself, go Coastal Rowing.
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🌴 Zig & Sharko SEA’S UP (S01E43) 🌴  Full Episode in HD
The lagoon’s waters suddenly rise and almost entirely engulf the island. Sharko and Marina take advantage of this to visit the island but Marina gets lost. She leaves a trail of coconuts behind so Sharko can find her, but Bernie outwits her… To subscribe to Zig & Sharko Channel, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcKJJuOe2tOqgrKw0Gks-sw?sub_confirmation=1 My application: Pixel Runner: Apple Store: http://bit.ly/ZSAppStore Google Store: http://bit.ly/ZSGoogleStore Zig & Sharko in other languages: Zig et Sharko, Zig und Sharko, Zig y sharko, Zig ja Sharko, ジグとシャーコ, Zig i Sharko, Зиг и Шарко, 鯊魚哥 More top episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZEoFno7iCE&list=PLoHcF3gNx3ywNCujQqG5DeK6-RupEr_Pz Welcome to the official Zig & Sharko channel! Subscribe and get new videos of Zig & Sharko every week! Watch tons of gags and discover lots of exclusive material: assortment of episodes sorted by theme, a grab-bag of wacky excerpts, making-of, behind-the-scenes videos… and a lot more! Join Zig & Sharko channel and boost your fun with all the beach team!! Zig & Sharko can also be found on these pages: https://www.facebook.com/ZigSharko.fanpage https://plus.google.com/b/113859619492059928861/113859619492059928861/about?pageId=113859619492059928861 http://www.xilam.com/portfolio/zig-sharko-2/?lang=en On a desert island lives a starving hyena with one obsession: devour that delicious mermaid from the rock in the lagoon. Ah, but the lovely fish-girl’s best friend is a shark, a shark with a lot of muscle and who loves to sabotage the hyena’s every move. In season 2, the mermaid decides to set up house on the beach. And she invites all her deep-sea buddies to join her. But the stakes have been raised: now the hyena has to win back his own turf!
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Honolua Bay aboard a HAWK SUP
Snorkeling adventure at Honolua Bay, Maui. Made possible by HAWK SUP
SUP Surf, Kayaking & Snorkeling, Dominican Republic, hotel Coral Blanco
Ocean SUP Surf, Kayaking & Snorkeling in Coral Reefs
425pro give us sup boards allowing us to patrol the reefs and take people plant some corals with us. 425pro is also helping us on the financial part of the project. Mauruuru - Merci - Thank you Save the reef and adopt your coral here: www.coralgardeners.org #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef
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Coral Sea Shark Feed
Feeding the sharks in the Coral Sea, off the great barrier reef.
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2019 Starboard Inflatable Vision
2019 STARBOARD INFLATABLE VISION SUP - SEE THE OCEAN, SEE THE FUTURE The Vision opens a whole new world. Look beneath the choppy surface of the sea to see fish, coral reefs and more. At 38” wide, it’s extra stable with plenty of volume for a parent to paddle and kids to watch what’s happening down below. Available in Deluxe technology, with bungee tie-down on the nose and tail for storing gear! See Product Page: http://sup.star-board.com/products/inflatable-vision/ Locate a Dealer: http://sup.star-board.com/shops/ Key Features for 2019: UNDERWATER VIEWING WINDOW The world’s first underwater viewing window allows you to see what’s underneath your feet. The kids’ favorite toy. PADDLE HOLDER – Holds your paddle at the tail of the board for when you want to play, relax or perform yoga and fitness exercises without your paddle interfering or floating away. – Also can be used to carry the board with 2 people nose and tail, or when if you want to walk the board out into deeper waters to get up and paddling. – Removable velcro strap makes it quick and convenient to store your paddle. FIN SET UP Single fin set up with the toolless FCS Connect fin. Grab, Slide and go paddle! BUNGEE TIE DOWN on the nose for storing your gear. FULL EVA DECK PAD – Provides soft cushioning and grip, safe for all the family to enjoy. – Diamond grooved standing pad and tail pad for optimum traction. – Croc skin textured pad around the window. REE LIGHTWEIGHT LEASH – At only 70g, the leash is incredibly lightweight and discrete so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling. – Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on. – Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes. – The leash cuff is made from Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene. INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY: NEW HEAT WELDED RAIL - BONDED FOR LIFE – New welding technology turns 2 pieces of materials into a single solid unit resulting in an extra strong Mechanical Bond. – A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and better for the environment. – Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. – Layer of PVC is applied on top of the welded seam for extra durability and hides DELUXE - EXTRA STIFF The Deluxe technology fuses the deck and bottom PVC into a single layer, removing the need to apply glue & solvent thus reducing unnecessary weight. A 3K Carbon fiber compression band is laminated along the entire outline to control the shape and support stiffness.
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GoPro HD Coral sea of Taketomi Island (4)
Taketomi Island in Okinawa,Japan, Coral sea of Taketomi Island reef GoPro HD HERO 1080 shot with oculus R5 flat lens. encode:PowerDirector8 Ultra http://blog.goo.ne.jp/root66/ 石垣島、竹富島の珊瑚映像。 GoPro HD HERO 1080とアキュラスフラットレンズで撮影。 編集はパワーディレクター8 船は石垣島ピュアマリンクラブ
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4 Genius Ways to Use a Canister Filter with Your Reef Aquarium
http://mdshop.us/2pN680J It is common knowledge that canister filters are not your best option for filtering a reef tank. But there are a few clever ways you can utilize a canister for your reef. We'll discuss this very topic in today's Marine Depot video installment! LEARN MORE: http://mdshop.us/2pN680J SHOP CANISTER FILTERS: http://mdshop.us/2pMZAyY
Quick overview of the Vibe Maverick 120 Sup Angler, This is a nice, affordable and stable SUP with lots of fishing thingies, just use your cooler as a seat and boom you are ready to go! Check Electric Surf Sports for more info on Vibe SUPS AND YAKS http://bit.ly/2G0DDZ5 BELOW AWESOME INFO ABOUT PRODUCTS I USE  FAV KAYAK: http://amzn.to/2GV9rLY Also don't foget to check Bixpy Water JET, affordable,  light weight and super-fast MOTOR for your kayak, paddle board or inflatable Check Out Bixpy at  https://lddy.no/3lfb Subscribe for awesome fishing content: https://goo.gl/4tZtal Like buying stuff online and would like to help the channel? Check my Amazon Store:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/aliexfolgueira YouTube SUPER TOOL: https://www.tubebuddy.com/AliexFolgueira Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch this video, and  If you have any tips or want me to make a video about a certain fishing topic, drop a comment below! Socials: Patreon: www.patreon.com/aliexfishing Twitter: aliexfolgueira Instagram: aliexfolgueira Facebook: aliexfolgueira Twitter: afishingtv Instagram: afishingtv Facebook Groups: Afishing tV Emails: [email protected] THANK YOU! Aliex Folgueira *This description contains affiliate links, when purchasing products using these links, this channel will get a tiny little commission back, thank you for supporting us*
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Anti - Aging  Super Collagen SEA BIRD'S NEST Dessert
I don't know why my channel has been demonetized. Please subscribe to my new channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDoWtnGek21N5WEyY_CSoBQ Thanks for you support. Sea birds nest or eucheuma seaweed is a wonderful seaweed - a valuable gift from the sea that is full of natural nutrients that are very healing. It grows naturally and contains no artificial fertilizer and no bleaching chemicals.This seaweed has super natural collagen which can bring back that youthful appearance to the skin and preventing wrinkles, age spot and dry skin. It is a perfect health food for children, pregnant women, menopausal women and the elderly. It also has countless benefits like healing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, preventing and healing DNA damage, anti-bacterial & anti-viral, good source of vegetarian protein and iron etc. Follow this recipe to enjoy this great tasting sea-birds nest and let me know in the comment section below.
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A Very Fishy Affair - Free Range Sailing Ep 64
We take advantage of the calm weather to further enjoy Broadhurst Reef and stock up our fridge with fish ready for our return to Magnetic Island and Townsville. We go spearfishing on our final dive at the reef and Pascale goes on a magic Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) date with Meg from SV Sarean. On our return to Magnetic Island, we encounter fickle winds despite a weather report to the contrary. Pascale brings in a decent size Spanish Mackerel and shows you how we smoke it with Casuarina wood that we collect from the beach at Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island. Music Credits Scuba – Simun Mathewson (http://freemusicarchive.org/) Little O – Laze (www.withbellsrecords.com) Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/withbellsrecords Relax! – Jerome DF of Hippo’s Yawn Productions (https://www.facebook.com/JDFPRODUCTIONS) Orla – Laze (www.withbellsrecords.com) Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/withbellsrecords Vanity Project – Laze (www.withbellsrecords.com) Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/withbellsrecords The Talons of Adventure – Doctor Turtle (https://doctorturtle.bandcamp.com) We’ve made a playlist of some of our easy listening tunes on Spotify, follow along as we update with each new episode, here’s the link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1235029571/playlist/4Qegq91f000leXa5LwdNtr?si=xCRkmB9aQsq62n_3klygqw Become a patron of Free Range Sailing! http://www.patreon.com/freerangesailing If you’d like to make a PayPal donation: http://bit.ly/2Cpp1xz Follow us on: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/freerangesailing Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/freerangesailing Essential Cruiser Reading List The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing (Scott and Wendy Bannerot): http://amzn.to/2ycQTEA Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical manual (Nigel Calder): http://amzn.to/2xu8kSc The 12 Volt Doctor's Practical Handbook: For the Boats Electric System (Edgar Beyn) http://amzn.to/2gq257p Our Film Making Gear SnapLens lenses and accessories for smartphone and tablet devices: http://www.snaplens.com.au/shop Pascale's Mobile: https://amzn.to/2xkcs4c DSLR Camera: http://amzn.to/2zbiPXZ Wide-Angle lens: http://amzn.to/2gqwAtU Polariser Filter: http://amzn.to/2yUxl5l Prime lens: http://amzn.to/2g5KlBg Action and Underwater Camera: https://amzn.to/2pbt1vG Big Tripod: http://amzn.to/2ycMb9N Second Tripod: http://amzn.to/2ycUO42 Video Microphone: https://amzn.to/2QBEOzY Lapel Microphone: https://amzn.to/2Ov5cKa USB Microphone: https://amzn.to/2xffsQu Drone: https://amzn.to/2FjFlVG
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Kraken Bass Sets Up His Airhead SUP Bonefish 1132
JB has a solid set-up for his Airhead SUP BONEFISH 1132. Awesome hack putting your pliers and hook puller in the front 2 rod mounts. Watch as JB goes through his set-up of the Bonefish 1132 and gets a few casts in. Do you have an awesome fishing SUP video? Hashtag it on social media with #AirheadSUP #AirheadSUPFishing
Micro surf SUP red sea KSA HD
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Ningaloo SUP, surf, snorkel adventure (with Michael Lenane)
This trip really takes the cake. If you love the water, then this place is for you. This is the first vid of 2 on Ningaloo. The second is called "Ningaloo 2 electric boogaloo" Very very fun place with fun surfing, warm water, sup through gorges, swimming with turtles, sting rays and sharks. This place blows my mind :) Any question, pleasehit me up in comments below. I will get back to you. Enjoy. Remember t subscribe. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZFfjbd4XV-xq5357BcaOg?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/sunsetsup.com.au/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunset_stand_up_paddle_perth/
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Sup surf Abruzzo Adriatic
Stand up paddle Abruzzo Adriatic sea
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Coral reef snorkeling near Safaga, Soma Bay, Egypt, Red Sea (HD) #2
Coral reef snorkeling near Safaga, Soma Bay (30km south Hurgada), Egypt, Red Sea. Underwater HD video. Снорклинг на коралловом рифе около Сафаги, Сома Бэй (30 км южнее Хургады), Египет, Красное Море. Подводная HD съёмка. Camera Olympus Mju Tough-8010
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Palau SUP
In palau ,we guide tours of sup and snorkwl.Please see the tour the sky!!
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Free diving off sup board
I see like one fish but still pretty cool dive
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Stand up Paddle - Malta - MaltaLovers Activities - Surfing Malta @ Coral Cave or Coral Lagoon
Enjoy one of the best activities and enjoy the beauties of Malta from the sea and doing exercise at the same time, have an amazing experience with Austin Zammit and Surfing Malta. For more info visit our website: https://maltalovers.com/things-to-do-malta/stand-up-paddle-malta/ Credits: Video: Austin Zammit Music: https://www.bensound.com Edition: @maltalovers
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SUP Curacao Spanish Water Mangrove ECO tour
The easiest way to start with paddleboarding! The Mangrove ECO tour explores the mangroves and the villas on the Spanish Water. No experience needed. Song: All I need Artist: Air Label: Virgin Records
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Madeira Sup Tours
It's more than a Tour! Book Now www.madeirasuptours.com ✉️[email protected] #madeirasuptours #madeirasup #madeira #sup #bigsup #standuppaddle #standuppaddling #madeiraisland #sea #trip #visitmadeira #madeiraholidays
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Monster Coral Trout with Pole Spear, Freediving Africa
Brad Thornbrough, Cameron Kirkconnell. Brian Head, Craig Clasen. On a mission for dogtooth tuna in Africa, we found a monster coral trout and decided to go after it with the Headhunter PREDATOR polespear. Deep water and strong current worked against us, but luckily the bottom was flat. Camera: Sony HC-7 Cinematographers: Cameron Kirkconnell and Brad Thornbrough Still Photography: Brian Head Edit: Brad Thornbrough Music: Something Elated by Broke For Free
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Ningaloo: Australia's Other Great Reef
Join marine scientist, Anna Cresswell on a unique journey in a mini-submarine through the secret garden of one of the world’s most spectacular reefs, Ningaloo. Dive beneath the waves and witness coral spawning in mass synchrony. This underwater explosion is a dazzling and psychedelic creator of life and attracts the smallest and largest sea life, including the whale shark!.
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Sumps and why are they the greatest thing ever for reef aquariums
A sump is basically a secondary tank that your main display tank drains down into. They allow for a number of advantages for reef aquariums and I would personally never set up a system without one. Why do I love these things so much? First off, a sump is a great place to relocate all of your equipment. In systems that are just a stand-alone tank, the more technology that is added can start to clutter things up. The second big benefit to a sump is the surface skimming that an overflow provides. A big problem with tanks without an overflow is that scum tends to collect on the top surface. When the water in a main display drains down into a sump, the surface is cleared up nicely. The third advantage to having a sump is it provides additional water volume. Water volume is nice because it makes the overall system more consistent in terms of temperature and water chemistry because changes happen more slowly in larger volumes of water. The fourth advantage is flexibility. You can set up a sump in many different ways. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like. There are plenty of people that use a regular glass aquarium as a sump but in this video we take a look at a high end sump that has specialized sections. Hopefully this video gave you some ideas for your own setup. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Music: Tracks: “Groove Grove” Artist: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) License Terms: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/faq.html Video: Camera information: Canon C100 Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4-4.5 STM IS Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8 Sony Underwater Action Cam Copyright Information: This video was shot and edited by Tidal Gardens. Tidal Gardens owns all intellectual property rights to this content.
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Will we fall in? Stand Up Paddle boarding in Hamilton Island.
We are still in Hamilton Island and in this Vlog we try SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding). As hotel guests you get a free 30-minute session every day! (https://www.hamiltonisland.com.au/water-activities/kayaking) The sunrise time lapse was taken from our coral sea view room balcony (https://www.hamiltonisland.com.au/reef-view-hotel/coral-sea-view-room). We hope you enjoy this collection of videos! :) All footage was filmed on a GoPro Hero 5 Black: https://tinyurl.com/amznGPro5B
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Santa Barbara Sportfishing! Reencuentro con Rebels Of The Sea en el bote Coral Sea
Una vez más pescando en coral sea que sale de santa barbara y reunión con los Rebels Of The Sea para un día no muy mal de pesca. El tiempo no era favorable pero como somos muy necios pues asi nos aventuramos
Jambiani Tour Zanzibar      "Walking on the coral reef at the low tide"
Tour and sightseeing · Jambiani, Zanzibar Urban / West, Tanzania http://jambianitourzanzibar.weebly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/jambianitourzanzibar/?fref=ts
Diana Lesieur shows how to Inflate your Adventure Row/Fitness Row SUP and answers other FAQ
The Oar Board® rower is now enjoyed by owners in over 50 countries. It converts almost any paddle board into a fast sculling boat with its sliding rigger sculling gear. It can be strapped onto a standard hard or inflatable SUP or can be ordered with a custom Inflatable SUP that features special deck rings for easier attachment. Perfect for fitness or adventure rowing on rivers lakes or open ocean. See more at the Oar Board website. Give us a call: Toll Free: 1-800-663-7481 International: 00+1-250-361-2621 Or send an email to [email protected] The Oar Board® rower, produced by Whitehall Rowing & Sail, can be ordered direct and ships worldwide! Enjoy the low-impact whole-body workout, strength, flexibility and cardio benefits that regular rowing provides. Used to row in college? New to rowing? Ready for fun and a great workout? Share our passion! Visit us at: website: oarboard.com Instagram: instagram.com/oar_board__sup_rower/ Facebook: facebook.com/OarBoard/ Facebook Group Page: facebook.com/groups/573217319507094/ Twitter: twitter.com/OarBoard Whitehall Rowing & Sail also builds sleek, elegant ‘All Water’ Whitehall Spirit® rowing boats. We sell direct and ship worldwide! Thousands enjoy the low-impact whole-body workout, strength, flexibility and cardio benefits that regular rowing provides. Visit us at any of the links below: Website: whitehallspirit.com Instagram: instagram.com/whitehallrowing/ Facebook: facebook.com/WhitehallRowing/ Facebook Group Page: facebook.com/groups/132296920440243
Coral reef lounge
Karaoke at the coral reef lounge - south padre island
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Classic windless day at da Bay.... The true beauty showed and I became one with Nature.... Unforgettable GLASSY day ! www.MeherioLife.com/shop-here Hey... What up Guys! My name is Patto.... My buddy Makoto got me started @2 years ago whipping for papio's...at first, I wasn't catching anything... but the more I started to fish, the more I was getting HOOKED! As you have noticed, I fish with my spinning reel up... I am not able to fish the regular way for some reason...although I tried to practice but I just cannot do it, but as my Uncle Merv said..."Brah, as long as you catching... who's to say what's right or wrong". Watch my video on this subject: https://youtu.be/kX7azrDxbXw Update: Working on the right hand to reel correctly !! It's tough to change but getting there..... ! My earlier videos I was whipping all around the island... but once I got into SUP fishing... it was all over.... this was MY Dream ! Going out into the blue ocean to catch the bigger ones ! My goal for this STAND UP FISHING channel is to inspire you to go out and fish !!! Just how Makoto inspired me, I want to inspire you! Take what you're going to eat, and release the rest... Mahalo for taking the time to watch my videos and please subscribe! Aloha!! The equipment I use: 9 feet Ugly Stik Rods Penn Clash 3000 / 4000 Reels Daiwa BG 4000/5000 Reels Sun Dolphin Boards Meherio Life All metal lures Spook Jr. lures Darren Asato lures (No bait) My shoes are Aleader brand from Amazon. They are not UNI (sea urchin) proof, so I always carry my Tabi's (reef shoes) with me. The TABI are from our local fishing store. Camera: Go Pro Session Go Pro Hero Sponsors: MEHERIO Life Darren Asato lures Software: Pinnicale Studios 20.6 Movie Maker Here are some of my favorite Videos ! My Ulua Dream https://youtu.be/txx75FNCizk Wings to Heaven https://youtu.be/zlS6Nd4cAQA Best of 2016 part 2 https://youtu.be/B95woVLC0A8 Catch n Cook on da Beach ! https://youtu.be/wwu4vrPn2Ks Kings tide and a few gifts https://youtu.be/M0DClJkwhRQ Mixed Plate Aloha Style ! https://youtu.be/zvVQI1uECCA And SOOOO MANY MORE !!!! You can always reach me at: [email protected] If you have a product for try... let me know... can ! Aloha !!!
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Очень острый Том Ям! Шумный Патонг! Отель Novotel Phuket Vintage.
Патонг самый известный пляж на Пхукете! Многолюдный, шумный, грязный? Или это все неправда? Давайте разберемся. Мастер класс от шеф-повара отеля Novotel Phuket Vintage Park — готовим известный тайский суп Том Ям. Рецепт (2 порции): - Овощной бульон - 2-3 шт. листьев лайма - 2-3 стебля лемонграсс - 4-5 ломтиков галанга (некоторые заменяют корнем имбиря) - 3-4 шт. грибы шампиньоны - 1 ст.л чили пасты - 1-2 ст.л. рыбного соуса - 1/2 стручка свежего чили - 3-4 шт. креветки - 2-3 шт. лука шалот - пара веточек кинзы Бульон готовится заранее. По очереди нарезаете корень галанга, стебли лемонграсс, перец чили, листья лайма. Опускаете в кипящий бульон. Следом идут креветки, грибы и лук. Добавляем соусы. Чили пасту, рыбный соус, сок лайма. Зелень в самом конце. Варим пять минут и суп готов!
Sea kayaking the Coral Coast of Fiji
Beach House Hostel - The Coral Coast, Fiji More at http://two-lions.blogspot.com
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Royal holiday beach resort 5* (ex Sonesta beach) Sharm el sheikh,  декабрь 2018
Коротенький обзор, и тысяча причин почему не стоит ехать в Royal holiday beach resort, он же Sonesta beach, он же Сонеста. продолжение тут ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ В общем, граждане отдыхающие - отель ооочень печальный. Если вы туда уже (вдруг) купили путевку, начну с хорошего. - Это первая линия, бухта и песчаный вход в воду - В Пешей доходимости находится "цивилизация" - Наяма бэй, - Магазин Дюти Фри тоже в20 минутах ходьбы (если вдруг в первые двое суток что-то надо) - Пешая прогулочная дорожка вдоль всей бухты, можно спокойно погулять вечером. - Напротив есть продуктовый магазинчик, аптека и даже Макдональдс если стало грустно Дальше о печальном: Если вы вдруг смоттрели/читали другие мои отзывы об египетских отелях, заметили что я как правило крайне позитивна. Но не в этот раз: 1) Номерной фонд: номера есть (видимо) 3х типов, Первый - обычный номер в старых корпусах и бунгало. Он есть на видео. Видео к сожалению не может передать запах плесени, толпы комаров грязь и уныне царящие там.Кондиционер я бы не рискнула включить ни на подогрев,ни на отопление. На черный грибок и грязь внутри реально страшно смотреть. Розетки на весь номер 2 - для телевизора и минибара. Воды в душе почти не было. Из плюсов - эти номера находятся в центре отеля - близко к ресепшн, бассейнам, условно близко к морю. Второй - Типа семейный (на видео в конце). Номер очень большой. Выглядит достаточно чисто. Есть розетки, плоский телик, более-менее нормальный кондиционер и гостинная зона. Мы отдыхали 2мя парам - было удобно ходить к друг другу в гости. Третий тип: для избранных Трехэтажный корпус между главным бассейном и пляжем. Там поменяные окна, свежий ремонт и т.д. В него не хотели переселять даже за деньги) номеров в нем по сумме штук 40. РЭСТОРАН ! это главная беда отеля. Я не буду писать про маленький выбор... я напишу так: Питание: - за огурцы нужно бороться - мясо курица. говядина, с раздачи, одна ножка/ложка в руки. если поулыбаться может дадут вторую. -десертов мало, за фрукты - тоже нужно бороться. -напитки Юпи двух видов, хоть и люблю химию пить не смогла. Инфраструктура: Катастрофически не хватает посуды.Та посуда которая есть вся битая, колотая и щербатая. Сильно колотая. Тарелки для супа - отдельный разговор, есть либо тарелки, либо суп. В один из дней очень хотелось супчика мне и двум другим отдыхающим. Мы простояли минут 10 в ожидании тарелок. В итоге один из них плюнул, пошел за стаканом налил в него суп с макарошами и пошел его пить. Уборка/поддержание чистоты в процессе приемов пищи не проводится. т.е. если кто-то ляпнул Кетчупом по столешнице с раздачей (жирно так) то так она выглядеть до победного и будет. Обслуживание: Официанты в ресторане не знают к сожалению никакого языка кроме арабского.мы честно пытались с ними говорить на всех языках которые знали но безуспешно. Если вы кушаете, и официант спрашивает "Все хорошо" - не вздумайте говорить "Да". Иначе у вас попытаются забрать тарелку. Напитки за обедом и ужином "должны" приносить офицанты. Сам взять не можешь. Всех много, их мало, не приносят. Смиритесь. Вода в поллитровых бутылках - на ужин, иногда есть на столах. если вам нужна вода можете ее найти внутри. Найти место чтобы присесть тот еще еще квест. Хоть в начале- хоть вконце. Если вы нашли стол, на нем скорее всего не будет приборов. не стесняйтесь, топайте к стойке официантов и берите нож/вилку. Ждать можно очень долго. И еще о смешном, возьмите с собой соль. (щас меня тут тапками закидают))))Но это важно и несмешно. Соли нет нигде. может 3-4 солонки на весь зал. Обслуга(я не люблю это слово, но все же) не уступают дорогу никому...т.е если он, хоть с пустыми хоть с полными руками идетна тебя лучше отбегать. я такого блин даже в самой поганой 2*е не видела. Морько: Теплое, хорошее, если хотите снорклить с утра до вечера - вам не сюда, а туда где понтоны. Пляж есть в обзоре - пляжем пользуется еще отель Le Royal + и теоретически Sonesta club (но я не уверена что он сейчас работает.) Пляж ПОЛНЫЙ, (при неполной загруженности отелей) шезлонги стоят впритык. Так что как в театре... Зато с видом на море :) В качестве заключения: если путевка досталась вам бесплатно, и вы особо по жизни ничем не заняты - езжайте. Если вы уже купили путевку - берите с собой хорошее настроение закрывайте на все глаза и отдыхайте! Можете продумать план отступления и если готовы доплатить - можно переселиться в другое место через гида вашего туроператора. И несмотря ни на что - все равно там Лето. Но в этот отель лучше не ехать.
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Snorkel SUP Adventure - Newquay Activity Centre
Hi, my name’s Rob Barber, I’m the director of the Newquay Activity Centre and we’re two times gold winners of the Cornwall Tourism Awards, we’re also number one on Trip Advisor! Today I’m here to talk to you about our brand new activity, the Snorkel SUP Safari. OK, so what happens on the Snorkel SUP Safari is you’ll come to our centre, you’ll get kitted up in a nice warm wetsuit, we’ll also give you some swim fins, a diving mask, snorkel, we’ll give you a paddle, we’ll also take you out and introduce you to our huge stand up paddle board. It’s 10 times the size of any normal stand up paddle board and it’s going to be the vessel that you use to cruise this awesome bit of coast known as the Gazzle. Along the Gazzle, through our local research we’ve found some fantastic dive sites which is going to enable you to get into some interesting caves, nooks and crannies. You’ll see some fantastic fish, see some shellfish, hopefully come up close and personal with a seal, generally having a good time getting the most out of our coastline. You’re going to learn some paddling skills, do some stand up paddle board games, have a little eco look around the coastline, learn some heritage facts and generally have a cruisy day out which is going to stay in the memory for a long time. So we look forward to hearing from you, getting you hooked up with an awesome stand up paddle board safari and doing some snorkelling at the same time. Book your adventure today at https://newquayactivitycentre.co.uk/sup/snorkel-sup-adventure/ Sign up to our mailing list for special offers and latest news at http://eepurl.com/dpnT69
Paddle Boarder Has Close Encounter with Whale || ViralHog
Occurred on August 6, 2018 / Crescent Head, Australia "It was just me in Crescent Head Back Beach on the 6th of August 2018. I have been paddling around the headland on a SUP when a huge group of dolphins appeared. After following them to the back beach this very unique situation with the whales happened." Contact [email protected] to license this or any ViralHog video. Make money from your videos! Submit footage to ViralHog @ https://goo.gl/yejGkm Subscribe, Like, or Follow ViralHog: YouTube: https://goo.gl/A0gBKk Facebook: https://goo.gl/XQWqJt Instagram: https://goo.gl/NMq8dl Twitter: https://goo.gl/pF8Xop
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Red Sea  REEFER™  Aquarium Systems - Rimless Reef Ready Marine Systems for advanced hobbyists
Red Sea ’s REEFER™ series of Reef Systems, provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system. Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system. Features of the Red Sea REEFER™ include: - Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium - Elegant marine-spec cabinet - Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags - Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow - Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir - Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required Read more about Red Sea Reefer Marine aquarium systems: http://www.redseafish.com/aquarium-systems/reefer/
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Diving in Qatar
Did you know Qatar offers a unique diving experience, with an abundance of marine life to unique dive sites. Find a PADI Dive Center in Qatar - http://bit.ly/1fTVBsB
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