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Nightcore MiKu MiKu DJ - The Garden [ItaloDance]
.:Nightcore MiKu MiKu DJ:. Title: The Garden Artist: DJ Carpi (Mantero Mix) Album: Super Italia - Future Sounds Of Italo Dance Vol. 18 (2005) BPM: 175 Download Pic: http://www.mediafire.com/view/6p3e09tajlkoort/The_Garden.jpg Saber, Zero Berserker - Fate/Zero Secret story of the "Once Upon A Time" Nightcore collection (check video description): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IENdK7qP_-c&index=2&list=PLzTAGgP7va2qDnwMFo1O0we75xkWsuvKn .:Secret Story:. [Chapter IV: In The Garden Of Your Heart] All the Knights and Dames moved from the sad message of the death of a young woman, hung their head in shame, the shame of living in a world of darkness and injustice, where corruption and evil rule... Far far away in the little village where Joan of Arc was born, a young man, a valorous and loyal Knight, received the same sad message from a paesant and ran away crying and sorrowful... No one from that day on saw him again... Some said that he was her lover, coming from the Land of the Seven Hills, other said seeing him in the sharp mountains around the village, other in the dark and mysterious forest where witches found refuge from the persecutions... But other said seeing him in the secret Garden, where the two lovers met for the first time, singing this song in pain... There were Flowers all around And the Colours of the Sky In the end of Summer time Made me happy for a while I remember once a time When I was a little boy In this Garden I was playing When I looked into your Eyes In this Garden we were playing On the see-saw up and down Then I fell down to the ground And they brought me far away I have lost my lucky Star I cant live without your Love Please don't go away tonight Autumn time is far away They are calling me my dear I can't stay with you this time I will be a Little Flower In the Garden of Your Heart 26th Nightcore Collection: MiKu MiKu DJ - Once Upon A Time... TrackList: 01.Rise Anf Fall 02.Ginevra 03.Joan Of Arc 04.The Garden 05.La Figlia Della Natura 06.Le Fleur Du Mal 07.Marilù 08.Battlecry 09.Il Disco Del Sovrano 10.Ballo In Fa Diesis Minore
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Project Diva The Secret garden Hatsune Miku All School
I created this video using all the school outfits for hatsune miku!!! hope u like it!!
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Hatsune Miku - The Secret Garden Remix
Hatsune Miku - The Secret Garden Remix
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The Secret Garden - Extreme - Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd (PSP/PS3) 1440p HD
The Secret Garden played on Extreme difficulty Project Diva 2nd played on PPSSPP Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd (初音ミク -Project DIVA 2nd-) is a 2010 rhythm game created by Sega and Crypton Future Media for the PlayStation Portable. The game is a sequel to the 2009 video game, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, and was first released on July 29, 2010 in Japan with no international release. Like the original the game primarily makes use of Vocaloids, a series of singing synthesizer software, and the songs created using these vocaloids most notably the virtual-diva Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. In addition, similar to the first Dreamy Theater, a companion game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater 2nd that allows players to play the game on the PlayStation 3 with improved visuals. Specs: Core i3 - 2120 3.3ghz Gigabyte GTX 560 ti 500GB WD Green HDD Gigabyte Z77-DS3H motherboard 4GB DDR3-1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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【初音ミク】The Secret Garden【オリジナル】【英語】-Miku Hatsune English ver-
The song composed by https://www.facebook.com/yudai.yamaji The illustration drawn by http://amaon.blog.fc2.com/ -Inspired by "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett-
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Dreamy Theater 2nd - The secret garden - Extreme - PERFECT
This is a gameplay video of the song: The Secret Garden from Dreamy Theater 2nd. I hope you all enjoy the video. :)
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Hatsune Miku - Secret Garden
Hatsune Miku - Secret Garden
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Miku The secret garden 夏語遙 ver.
呼~有三天沒傳影片了呢...因為最近變得有點忙XDD 不過還是會努力擠出時間來做影片的OWO! 還有還有夏語遙的MMD模型也已經入手囉OUO~又朝MMD計畫接近了一點OuO/ (重新上傳版)
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初音ミク Project DIVA Opening´s【DIVA, 2nd, Extend, F & F 2nd】『HD』
For the launch of the fifth title in the series from Project DIVA. For this reason I decided to make a video with all the openings of the saga of Project DIVA I hope you like it. Song´s: 初音ミク Project DIVA Op The secret garden By: 神前暁 初音ミク Project DIVA 2nd Op Full こっち向いて Baby / Kocchi Muite Baby By: ryo(supercell) 初音ミク Project DIVA Extend Op 積乱雲グラフィティ / Sekiranun Gurafiti By: ryo 初音ミク Project DIVA F Op ODDS&ENDS By: ryo(supercell) 初音ミク Project DIVA F 2nd Op DECORATOR By: Livetune (kz) © SEGA Japan © Crypton Future Media Inc. VOCALOID © Yamaha Corporation
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Steampianist - Secrets of Wysteria - Feat. Vocaloid Oliver
There is something very wrong here. "Morb and i are back with a very simple song for halloween and im happy to announce we are currently working on a "full album" and this is the first of two that will be free to download :)" Happy Halloween Mp3: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/591208?updated=1 Edit Dec. 22 2014 (Unlocked by milkyflandre) There is a creature? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j839fd626rgbhp/oliver%20wisteria.vsqx?dl=0 EDIT OCT. 31 2014 (Unlocked by TSUtauseries) Unlocked Off-vocal: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1scxpbbbpas0r6/Secrets%20of%20Wysteria%20OFF%20VOCAL.wav?dl=0 A Horrid Letter ----------------------------------------------- Produced and composedby Steampianist Video and Lyrics by morbid-morsel
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✋ ENGLISH COVER ║ Fear Garden ║ Shellah
► MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qj896bm758wo5g9 ◄ CLICK FOR MORE VOCALOID ENGLISH COVERS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF8E1B2732A53B2BC ♦ ♦ ♦ CLICK SHOW MORE FOR INFORMATION & CREDITS! ♦ ♦ ♦ ═════════════════════════ VOCALS, LYRICS & MIX: Shellah SONG: Fear Garden SONG BY: Chaa (ちゃぁ) ORIGINAL VOCALS: Rin Kagamine LYRICS: http://shellahslyrics.blogspot.com/2012/12/fear-garden-english-lyrics.html ► Got a request? ◄ Drop me a comment below with the hashtag #RequestShellah so I can find it, add it to my list and maybe someday sing it! :) ═════════════════════════ Could you lend me a hand? *shot* ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ ♫ FIND ME OVER AT... ♫ ■ Twitter: http://twitter.com/xshellah ■ DeviantArt: http://bit.ly/1EUDEDS ■ Facebook: http://on.fb.me/19QFHif ■ Twitch: http://bit.ly/1ybFxXK ■ Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1DP8VIe ■ Lyrics: http://bit.ly/1GnoRnh ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ WANT TO SEE MORE? HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ - Shellah ♥
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HD Hatsune Miku Project Diva  Dreamy Theater   The secret garden
Hatsune Miku Project diva Dreamy Theater the secret garden,sorry ohne ton Aufnahme buggt D: ich mach ne neue ignoriert einfach das video
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- Kaito en la bañera
Audio (C): Los Simpsons Models: Kaito Project Diva/Mamama [En pelotas] Albus Dumbledore Secret Garden Miku TDA Neru TDA Haku Stage: German floorplan ................................................................................ - Si Te Gusta Los Videos Que Hago, Dale LIKE A Mi Pagina En Facebook ! :D http://www.facebook.com/PaperFlowerDianEv - Sigueme en Twitter ! https://twitter.com/Dian_Ev - ¡ Preguntame Cualquier Mierda ! http://ask.fm/PaperFlowerDianEv :D - Mira Mis Dibujos n_n :3 http://paperflowerdianev.deviantart.com/
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[MMD] DT Extend Rolling Girl Miku - The Secret Garden
(c)SEGA for the model (c)Touko-P on deviantart for the stage Hatsune Miku by Crypton Future Media Model ripped, rigged and physics by me (chocofudge98 on DA) converted by L.K Facials by MeltLin on DA figure shader by beamman edited by me .fx for normal and specular maps by Skaa3w on DA DA = DeviantArt song by hatsune miku motion by ???
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[MMD] IA Secret Garden
HAPPY BIRTDAY IA!! ♥ and then I realised her birthday in 27. I'm so much baka lel -Credits- ♪Model- IAx Link: http://duekko.deviantart.com/art/DL-Series-XS-IAx-343182029 ♫Motion Data & Motion Camera- Secret Garden Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/148qmr7wbpe8bqm/Secret+Garden.zip ♪Stage- PD The Secret Garden Stage DL Link: http://haruhi-chan4ever.deviantart.com/art/PD-The-Secret-Garden-Stage-DL-264685324?offset=25#comments ♫WAV- The secret garden (Miku Hatsune) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/llbwsznno337l5g/The+secret+garden.wav HD rating the video and leaving a comment!!! :D
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Hatsune Miku - Watashi no Jikan - AMV
Happy birthdaaaaay Miku-chan ♥ N'oubliez pas de liker cette vidéo si elle vous a plue ! :D
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Dessin chibi Promarkers - Sous la pluie
Follow me here : https://carolinesicard.wordpress.com Instagram : @mittynyan Musique utilisées : The Secret Garden - Hatsune Miku Dear Cocoa Girls - Hatsune Miku Sweet Drops - Hatsune Miku さよならポラリス - Nem
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Hatsune Miku:  Project DIVA Longplay
Decided to upload this.
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【Miku Dark Append】明日への詩 (A Song for Tomorrow)【Original Song】
While this song is going to be on my next album, and I said I wasn't going to release any more of the NEW songs for said album, I really wanted to share this one because it was a collaboration between myself and my dear friend Shiki Samidare. Shiki and I were introduced through our mutual friend Noniki Amano (the amazing Big-AL artist). She is a wonderful person and is super fun. When I asked if she would like to write some lyrics for one of the songs on my album she was very excited at the chance. These are her first lyrics I believe, and I think they're beautiful. Please enjoy the song! Music, melody, and vocal tuning by me Lyrics by Shiki Samidare Picture by Seguchi Vocals: Miku Dark Appen Chorus: HIO (YOHIOloid)
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Hatsune Miku Idol Game - Ep 19 - MIKU'S SECRET PLAN REVEALED!
She's unrelenting, I'll give her that. I'm curious to see how things will go from here. If you wanna play the game for yourself, get it here http://www.dlsite.com/eng/work/=/product_id/RE054062.html Get the patch to play it here! http://zoom909.blogspot.com/p/vocaloid-based-visual-novels.html Channel banner done by: http://packge.deviantart.com/
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Hatsune Miku - Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta (Legendado)
Link do vídeo original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16077166 Clipe retirado do game Project DIVA Dreamy Theatre 2nd da música "Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta" (Canção do Deserto, da Floresta e da Magia), composta por niki e cantada pela VOCALOID Hatsune Miku. Tradução em português PT-BR feita por mim.
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Hatsune Miku - YELLOW (Legendado)
Link do vídeo original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23296647 Clipe retirado do game Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone da música “YELLOW”, composta por kz e cantada pela VOCALOID Hatsune Miku. Tradução em português PT-BR feita por mim.
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Project Diva 2nd ~ Magnet PV ~ Hatsune Miku Miko - Megurine Luka VF Suit ~ Full HD
¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~ Magnet ~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤ ♥ Project Diva 2nd (PSP) ♥ Song by minato ♥ Vocal : Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka ♥ Module : Miko & VF Suit ¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤.¤°*~~*°¤
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【Miku tan】Corruption Garden 『巡音ルカ』
I do not own this video. I'm just downloaded it before Miku-tan (old account) got shot down by youtube. Personal comment: this is the best one I'm ever listen.
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【tda Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka】【MMD】ChouCho - Magnet
Song Name: Magnet Vocal Artist: ChouCho This is just a mux of a 1080p Magnet MMD with the Magnet by ChouCho audio. Video from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE4-csIZCJ8&index=5&list=PLBTvhZeSMQ72dsHakB9Kh5wZlLqcJ945U Audio is by ChouCho. Her site can be found at http://iwill-music.co.jp/choucho/. TDA is the creator of the Append vocaloid model that you see in the video. MMD stands for Miku Miku Dance, which is the program used to animate the models. All credit goes to the original creators! I did NOT make the video or audio. I simply muxed the two since there didn't seem to be a 1080p version with Magnet by Choucho when I looked.
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(Vietsub) Hatsune Miku - Dear - 39's giving day 2010 HD
-Bật cc để xem sub. -Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-94USeRTZk -I DO NOT own anything of this video.
Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theatre 2nd - Inochi no Uta - Extreme Perfect
This is my Perfect run of the song from Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theatre 2nd (Extreme). Thanks for watching and if you like the content, please rate, comment and/or subscribe! 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd ►Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/39dearMIKU ►Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kevelinu ►Check out my vocaloidotaku.net profile: http://www.vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/user/15955-kevin/ ►Thank you for your support! ❤
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[Miku Hatsune & Oliver] Spooky Scary Skeletons (Happy Halloween!)
I'll make it no secret that I hate Halloween. it's 2spooky4me. (I wish I was kidding, I'm easily scared.) This song makes it bearable. Eat lots of candy and don't get spooked. also pay no mind that it's not halloween yet lol For both old work and new work, please check out my site: http://peyaandcompany.webs.com/ Enjoy!
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Free Top Secret - Scop feat. Hatsune Miku Piano Sheet Music Tutorial
Download Free Top Secret - Scop feat. Hatsune Miku Piano Sheet Music from http://www.everyonepiano.com/Music-3765-Top-Secret-Scop-feat--Hatsune-Miku.html More Free Piano Sheet Music: http://www.everyonepiano.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Crystal.Sheetmusic
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Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Hatsune Miku V3 English cover by Venova v1)
UPDATE: Check out my first original song for Maika: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKzF8_2mDgM "Trading Sanity for Fantasy" I was working on this a month or so ago before dropping it to work on my first original song for the Maika Original Song contest - which I should be done with soon. I was bored tonight and tired so I decided to throw together a title image for this mostly finished Michael Jackson cover I was working on just as some practice. It's not really finished, it needs some mixing and vsq improvements but I thought I'd upload it anyways for now - I may replace it with an updated version if I return to working on it. The background image is a blurred cropped screenshot of the screen Michael Jackson dances behind in the music video, replacing Michael with a silhouette of Miku's official V3 art image. I think it's so-so, it could be better, and could be worse. Tricky to work with Miku V3E's limited range for a Michael Jackson song, but I think this sounds okay. I may upload the VSQx if there is any interest in it, but it will have to be after I submit my entry to the Maika contest. Oh and if it is clipping or distorting please tell me! I lack monitors and my headphones are lousy so it's hard to mix well. Hope you like this cover, my 2nd attempt and first "release" (more like a beta as it's not fully mixed/tuned!). No copyright infringement is intended, this is just me trying to learn something new by trying to do this song I always liked. Buy the original Michael Jackson song on the Invincible album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/invincible/id215738269 "You Rock My World" © 2001 Epic Records / Michael Jackson Songwriters according to Wikipedia: Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels, Nora Payne Produced by: Michael Jackson, Darkchild Music Video © MJJ Productions, Inc, 2001 Hatsune Miku © Crypton Future Media Instrumental track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiAaismHU2s Extended Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-7ABIM2qjU Hatsune Miku V3 JP Illustration: http://www.crypton.co.jp/mp/pages/prod/vocaloid/mikuv3.jsp Hatsune Miku V3 English: http://sonicwire.com/product/39401 Link to Wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_rock_my_world Nico Video Maker: http://www.vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/topic/49896-nico-video-maker/?s=3c200f17229e731e5af78280cc48eac2
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「English」Slow Motion【Jayn】
( n o t e s ♥ ) New favorite Vocaloid song, hands down. Basically sums up my whole view of life I loooooove it. So this is another one of those things I had to convince myself to upload because I felt I could do a better job. I don't usually do songs like this, even though I really like them, because I don't have a peppy kawaii voice desu, it went in and out of my range, mixing it was difficult, but I just loved it so much s-so. ;__; I just decided to have fun with it ( if u couldn't tell by the yelling ). I'm venturing out of my comfort zone but I really hope you guys like it! This is a scheduled upload because I have little pockets of time to do anything anymore. ( l y r i c s ♥ ) https://soundcloud.com/littlejayneycakes/english-clean-ver-slow-motion-jayn ( in the description! ) ( l i n k s ♥ ) • MP3: https://www.mediafire.com/?fhufnuco6oirccj • Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23648996 ( c r e d i t s ♥ ) • Producer: PinocchioP ( http://pinocchiop.jimdo.com ) • Vocals/Mix/Lyrics: Jayn • Translation used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF0FFOExxUo ( c o n t a c t ♥ ) • Tumblr: http://littlejayney.tumblr.com/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/LittleJayney • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlejayneycakes • Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/littlejayneycakes • Support Me!: https://www.patreon.com/LittleJayneyCakes
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Nightcore: Hatsune Miku - Sadistic Music∞Factory
This is a pretty cool song in my opinion.
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f 2nd jiggle physics
http://youtu.be/baKP4I85VOc NEW VERSION please forgive me for the method of video capture. It is currently impossible for me to directly capture video of the game, so i had to use a camera. For some reason it kept having these weird multicolor effects on the screen. I'm pretty sure Luka's boobs are fake and Meiko's boobs are real.
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[MMD] Test Blue/Green Screen
Testing the Blue/Green screen features on iMovie with MMD I wanted to put a model in a real environment. Miku was too similar to green so i couldn't use her model which is sad :c I want to make a full video like this one day however it is hard work UvU;; Song: The Secret Garden [Miku Hatsune] Model: IA Edit
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Project Diva Updating Your Love List? PV Comparison PSP/PS3
Project diva pv comparison: Updating Your Love List?
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♔Colin Opens His Eyes - The Secret Garden♔
┬─┬─┐┐░┐┌─┐┐░┌ ├░┤░┤┤░┤┤░░├─┤ ┘░┴░└└─┘└─┘┘░└ ღ♥ღ ▒▀█▒▒▀▀▀█▒█▒▒█▒█▀▀▀▒ ▒░█▒▒░█░█▒▀▌▐▀▒█░▀▒▒ ▒░▀▀█░▀░█▒▒▐▌▒▒█░▀▀▒ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ╔╦╗╔╗░╗░╔╔╗╔╔ ░║░║║░╚╦╝║║║║ ░╩░╚╝░╚╝░╚╝╚╝
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[Vocaloid 2 Megurine Luka] Secret [Rus]
Мм..странная, не много "накуреная" песенка, на первый взгляд. Но ходит такая легенда, что в ней явно есть какой-то скрытый смысл. Какой? Никто пока не знает. -------------- Cлова и музыка: Ryuuuu PV: Jet Текст песни подготовлен группой Radiant Records Перевод: Lord_D; Слова: Lord_D, Radiant, Polka; Вокал: V2 Megurine Luka VSQx, обработка, субтитры: KaiLis
Views: 1553 Kai Lis