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How fast do watermelons and cantaloupe grow? fuit flower
How fast do watermelons and cantaloupes (crimson sweet and sierra gold) grow flower fruit? I don't know but this is how fast mine do. Im in the middle of the season and it just started. I should have a productive summer if all goes well. I use miracle gro and worthless soil to grow them. No compost or mulch or anything like that. watermelon time lapse but not timelapse like fast forward more like showing them at different times. lame but it's all I got.
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Rainbow mix coleus update plants
My rainbow mix coleus are looking good and the bigger ones spent the past week in 20 plus mph wind getting tough.
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black prince and purple cherokee heirloom tomatoes
black prince and purple cherokee heirloom tomatoes
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Coleus seedlings indoors under lights
Coleus seedlings. Some are bigger than others because they were planted at different times and the quality of the soil. I planted some seedlings in really woody topsoil and they seem to be stunted
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Coleus rainbow mix
Coleus rainbow mix plants grown from seeds
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How to plant tomato suckers
how to plant tomato suckers. just prune off the suckers and stick them in dirt. pretty easy.
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Mealworm meat farm factory harvest
My mealworm meat factory farm. I am figuring out the best way to farm mealworms so I can eat them. If they taste decent I will stop eating any life form higher than a bug or simple crustaceans. I think two beetle trays like mine and 14 growing trays plus 20 dollars of bran and potatoes a month would make more than enough protien to keep me healthy maybe even have a surplus.
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update pf tek brf oyster mushrooms green house vicks humidifer
pf tek brf cakes growing mushrooms on them.
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watermelons galore cantaloupe crimson sweet congo sugar baby
watermelons galore cantaloupe crimson sweet congo sugar baby
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how to identify magic mushrooms psilocybin cubensis
how to identify psilocybin cubensis magic mushrooms in the wild. the spores it drops have to be purple. the flesh of the shroom has to turn blue when cut or bruised and the stem has to have the veil ring around it. Sometimes the ring comes off somehow. Another indicator it's a magical variety of mushroom is if it's growing out of cow or horse shit. They can grow under your bird feeder if you are lucky like me because they like to eat grain.
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growing mealworms and beetles
I am learning how to grow mealworms and am experimenting with a method I think might produce a lot. I am growing the mealworms to eat myself and maybe make dog food with but most people in my country use them for lizard and bird food. When I was little I used them to catch bluegill sunfish. beetles
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firing up my coleman duel fuel 533 stove
Look at my new toy. coleman duel fuel 533 stove. I think it's great.
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pf tek oyster mushrooms phoenix mushrooms update brf
mushroom growing update my liquid cultures turned out to be good and I have some pf tek style brf jars growing to test them. The phoenix oyster mushroom spawn I thought was contaminated because it had a sweet smell to it turned out to be ok. I wish I wouldn't have tossed it. I do have a viable liquid culture jar and 11 fully colonized pf tek jars to play with while I prepare some more grain jars for the phoenix
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Hubsan x4 h107c+ plus
This quad is ok if there is no wind. I flew it normal at first being careful because this quad acted so crazy before. After a while I remembered there was altitude hold and that is nice. This quad is not any good if there is even the slightest breeze and the battery dosnt last long and it will just come down when it runs out so that means you cant do anything to crazy. The new h107c+ sucks despite this footage being ok. I wanted to take it way way way up today but the stupid batteries are charging one at a time right now in the quad. I hardly have days with no wind and the way we have to charge these really blows.
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how to keep birds from eating tomatoes
how to keep birds from eating my tomatoes how do I keep stop birds from eating my tomatoes?
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fast watermelon and cantaloupe on the ground and mound.
Wow my babies sure are growing fast. Soon they will be all grown up and I will eat them.
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butter beans aka lima beans
Butter or lima beans are super good. I think they may be my new favorite. I pressure cooked some beef knuckles and then used the stock to cook some soaked lima beans in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. I had the perfect water level so when It was done there was just this awesome gravy and not too watery but there was enough water to make them tender and good as hell.
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Coleus finalists plant garden
Here are the coleus that have been selected to continue growing because they are interesting. Wgen they get bigger I will try to only keep the top 20 to cultivate.
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apm 2.8 altitude hold barometer problem no foam
This apm 2.8 quadcopter was sinking or falling or dropping in the wind while in altitude hold and loiter mode. it was not so bad unless the wind was really gusting. I didn't put any foam on the barometer or change the pid settings at all. I just put a small plastic bowl over the arducopter board and not only does it look better it holds it's altitude in very strong wind. Light does affect it too because I tried a clear bowl and when it hit the sun a certain way it would lose altitude. now it is rock solid. arducopter quadcopter apm 2x
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illegal unregistered toy drone fineco fx-7c with runcam hd
it's almost legal weight. Im not going to register any stupid drones until 5,000 americans are arrested then Ill know it's serious and I might register then. this is a fineco fx-7c with a runcam on it. it was windy up there so its shaky and I didn't fly long I just wanted to see if it could carry it and it can.
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Feral cat that bites me sometimes.
This is my wild feral adult cat that I tamed a little and now feed. He or she sometimes bites my hand and I want to stomp him or her into mush when he or she does that but other than that it's ok.
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Mealworm dog food.
My dogs eating dry mealworms. I am going to start feeding these to my dogs. They can easily eat 100grams each a day. Thats more than enough fat and protein for them.It's easier to prepare dried mealworms for pets than for people so they will be getting the massive amounts of extras that I dry in the sun.
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switch to mushroom growing.
I am going to start growing mushrooms. pink phoenix and yellow oyster. I am going to start with a pf tek to test my liquid cultures but I already have 24 quarts of grain colonizing so I will probably deal with those while these are incubating. I am going to try to record it all.
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coleus seedling showing first colors. rainbow mix seeds.
Coleus seedlings showing their first colors. This is my first time growing coleus and it looks like a real neat plant. Coleus comes in all kinds of colors and traits. The seeds can produce a seemingly endless combination of colors, shapes, sizes and shade/sun tolerences. I am painting so many seeds in the hopes of getting a few really cool looking ones that I can clone and keep living as long as I do. I made this long boring video because this whole time while I was waiting for these tiny seeds to sprout I could only find a few pictures of seedlings and most of the searches returned stock company photos and nothing really detailing what the rainbow mix typical looks like. Cross your fingers and hope I get a few winners. You should grow some and maybe we could trade by mail. if we like each others.
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"Max" altitude Hubsan x4 h107c high altitude flight
1:36 is when I think it's about at the limit I don't know if this is the max it can go but this is the max I can go without passing out. It kept going up by itself i think it lost connection. Its hard to tell because i was having a heart attack. I had a rare day with little wind so I thought id go way up.
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pf tek yellow oyster spawned to dried weeds.
pf tek yellow oyster spawned to dried weeds.
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Coleus in their pots.
It took me most of the day but I managed to pot up as many coleus as I can handle. I still have alot in seed trays that are staying outside now. I will plant them later.
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auto mode apm 2.8 test
testing the auto mode gps autopilot feature. it's cool you mark spots on a google earth map and it goes there on it's own. you just put in the altitude and what you want it to do and it does it. 1 waypoint alt 100 2 waypoint alt 100 3 waypoint alt 50 4 return to launch. quadcopter apm arducopter ardupilot gps mode flight
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mealworm growing experiment
I wanted to see how many eggs the beetles would lay in one day. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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growing more heirloom tomatoes purple cherokee tomato black prince mr stripey
purple cherokee tomato pruning and transplanting rooting whatever this is I decided to try to grow more tomatoes since they are so popular with the kinfolk,
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cantaloupe vs. rats and birds
I figured out to just give them what they want.
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apm 2.8  best quadcopter flight yet.
apm 2.8 kit with turnigy 9x radio. cheap and fun setup that can do everything expensive quads can do if you buy cheap extras. all i have is the gps unit but Im going to get all the rest of the stuff for fpv and ground station and stuff like that. the camera is just velcroed onto the frame so thats why its shaky.
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update tomato sucker planting transplanting superweet cherry yellow 100 celebrity
tomato sucker transplanting update supersweet 100 cherry tomato yellow cherry tomato celebrity tomato
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$1.69 Apm 2.8 quadcopter lights
Some cheap and salvaged lights for my apm 2.8 450 diy quadcopter kit. I love it
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mealworm farm or mealworm ranch.
My mealworm farm so far.
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Coleus update
Coleus plant
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Hubsan x4 cam plus +vs hubsan h107c
The white one is the new hubsan h107c+ i said it wrong at first. Old (red) hubsan h107c compared to hubsan h107c+. Hubsanx4 plus versuses hubsan x4. You can shot the motors off on the new one with the contols but its not instant .quadcopter rc hobby
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cheap chinese pond foggers water feature fountain
playing with different cheap chinese water pond fountain foggers. They are cheap. less than 5.00 us. just search pond fogger on ebay and choose the lowest to highest search filter. don't buy the little black ones with no lights because they are lame. get the silver one with led lights. you need to buy a 24v power adapter also.
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How to kill Tomato horn worm hornworm
How to kill tomato hornworms horn worms
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Survival food from weeds.
Trying to make shtf survival food with weeds and cactus. Eating bugs to survive. mealworms can be farmed with little space, resources, and energy. You dont need liquid water to farm them. Water will be precious. if everything goes down and people are forbidden to travel you can at least eat something besides eachother.
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cokeman250's spring contest
It seems like my garden gets bigger every hour. garden tomato tomatoes black prince super sweet crimson watermelon sierra gold cantaloupe cherry tomato black cherry mr stripey heirloom purple cherokee bell pepper zucchini butternut squash homestead yeah I have these plants tomato tomatoes black prince super sweet crimson watermelon sierra gold cantaloupe cherry tomato black cherry mr stripey heirloom purple cherokee bell pepper zucchini butternut squash homestead
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used shirt as mulch for watermelon.
Im using an old shirt as a mulch ground cover to see if it works for the weeds. Im just putting it where I water hopefuly it will stop erosion too. I mad a berm around to hold more water in and it can just soak down. I didnt want to use plastic because it gets so hot where I live I think it would cook the leaves or roots. Ill let you know if it's worth the trouble over letting the weeds go. I figure they will last the summer but Im not sure about disease festering under it.
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Meal worm farm phase 1 making Beatles
I'm just getting started learning how to grow mealworms for human consumption I am eventually going to try to grow enough to eat on a regular basis wish me luck I'm not doing this to be a hippie I just think they might taste good
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I stole a crackhead's dog.
I found a pitiful dog on the street and decided to name,wash,feed,vaccinate,worm,neuter and keep her. Im pretty sure she does not have a human and if she did they were probably crack heads.
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Watermelon How to grow champion Monsanto melons
World Champion monsanto watermelon grower shows how to grow giant watermelons too. This is the defenitive how-to water melon video and is all the information you will need to grow watermelons in your own garden. This is all science here and you cant argue with science so ill disable the ratings. please feel free to comment if you want. how to feed how to water how to pollinate how to garden how to grow watermelon and melons.
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ebay 8.5" Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife
ebay 8.5" Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife
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Funny talking peter, Zucchini survives
First Peter Griffin starts talking funny then a big storm rolls in and knocks over my zucchini plants. I tip them back upright and eat one.
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My bad ass garden update
Check out the progress of my garden. I have black cherry, yellow cherry, super sweet 100, homestead, black prince, Mr. Stripey, purple cherokee tomatoes. Zucchini, Butternut squash, egg plant congo sugar baby crimson sweet watermelon sierra gold cantaloupe bell peppers some mystery peppers
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GMO mutant rat like creature found.
I was going to work today finally but was distracted for the whole day by youtube and a mutant rat I found eating GMO corn.
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