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Whale Sharks Snorkeling in Baja @ Las Animas Eco-Lodge, Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez
http://www.bajaairventures.com/BajaWhaleShark.html Highlights of #whale #shark #snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez Midriff Island region, Baja Mexico near Las Animas Eco-Lodge run by Baja AirVentures
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Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico, Adventure Travel  Vacation @ Las Animas Ecolodge
40 year adventure travel expert Dave Wiggins shares his reflections on his Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico vacation at Las Animas Eco-Lodge. http://www.bajaairventures.com/wildernessretreat/
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Piver 31AA  Fast Sailing at 11 knots off San Diego, CA
11knots in 12 to 15 knots wond speed off Point Loma, CA
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Baja Gray Whale Watching. Whales That Love to be Pet Like a Dog
Check out this amazing video from a guest on our " Best of Baja Whales, Dolphins & Sea Lions" tour of these Baja Gray whales. Many love to be pet like dogs do. Look close you can almost see them smiling.
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Baja Whale Watching; When is the Best Time to Go Whale Watching in Baja?
#1 in a series of answers to frequently asked Baja whale watching questions with Kevin and "Tourism Tim" Warren with over 50 years combined experience in Baja Ecotourism and Adventure Travel. http://www.bajaairventures.com/whalewatching/
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Adventure Travel Agent Baja Lodge Testimonial for Baja Airventures
30 Year Adventure Travel Booking Agent Shares Testimonial and Baja Photos on Baja Airventures Las Animas Wilderness Eco-Lodge http://www.bajaairventures.com/
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Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling Fun, Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico
Young women is amazed with her Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling fun near Las Animas Wilderness Lodge and Bahia de Los Angeles
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Barncle Encrusted Sea Turtle Rescue in Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico
A poor sick barnacle encrusted sea turtle ( tortuga) is rescued by the staff of Las Animas Wilderness Lodge, a 1 hour boat ride from Bahia de Los Angeles. http://www.bajaairventures.com/
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Sea of Cortez... Baja Mexico Magic @ Las Animas Ecolodge
Baja dreaming..? Fly away for 60 seconds into #SeaofCortez #Baja nature paradise. http://www.bajaairventures.com/ #whalesharks #Ecolodge #Mexico #Ecotourism #AdventureTravel #BajaAirventures
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Baja Nature, Adventure Travel & Sea of Cortez Highlights
http://www.bajaairventures.com/ Baja Adventure Travel, Sea of Cortez Nature, Ecotourism Highlights of Baja, Mexico at Las Animas Wilderness Eco-Lodge
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Travelogue - Sea of Cortez Fun, Whale Sharks, James Brown & More - Las Animas Ecolodge
Birthday adventure travelogue with Dave Wiggins @ Las Animas Ecolodge in the Midriff Island region of the Sea of Cortez. Sunrise, laughter, friends, Whale Sharks, Sea Lions, James Brown and much more. Share if you enjoy
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Do Whale Sharks Attack Humans? Whale Sharks the Largest Sharks in the World?
Are whale sharks really dangerous to humans? 30 year Baja adventure travel experts share their insights. http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Terri Shares Why She Will Repeat This Baja Whale Shark Bucket List Vacation
Terri shares here special moment why she never repeats a vacation but she will repeat this Baja whale shark tour vacation in the Midriff Island region near Las Animas Ecolodge http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Baja Time-Lapse Beach & Night Sky Video - Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico
Awesome Time-Lapse Beach & Night Sky Video Shot at Las Animas Ecolodge on Sea of Cortez, Midriff Islands, Baja, Mexico. http://www.bajaairventures.com/
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Baja Whale Sharks 2017 : Why She Loves This...
Famous Marine biologist shares why she loves snorkeling with Baja Whale sharks and who she trusts for her Baja nature groups and travel. http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Whales Sharks: Do They Eat Humans? Fish or ?
What do whale sharks eat? Are they dangerous? Short video with 30 year Baja adventure travel veterans helps you understand these amazing creatures. More info: http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Wimpy Women's Comments on Swimming with Whale Sharks Sea of Cortez
Swimming with Whale Sharks at Las Animas Ecolode on the Sea of Cortez comments on how to feel safe and secure even you are a "Wimpy Women"
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Swimming with 15 Baja Whale Sharks in One Morning, Tony  Will Never Forget This ...
Tony shares why he will never forget seeing from the boat and swimming with 15 Baja whale sharks in just one morning on a calm day in a shallow bay close to the shore. This was in the Midriff Island region near Las Animas Ecolodge on the Sea of Cortez. http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Whale Sharks on Parade in Sea of Cortez
http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/ Amazing gentle baby whale sharks adults coming up to us in Sea of Cortez near Las Animas Eco-Lodge.
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How to Use Surveys to Increase Your Tourism Bookings
If you want to get more positive review in social media, here’s step 1 on how to use internal surveys to get more positive Tripadvisor, Yelp, Facebook and others and avoid negative reviews
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Baja Ecotourism and Sea of Cortez Adventure Travel with Baja Airventures - Happy Guests
http://www.BajaAirventures.com Here is a young couple's quick comments that totally enjoyed staying at Las Animas Wilderness Retreat on the Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico
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Her Magical Spiritual Connection Snorkeling with Baja Whale Sharks
Women ecotourist shares her spiritual & magical moments snorkeling with Baja Whale Sharks near Las Animas Ecolodge in the Midriff Islands region of the Sea of Cortez. http://www.bajaairventures.com/bajawhaleshark/
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Terry McBride Group Baja Wedding Comments on Las Animas
Spiritual leader Terry McBride shares comments about his private Baja wedding group @ Las Animas Wilderness Lodge on the Sea of Cortez. Check out http://www.bajaairventures.com/ to see how you can rent Las Animas Lodge exclusively for your private group of 10 - 20 people and get a discount too.
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Midriff Island Sunrise Splendor - Sea of Cortez
Midriff Islands Sunrise Splendor - Sea of Cortez, Las Animas Ecolodge
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