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crazy poncho men
kevin and big bz havin fun
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How to Make a Rain Poncho, Spring Fling, Threadbanger
This week we answer a viewer question and show you how to make a rain poncho out of an old shower curtain. Plus, a visit to Bust's Spring Fling Craftacular and a sweet forum review. Spring showers bring DIY flowers! Links in this episode: Bust - http://www.bust.com/ Indie Craft Shows - http://www.indiecraftshows.com/
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It's Raining Men
Short, fun video I made late at night...trying to be quiet and not wake my roommates up, lol. Watch in High Quality! :) Comment. Sorry about the change in sound quality...and my poor editing skills...
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Kaninchen mit Tells Regenbekleidung
Regenbekleidung für die ganze Familie
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Part Two!
Fourth Of July
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Me Cesca Lauren And Sameet RAIN PONCHO'S
Lmao This Day Was So Funny. It was a saturday. after the summer fair, and it was a nice day, so we went to the park, and then it suddenly started pouring, but we got chucked out the shopping centre, so we went into woolworths and found some RAIN PONCHOS so we thort we wud buy them for a laugh, and we went to gossy park, and went down the slides Lmao
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allie in a poncho. uh. rain?
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How to Choose Hiking & Backpacking Equipment : How to Choose Hiking Rain Gear & Stay Dry When Hiking
Learn how to choose hiking rain gear to stay dry and warm when backpacking in this free hiking safety video series. Expert: Kate Carcio Contact: www.zoaroutdoor.com Bio: Kate Carcio, a white water rafting guide, and climbing instructor at Zoar Outdoor, has enjoyed hiking and backpacking all of her life. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
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poncho day
denver and i
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Let-it-rain Rainwear fashion
Girl in Poncho
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Waiting In The Rain...
... in our sweet ponchos, compliments of Utilimaster.com
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The boys make it rain with yellow pages
The boys ripped as fuck being destructive at Matt's house..
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we were bored, so alexis put on a rain poncho and goggles and acted stupid. (;
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Rolling Down a Massive Sand Dune
me rolling down a massive sand dune IN my oh so awsome rain proof poncho HAHAHA
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Radiohead Glasgow Green in plastis ponchos!
Too many ciders, trying to work the video phone! Didnt realise we already had it working. Never seen rain quite like it!
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Carlos & Esther Go To Ecuador: Going to the Jungle
Carlos and Esther get ready to take a boat into the Jungle of Ecuador.
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my girlfriend getting ready to go out
at endorset in dorset music festival 2008.putting her rain poncho on
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Firstgear Rainman Jacket
Learn about the Firstgear Rainman Jacket. 100% waterproof jacket with dual closure storm pockets and an integrated stuff sack.
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Nine ladies raincoats worn at once!
This is the LONGEST video ever done by Mr. Entertainer Productions. In this video, I put on ALL of the ladies raincoats I've accumulated over the years from Goodwill stores and places in Chicago. At no time will the webcam NOT cut away as I am putting the coats on. I will be narrating and describing the coats. The coats are all PVC or similar materials...so they're NOT breathable and get rather warm in them! The night of the taping it's about 60 degrees outside...IN JANUARY in NORTHERN INDIANA! Over 1,000 views in 34 days! (I can't believe you people watch this crap![just kidding!]) Warning:No profanity or cussing in the comments or they WILL BE REMOVED!
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Poncho Girl: episode 4
bullying is no match for poncho girl.
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How to Make a Blanket Backpack, Earth Day, Threadbanger
First off, we are taking a ride with the guys who started a really amazing project called Wearable Collections. Then we show you how to make a picnic blanket backpack out of all your old tee shirts. Plus, we get a special invitation and head to Connecticut for an inspiring eco fashion show. Be sure to go get yourself some nature. Links in this episode: The Miami Project - http://www.themiamiproject.org CENYC - http://www.cenyc.org Wearable Collections - http://www.wearablecollections.com Threadless - http://www.threadless.com Kayla's Green Awakening - http://www.greenawakening.blogspot.com/ Webby Awards - http://pv.webbyawards.com/
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Poncho Hole Fiasco
while we were in DC me and my friends talked with britsh accents to entertain ourselves in long lines..or just to see if people actually think we're brittish. lol and it worked...sometimes. lol here we're in line to get tickets to tour the capitol building.
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Poncho folding for dummies
Chris folding a plastic poncho golly those things were annoying
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Yellow fold
mom showing kids how to fold the mesh Go Jacket properly
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Rain Coat.AVI
Getting ready for a foray in the rain. At least we got him to wear a coat
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Hiking in the Rain
5 Oct 2008
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Carolyn, the human tent
Half Rain Poncho, Half Tent, all Carolyn
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Your Mom's Poncho Part Two
The water withstanding test of Your Mom's Poncho.
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alysha screamin
alysha doin a silly little dare--screamin wen she saw ben little lol lame ha u see ben in da bak in a rain poncho lol
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Mavyn at Disneyland
Sean Hsieh poncho freestyle
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Radiohead Glasgow Green Concert - emmm drunk!
Too many ciders and thought we were taking a photo. Plastic ponchos were the height of fashion in this rainstorm! Woop Woop x
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Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard - Pancho and Lefty
Clip From PBS Tv - And Support Your Local PBS station http://www.willienelson.com/ As He is Out On The Road Again 2008 Help Willie Pay Off The IRS!! I'm gettin a ticket, how 'bout you
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Cheering For Murata in the Rain
This is a video of us cheering for Yokohama Baystars 3rd baseman and cleanup hitter Shuuichi Murata... while a medium-strength rain was falling. Does that stop anyone from singing/cheering? No way, we just get out umbrellas and ponchos and keep at it. Note the fairly empty infield -- this was a makeup game (for another rainout) on a Monday evening, so most people just bought cheap outfield seats and came to cheer. Taken June 23, 2008 at Yokohama Stadium, from the rightfield bleachers.
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Richmond Park
Me looking out from Richmond Park during a bike ride with a rather dark looking rain & thunder cloud passing overhead! July 2007.
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How-to Make a Shrug Wrap, Bad Unkl Sista, Threadbanger
This week we visit Anastazia Lousie of Bad Unkl Sista and the Carpet Bag Brigade for a special Janome Spotlight: Designer Dreamspace and take a look at an awesome event she participated in in San Francisco called 2nd Skin. Corinne makes the shrug bolero wrap thingy she was wearing in last week's episode because so many of you liked it and we get a sweet viewer transmission. Also, a shout out to ajackson_2010 for the cool shirt she made and don't forget to submit your videos to win a free Janome sewing machine! Links in this episode: Bad Unkl Sista - http://badunklsista.com/ Carpet Bag Brigade - http://www.carpetbagbrigade.com/ Janome - http://www.myspace.com/janome_america 2nd Skin - http://www.exploratorium.edu/2ndskin/ Janome Contest - http://www.threadbanger.com/page/janome-contest
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Muchas Gracias To The Porters: Peru & Bolivia - Part 13
The porters on the Inca trail were an exceptionally hard working bunch of men that not only carried and set up our camps, prepared and cooked our meals but also carried our bags... We set of every morning leaving everything behind, apart from our small bags. The porters would then pack up the tents the food and our large bags and set off on the trail. Each porter would carry about five times as much as we were carrying and their pace was about five times faster than ours. I would be walking up some steps exhausted and out of breath, desperately leaning against my walking stick, my plastic poncho covering me entirely from the incessant rain, when suddenly a porter would come running up the trail behind me carrying his heavy load. I would stand aside and let him pass as I know he is in a hurry to reach the next camp site in order to set up our tents, prepare some hot water for us to wash and cook our dinner. I was astounded by how efficient and reliable these men were, and when we reached the camp deliriously dead beat they would clap and cheer for us, as though we had achieve something remarkable!!!
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chris trying to put on a sweatshirt
just chris, putting on a sweatshirt
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Shugo Chara; Best Years Of Our Lives♥
Hey, this is just a pointless video i done..since i had nothing better to do today. As you may notice, i am lacking in Shugo Chara episodes! Oh well, i hope you like it anyway! I don't own Shugo Chara or this song!!
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