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Jim Carrey's Mystical Experience
Jim Carrey describes his experience with enlightenment. Also read "How Jim Carrey Manifested $10 Million" at http://www.mindpowernews.com/JimCarrey.htm FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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1960: A Vision of the Future, by Arthur C. Clarke
http://www.ThoughtPollution.org - "If what I say now seems to be very reasonable, then I will have failed completely. Only if what I tell appears absolutely unreasonable have we any chance of visualizing the future as it really will happen." FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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How To Get Whatever You Want
FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/ Here is a simple and fast guided visualization that will help you get whatever you want. Just pick the next goal you wish to accomplish and let the guided audio do the rest. This simple 12-minute mind programming technique done every day will magically attract what you want. The only way this method will not work is if you stop using it. http://www.MindPowerNews.com - Download the free book "How To Create Your Future" at http://www.HowToCreateYourFuture.com/FreeGift.html P.S. Do this *every day* until you get what you want. If you give up it will not work!
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The Psychic Polaroid Photographs of Ted Serios
This episode of "Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers" shows some great footage of experiments with Ted Serios, a man who claimed to be able to project images onto film using only his mind, a process he dubbed "Thoughtography." Read more at http://mindpowernews.com/PsychicPolaroids.htm Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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1974: Philip K. Dick Discovers The Matrix
In February and March 1974, Philip K. Dick experienced a series of visions of an information-rich "pink light" beam that transmitted directly into his consciousness. A year after the events Dick summarized the experiences that would pervade his writing for the final eight years of his life: "March 16, 1974: It appeared -- in vivid fire, with shining colors and balanced patterns -- and released me from every thrall, inner and outer." "March 18, 1974: It, from inside me, looked out and saw the world did not compute, that I -- and it -- had been lied to. It denied the reality, and power, and authenticity of the world, saying, This cannot exist; it cannot exist." "March 20, 1974: It seized me entirely, lifting me from the limitations of the space-time matrix; it mastered me as, at the same time, I knew that the world around me was cardboard, a fake. Through its power of perception I saw what really existed, and through its power of no-thought decision, I acted to free myself. It took on in battle, as a champion of all human spirits in thrall, every evil, every Iron Imprisoning thing."
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Napoleon Hill's Most Controversial Technique
GET YOUR FREE BOOK: http://www.HowToCreateYourFuture.com/FreeGift.html When Napoleon Hill published "Think and Grow Rich" in 1937, it wasn't as critically acclaimed as it is today. But it's since gone on to become one of the most quoted, read and critically acclaimed personal growth books ever. Yet despite written for an audience that had never heard of things like "meditation", the book contained one technique that was highly controversial. It is called the "Invisible Counselors Technique". Napoleon Hill claimed that it allowed him to tap into the imaginary minds of anyone living or passed one, to source ideas and inspirations. Napoleon Hill admits to having spiritual meetings with Jesus, Lincoln, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Newton, Burban, Edison and William James, among others. FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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An Astronaut's Moment of Enlightenment
In this one minute video, Apollo astronaut Capt. Edgar Mitchell shares the extraordinary story of his mystical experience in space while returning from the moon, an experience that led him to shift his whole vision of reality. Yogis call such an experience "samadhi," and it led Edgar to create the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the meeting of science and spirituality, as well as the creation of a new worldview. Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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There Is No Such Thing As Time
Why space and time have a secret connection. Read more at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/NoTime.htm
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1967 Scary Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial   Lie Detector full)
http://www.MindPowerNews.com -- A group of women hook Colonel Sanders up to a lie detector and give him the third degree, hoping he’ll reveal his secret recipe in this Kentucky Fried Chicken ad. Wonderfully weird. Also, don't miss the very strange Subliminal Message in KFC Commercial at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com/subliminal-message-in-kfc-commercial/ Get way more weird vids at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com! FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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The Power of the Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy
This video is based on the classic Dr. Joseph Murphy book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It is a practical guide to understand and learn to use the incredible powers you possess within you. Learn more at http://www.mindpowernews.com/EnormousPower.htm
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National Lampoon’s Deteriorata
This is National Lampoon’s 1972 parody of “The Desiderata of Happiness,” an early 20th century poem about how to live happily in the world which became a pop cultural icon in the form of a poster which hung ubiquitously throughout homes, churches and businesses during the 60s and 70s. If you ever saw the poster as a child you will love this hilarious twist on the message. Get more weird videos at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com
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The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet
Learn more at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/ManifestLife.htm Manifesting is an art and a science that deals with finding your unlimited potentiality as a human being. When you increase your frequency and move into an expanded state of consciousness that is aligned with the all intelligent, all powerful Universe, you will naturally create, allow and attract your desires with joy and effortless ease! You were born with the most powerful manifesting mechanics already inside you. You already are a super manifesting machine who can magnetize anything that you desire into your life. The only thing stopping you from experiencing this is the doubt and fear that you aren't this, or haven't fully accepted this as the deepest truth of your reality. These 3 secrets will help you to transcend any blocks stopping you from receiving your desires or dream life. Once your resistance is released you can step fully into your power and experience yourself as the divine manifesting being you truly are.
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How to Change Reality with Parallel Universes
Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention? This video suggests a model of six dimensions of reality that explain the power of focus to heal illness and extends to a shift in planetary consciousness to heal the world. Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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ESP in Altered States of Consciousness
Dr. Stanley Krippner explains his research executed at the Maimonides Dream Research lab in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960s. The lab set out to prove that in altered states of consciousness, phenomena such as telepathy, pre-cognition, out of body experiences and clairvoyance were scientific possibilities.
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The Mastery of Money, by Stuart Wilde
This video, filmed in 1986, might look out-of-date, but Stuart Wilde's wisdom is still ahead of its time. Wilde talks about money as energy, and teaches practical techniques on how to raise your energy quickly. Once you do that, he says, people will be naturally attracted to what you are. And when they show up, bill'em. Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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The Incredible Power of Conformity
GET YOUR FREE BOOK: http://www.HowToCreateYourFuture.com/FreeGift.html Cults thrive on our vulnerabilities, and a good demonstration of just how vulnerable we all are was given in a series of experiments conducted by social psychologist Solomon Asch in the 1950s. In this video you can watch a modern reproduction of the experiment. All involved are "confederates", except for the one person who is the unsuspecting subject. Asked about a simple obvious question, everyone will give correct answers at first, but then will start to give unanimously wrong answers. Again and again. GET YOUR FREE BOOK: http://www.HowToCreateYourFuture.com/FreeGift.html
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The Man From The Year 2256
FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/ This is the story of Andrew Carlssin, an alleged time-traveler from the year 2256. He was supposedly discovered when the FBI arrested a Wall Street wizard on insider-trading charges. The FBI claims that with an initial investment of only $800, Carlssin built a personal fortune worth over $350 million in just two weeks. Upon questioning, Carlssin claimed this success was due to the fact that he was from the year 2256.
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How to Escape the Matrix
Reprinted with permission from Stephan Molyneux of FreeDomainRadio. https://www.youtube.com/user/stefbot/search?query=matrix Also watch The Story of Your Enslavement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A Free training: How to Order from the Universe http://mindtripmag.com/wp-content/Universe/
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Get Happy Get Money
The money isn’t the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money. Learn more at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/HappyMoney.htm FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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Brilliant demolition of the left in under 2 minutes -- Milo Yiannopoulos
The left is really stupid. They look out at a society — western, democratic capitalism — the most successful engine of wealth distribution and equality in the world’s history. A system that has raised entire continents out of poverty. A system that has given women the vote. A system that has given equal rights to blacks, gays, all the rest of it. You know, citizens in the west, in Europe and North America, enjoy privileges and rights and equality unprecedented anywhere else in the world. And the left’s response to this, Is tear down the institutions and principles that gave them those rights, and return our countries to the sort of chaos and warmongering and internal divisions that exist in the rest of the world, where women are forced to wear veils, and have acid thrown in their faces. Where gays are hanged from cranes, where people kill each other over political disputes in the street. The left’s response to the systems that have given everybody equal opportunities and access to the workplace, to education, to the public square. The system that we have built that has made us great. You know America is the greatest country in the world, Europe has produced the greatest culture in the world. The system that enabled and produced all of that stuff is somehow the problem? I don’t mind calling that stupid.
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How to Use Your Imagination, by Neville Goddard
This isa classic recording from 1955 of Neville Goddard's The Secret of Imagining. Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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Program Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth and Luxury
Simply watch this video regularly to reprogram your subconscious mind and watch how life magically begins to attract financial opportunies to you. Learn more about the science of sublminal videos at http://www.mindpowernews.com/MindVideos.htm
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Will Smith: How to Bend the Universe to Your Will
The sound on this video is awful but the message is brilliant. Listen carefully and learn how to command the universe to bend to your will. You can read the full transcript of this video at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/BendTheUniverse.htm
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110-year-old Woman's Secret -- Leave me alone and let me nap!
Just let Flossie Dickey get back to napping and leave her alone. And no, she is not excited for her birthday party.
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Abraham Hicks Teaches How to Win the Lottery
In this video Abraham Hicks teaches a method of which combines affirmations, visualization and spiritual enlightenment in order to help you win the lottery or attract other wonderful events into your life. Also read How to Manifest a Winning Lottery Ticket at http://www.mindpowernews.com/ManifestLotto.htm and How to Win the Lottery with Visualization at http://www.mindpowernews.com/VisualizeLottery.html Lottery Winners University: http://www.lotterywinneruniversity.com?aff_id=18275
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Bizarre Optical Illusion Turns Beautiful People Ugly
Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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How to Become Super Human!
Learn powerful techniques for unlocking your ultimate human potential for more wealth, better health, peace, freedom and so much more! Learn more at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/Uberman.htm
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Aliens Among Us - The Bizarre Birth of Bees
Watch way more weird videos at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com
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How to Attract A New Car, by Dr. Joe Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the teachers from The Secret, teaches how to attract a brand new car, boat, house, or $97,000 in cash using this new secret magic formula. Learn more at http://bc882q3jzk2pmm6n8jt2r20s4a.hop.clickbank.net/ Also Read: Be Happy Now: The Surprising Shortcut to Attracting Whatever You Want at http://www.mindpowernews.com/BeHappyNow.htm
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Creating Abundance
How to create and experience abundance in your life, including financial abundance (wealth), social abundance (friends), and more. Also read "How to Order From the Universe" at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/OrderFromUniverse.htm
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‪Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong With Nunchucks
Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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Chindogu - Bizarre, Useless Japanese Inventions
Chindogu: The Refined Japanese Art Of Making Useless Inventions Get more crazy videos at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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The Future of Earth, by Hollywood
Psst. Hey you, come a little closer. I want to tell you something about the future. It will either be: A mind-bendingly awesome; utopian landscape where all of Earth's problems have been resolved and technology and humanity have evolved to create harmony. Or it might be a fucked-up dystopian nightmare. Where artificial intelligence has surpassed that of it's creators. Or perhaps humans have ravaged the Earth to such a degree that it has gone into full revolt. Or A scarcity of resources has humans warring over water. It depends on which film you watch or what time of day you might have asked Stanley Kubrick's opinion. Eclectic Method has supercut some of our favorite scenes from movies that turn a predictive eye to the future. Blade Runner's Megacities alongside A.I.'s flooded New York and Idiocracy's run down shanty towns. Some technology predictions in these films have already proven to be accurate and some are still a ways off - or not! ... cameras on every corner, oil shortages, massive cultural uprisings in the middle east, retinal scans, X-Rays, flying cars and hoverboards, hybrid humans, robots, A.I., teleportation and so on. Who really watches Sci-Fi for the plot anyway, you wanna see the goodness condensed. Rest assured though, in the future, as in the present, there will be both Coke and Pepsi!
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Visually Stunning Tour of the Universe
The intro to the sci-fi movie Contact (1997) takes us on a magnificent, beautiful journey through the Universe. Get more wonderful videos at http://www.mindbendingvideos.com
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The Dude Discovers The Matrix
Morpheus tries to explain The Matrix to the Dude... Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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The Secret Life of Plants
This is a 10-minute clip from an amazing documentary called “The Secret Life of Plants” which was made in 1973 and was based on Cleve Backster’s work which discovered that plants are telepathic and can recognize human beings! Learn more at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/MindPlantCommunication.htm
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Worry is preposterous
More wisdom from Terence McKenna. Also read "The Strangest Mind-Altering Drug in the World" at http://www.mindpowernews.com/DMT.htm
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Freeze My Dead Body Until I Can Live Again
In the 1960s a ground-breaking idea emerged: that freezing people soon after their death might preserve brain structures, and that in the future advanced technology and know-how might allow these frozen cadavers to be resuscitated and given extended life. Fifty years later, more than 250 people have undergone cryopreservation procedures following their passing (though contrary to what you may have heard, Walt Disney is not one of them), with a small 'cryonics' industry storing their bodies (or in some cases, just their heads) awaiting future salvation. The above documentary, We Will Live Again, takes a look inside "the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute", following Ben Best and Andy Zawacki, the caretakers of 99 deceased human bodies stored at below freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. It's a strange and thought-provoking exploration of mortality, and our attempts to avoid it, well worth a watch.
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You Can Be Rich *and* Spiritual -- Free Training!
We are putting on our biggest ever masterclass on wealth and spirituality – with our biggest ever author – T. Harv Eker! Sign up at http://www.MindPowerNews.com/MillionaireMind.htm
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Chi Power versus Reality
Yes, the Chi Energy within your body is real and if you focus it and direct it properly you can promote power, strength, and health for your body. But don't be fooled - you can't manipulate the physical world with wishful thinking! You have to be careful not to let your mind fall into the realm of delusion and fantasy. FREE BOOK! How to Order From the Universe http://www.mindpowernews.com/Universe/
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How to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds
Poor - Stress - Drink - Poor - Stress - Stop drink - Work - Work - Collect money - Work - Collect money - Pay debt - Work - Collect money - Get educated - Stable life - Help others - Happy - Wife loves him - Happy family - Healthy - Teach others - Improve social - Smart - Improve his country - Just stop drinking! Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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1950s: Experimenters Give LSD to a "Normal" Housewife
If you have ever had a positive LSD experience, watching this woman trip out will give you flashbacks! Best quote: "I've never seen such infinite beauty in all my life!" Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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The Benefits of Meditation
A short film about the benefits of meditation, and especially brainwave entrainment – using the Zen12 meditation program. Get a free meditation MP3 at http://www.mindpowernews.com/Zen12.htm
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How to See Jesus
Just a fun little optical illusion...
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The Truth About Slavery
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, uncovers the obscured and barbaric history of slavery to unearth important lessons that can and will shape the future. What is the truth about slavery?
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The Flying Car of 1949
Filmed in the 1940s in Italy, a propellor driven automobile that flies makes its first test flight. Top land speed is 150mph and air speed is over 200mph.
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How to Meditate Like a Zen Master
Learn how to meditate like a Zen Master in just 12 minutes at http://zen12.com/hnp/a/mindpowernews
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Dalek Relaxation Tape
Exterminate your stress with this new-age relaxation tape narrated by the lovely voices of the Daleks from television's Dr. Who.
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An Artist on Acid
As part of a U.S. government experiment in the late 1950s this artist was given a dose of LSD and asked to draw a portrait of the medic at various intervals during his acid trip. Get more weird, wild and wonderful videos at http://www.MindBendingVideos.com
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I Am Nobody, by Charles Manson
I was listening to a clip of Alan Watts expounding on the Buddhist concept of "No Self" so I clicked on it in YouTube to see what else came up, and there I found this little clip of Charles Manson answering the question of "Who are you?" After listening to Watts, Manson's answer struck me as profound. "I am nobody", was his answer, basically. It struck me that Manson is a Zen Master. Read more at http://www.mindpowernews.com/CharlesManson.htm
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