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Anthony Yarde on the Pads - New 2018 padwork - Beast power and skill
Anthony Yarde on the Pads - New 2018 padwork - Beast power and skill, I was lucky to catch this great pad session great power skill and nice and chilled and captures the padwork nicely.
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Injector cleaning - Quick & Easy way - Injectors from Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006
Injector cleaning - The Quickest & Easy way - Injectors are from my Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006 model. I had an F1 light that I could not remedy and its just a great thing to do once your motorcycle has sat for the winter.
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Krosno city centre in Poland - City of Glass
Quick little tour of the city centre at night, not much going on because lots was closed due to time. Place is top class, fyi quite windy so just a heads up in advance for any audio spikes.
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Krosno in spring - Poland Holiday.
Krosno in spring - New 2018 - Walk around Krosno and local towns and places near to Krosno.
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Oldest and first established oil well in the world! Bobrka - The rock oil mine - Poland
Oldest and first established oil well in the world! Bobrka - The rock oil mine - Poland. Take a look at my trip around the first/oldest established and still working oil mine in the world, its in Poland.
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Sea Foam how to guide New 2018 - GSXR K6
Sea Foam how to guide New 2018 - GSXR K6
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BodyPower Expo UK - New 2018 (doing it right)
BodyPower Expo UK - New 2018 (doing it right), Enjoy gangsters, Up all the way Up!
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How to remove throttle bodies and injectors on Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006
How to remove throttle bodies and injectors on Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006
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Staffy dogs life.
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Birmingham wholesale Market
Great place to get great food and great prices, vendors are great too.
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Suzuki GSXR600 K6 2006, brake pad change/replacement with new & clean.
Im not a mechanic and even for my skill level it was easy, the video probably isn't an accurate representation of how easy it was but all you need to know is covered even if it isn't too graceful :-) Enjoy
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Green Bananas, early morning motorcyle ride and leaking fish tanks, sunday funday :-)
What the weekends are made of, couldn't add the Pidgeon camera didn't catch it was in direct sunlight :-(
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Staycity aparthotels london heathrow
Quick tour of the room, was nice but average and I appreciated that you could crank the heating quite high and breakfast was nice too.
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Brembo Big Brakes for the Subaru have arrived - Subaru WRX/STI Brembos
Big Brake kit for the Subaru has arrived - Going to rebuild and paint but this is just a quick run through/first look at the brake callipers.
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Rust converter - Amazing result & so easy to use, Used on Impreza WRX.
Rust converter - Great for underbody or any metal exposed to the elements. Main rule of thumb is dont put it on anything shiny because it will leave a matt finish and the acid in the product might react and change the colour, you can see on the alloy on my sway bar, it turns it patchy, but at least all the rust gets put on hold.
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Early morning in Arizona USA, thoughts and randomness.
Early morning walk and a nice time to plan the day.
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Jack3d Micro & Micro Test from USP Labs - Limited Edition - Review
Jack3d Micro & Micro Test from USP Labs - Limited Edition - Review
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Rear Brake pad replacement Suzuki GSXR 600 k6 - K7 - inc clean and removal.
Rear Brake pad replacement Suzuki GSXR 600 k6 - K7 - inc clean and removal.
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Hotel Hack, you want to keep your batteries charging etc then watch.
Easy way to keep power to the room when your away, useful if you are charging stuff or just have something drying on the towel rail etc, most people probably know this but there has to be at least one person who would find this useful.
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Best tyre shine/restorer.
Best tyre shine/restorer.
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Advanced Acoustics, Slider Acoustic Tile - Sound Proofing
Slider 12 tile from Advanced Acoustics, nice and easy install, just need to finished the whole room. Great tile if your not quite sure and sound proofing your first room on a sort or budget. Tools I used were a glue gun (hobby style) and that it, really easy and nice affect.
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First time shooting gone wrong, Glock 17 Gen4 (Noob Fail 1:16)
Yeah as the title suggest it goest wrong so easily and quickly, my first time shooting and I was squeezing the handle too hard and I ejected the clip, it goes wrong around 1.16 if you don't want to wait :-)
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Hotel gym and night time jacuzzi in Arizona USA
Great session to end the day.
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Lviv Ukraine - Work and play from a Brit 2018
Watch till the end ;-) Quick Video of what I got up too and my thoughts for anyone visiting.
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Vauxhall Tigra 1.3 oil leak, common problem quick fix and its cheap.
Vauxhall Tigra 1.3 oil leak, common problem quick fix and its cheap.
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Hotel Etiquette
Hotel Etiquette, is there a rite way to leave a room?
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Premier inn bangor wales
Stayed over the night on our motorcycle tour of wales.
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Adjusting Motorcycle chain on a Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006
Adjusting Motorcycle chain and Suzuki GSXR 600 K6 2006, also added some chain wax. Quick heads up I slackened my chain after the video was a little too tight for my liking
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Meat Diet - Old School Atkins
Meat Diet - Old School Atkins
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Not enough space on the plane :-)
Flight was a bit cramped
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Staffy and his squeaky toy
Always a good idea till your watching a film.
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British Airways fail.
bit of background to the tale, flew into Arizona for a week, flight entertainment and electrics failed half way through and guess what, had the same flight on the way back but the best bit was it was broken from the start. Got to love it, now they've got computing issues seems as they are having a week of it.
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Sena Headset Install & Operation - 30k - New 2018
Sena Headset Install & Operation - 30k - New 2018 - If all you want to know is how to turn on etc go to the end of the video, show you how to turn on and pair.
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Carbon Front Mudguard - Carbon2Race - Suzuki GSXR600 K6
New fender arrived quick unboxing, its how we role, what do you think of the coating on the inside is that just the way they mould it? Let me know in comment section.
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PC water cooling - How To & Tips to refresh, drain & rebuild.
PC water cooling - How To & Tips to refresh, drain & rebuild. Really easy to do video is amature but im improving with time, was just a quick off the cuff video last minute thing.I just plumbed and made sure there was liquid through out the system. I hadn't completed the testing of the hardware e.g the graffix card as you would have notice by the red light as I didnt have correct cable. correct cable installed all gravy.
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Motorcycle Live NEC Birmingham - 2018 Motorcycles
Just a run through of some of the bike, got some clips from the Ducati VIP event too, some nice bikes a bit of a long video but just have a quick look throu, if you can hack the whole vid go ahead some nice bikes.
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45 Hand Cannon, real stopping power bit much for a first timer who can barely keep clip in a glock.
Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona, send you friend to grab more 9mm bullets he comes back with a damn hand cannon and twice the amount of bullets lol
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My thoughts on ego in business
jUst my opinion on what I see, care about what you do but guess what if they pay you to make it its theres so be open minded and always be willing to learn and be criticised and make changes and adapt if need be.
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Arrived at the hotel room. A little tour of the Ibis style lviv ukraine.
Long day travelling with stop overs and bits but it was really nice all in all.
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Warsaw New Year & Christmas lights.
Bit of off the cuff recording on my little walk around Warsaw, yeah there are some audio spikes with the wind so just a quick heads up.
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Krosno24 thank you.
Krosno24 a big thank you to you and all your readers.
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Authentic being 1
Day to day
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Dog training, early morning idiots thinking a staffy is a dangerous dog, people taking liberties.
The clip I added doesn't say much for all the training you just gonna have to role with me on this one, he is trained just havent got video evidence as or yet lol
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Citadel Inn in Lviv Ukraine, little room walk round.
Just thought I would show you around the room, my favourite hotel in Ukraine so far.
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Motorcycle tyre guide, new/used and just general tyre chit chat.
Tyre advice from my viewpoint I am no expert I just ride.
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Food prep, pre gym BBQ and randomness
Its what afternoons are made for, we eat we get smart and succeed. Swolenation.
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Dog Blanket
Quick vid or my dog and his new blanket, got him a new one because its getting a bit chilli.
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guaranteed good start to day.
This is a money back guarantee, if it doesn't would just let me know :-)
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Post Pre-workout thoughs, gym legends/weirdo's and some randomness
Quick little run down of the feeling I got and some other random thoughts.
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Pre workout, Optimum nutrition apple flavour, nice and cheap off of a amazon prime day.
Haven't had a pre workout for a while found these real cheap on amazon prime day so thought they where worth a whirl, will do a separate video on the affects of the pre-workout .
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