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Turquoise speed paint
This is just a quick speed paint of my Steven Universe OC turquoise. I don't own Steven Universe I also don't own the characters or the songs, Rebecca Sugar and all other creators are the owners please support the official release. enjoy💛💛
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Come Join Heather In Hell (Speed Paint)
Come join Heather in hell Songs used: Yo Girl Dead Girl Walking (reprise) Candy Store (All songs and characters used are from: Heathers The Musical)
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Heather Lapis, Life Boat
This is a speed paint of Lapis (from Steven Universe) Heather. M (from Heathers), inspired by the song Life Boat from Heathers. The rights to the characters and songs go to there respective owners. Enjoy. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Songs used: Life Boat- Heathers Lapis Lazuli- Steven Universe Seventeen (Reprise)- Heathers It’s Over Isn’t It- Steven Universe
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Smoky Quartz Speed Paint
This my take on the original Smoky Quartz (Amethyst and Rose). The characters and music used the speed paint are all from Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar, and all the rights go to the respective owners. ENJOY!!!
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Lapis escapism rough animation
This is a rough animation for lapis lazuli with the backdrop of my cringe singing of the first part of the Rebecca sugar song escapism. so I hope you guys enjoy comment down below if you want me to upload of the finished version of this with Color and shading. I do not own Steven Universe or its characters or music all the rights go to the respectful owners I don't know them all. Please enjoy. Also I'm sorry you had to suffer through my cringe singing 😅😅. Also this is the last thing let me know if you want me to enter me the whole song escapism yeah do it in the comment section down below.
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Ladybug's transformation
Hello everyone. This is my first animation ever (wow). It was made with Frame Cast, a app for iOS. Sorry for the lack of music and any other mistakes I made, I'm still getting use to this. Hope you enjoy :). Also I do not own Miraculous Ladybug, nor am I taking credit for it, I am just a fan and this is just fan art.
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