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CAD Viewer - SpinFire Ultimate Introduction
SpinFire Ultimate CAD Viewer Free Trial: http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ SpinFire Ultimate will fundamentally change the face of CAD viewing among global manufacturers. Equipped with the robustness and reliability that customers have come to expect of SpinFire Professional, SpinFire Ultimate is built from the ground up to make use of the very latest technologies, completely 64-bit compliant and fully multithreaded. SpinFire Ultimate is way beyond just the next version number: it will deliver more than just viewing, with access not just to CAD files but to the metadata associated with the CAD files. It offers high performance with large files and shattered assemblies, with enhanced capabilities that include partial loading, smart dimensioning, and easy access to metadata. SpinFire Ultimate users can also look forward to being able to do 3D and 2D nesting, perform a simple unfold, thickness color washing, and much more. Moreover, not only does SpinFire Ultimate have enhanced features, but the product interface has advanced for optimum use and better access to more functionality.
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Projected Plane Introduction-Actify SpinFire
An introduction to SpinFire 10.0's Projected Plane functionality.
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Model Compare Plug-in Introduction
An introduction to the Model Compare Plug-in for SpinFire Professional.
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Actify Centro Demo with Ty Myers
Listen to Ty Myers provide an Actify Centro product demonstration LIVE at PowerPlex 2017 To learn more about Actify’s integration with Plex ERP, which enables data synchronization and automation of product information to and from Plex. Visit: http://www.actify.com/events/actify-conference-2017/
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Tubing Command with SpinFire Professional
This video is an introduction to Actify's Tube-length measurement tool and BoM generator.
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Design Collaboration Webinar- powered by SpinFire Ultimate
To learn more about SpinFire Ultimate visit: http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ In this webinar, you will learn how design teams and manufacturers are using cost effective CAD viewing software to improve communication and design collaboration, benefiting from faster access to feedback resulting in a faster time to market.
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Minimum Distance Introduction - Actify SpinFire
An introduction to SpinFire 10.0's Minium Distance Plug-in
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Draft Angle Analysis Plug-in Introduction
An introduction to the Draft Angle Analysis Plug-in for SpinFire Professional.
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Agile Product Development - Powered by Actify SpinFire Ultimate
To learn more about Actify SpinFire, Visit: http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ In this webinar, you will learn how design teams and manufacturers are using cost effective CAD viewing software to improve communication and collaboration, benefiting from faster access to feedback resulting in a faster time to market. Watch the webinar on our website: http://www.actify.com/videos/agile-product-development-powered-actify-spinfire-ultimate/
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Actify Centro - SpinFire Web
Zero Download cloud enabled CAD viewer: http://www.actify.com/3d-viewer/ SpinFire Web allows users to investigate 3D CAD parts and metadata without an expensive CAD license. SpinFire Web securely accesses 3D data via a web-browser and keeps the CAD file local to your server, enabling collaboration yet maintaining control of the CAD file. Enable internal or external personnel to access CAD data via a browser without downloading the CAD or running software locally.
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Actify Centro - BOM Manager
Actify Centro's BOM Manager tool: http://www.actify.com/bom-manager/ Centro automatically generate Bill of Materials from CAD assemblies to visually compare within BOM Manager. BOM manager provides side-by-side comparisons and ensures concurrency between eBOM/mBOM, CAD versions to avoid producing from the wrong BOM or file version. Visually compare Bills of Material structures side-by-side and be alerted to any differences or concurrency issues.
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3D PDF Export Plug-In Introduction
An introduction to the 3D PDF Export Plug-in for SpinFire Professional
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Job Sheet | Actify Insight
Business Insight - http://www.actify.com/bi/ No more lost or incomplete job sheets. For small to medium manufactures it's not only about just viewing the 3D CAD information, it's also about being able to see the metadata that goes along with that component or assembly which could be material, cost or manufacturing information. Typically, that data lives in a multitude of different databases or contained within multiple documents and spreadsheets. Today people have to go to each of those data sources to extract what they need, then join the dots between all the information so they can get an accurate picture. With Actify Centro you can extract all that information and have it presented in one unified manner and in one window. You don't even need to know where the information is coming from the system will look after that automatically. This is where Actify can give a huge competitive advantage to our customers because they can efficiently see their information to make smarter faster decisions. No more incomplete job sheets, Centro provides better control, better organized for efficient data management and job management. For More Information visit: www.actify.com Music: www.bensound.com
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Data Management | Actify Centro
Product Data Management - http://www.actify.com/data-management/ File Managers are unsuitable to manage organisation wide documentation. On average 7% of documents are lost per annum. When files or folders are deleted, renamed, re-located or overwritten and cannot be found. Users can perform all these functions, accidentally or maliciously. Using folder structures increase management costs and risk to the organisation and makes the company look unprofessional. No audit trail, no reporting or analysis capabilities, files being overwritten, and it inhibits managers from monitoring changes. With traditional File Managers, collaboration is limited, concurrent working and sharing documents is difficult. Actify Centro is a purpose-built solution ideal for discrete manufacturers to manage product data, resources and information. If you do not already own a solution for managing your product data, you are strongly recommended to start looking today! This is a business necessity and not a "Nice to have" tool. For More Information visit: www.actify.com Music: www.bensound.com
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Actify SpinFire Ultimate Training
Learn more about Actify SpinFire Ultimate - www.actify.com/actify-centro/CAD-Viewer/
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CAD Visualization and Data Discovery for the Enterprise
3D visualization software brings design to life. http://www.actify.com/cad-visualization/ Actify's CAD Visualization and Engineering Data Management software provides easy-to-use, easy to deploy and easy to maintain design and exploration tools for discrete manufacturers, designers, engineers, and business professionals. Quickly transform 3D CAD models into visual presentations, so that you can visually evaluate design alternatives, product manufacturing information and metadata in real time with peers, constituents, and customers. For more information visit: www.actify.com
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Data Discovery - What is a ‘graph database’?
Data Discovery - http://www.actify.com/data-discovery/ With Actify Centro we can enable connections between line-of-business systems and build relationships between associated files, information and metadata to enable a cost-effective method for discovering disparate product data and sharing data between different sources, such as ERP, PLM, spreadsheets.
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CAD Viewer - Actify SpinFire Ultimate
Actify SpinFire Ultimate - CAD Viewer: http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ Discover how you can gain insight from your product data without an expensive CAD license using Actify’s CAD Viewer. Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, mark-up and other investigative functions. SpinFire is able to convert CAD models into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for sharing with internal and external teams. Gain insight from your product data. Actify’s SpinFire CAD Viewer will fulfil the Product Visualization needs of your organization regardless of its size. For More Information visit: www.actify.com Music: www.bensound.com
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PLM Industry trends 2017 | CIMdata
Learn more about Actify's PDI capabilities - www.actify.com/actify-centro/
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Data Discovery with Actify Centro
Learn more about Data Discovery with Actify Centro: http://www.actify.com/actify-centro/ Necessary data no longer resides inside one application. Multiple data sources, file types, departments or devices provides a growing challenge to effectively govern and manage data. Unleash the benefits of data access. During this webinar we will discuss why data discovery is essential for success. Actify Centro provides the architecture necessary to enable data discovery within your organisation.
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SpinFire Ultimate Live Webinar in Deutsch – Überblick der wichtigsten Funktionen   Copy
http://www.actifyeurope.de/cad-viewer/ SpinFire ist seit vielen Jahren die führende Software in der Industriebranche zum Visualisieren und Untersuchen von 3D- und 2D-CAD-Daten, ohne ein komplexes CAD-System einsetzen zu müssen oder einen zusätzlichen Arbeitsplatz zu betreiben. Dank SpinFire Ultimate können Fertigungsunternehmen kosteneffizient CAD-Daten untersuchen und Erkenntnisse aus ihren Produktinformationen gewinnen. Dieses Webinar gibt Ihnen einen kompakten Überblick über die wichtigsten Funktionen in SpinFire Ultimate.
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Digital transformation enables competitive advantage within Manufacturing
To learn more about Actify Centro visit: www.actify.com/actify-centro/ During this webinar, we discussed how businesses can achieve new competitive advantages through digital transformation. We demonstrated how our technology can support an enterprise data management strategy and enable your employees to share information and effectively collaborate on projects with other team members, regardless of geographical location. Companies who share information and collaborate benefit from faster access to insight resulting in a faster time to market. To learn more about Actify visit: www.actify.com
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Manufacturing Information Management
Get more information online here: http://www.actify.com/data-discovery/ Centro delivers a single unified platform that significantly speeds up enterprise data access, visible through a browser on a variety of hardware. Centro delivers a unified view of product data and associated documentation, including CAD. Enterprise Data Discovery: Static business intelligence reports do not satisfy the requirements of information workers across the enterprise. Data Discovery empowers the business users to make use of the available tools to conduct their own interrogation and analysis on the available product data. Centro Delivers Greater Insight: Increasing complexity when designing, producing and servicing products is a challenge for manufacturers today. Centro delivers enterprise data discovery for discrete manufacturers to help manage and navigate complex projects and product information. Centro delivers insight to mitigate downstream impact on cost, lead time and customer experience. Centro Enhances Collaboration & Innovation: Centro provides a platform to enhance product innovation and project collaboration with internal and external teams. Gain greater visibility to your critical product information that benefits the enterprise, while attaining better project and program visibility. Centro enables greater component reuse, reduction in waste, higher product quality and faster time to market. Actify’s core capabilities are dealing with complex engineering documents and mapping data from just about any networked file or system. Actify can populate Centro with data from many different business systems and deliver upon your organisation’s custom requirements to satisfy your specific data discovery needs. For additional information about Actify, visit www.actify.com
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Technology and the Connected Manufacturing Industry - Webinar
For More Information visit: www.actify.com/actify-centro/ At PowerPlex 2016 Actify talked about 'Technology and the Connected Manufacturing Industry' covering such topics as; Industry 4.0, the ‘connected enterprise’ and the state of the manufacturing industry today. Leveraging insights from the Gartner Hype Cycle for Discrete Manufacturing and PLM, Actify addressed relevant disruptive technologies and industry trends with regards to market readiness, maturity and industry adoption. Focusing on ‘digital business drivers’ that are changing due to shifting requirements for designing, producing and servicing products. We’re starting to see this aspect of a connected enterprise and their cyber/physical systems. We discussed ‘visibility of data’ and quantify how it can be used to monitor progress, identify opportunities and areas for improvement. Visibility to ‘Real time’ data can identify problems as they occur and trend monitoring to identify problems down the line. For More information visit www.actify.com
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Shortcut Toolbar | SpinFire Ultimate
Coming soon in SpinFire 11.5.0 - http://www.actify.co.uk/press-release/spinfire-11-5-0-coming-soon/ Shortcut Toolbar. Save time by adding your favourite or commonly used functions to the new shortcut toolbar. Music: http://www.bensound.com/
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Product Visualization Introduction - Actify
Hear Actify President & CEO discuss the value of Actify's Product Visualization Solution
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2D/3D Grid and Ruler | SpinFire Ultimate
Coming soon in SpinFire 11.5.0 - http://www.actify.co.uk/press-release/spinfire-11-5-0-coming-soon/ 2D and 3D Grid and Rulers. The grids and rulers provide greater context when investigating models within the SpinFire workspace. Music: http://www.bensound.com/
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BOM Manager | Actify Centro
BOM Manager - http://www.actify.com/bom-manager/ Avoid producing from the wrong BOM or file version. Manufacturers must be flexible and responsive to customer requirements. To do this, there is a need to reduce stock levels, customer lead times, product introduction and engineering change timescales. To achieve a competitive edge, effective communication and control of information inside and outside the organisation is essential. The Bill of materials pulls together all sorts of product information across several disciplines. Managing the BOM is important to get the job done right. Therefore, the BOM must be well organized, correct and up-to-date - otherwise you can expect production delays or errors. Actify Centro provides tools to support Manufacturers. BOM Manager provides side-by-side comparisons to ensure concurrency between eBOM and mBOM. With BOM Manager you can even compare CAD assemblies to avoid producing from the wrong BOM or file version. For More Information visit: www.actify.com Music: www.bensound.com
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SpinFire Webinar – CAD Viewer new features as well as tips and tricks
New features as well as tips and tricks. Learn how to gain even more insight into product data and accelerate manufacturing processes. With Actify SpinFire™, manufacturing operations can quickly and cost-effectively visualize CAD data and review designs at every stage of the process. Share and collaborate with employees, suppliers, and customers. Cost-effectively increase access to design data using an industry neutral CAD Viewer to save both time and money! In this video we will give you some useful tips after a brief introduction to the SpinFire product: Rule-based coloring overview Settings in SpinFire (graphics card, wallpaper, toolbox) Create digital prototypes from differently formatted CAD files Open files through the SpinFire library Various options for selecting components in assemblies Smart dimensioning Section Cuts
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Actify SpinFire Ultimate - Communicate design data throughout the enterprise
For More information on Actify SpinFire Ultimate, visit - http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ Thanks to SpinFire Ultimate manufacturing companies can cost-effectively use and share model-data and construction plans between employees, vendors and customers at every stage of the process. With Actify SpinFire™ you can: - Open and view almost every CAD file, including all assembly data - Calculate volume, surface, thickness, angle and much more - Communicate design data throughout the enterprise - Create digital prototypes out of differently formatted CAD files - Create exploded views and annotations For More information visit: http://www.actify.com/
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Actify SpinFire Ultimate – Der CAD Viewer Neue Lösungsansätze sowie Tipps und Tricks
Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie noch genauere Einblicke in Produktdaten erhalten und Fertigungsprozesse beschleunigen. Dank Actify SpinFire™ können Produktionsbetriebe schnell und kostengünstig Modelldaten und Konstruktionsentwürfe in jeder Prozessphase mühelos visualisieren, zwischen Mitarbeitern, Lieferanten und Kunden austauschen und gemeinsam verwenden. Fertigungsprozesse werden erheblich verkürzt. Das spart Zeit und Geld! Unser Live-Webinar liefert Ihnen nach einer kurzen Einführung in das Produkt Actify SpinFire™ nützliche Tipps: - Einstellungen in SpinFire (Grafikkarte, Bildschirmhintergrund, Werkzeugkasten) - Digitale Prototypen aus unterschiedlich formatierten CAD-Dateien (z.B. NX, Creo, CATIA) erstellen - öffnen der Dateien über die Bibliothek - verschiedene Möglichkeiten zur Auswahl von Bauteilen in Baugruppen - Intelligente Bemaßung - Schnittdarstellung
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Actify Centro Webinar - Effective File Management
Learn more about effective File Management - https://www.actify.com/actify-centro/ [WEBINAR] BIG benefits from simple and effective file management. In this short webinar, you will learn how easy it is to manage all enterprise files, giving you immediate benefits, increasing your performance and gaining efficiency over manual data management methods. In just 30 minutes, you can learn how Actify Centro can help you: - Manage your design files and documentation to maximize productivity and improve product quality. - Share information and effectively collaborate on project data with team members, regardless of geographical location. - Automatically manage versions of your enterprise files, not just CAD. Actify Centro enables your teams to securely store and index design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns over version control and data loss and collaborate on designs in multiple locations. Learn More www.actify.com
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SpinFire Webinar  – Tipps und Tricks für das Arbeiten mit Bauteilen und Baugruppen
More info: http://www.actifyeurope.de/cad-viewer/ Actify SpinFire Ultimate ist ein revolutionärer CAD-Viewer mit Multi-CAD-Unterstützung für die 3D- und 2D-Ansicht, Messung, Kennzeichnung und für andere investigative Funktionen. SpinFire kann CAD-Modelle in ein kompaktes, leichtes und neutrales Format konvertieren, um sie so mit internen und externen Teams teilen zu können. Gewinnen Sie Einblicke anhand Ihrer Produktdaten. Der SpinFire CAD-Viewer von Actify erfüllt – ungeachtet seiner Größe – die Produktvisualisierungsanforderungen Ihrer Organisation.
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CAD Viewer - SpinFire Ultimate allow you to see things more clearly
SpinFire Ultimate CAD Viewer - http://www.actify.com/cad-viewer/ Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a CAD neutral viewer. Our technology converts from many popular CAD applications into a compact and lightweight format that can be viewed and shared across the organisation accurately and easily. Our CAD viewer can maintain the underlying B-rep information and true maths of the geometry without the expense of the native CAD application. By overcoming the barrier of file format compatibility operational benefits include; easy file sharing and collaboration, shortened design cycles, saving time and money. Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, markup and other investigative functions. SpinFire is able to convert CAD data into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for sharing with internal and external teams. Gain insight from your product data. Actify’s SpinFire CAD Viewer will fulfil the Product Visualization needs of your organization regardless of its size.
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Actify Centro - Business Intelligence for SMB Manufacturing companies
For More information on Actify Centro, visit - http://www.actify.co.uk/data-discovery/ Big Data is Big Business in Manufacturing. Data is transforming the Manufacturing industry. Business Insights gained from Big Data are essential for manufacturers to: - Make better real-time decisions - Reduce the waste of resources - Identify opportunities for improvements Actify will address relevant industry trends (Big Data, IoT and Industry 4.0) and focus on ‘digital business drivers’ that are changing due to shifting requirements for designing, producing and servicing products. We define our technology as Product Data Intelligence, because today’s business intelligence (bi) solutions do not understand product data or handle the types of files or information that are synonymous with engineering and manufacturing organisations. Discrete manufacturers data is unique, because your information assets include 3D models and 2D drawings with information hidden within CAD files (dimensions, eBOM, PMI, GD&T, etc.) Actify Centro is an enterprise data platform specific for the manufacturing industry. For more information visit: http://www.actify.com
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Digital transformation enables new competitive advantages
Learn More about Actify Centro - www.actify.com/actify-centro/ Unlock trapped business value with a transformative data management strategy. SMB Manufacturing Organizations face many challenges; one is enabling and empowering employees to work together in a productive manner. With Actify Centro we fill the large open management gap that is mostly untouched due to the cost, complexity and adoption of alternative technology solutions. An enterprise data management strategy can enable your employees to share information and effectively collaborate on projects with team members, regardless of geographical location. Those who see the importance of saving time and money through information sharing and collaboration benefit from faster access to insight resulting in a faster time to market.
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SpinFire Ultimate and SpinFire Web - Discover the differences between Actify’s CAD viewers
Learn more about SpinFire Ultimate (desktop) and SpinFire web (online) to support your design workflow and collaboration requirements. In this video, we are going to share with you the ins and outs of our desktop and of our online CAD viewer applications. These are similar products, both being CAD viewers, but address different pain points and business challenges. By the end of this video, you will have a very good understanding of what these products offer. Furthermore, you will learn how these two can be combined to serve communication and design objectives, both with internal teams and external stakeholders. Some of the specific topics we will cover: - Key questions to consider when comparing SpinFire Web and SpinFire Ultimate - Features available across our CAD viewers to help you design and collaborate more efficiently - Compare viewing experience for 3D files and 2D drawings - Share CAD files on desktop, online, and mobile To give you a higher-level perspective as well, we are also going to briefly talk about the overall strategic and business benefits of using such CAD viewer products. It will give you additional insights to support your decision making when it comes to select the right tools to enhance your team’s performance.
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How to get Design Data into ERP - Webinar
Streamline Design Data and Product Data into Plex. Learn more at www.actify.com and contact us to discuss your needs. During this webinar you will learn how you can benefit from implementing a complete ‘Art to Part’ fully integrated system. Automatically move engineering data seamlessly to and from Plex including bill of material structure, associated engineering metadata, 3D viewing capabilities, Excel spreadsheets and more. Save time, reduce error margins and get near real-time product data for greater insight into the business and visibility to potential problems downstream, using Actify’s new state-of-the-art technology. Discover the benefits available by having a complete concept design to finished part data flow. The Challenge faced by many manufacturers is the management of engineering data and other disparate product data during prototype or development, and then effectively getting that information into PLEX. At PowerPlex 2016 we discussed the various pitfalls and barriers our clients have faced with other product data management solutions. Through market research and external consultant engagements, the solution to be presented from Actify starts at the very beginning of the process with the creation of a ‘birth certificate’ for all new projects. The solution provides data management through the concept design and quoting process before the real engineering work even begins. The solution manages the process of moving engineering data seamlessly to and from PLEX without the need for manual intervention. The range of applications being corralled range from Excel spreadsheets to 3-D CAD and the information being automatically uploaded to PLEX includes the Bill of material structure, associated engineering metadata, 3d viewing capabilities and more. Significant time savings are achieved and the possibility for errors as data is transferred between systems is totally eliminated. The added benefit of near real time product data provides greater insight into the business and highlighting potential problems downstream. Learn more, visit www.actify.com
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Visual Analysis & Reporting Introduction - Actify
Hear Actify President & CEO discuss the value of Actify's Visual Analysis & Reporting Solution
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ROI of PDM | Actify, Inc.
Learn more about Actify's Product Data Intelligence capabilities - www.actify.com/actify-centro/
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Product Data Intelligence by Actify - English
An introduction to Product Data Intelligence. http://www.actify.com/about-actify/ Actify, Inc. is 100% focused on delivering solutions that revolutionizes the way product data and product information is managed and shared across the enterprise and throughout the development lifecycle. Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise. At Actify our core capability is extracting product data and part properties from CAD files or other engineering type documents as though it was just another database.
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Minimum Thickness Introduction - Actify SpinFire
An introduction to SpinFire 10.0's Minium Thickness Plug-in
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Actify - Extended CAD Introduction
An introduction to Actify's Extended CAD feature.
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Actify Centro and Plex ERP - Streamlining product data into Plex
Listen to Chris Jones. President and CEO, Actify Inc. Discuss how numerous Plex customers have automated the bidirectional process of uploading and extracting key data to and from Plex. Streamlining the process and eliminating the possibility of error from human intervention. The data collated covers a wide range of subjects, from numerous data repositories, across the complete “art to part” process. For More information visit: www.actify.com
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Actify Centro/Plex Integration
Actify Centro/Plex Integration Video
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5 ways CAD access can accelerate success across the enterprise.
Enterprise CAD Viewing (ECV) with Actify SpinFire: http://www.actify.com/promotion/enterprise-cad-viewing/ This webinar is entitled ‘Beyond Design’ because we want to explore the business value of using CAD beyond the design team. In this webinar, we will explore 5 ways CAD access can accelerate success across the enterprise. We’ll explore how CAD access can: • Accelerate Design and Product Development • Accelerate Sales Results • Enrich Customer Engagement • Enhance Marketing Collateral • & Improve Communication with Suppliers For More information visit: www.actify.com
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Data Discovery | Actify Centro
Data Discovery - http://www.actify.com/data-discovery/ Release the business value trapped within your business systems. Today’s discrete manufacturing problems are not about creating more data or buying additional expensive and complex technology, but rather accessing the existing disparate data and gaining insight. Over the years manufacturing companies have spent a fortune on expensive CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP systems without ever gaining the promised results. That's because these applications exist in silos. Just imagine if you could release the business value that is trapped in these applications and other key data sources like spreadsheets or other line-of-business systems. Valuable product data is also hidden within CAD files, located across network drives, or dispersed across locations. Learn how to liberate your product data and increase results without the typical costs! Actify Centro provides user friendly tools to find information, share files and optimize the flow of product data throughout a products lifecycle. For More Information visit: www.actify.com Music: www.bensound.com
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Automatic Part ID for SpinFire Professional
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Automatic Parts List for SpinFire Professional
Automatic Parts List for SpinFire Professional
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Product Data Intelligence by Actify - German
http://www.actifyeurope.de/uber-actify/ Actify, Inc. ist zu 100 % auf die Bereitstellung von Lösungen fokussiert und revolutioniert so die Art, in der Produktdaten und Produktinformationen unternehmensübergreifend und innerhalb des gesamten Entwicklungslebenszyklus verwaltet und geteilt werden. Actify versteht Produktdaten, angefangen von der Produktdefinition des Originalkonstrukteurs beim Engineering bis zu disparaten Produktdaten über das erweiterte Unternehmen eines Herstellers. Eine der wesentlichen Funktionen von Actify-Lösungen ist die Möglichkeit, Produktdaten und Teileeigenschaften aus CAD-Dateien oder anderen Engineering-Dokumenten zu extrahieren – wie bei einer Datenbank.
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