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Paraplegic Loses 130 Pounds on Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program
Touching story about Lisa Cummings, a Paraplegic in a wheelchair, who has lost over 130 pounds on the Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program.
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Tim Sales Team Training Call on Goal Setting and Marketing Slenderiiz
http://www.AriixInternetTeam.com Mr. Tim Sales, one of the most renowned trainers in Network Marketing, explained his methodology for goal setting and how following this sequence allowed him to earn over $25 million a year without employees, no accounts receivable or payable, and very little inventory. On this call he also explains how to earn $100,000 a year by marketing the new ARIIX Slenderiiz product line.
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Tim Sales Business Orientation System - the ARIIX B.O.S.
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Tim Sales, reknowned trainer in the MLM Industry, spent over 6 months developing the ARIIX Business Orientation Systemor B.O.S.. The ARIIX B.O.S. is included in the ARIIX back office system and provides state of the art training for all the ARIIX Representatives.
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Tim Sales Explains Why He Joined ARIIX
Tim Sales new company, ARIIX, has set records since day one. After doing over $32 million in sales and opening for business in 12 countries ARIIX was named the #3 Home Business Opportunity in Business From Home Magazine.
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Dr. Ray Strand on Nutrifii as First Step Therapy
Dr. Ray Strand describes how the incredible potency and effectiveness of the Nutrifii Brand supplements helped one of his patients walk again.
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ARIIX Slenderiiz Weight Loss System
ARIIX Slenderiiz Weight Management system - the Healthy Weight Loss System
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Obesity and Diabetes Crisis
www.ArrixInternetTeam.com - Helping You! Obesity has reached epidemic proportions now and the situation is getting worse. This video shows what can happen if you do not do something about it.
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Doctors Explain Why Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program Is Best on Market
Doctor's Dave and Dr O explain why the Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program is more effective than any other weight loss program on the market today.
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Tim Sales Training - How to Handle Objections
www.AriixInternetTeam.com - Tim Sales Training Overcoming the MLM Objection This was a special call Tim Sales did for our Saturday Team training call. On th ecall he describes how to overcome one of the most prevalent objections in the MLM Industry - Is this MLM and is this a Pyramid Scheme
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Why ARIIX Products Are So Potent
www.ARIIXInternetTeam.com In this special Webinar ARIIX Chief Product Officer, Deanna Latson, explains why ARIIX products are different than other products on the market and why the weight loss products work so well.
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ARIIX Puritii Water Bottle demo - Drink swimming pool water without getting sick
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Turn your swimming pool into perfect drinking water with the portable ARIIX Puritii Water Filtration System. Watch how there is zero chlorine left in the water after going through the patent pending ARIIX Puritii water filter.
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Ariix Nutritional Product Certifications
Ariix Products are Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrition and are NSF, GMP, OTC, and FDA, Certified.
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Tim Sales Explains How to Build an ARIIX Business
Tim Sales explains how to build your own business using ARIIX's resources.
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Ariix Active 8 Compensation Plan Auto-balancing - by Dr. Fred Cooper
http://ariixinternetteam.com/ariix-active8-comp-plan-auto-balancing/ Ariix Activ8 compensation Plan auto balances your volume so you always get the best payout.
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Tim Sales at The ARIIX Western Regional Conference
Videos by www.ARIIX InternetTeam.com - Helping You! Tim Sales gives an excellent presentation on the difference between Network Marketing, retail sales, and the structure of traditional businesses. He goes on to explain why ARIIX has been rated one of the top home businesses on the planet and why building an ARIIX business is the perfect plan B.
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Puritii Water Bottle Testing
Dr. Fred Cooper and the ARIIX team go walkabout with the ARIIX Puritii water bottle. They drink water from disgusting sources and survive!
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ARIIX Compensation Plan - How to Make $1,000 a Day and Beyond
ARIIX CEO, Dr. Fred Cooper, narrates this simple video on how to make $1,000 a day and beyond in ARIIX.
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ARIIX Compensation Plan
www.AriixInternetTeam.com The patented ARIIX Compensation Plan is like no other in the Network Marketing Industry. It allows you to build infinitely wide or infinitely deep. The ARIIX Active8 compensation plan pays 15% to unlimited levels, has 7 levels of matching bonuses, a lucrative car or luxury bonus, profit sharing pools, and a special Team Lead bonus that allows new Distributors to be have free product after as few as 4 people join their business.
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Dr  Marlisa Hurt on Restoriix and Slenderiix Detox and Weight Loss Products
www.ArrixInternetTeam.com Dr. Marlisa Hurt describes how the Slenderiix and Xceler8 Weight loss drops work in conjunction with the Restoriix Detox Product
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ARIIX CEO Dr. Fred Cooper on Why MLM Companies Are Merging With ARIIX
www.AriixInternetTeam.com - Helping You! When revNRG joined ARIIX the CEO was extremely pleased to find a good home for his entire Distributor family. Not only does his whole team have more International Markets to build in but they can also market the legandary Gold Standard ARIIX products too.
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ARIIX Slenderiix and Xceler8 Weight Loss System
http://AriixInternetTeam.com/ariix-slenderiix-weight-loss-program/ ARIIX Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ 100% Homeopathic ingredients are proven fat fighters, but Slenderiix™ reaches new health-boosting heights by achieving a synergistic blend of these ingredients and amplifying their ability to support weight loss, reduce appetite and boost metabolism.
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Nutrifii - The Ultimate in 1st Step Therapy - ARIIX Convention 2015
This live footage from the ARIIX Drive Convention 2015 features Doctors and people who have benefited from the ARIIX Nutrifii products.
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ARIIX China Expansion in 2015
At the ARIIX 2015 Drive Convention in Las Vegas ARIIX Asia General Manager, Anita Shen, explained why ARIIX is experiencing unprecedented growth in China. The numbers are amazing!
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Slenderiiz Weight Loss Business
www.AriixInternetTeam.com - Helping You! Obesity has become one of the biggest problems in the world today. This presentation shows why this is happening and how you can make a living doing something about it.
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Drink Lake Berryessa Water - or any lake for that matter!
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Want a few billion extra gallons of drinking water? Drink out of the lakes wherever you are with the ARIIX Puritii Water Bottle
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Team Limitless Training at ARIIX West Coast Regional - Part 1
Videos by www.AriixInternetTeam.com In this video Team Limitless leaders, Stephane Page and John Thompson, explain why ARIIX is on track to become a billion dollar company.
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Dr. O's Valentine Heart Health Presentation
www.AriixInternetTeam.com - Helping You! Dr. O was aour honored guest on this week's training webinar and as always gave a
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Healthy Baby Academy ARIIX Product Division
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Tim abd Laura Sales explain why the worlds needs non-toci baby care products and how the ARIIX Healthy Baby Academy will help our precious young ones have a Healthier and Happier life.
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ARIIX Revenues to Surpass $115 Million in 2015
At the recent ARIIX convention in Las Vegas ARIIX CIO, Mr. Jef Yates, explained how ARIIX has already surpassed all of 2014 revenue in just 6 months and is on track to reach $115 million in 2015. This will place ARIIX at #75 in the world's top 100 MLMs in a short 3 year history - only 3 other companies in history have ever accomplished this.
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Jouve' Skin Care Line Overview
This video is a segment of training on the ARIIX Jouve Skin Care line and gives an overview on why it is so effective. The phrase "look 10 years younger in 90 seconds" is a great way to describe how the tightener serum works and why ARIIX Distributors are having a lot of fun and making a lot of money with these products.
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Slenderiix Helped Me Lose 23 lbs in 24 Days
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss drops helped me lose 23 pounds in 24 days and eventually lose 38 lbs in 90 days. The best part about this program is I have been off the drops for 8 months and have not gained the weight back.
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Dr. O Explains Why People are Losing one half to 1 pound a day on Slenderiix
Slenderiix and Xceler8 Homeopathic weight loss drops are clinically proven to help people lose 50% more weight than they normally would. Studies show people lose an average of 1 half to one pound a day for a variety of reasons. Dr. O explains what is happening in your body as the Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program products help your body lose fat the healthy way.
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ARIIX Puritii Water Bottle Patent Pending Water Filter
The ARIIX Puritii Water Filter Bottle has new patent pending technology that is changing the way people get pure water. You no longer need expensive RO systems to filter your water properly - now you can take the filter system everywhere you go.
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Fund Raising Case Study
http://www.charitiesintandem.org This video is a case study of raising money for Charities using the Network Marketing revenue engine. In this video I go through a fund raising program I did back in the ninties with Special Olympics. In the case study you will see how they were able to fund several staff positions using funds from the program and help thousands of handicapped kids at the same time.
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ARIIX Slenderiix Webinar
How to lose weight with the ARIIX Slenderiix and Xceler8 Homeopathic Weight Loss drops
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Internet Marketing System with Tim Sales
The LeaderElite Internet Marketing System with Tim Sales videos is very robust. It utilizes Video Emails, Audio Emails, auto-reponders, and Tim Sales custom videos like Brilliant Compensation are included.
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Weight Loss Webinar
ARIIX Slenderiix Weight Loss program Webinar - learn how the all natural weight loss drops can help you lose weight and keep it off.
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Tim Sales on Why He Chose Ariix as The Ultimate MLM Opportunity
Tim Sales has come out of retirement to lead Ariix
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Weight Loss without Exercising on the new ARIIX Slenderiix
http://www.AriixInternetTeam.com ARIIX Slenderiix Homeopathic Weight Loss product is changing the way people lose weight. The Slenderiix formula comes from years of research and thousands of trials to prove how effective a weight management system it is. Unlike most weight loss programs people saw excellent results without any type of strenuous workout.
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Limitless Team Training Part 3 - ARIIX Western Regional
Videos from www.AriixInternetTeam.com
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ARIIX Product Reveiw with Dr. Ray Strand and Deanna Latson, Chief Product Officer
www.AriixInternetTeam This ARIIX Product reveiw was recrded March 2013 and gives an overview on all of the latest ARIIX Products. The New ARIIX Moa super juice is also reveiwed allong with the Slenderiiz Wight Loss products and the Slenderiiz Clinical Trial results
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Why ARIIX Weight Loss Program Works - an Interview with Dr. O
The ARIIX Weight Loss Drops or Secret Sauce will be released soon - this video is an interview with Dr. Alan Organ, MD/PHD on how to get ready to lose a lot of weight in a short time and stay healthy doing it.
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ARIIX Restoriix Detox Product
ARIIX Restoriix detoxification product removes toxins from the body using all natural ingredients including Zeolite. It is especially effective in removing metals from the system. This video is a very infomitive talk by Natural healer Marlissa Hurt.
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Puritii Water Filter Bottle in China
Watch Ian drink from polluted water sources all over China and not get sick.
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Team Limitless Marketing Funnel Training
Team Limitless leaders go through the new Team Marketing Funnel and Training web site(s) we are rolling out.
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Explosive Income System Training
If you like online marketing you will like the Explosive Income System. It has custom videos from Ariix including videos by Tim Sales and Robert G Allen, You can embed the videos in your emails or use them on professional looking landing pages. The online Tutorials are second to none. It comes with auto-responders, landing pages, prospect tracking in real time, and was created by an Industry Great with passion for the field.
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Selling Jouve' - a Testimonial on the First 9 days
Sue Yelvington, one of the ladies that was featured on the Jouve Skin Care Web site, had remarkable results when we all watched her literally look 10 years younger in 90 seconds. Since the Jouve launch she is looking even younger and now she is helping others look 10 years younger in 90 seconds too. This is her story of her first 9 days selling Jouve.
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ARIIX Korea Officially Open
ARIIX Drive Convention presentation on doing Business in Korea. See the new Korean office and professional staff that are in place to help you build your business in Korea.
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Slenderiiz Weight Loss Webinar with Dr. Marlissa Hurt and Deanna Latson
www.AriixInternetTeam.com Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss drops have been called the X-Factor of Weight Loss. Dr. Marlissa Hurt and ARIIX Chief Product Officer, Deanna Latson explain why people are losing so much weight so fast on the Slenderiiz weight loss program.
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