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Hello, i'm a Mac (Doctor Who cartoon)
A spoof on the Mac and Pc ads with a general twist. Thanks to the uncredited voices of Courtney Leacock aaand.. myself Also thanks to Laurajs for being a 'god' and finding the background music. Enjoy this short
Views: 77107 TheDailyCrumb
Doctor Who Cartoon
A short cartoon i made this afternoon
Views: 21716 jamiemcrimmon
Doctor Who - Cartoon Short
a little mini dr who cartoon thingy Made using Microsoft paint and movie maker =)
Views: 38087 studiopie
My doctor who cartoon: comedy
This was my attempt at a comedy...sorry if you don't find it funny
The Doctor Who Cartoons of Norman Hood
This video showcases the excellent Doctor Who cartoons of Norman Hood. The version of the Doctor Who theme used here is by Blacker.
Views: 1255 Steve Wilkins
Witch Doctor - Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing
Cartoons - Witch Doctor I do not own the song, all rights go to respectful owners.
Views: 85543495 Sean Bone
doctor who animated episode six: Crime: Evolution:
Episode in which the Doctor takes Violet to her first planet. The Planet is Infuesto, and the seas are high due to the moon being so close... but someone is watching, and causing hate on the planet.
Views: 5989 NAFALL
Doctor Who: Secret of Skaro
This is a cartoon I made of Doctor Who. It is an origional story, and I hope to create sequels in the future.
Views: 35380 DavidTheBloody
If The Doctor Was A Vampire
Pachira changed in a doctor while she is still a vampire.
Views: 151346 ZonakMarion
Heavy Metal Fight
"Heavy Metal Fight" (TRANSFORMERS Mashup Episode) Megatron Challenges Optimus Prime to a "one-on-one" fight. The loser must banish himself and his army to deep space. According to Cybertron Law, opposing leaders must do battle "fair and unaided." Chip Chase poses the question, "But what if Megatron cheats????" Voices performed by DR. SMOOV and Dan Didsbury. Edited by: DR. SMOOV Original Music composed and performed by: Dan Didsbury and DR. SMOOV
Views: 1192155 DR. SMOOV
Spiderman vs Carnage
1994 Spider-Man Series I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO! JUST A FAN!
Views: 18212596 Karan
Monty Python meets The Simpsons Doctor Who and Iron Giant
Some favourite characters mashed into a just for fun little animation.
Views: 24553 reasonb
Genesis of the Daleks Animated Sequence 2
The second part of the animated Genesis of the Daleks flashback which would have gone into my Time War animation...
Views: 5018 benkent510
Dr. D's Crossing the Bridge Of Adolescence (Part 1 of 2)
Funniest Puberty movie. Period. :B
Views: 120401 patrat06883
Doctor Who "I'm Cute"
Note: For the record, I absolutely adore Rose. This is meant in good fun. P.S. I made this so attribute to me and all that.
Views: 11070 alierajean
Crap Cartoon # 20
Don't you just hate it when doctors don't take things seriously? Microsoft Sam is back from his hoilday but he had a little accident...
Views: 1984 whoisthisgit
Animated Tenth Planet regeneration
Animation style regeneration from the 1966 Doctor Who story 'The Tenth Planet'. The Doctor (William Hartnell) falls gravely ill on the floor of the TARDIS. As his companions watch his face begins to change.
Views: 68281 harnois75
Dogtor Who- the master's regeneration
ok since you all like the 9th regeneration, here's the master's regeneration. this one was way harder cos there was more to do, and it's been shortened because i didn'tdo the futurekind bit.
Views: 3560 dogtorwho
Doctor spaceman animated
wat u need to kno more about this video
Views: 157 rayraymark
A Dalek Game
Two daleks playing with a new video game and arguing on which one will play with it. The voices were made with HOG ring modulator.
Views: 43703 nathanalaneller
The Hulk - Cartoon Theme Song
Theme from 1966 cartoon version of Marvel Comic's The Incredible Hulk.
Views: 6194299 TubeVisionDotCom
Mortgage Doctor
The Mortgage Doctor's surgery in cartoon format
Views: 1505 ba281267
Tenth Planet Regeneration... Animated?
well as short as it is here is an animation of the first regeneration, Thanks to Daryl Joyce for the Drawings of both doctors
Views: 7893 Rob Ritchie
Dalek Paintball
An argument between two daleks are settled in the Kelad dome for some dalek paintball.
Views: 34824 nathanalaneller
Time war episode one; The Beggining of the time war
The Daleks and Timelords meet at the high council of Gallifrey to discuss the crime the timelords commited by trying to wipe out the Daleks from exsistance... But Daleks don't intend to talk through the matter, they begin the 3rd and final Time war....
Views: 43245 NAFALL
Doctor Who:  The Esurance Quest
I took footage from the animated Doctor Who episode "The Infinite Quest" (which was shown as a series of mini-episodes on Totally Doctor Who) and combined it with the audio from the Esurance commercial "Let it Snow." The commercial should be available elsewhere on this site if you're not familiar with it. The audio has been left exactly as it was. This is my first attempt to lip-synch anything, and I think it came out all right. I blame the Noble Platypus. While her nobility is inherent and indisputable, she's also made of crack and tells me to do things I would not normally consider.
Views: 3057 Spoofmaster
Doctor Who-Yu-Gi-Oh Style
Doctor Who-Yu-Gi-Oh Style
Views: 3467 yom24
doctor who trailer animation re-mix - episodes 1-5
A remix of the trailers for: Life of Riley, Henrey the eighth i am, PipeDream, Walking with Cybermen and Silver Devistation - along with the promo trailer all added together to make one big trailer. Music from whomix - the last of the timelords.
Views: 3704 NAFALL
Daleks and Cupcakes
This is a silly little Doctor Who video that I did with my mate Beth. Inspired by the Potter Puppet Pals. Hope you like it. Rose/Doctoryness
Views: 21076 Harry4Cedric
Doctor Who Radio
dr who ben 10 ed edd eddy mix
Views: 2185 drdamien
doctor who trailer: Episode four: Walking with Cybermen
Since when was being turned into a cyberman a fashion? Why does the mysterious crystal lady want the Doctor's help? This is a trailer for episode four of the unmade dr who series.
Views: 2263 NAFALL
Doctor Who on Friday Night Project
Mega funny doctor who spoof
Views: 2450 gvideorocks
Doctor Who Daleks' Masterplan opening
The opening moments of The Daleks Masterplan in an animated stylee, complete with dedicated 'mirrored' title sequence featuring William Hartnell's face.
Views: 11623 harnois75
Doctor Who The Animated Series Teaser Trailer
To get you in the mood for my Doctor Who Animated Series I thought I Should make a Teaser Trailer! Enjoy! www.freewebs.com/lsworld
Views: 3390 moviemakerloo
Doctor Who - Who Park
My South Park style Doctor Who humour.
Views: 16419 Doc Nero
Mr. Freeze Origin
Views: 631813 furryflame
doctor who animated episode seven: corruption
Doctor who trailer for an unmade series in which the doctor and Violet follow the Master to earth in the year 2020. He is taking over bodies like usual, not to survive, but to find out about the culture so he can take over the world with a strange alien race... Unknown to the doctor.... VIolet is taken over by the Master, and the Doctor must save the world and the woman he loves.
Views: 1872 NAFALL
Animated Dr Who Peter Davison titles
An animated version of Peter Davisons doctor who titles, if I've got this right I'll be trying to animate a Big Finish story soon.
Views: 7853 JonScatman
Mickey Mania: Cartoon 3: Moose Hunters
Cartoon 3: Moose Hunters And so, the great Mickey Mouse has rescued Pluto from the Mad Doctor, who was a pain in the @$$ by the way. Now Mickey and Pluto venture through a mountanious region with falling leaves, branches, and boulders. Not a pretty site, is it not? And what would be better than having a moose chasing you around? Spotting the Moose Hunter Mickey, escaping the wild moose can be a tough challenge! Enjoy the vid. The Blue Hedgehog has spoken, peace!
Views: 89208 truebluehedgehog
doctor who trailer: Episode two: "Henrey the eighth i am"
Trailer for the episode in which Violet and the Doctor take a trip to see Henrey the Eighth, but their trip turns into a fight for survival when one of the king's executions come back to haunt him... literally.
Views: 725 NAFALL
Doctor Who: A Dalek Christmas Carol
The wonderful tale about how an evil genius discovered the festive spirit & took it for himself. (Ok Davros, i've done what you asked, just don't have the Daleks exterminate that puppy!)
Views: 9850 Doc Nero
They Might Be Giants "Dr. Worm"
Dr. Worm video for Nickelodeon's Ka-Blam! Worm by underground cartoonist Kaz, animation by Tissa David.
Views: 1291741 Richard O'Connor
Doctor Who Spoof 1985
Comedian Lenny Henry plays The Doctor in his comedy show.
Views: 136806 Tetramesh
brian regan little league
Thank you Brian Regan for doing stand up, I enjoyed making the two cartoons to them that are not equal to your talents.
Views: 3858689 cloclo902003
CATS TV airing of Doctor Steel's Robots
With permission from World Domination Toys, Doctor Steel and Starkraven Madd, we combined Doctor Steel's interview about Robots and Starkraven Madd's Animation into a short that is aring on CATS TV. Thanks again.
Views: 6513 Joe Kellerman
If Bush Had Been a Doctor!
True account of George W Bush as a practicing medical doctor. This animation has been approved by everyone in the United States government.
Views: 262 pancakesurprise
Short Pivot Animation - Exsterminate
This is the first stickfigure animation me and my mate made he did most of the work realy.
Views: 625 studi123
Happy Tree Friends - Out On A Limb (Ep #43)
To watch more new episode and support the show buy the STILL ALIVE digital download package - http://bit.ly/2fpq0GZ Merchandise: https://mondomedia.com/printing?category=46 Episodes, games, and contests visit: http://www.mondomedia.com
Views: 41362022 MondoMedia
Dalek Phone
The dalek transforms into something a little different. The song is Banana Phone by Raffi
Views: 164527 ami2024ever
Mickey Mouse - The Karnival Kid (1929)
It was the first short animation in which Mickey actually spoke and his first spoken words were "Hot Dogs!".
Views: 4951669 d4ysleeper

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