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Accounting 221 Video: Rhyming Study Guide Chapters 1-7
It's 2010, first semester sophomore year I'm in SOM son, preparing for a career I never knew nothing about business, but now I am the one After taking Cathey West's Accounting 221 CHAPTER 1 Yo it's chapter 1, it's where the learning begins Accounting provides information in society to no ends If you don't believe me and you think I'm full of crap You'd better know behind this flow, I'm here to represent GAAP This chapter has discussed 8 elements of financial statements A equals OE plus L, that's the arrangement We use a horizontal financial statement model so you know Our statements include income, OE, balance, and cash flow CHAPTER 2 I spit quick like a llama, I'm bananas like I'm Johnny Drama There's not enough time on this beat to stop so forget the commas Accounting's not cruel it's accrual, chapter 2 Recognize your revenue before your cash comes through Deferrals are recognized after cash in my pockets Have you seen the squirrels on campus, yo they crazy like rockets Credit your accounts receivable when you get cash Put your revenue ahead of you, increase your assets And that's it, now pass it, to alex, and I'm out of this skit kid Chapter 3 Chapter 3 kicks off double entry accounting use t accounts to keep your checks from bouncing debits assets expenses and dividends or your dead red says to close these accounts at fiscal year end Chapter 4 now let me continue with my short story chapter 4 kicks off merchandise inventory dont forget allowances, discounts and, trans costs and shrinkage tracks all goods stolen or lost gross margin is net sales minus cost of goods sold they go on the multi step income statement is what im told Chapter 5 Now accounting for inventories is introduced in chapter five there are four cost flow methods that aint no lie you must follow GAAP's discolsure and consistency because cost flow methods effect the statements greatly CHAPTER 7 Well I hope that these basics, don't confuse you like matrix Now it's on to chapter 7 cause we skipped chapter 6 When you hear this song, just open your ears and close your eyes Don't think of this as rap, just a rhyming study guide Now let me introduce you to the allowance method The allowance for doubtful accounts is a contra asset You will find that this account goes along with accounts receivable Study this concept, it's hard but it's conceivable A company uses different methods to estimate how much it won't get paid Even though sometimes the payment's just delayed You make estimations and adjustments at the end of the accounting period Like George Lopez this isn't funny, this is serious Cover your mouth when you cough, this is a write off The money won't be coming through, so shut the lights off
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Real Made Men LEAKED
The history of the mafia in the United States. Part 1 out of 10. New DPK mixtape dropping soon MADE MEN. Featuring... Nas, Ja Rule, Cam'ron, Jay-Z, and Slick Rick
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doherty and phil fight
doherty is the only reason this is funny, look at the way he packs heat!
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Pops Night 2008 Mad World (Cover)
Boyce called me up when I was sleeping at like 10:30 on I think Wednesday night and he didn't havea song to sing for pops night so he came over and we decided to do Mad World acoustic.
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xHopePrevailsx, Third Hour Redemption, fun times at a horrible show
anthony smokes and he thinks he's the man stanksta
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xHopePrevailsx show on 3-17-2007
This was pretty much our first real show. We played with Eastern Sky and it was on St. Patricks day. The end of the video is a little fun we had in the van. The Mercedes getting hit was all special effects... enjoy. stanksta members: Rob, Jared, Anthony, Nick
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The Jared Marshall Drumming Experience
This is me, Jared Marshall showing the world the revolutionary drumming style that I have invented.
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Under the Milky Way with Jared Marshall and Sam Howell at Pops night 2009
ok the whole song sounds good except for when i mess up on the first chorus and a little in the bridge. don't hate.Sam does a great job singing.
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In My Life and Booster Club Scholarship
Part 4 of 6. These videos are what my dad taped of the 2009 Maynard graduation. They are biased towards me and I apologize for that. Anyways, sit back and try to enjoy.
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Boyce singing broken for pops night 2007
Boyce sings, the mic is off for a little bit but it gets fixed. fun night.
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Boyce freestyle
Boyce raps from the bottom of his heart all the problems in society, in the streets, and even his personal conflicts. It's deep so enjoy.
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Pops Night 2008 Island In The Sun (Weezer Cover)
I like the first 2 minutes of setting up so I kept it in. Just skip like 2 minutes into it if you really want to hear our wonderful, almost better than weezer themsleves, version of Island in the Sun.
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danny visco gets tossed
danny V gets his shit tossed in 8th grade maynard massachusetts
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Pops Night 2008 Please Me Like You Want To Ben Harper cover
Ben Harper actually stole this song from Al and Chris.
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Pops Night 2008 Limousine (cover)
I wish I could actually sing like Jesse Lacey.
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four square and poor pat ryan
i look like a train wreck
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Erich Falls in really shallow rock water
Erich falling rocks funny porno sex xxx rox rizocks stanksta
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boyce gets made fun of
one of sam's funniest moments caught on tape
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andrew beating on kevin
andrew has a 2 fight youtube winning streak going
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Pops Night 2008 Jammin' With Justin Searle, Drum Legend
Justin is the man, need I say more? Just when you think your out, he pulls you back in. You'll see what I mean.
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mick feels the bomb
i reposted this because it's funny
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Happy Xmas (War is Over) - John Lennon Cover
The last minute is black - I've been trying to edit it out but I don't have the proper program as of now. This was the last song in an hour long set list. I will put up the entire set on google once I finish getting it converted from the DVR, to the tape, to the dvd, to the computer. If you liek what you hear, go to www.mediafire.com/dubveesnacks to hear some original songs.
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Jared and Al Cover Tenacious D, Tribute
We had 2 hours to learn the song and we did. The singer (me) sucks I know but hey what's wrong with having fun.
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Visco's Speech
Part 3 of 6. These videos are what my dad taped of the 2009 Maynard graduation. They are biased towards me and I apologize for that. Anyways, sit back and try to enjoy.
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Three Adelie Song Ideas
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Jared and Al Cover Certain Shade of Green acoustic mmmhmmmmm
Me and al had about 3 hours to put together a few songs for this thing at our school that we were asked to do. Well i think al was asked to do it but he wanted me to do a few songs so I did. not a bad day. The bass gets sped up every now and then it seems in this song and I feel like a jackass now after listening to it. Like I said, we only had a few hours and I had never heard the acoustic version before. woooo
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attacking boyce
pretty pointless but a few peopel will like it
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that fucking island
georges island in 8th grade
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jared doing something stupid with water in 8th grade
let the good times roll, for some reason we thought this made us badass.
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Boyce Vs. Danny (Part of the Boyce Chronicles)
Danny makes boyce his bitch in which he takes his shirt off but unfortuanatly Boyce doesn't do the same. stanksta
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Jon or Yon Davis back in the day
I don't know how to say his name or spell it but here he is, back in the day, I love this kid.
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more random 8th grade shit
more random 8th grade shit, i'm putting everything that was on sams camera up on this bitch
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Jared Marshall covers In the Aeroplane Over the Sea at Pops Night 2009
There is some static because of the mics and I am no Jeff Mangum but overall its alright.
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Justin and Jared at pops night 2007
Justin's amazing an adorable and does a kickass drum solo.
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Jared's Speech
Part 2 of 6. These videos are what my dad taped of the 2009 Maynard graduation. They are biased towards me and I apologize for that. Anyways, sit back and try to enjoy.
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The Entrance and National Anthem
Part 1 of 6. These videos are what my dad taped of the 2009 Maynard graduation. They are biased towards me and I apologize for that. Anyways, sit back and try to enjoy.
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Pops Night 2008 Wish You Were Here (Incubus Cover)
Well we decided to actually do this song the day before so we all learned our parts on that day. We didn't haev a chance to practice it all together once. This is the first time we played the whole song together. Not too shabby for one time.
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Jared sings Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade
Not perfect, I messed up a few times and don't think i'm gay after watching the video because i assure you i am not.
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The End
Part 6 of 6. These videos are what my dad taped of the 2009 Maynard graduation. They are biased towards me and I apologize for that. Anyways, sit back and try to enjoy.
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Pops Night 2008 My Friends Over You (New Found Glory cover)
first minute or so is bryan king. enough said
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Boyce Vs. Jared (Part of the Boyce Chronicles)
Boyce's trainlike man power gets me down but i reverse his shit. He's like an angry gorilla who ran out of bananas. Crazy shit son, crazy shit. stanksta
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Boyce eating a cupcake (Part of the Boyce Chronicles)
Boyce is hungry so he eats a cupcake...or 732. stanksta
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Boyce Vs. Jared 2 (Part of the Boyce Chronicles)
I get on top of Boyce and dry hump the fuck out of him. He needs to learn to accept. stanksta
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Good times in middle school
good times in middle school back when everyone was friends.
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Pops Night 2008 Romeo and Juliet (cover)
Al playing Romeo and Juliet like a pro-meo and juliet. hahahahaha, funny shit.
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Snow Dive
It's me last year diving...in the snow. stanksta
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Stare at the sun acousic and then I'll be with jared marshall and pat boyce
The first song sounds a little off during the beginning but the second one came out really good.
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