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Bill Maher on Letterman 4-25-2011
good interview.
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jefferson airplane with Signe, high flyin' bird
photos of signe anderson, original singer with the jefferson airplane, also at reunion with marty balin in astoria oregon. high flyin' bird from early flight album. Here is a link to the last Signe performance with the band, put out by sony records. https://youtu.be/_hN97Yp_JA4?list=PLRAdZfjRXp6pK3RkiHdlhTkUJjC9TiDT3
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Foster Brooks roasts Jack Benny
edited down from another vid. I got to see Foster in the Philipenes while I was in the navy, he did a great USO show, it was 1982 I think. Will miss this guy.
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the frost, take my hand, mystery man live
from grande, live album of alternative cuts.
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Limburger Cheese Documentary
speaks for itself, I love this stuff.
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Seth MacFarlane on Global Heating
Opening speech from awards show honoring science and breakthroughs.
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ron wood breathe on me live
live version of breathe on me, with painting works he has done. also johnny benson, 2008 craftsman truck series champ. and photo of portland or.
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The original Gangnam Style, Chester Tam, from Hotrod
get it on Chester!
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ice age sea levels
Download full rez version here, it's better to just down load it, 350 mb. . https://archive.org/details/Dd000121052 , also check out the other version that has a closer perspective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yaJ_Ku2hCM, using blender software, and Nasa images, we can show much lower sea levels at the peak of the last ice age. The Mediterranean sea is land locked, Japan connects to China, no north sea and so on.
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Frank Frazetta with Dick Wagner
Frazetta with Dick Wagner's Dance of the Pharohs.
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original gibson guitar factory june 2000
my pictures I took june 2000, kalamazoo mich. Elvin Bishop at filmore about 1971, the sky is crying. guitar being played in this vid was made here.
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Master Blasters best of
every launch
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Ice age ocean levels For Reference
Ice age and modern sea level reference globe. First pass is ice age, then conventional modern, then bathyspheric modern showing ocean floor.
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Kathy Griffin's 'jaw dropping' Story About Woody Allen Will Shock You
Stole from Build, and Huffpost. You go!
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The Ghoul Birthday Favor 1976
Don't remember how i got this. I was huge Detroit Ghoul fan.
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Fluid Simulation Compilation in blender
several combined.
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No ads, Game of Thrones reaction compilation, S7 E4
No ads, This is a collection of reactions to the final scene, season 7 episode 4. Jaime Lannister sinks into the ocean. Is he dead, probably not. About 30 reaction vids edited to make this. I made this as a fan and as a study in popular culture. Fair use should apply here.
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Jeff Richards does Charlie Rose on Maron
Jeff does Charlie rose, awesome.
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goodys 500 1984, martinsville 25 years ago, tim richmond
older broadcast of nascar race. http://www.archive.org/details/tobacco_kxi52b00 , link to full vid. originally posted for tobaco advertisements.
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liz lemon in hi def
she steps in front of the high def camera.
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Ice Age Sea Levels Most Coverage
Trying to show the whole earth as much as possible.
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Trump drunk, Hillary on meth, Chelsea on weed
Chelsea hates weed, folks, just thought I would share that with you.
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CBS News, from Couric to Pelley
sign off sign on.
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Wreath of Franklin official theme song
A Wreath of Franklin Official theme song. Writen and performed by me, Bart Hendrickson.
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Rocky Butte park, Portland
view from the top.
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John McCain, and his friend, a poem
love this guy. well.......
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Bat Fetus Hang In There, comedy song
What advice would you give to a bat fetus? Hang in there.
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He Makes You Shine, final edition
my original song, my original video of Portland Or. mostly done on a pc.
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Portland's Max train lines 2008-9
more max train footage than any one would care to see, and more.
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Portland's Director Park
video shots durring construction of Portland oregon's new Director Park.
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Brendan Fraser filming in Portland Or.
Filming of the movie, "Extraordinary Measures", with Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, shown here with short clips from the movie with mostly my footage shot onsite.
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Otto And George Rascals Comedy Club Sound fixed
borrowed from Max Dolcelli, and I can delete it if it is copyrighted. It is not being monetized. I took the time to fix the sound so that it comes from both speakers. much easier to listen to.
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the frost 1500 miles live
from grande
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Chris Farley song
I wrote this for Chris in '97.
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Portland Nordstrom Zoom
Zoom in from parking garage. Portland Oregon, near pioneer square.
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hoverman bow-tie hybrid
this is my latest design, it works the best so far.
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Vampirella Gets Groovy
Oh yeah.
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Dick Cheney proposes false flag operation
John Pilger, giving a talk at Writers festival, from Fora tv.
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refudiate palin
classic performance, tina fey as sarah palin.
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Fluid sim in blender, swirl
volumetric emission illuminating the fluid.
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Global Flooding, animation
wow it's really wet
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new song, "Wutt Wood U Dew"
trying it acoustic, crappy sound on this but there U go.
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portland street performers
loved this performance, I wish them the best of luck. 2009.
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more blender fluid sim
objects emit fluid and bounce
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Jan Hammer, "Dont you know" Drive version
only version of "Don't You Know" from the drive album that is on YouTube. Got flagged for it.
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Stanley Jordan, Wagner Tiso e Victor Biglione, historic
Go right to 3:40, for the solo, Historic performance of Jobim's "Wave", I borrowed this from the original publisher, I wanted to see it again online, but had to publish my own (ad free) for the historic significance of the amazing performance. And, Victor, who I was searching for when I found this.
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Computer animation with blender
fluid simulation.
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Compilation Swirl w/money shots
A mix of swirl fluid simulation. With money shots
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Same two chords, Horse with no name / Nights in white satin
the Em and the D/F# chord are the same in the beginning. for the D/F# chord, fret just the F# note on the E string and the A note on the D string, strum them all.
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Jello Bounce Earth
Better looking earth, cubes bouncier.
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